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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Fox News Poll, Atty Gen Visits Murdoch, Fox News Resignation

Fascism Anyone?

The following Fox News polling report set off yet another example of Trump's authoritarianism. We are witnessing corruption for personal and potlical gain and self-preservation unequaled in US History.

When Fox News reports a majority of survey respondents favor a Trump impeachment ad removal from office, it seems the worm is turning.

Now imagine in 1929, how Hitler would have reacted to similar reporting.  

No photo description available.


As you can imagine Trump juped to his choice of media: twitter.

The very next day Trump's consigliere, ATTY General Barr, met with the owner of Fox News at the owner's home. Imagine that; we via our tax dollars are paying for Trump's legal operative as surely as mafioso bosses retain henchmen operatives (often with legal backgrounds) to carry out their personal forms of authoritarianism. 

Maggie Habermann and Keith Benner writing for that New York Times filed a report regarding the visit linked here

If you can recall a time in US history which the level of corruption and obstruction inherent in Trunpism, consider posting a response to this post I will consider posting the comment.

Begs for an answer to the question of why Fox News's most liberal show hosts, Shepard Smith, resigned on-air within a matter of hours after the Murdoch visit. 

Is there a stench of fascism oozing from Trumpism?


Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Fox News's Shepard Smith Addressed Trumps Attack On Google

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The new early morning detraction from Trump. Attack Google and social media. 

Without spending long minutes on verbiage, I have posted remarks from Fox News's Shepard Smith.

Trump has promulgated conspiracy bunko since before winning the 2016 "electoral" election.  I offer the Google attack not only shows Trump has zero understanding of search engines and algorithms, and he is using Google as an opportunity to feed his base supporters. 

Image result for hitler and the media quotes


Monday, September 25, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trump's "Dog Whistle" Attack On Black Protesters And Sympathizers

If you are bothered to the core about professional football players, teams and owners countering Trump's attack on the business enterprise, spend a few minutes on this post.  

We open with blanket comment. 
"If you think Trump's attack on black football players is truly regarding respect for the US Flag, you are a prime candidate for nation killing mind-shaping."
CNN's Jake Tapper starts our piece.

Now follow the utter shame of a so-called conservative pastor and his rhetoric regarding American's exercising their First Amendment rights to speak, opine and protest. As you watch and listen, be reminded this is a so-called religious leader.

Robert Jeffress: "There is a better way to protest social injustice ... for example, a few years ago, you had those Oregon Christian bakers who were almost driven into bankruptcy for practicing their faith. That's injustice."

Trump's mind-shaping works for some Americans. The timing and strategic value of his appearing before a 99% white (older) audience in the national number three red state (Alabama) shouldn't surprise anyone. Is it necessary to make the point, Trump doesn't make those remarks in New York City, Los Angeles nor Oakland? 

What is surprising is the level and scope of how effective Trump drills his form of racism and white privilege leverage into the minds of the gullible.   Trump doesn't wear a white hood and robe nor does he appear at Ku Klux Klan (or white supremacists) events as did his father, but never underestimate the power of the communicator's impact on the minds of masses of gullible people. Hence, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels, and their reign in 1929 - 1945 Germany. 

Watch, read and listen as one football fan shows the exact mental state Trump wishes to impart to his minions.  

The Root via The Raw Story

“Sharon” from Williamstown, N.J.
“I’m a big huge football fan but I can’t watch it anymore because it brings tears to my eyes,” Sharon explained, Raw Story reports. “It’s too painful so I can’t do that.”

According to Sharon, the flag “is a symbol of imperfect people in an imperfect country always trying to do the right thing.” 
“It’s just shameful and it hurts me to see people taking a knee when we are supposed to be joyful about living in this country,” she said. “After I saw what happened [with players kneeling during the anthem], I tried to watch it and I just couldn’t because I just kept crying.”

And then, Sharon broke down into a mound of pudding and released the whitest tears.

“I just don’t understand why people do these things,” she sniffled. “I miss my Monday nights. I’m an addict. I have two televisions on watching two different timezones. I’m crazy about football but I just can’t take the pain.” 
“It hurts… too much,” Sharon concluded. 
You know what else hurts, Sharon? Racism. You know what else hurts, Sharon? Watching video of Tamir Rice being gunned down in the street by a cop so reckless he could barely get out of the car before he fired bullets into the 12-year-old. You know what else hurts, Sharon? Watching Eric Garner plead with police to get the fuck off of him because he couldn’t breathe—for the crime of selling loosies. With all due respect, Sharon—and all the other Sharons that still think this protest is about the flag or the national anthem—get the fuck over it, snowflake.


From the distraught former football fan who suffers from a case of chronic Trumpism to Fox News's single liberal personality: Shepard Smith.


You are free to think as you please, form your opinions, and you are also free to avail your mind to the nefarious manifestations of a racist president, but also recognize the inherent dangers bundled in Trump.

We remind you.....

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Yes, of course........


Friday, June 30, 2017

Trump Tweets Via The White House And Fox News (Video Exhibition)

The ugly, the ugly, the ugly!

What follows is s follow-up to a previous piece. We haven't posted Trump's sexist tweets here; we have posted them many times since Monday morning. 

We thought perspective from Fox News would be an interesting way to move through Trump's latest example of the extent to which he hates women.

Let's start with Trump's number three White House presstitute.

From Huckabee Sanders to Hannity.

Cable News's least credible on-air personality.

Hannity with Levin

Other Fox News perspectives were not so supportive.

Shepard Smith (the non-Fox Fox News host)

White House number one presstitute, doing her thing.


Friday, March 17, 2017

Trump's Carnival Has Crumbling Tents

Crumbling Tents...and some of us didn't buy a ticket to the show.  Have you ever purchased a ticket to a show and about five minutes into the show realize you purchased badly? If you answered "no" and you voted for Trump or non-voted period, yes you purchased one of those tickets. Sadly, this show could be a nation killer.

May I assume you are coming around to the reality the American voter, third -party voters and even larger group of non-voters have handed the nation a literal armed landmine in Donald Trump?

MSNBC's Chris Hayes broadcast a segment on Friday night which thoroughly covers what has come to the reality of an exposition against a man who should not even be allowed to take a tour of the White House. Donald Trump inner psyche and intellect are much better suited for international con jobs and the fakery of reality TV.  Alas, he was elected tot eh US President and his first eight weeks in the office have been, and become, a daily running reality show akin to a talking Keystone Cops series.

Herewith is the segment; The latter portion of the segment are common guest talk, but Hayes's guest added value tot he discussion. 

Let's revisit the Shepard Smith Fox News, response to what Trump and his Press Secretary escalated to an international incident second to known post The US Bay of Pigs failure or any of the occasional spy intrigue between the US and Russia (Putin's Soviet Union),
"Fox News cannot confirm Judge [Andrew] Napolitano's commentary," Smith said. "Fox News knows of no evidence of any kind that the now-president of the United States was surveilled at any time, in any way. Full stop." Linked.
Now take another look at what snared gullible carnival barker who sits in the white House.

.@Judgenap: Three intel sources have disclosed that Pres. Obama turned to British spies to get surveillance on Trump

Trump claims this guy fueled his wiretap lie! A President of the United States of America.

We repost an excerpt from a Politifact review (Pundifact) on Napolitano.

Andrew Napolitano is a Fox News political commentator and legal analyst.
Let's end with an epic rant for CNN's Jake Tapper


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday Trumpism: Rallies, Surveys And Lies

Presidents don't hold rallies; dictators do.


Before we move into the piece, we offer a reminder of the Trump "Lie of the Day."  This episode reaches as far away as Sweden. Click the image below for navigation to Occupy Democrats.

A few days ago he a major current events rarity took place. Fox News's Shepard Smith used eight full minutes of Fox News air-time to contest, refute and expose Trump as the manipulative maniac without. Click the image below


"Mainstream Media Accountability Survey"
Would you believe Trump and his team have rehashed and emailed a "media" survey to supporters?  Please read the last sentence once again: "......emailed a "media" survey to supporters." How does that sentence (or the survey promulgation) differ in any way from surveying 6 year old children the night before Christmas regarding their belief in Santa Clause?  

The survey is linked here.

Do you get the drift? A survey disseminated via email, to supporters (assuming also all conservative, with full opportunity to complete the survey as much as the person wishes. What followis is as non-scientific a survey tool as any high school socials since of civics student could create.

A few points beyond the potential survey respondent group (Trump supporters). The survey tool has an obvious leading construction. When posing certain question notice how Fox News was placed as the first potential response. The questions are also construct such that a three year old could easily discern the desire response. Moreover, the tool provides the perfect future solicitation archive. It requests your email address and once done the respondent is forced navigated to a donation page. A bit more about the email address.  The survey offers no valid way to verify the requested email address and there aren't any of the more common email survey verification tools.  

If you have read about the survey to this point, certainly you should take advantage of an NPR piece regarding the revealing offer to manipulate and alter minds. 


Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: "Trumpism 101" Control The Media The Nation Will Follow

When you boss has been assessed to lie 91% of the time via POLITIFACT and other fact checkers, I suppose we shouldn't expect much difference.

From this presstitutes "alternative facts" through Trump's National Security Council guy, Flynn, lying to the FBI as well as the Trump Team strategy of a new addition to our lexicon: "Fake News." 

"Alternative facts." The phrase could only emanate from a group of people dead set on nefarious subterfuge while covering for the need to pose a false reality of the world in which they live, and a world they wish to promulgate for personal gain.  

The Urban Dictionary
Alternative facts
When truth is so unfavorable to a pathological liar, that they must invent a whole new category of lies to describe their nakedly intentional acts of deception. 
Kellyanne Conway told CNN that the President and his Press Secretary presented alternative facts about inauguration photographs that prove conclusively how few people attended the ceremony. 
by hewritesforODandcoinedthisterm January 22, 2017

"Fake News." An obvious strategy from Trump and his information ministers pushed down through is surrogacy cadre with the intent to label unfavorable news as false.  

”The leaks are real, but the news is fake.” Trump.

One news host over of the GOP's Fox News refuses to provide a clean path from Trumpism. watch and listen as Shepard Smith takes on the business of Trump as immune from the press and media.
Fox News anchor Shep Smith defends CNN reporter who asked about Russia— The Hill (@thehill) February 16, 2017
A CNN host and his network have decided to push back on Trump's presstitute cadre via not providing a platform for the baseless assertion (and attempt to mind control Americans). 

Trump and his administration staffers as well as surrogates, so disrespect the minds and intellect of rational Americans. Yet, we are seeing a degree of veracity with certain media regarding the "lie." Example CNN's John King, not a person I consider a fair and impartial commentator, addressed Trump's claim of inheriting a mess from the nation's 44th President.

Speaking of rational Americans: Why is the following of no surprise?

As Trump and his team work to control US Media (akin to any and all fascists regimes in modern history) some are resisting and million across the United States are not buying his propaganda and subterfuge.

Talking Points Memo

Just four weeks into his term, 56 percent of Americans disapprove of the job Donald Trump is doing as President, according to a Gallup's daily poll released Friday.

Mostly False
Trump Says Hillary Clinton’s State Department Mostly False"approved the transfer of 20 percent of America’s uranium holdings to Russia, while nine investors in the deal funneled $145 million to the Clinton Foundation."
— Donald Trump on Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016 in in a speech critiquing Hillary Clinton

Trump "We had a massive landslide victory, as you know, in the Electoral College."
— Donald Trump on Sunday, December 11th, 2016 in an interview on "Fox News Sunday"

— Donald Trump on Thursday, November 3rd, 2016 in a speech in Jacksonville, Fla.


No automatic alt text available.

Racist or Bigoted?

Actually, the question is rhetorical, but you may choose the descriptor that makes you feel best.

Let's end with a peep at the creative output of a Trump supporter or a group of supporters.

Trump supporters would take an iconic Civil Rights artistic statement from the late and great Norman Rockwell, add blonde hair and offer the most low-class propaganda.

All his subject wanted was an opportunity education.

Image result for rockwell little girl image

From iconic US history and appreciation of Civil Rights to white supremacist propaganda.