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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Romney advertisement..for their base or what?

A week of campaigning and here is the end week battle advertisement from the GOP.  You will witness Andrew Brietbart like editing and a 'common man' story of an entrepreneur.

Now, for that portion of the Obama speech from which Romney's editors extracted the words they wanted to feed their supporters.

An interesting aspect of the GOP advertisement is worth noting. They know people with curious minds, thinkers, and people who seek the truth will do just as I have done with the two videos: compare the two. The GOP and the Romney's campaign team do not care as they are counting on other factors for influencing the election. The video above are mere efforts to 'hold-ground' as they say in war zones.  They know most people will see through their advertisement. They know it will be received with warmth by their base and independents who are seeking validation for their wish to vote against President Obama.  Their campaign people are not very competent, but they are crafty sneaky and they know how to hold ground.  the real Romney campaign will unfold soon. In fact, some on his campaign team have indicated they will follow Sunnunu, Limbaugh and the wild dog Sarah Palin in attacking the President from a personal perspective.  I posit, the party is about to unleash a 'southern-strategy'  with heavy reliance fear.

The advertisement also is a form of 'swift'boat' campaign that hides deep motivations from the GOP.  They speak about small business owners.  Small business owners do not make the contribution that keep GOP legislators in office.  Small business owners do not generally benefit from GOP obstructionism and moat-like protection of big business.  [ See The Progressive Influence... GOP small business guardians? Au contraire]

If you viewed the link article, yet need a bit more about the issue, I Acknowledge Class Warfare Exists has published a concise screed with the same two video.  The web developers point is the exact point expressed here. The GOP is not about small business; they use rhetoric as a means of support for their large business constituents.  A visit to the web page will expose the reader to two critical charts that further illustrate the fallacy of GOP as a fighter for small business. After reading all material, we hope you realize that 'job creators'; is also a false claim by the GOP.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

GOP.... small business guardians? Au contraire!

Typical GOP Image...Non-diverse

On Friday 13, 2012, CNN published a short listing of  information about the small business experience  in the United States.  The list is a great information and archive piece.  We are going to extract a few items from the list for point of reference as we consider the common and tired GOP mantra of  'job creators'. 

By Amy Roberts, CNN Library
updated 1:42 PM EDT, Fri July 13, 2012

Only 45% of new businesses established in 2004 were still around in 2009.


Small Business 

Three small business tax cut bills were rejected by Congress this week

$7 million is the largest amount of annual receipts a business can have and still be "small"

$87 billion is the potential amount added to the GDP by small business

(CNN) -- Senate Republicans on Thursday blocked a Democrat-backed bill that would have extended tax cuts to small businesses.

Both sides indicated the vote was political one -- Democrats said Republicans blocked the bill to cost President Barack Obama political points. Republicans said that the legislation was a campaign stunt and wasn't enough to have any impact on jump-starting the economy.

CNN Report highlights

* 3 - Small business tax cut bills that were rejected in the U.S. Congress this week.
499 - Highest number of employees a business can have to be considered a "small business." 
* 5,749,797 - Firms in the U.S. with fewer than 500 employees, as of 2009.
* 56,281,503 - Employees of small firms with fewer than 500 workers, in 2009.
79 - Percent of American businesses that are non-employee businesses, with no employees other than the proprietor.
* 2.4 million - Businesses owned by veterans, making up 9% of all businesses, as of 2007.
* 20 - Percent of income eligible for tax deduction by small businesses under the Small Business Tax Cut Act, proposed by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.
* $73 billion - Amount of the projected total increase in personal incomes if the Democrats' Small Business Jobs and Tax Relief Act had passed in the Senate.
* With the provisions of health care reform ...990,592 - Estimated number of jobs that would have been created.
* 10% - Tax credit on new payroll, a hiring incentive for business owners under the Senate Small Business Jobs and Tax Relief Act.
2 - Percent of Americans with incomes higher than $250,000 annually, those who would be affected by the expiration of the Bush-era tax cuts, according to President Obama.