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Thursday, April 18, 2013

TPI Commentary and Jon Stewart: CNN ... The Bad, The Sad and The Ugly

The following piece was in part compiled from Raw Story and Democracy Now webpages.

Jon Stewart screenshot

The Raw Story published a page regarding CNN's extreme blunders on April 17th, 2013. The network along with Fox News reported an arrest related to the Boston Marathon bombings.  CNN actually reported arrest and arraignment via the network's new host Chris Cuomo, Anderson Cooper and a female special analyst. I did not catch the female reporters name, but we certainly noticed an annoying style of reporting regarding her on-air persona and she was overbearing in her analysis via consistently interrupted both Cuomo and Anderson in mid-thought and mid-sentence. The CNN and Fox reports seemed so credible gawking crowds formed at the location of the 'phantom' arraignment. 

CNN's most conservative on-air personality, John King, erroneously reported about the arrest of an alleged suspect (See video below).  While, it did not surprise me King would go there (The Sad). He did surprise on how he reported the ethnicity (skin color) of the phantom suspect and the obvious zeal of his report (The Bad). Notice the word "zeal" not the word "glee."  King's comment brought to mind another episode that took place in Boston many years ago. His report reminded of police officers who incessantly reported the description of a "phantom" robber who hijacked a vehicle with husband and pregnant wife.  A hijacker, according to the husband, shot the wife and wounded him in the torso. You know the story. The husband had driven the wife to a remote spot in the city, shot her dead and self-inflicted a gunshot wound to his torso.  King brought back memories (The Ugly) and deep concern for eroding credibility at CNN.  

Why did King and his alleged source find it so necessary at that stage in the tragedy to identify based on race?  Why was it critical to exonerate any and all consideration of a white suspect?  Why practice innuendo reporting? The suspect may actually have skin color that is other than white skin.  But, I need help understanding King's relevance and timing along with the inaccurate reporting of an arrest.

How about a journey through the latest case of erroneous reporting from CNN?  I will return after the CNN video. 

Over the past few years, it has been apparent CNN is consciously moving to more conservative slants on news coverage.  Their very public claim of 'middle of the road" and "neutral reporting" are nothing more than advertising "puffery"?  When news producers choose stories that appeal more to the political and social Right, as has CNN over the recent past, the network is clearly competing against the number one cable news network: Fox News. 

Network producers at times appear to report chosen stories with what appears to be a slant that leans overwhelmingly conservative vs. neutral.  If you doubt my commentary here, take a read a.) Media Matters,  b.) The Blaze (Quirky Bill Nye report), c.) Media Matters (CNN reports on Climate Change with frequent omissions of emission as a possible contributing cause). It appears CNN avoids or "shortchanges" reports on some issues important to progressives and world climates with clear bias.

Jeff Zucker
Should the network join Fox News in clear reporting with a slant to the Right? A question I cannot answer, but a question that sheds light on  quest for ratings, sponsorship and political preferences on the networks management (especially the new president: Zucker). Let's face it, if the NRA can induce senators to ignore the will of 90% of the population on gun control measures (background checks), does it surprise a network would strive for viewers without regard for fair reporting?

We also question the networks appearing to move Right via its obvious and new staffing model. Reason for the following on-air changes are not known to us at this time. If reasons are not given, and there is no reason for the network to do so, frankly, we tend to draw to conclusions or surmise based on opinion. In either case, our conclusions are far less than complimentary. The network taken certain personalities either off live tv or terminated contracts in others:
• Donna Brazile (Democratic Party strategist and former CNN progressive pundit). 

• Roland Martin (Democratic pundit to the "max" and guilty of a homophobic Twitter a few moths ago. Still a competent advocate for the Administration).

• Soledad O'Brien (Extremely competent network journalist who during the last presidential campaign asked stinging questions. We suspect she took the Right far too much to task for the current CNN News model. Some right-wing surrogates and pundits as well as Romney officials left her interview visibly upset with some questioning and on-air disagreement). 

• Ali Velshi (While probably coincidental Velshi was the one CNN Money host and reporter who never once took the Administration to task for how they handled the economy. He often openly refuted conservative demagoguery with facts and data. He also was not hesitant too applaud Administration efforts to improve the economy. As stated, it could be coincidental that Velshi has left CNN. In fact, he may have left CNN for a better "Deal" (employment), but since we do not have information, we can only surmise.
There is one significant common trait among the four hosts and pundits who are no longer employed with CNN. They posited, questioned and provided information that came across as fair to the Administration and progressive in scope and detail. (One clarification, Roland Martin appears to continue with a column on CNN Dot Com).

Question for you. When I stated one common trait among the personalities no longer employed by CNN, what was your first thought? Ah, interesting, eh? "Perception is reality!"

CNN's bumbling and misinformation yesterday does not come as a surprise. The network is working to remove itself from the number three cable news network. Network management is obviously working to appeal to people with a slant towards the Right. So far, the network is failing regarding credible neutral reporting.  John King's escapades of yesterday is so reminiscent of Fox News I actually had to check to ensure was not watching Fox.

Lets see how Howard Kurtz handles his network's April 17th blunders during his Reliable Sources show this Sunday. The name of Kurtz's show should force addressing John King's reporting. If he chooses not to address the misinformation regarding an arrest and Kings choice to go racial with his reporting we might have a cosigning stamp on my thoughts of CNN's efforts to appeal to the Right.

So much for the TPI and our perspective on CNN and its stumbling moves to the Right, let's see how a real professional handles the April 17, 2013 CNN fiasco.

Leave it to Jon Stewart to pace 'sweet' icing on the cake! 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Soledad O'Brien 8 - Right-wing Nut Jobs 0

And, these people actually want a major influence on our nation!


Thursday, November 22, 2012

97 Republicans Letter Obama about Rice: Seriously

CNN's Soledad O'Brien

Ninety-seven "Obstructionist" Republicans sent a letter to President Obama asking him not to nominate Susan Rice. 

OK, let's take this in order.   

US embassy facilities were attacked on 9/11 n a planned attack. The attack for whatever reason coincided with uprisings around the middle east based on a racist and insensitive portrayal of the Prophet Mohammed.

Four US citizens were killed including the US ambassador to Libya.  

The US Intelligence community gives the Administration, including the US President,  a set of talking-points written with intent to protect intelligence sources on the ground in Libya.

The Obama Administrations does the right thing  in an effort to be open on the attack and deaths.  Susan Rice, US Ambassador  goes on the Republican domain of Sunday morning news shows.  She speaks the talking points just as they were be issued to the administration.

After months the talking points are revealed as not completely forthright   The GOP believes it has its "October Surprise" and goes on the attack in an effort to hand Mitt Romney campaign leverage over the sitting president.  Little did the Right and its highly paid media and surrogates know, Mitt Romney was about to handout an October surprise second to none in US History.  The Jeep Plant (false) closure came right out of the mouth of the ill-prepared Mitt Romney. 

The political attack is against President Obama with Rice as a proxy target.  

Former CIA Director Patraeus has spoken definitively about the administration's talking-points.  His frank appearance before a congressional committee should have taken the spotlight off rice, if the attack was factually against Rice and based in competency.  

Yet, the GOP persists.  Their real motive is as obvious as GOP contempt for Medicare, Social Security and FEMA. They are working to tarnish President Obama even after the election has been folded into US History.

As sad as the attacks a[pear, there is nothing more ugly than seeing GOP mouthpieces tied in knots by a competent television news interviewer. Soledad O'Brien has accomplished revealing interviews with quite a few GOP surrogates and members of Congress over the past few months.  We thought we would post up yet another example of "O'Brien vs GOP pundits, surrogates, and congressional mouthpieces. 

As the interviews go: O'Brien 6; GOP 0.  The following is example six.

We will return after the next O'Brien vs. US politics interview. It should be noted, O'Brien has also taken on at least one democrat surrogate over the past few months.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Soledad O'Brien 6; GOP 0

When politicians take politics to the level of pure silliness they can appear no way other than silly. 

Baffles?  CNN there is probably other words that are far more apropos.

By the way, Soledad O'Brien also tackles Dems 'go wild'. We see less of her journalistic technique against Democrats because there are fewer "gone wild". 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Soledad O'Brien Five GOP Zero

Soledad O'Brien and yet another GOP talking machine!


Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Reince Priebus (VIDEO)

Reince Priebus is the perfect 'front man' for the Republican National Committee.   Preibus has the personality of a reptile, and he can match Mitt Romney on every turn when it comes to lying.

As you watch the CNN video below, notice Preibus spends moments snipping and snapping at the host instead of directly answering questions. He throws sarcasm around like some use humor.  Conservatives in our nation love the 'throw the first punch' demeanor of their heroes and representatives.   The behavior is very much child-like and indicative of hiding and agenda.

Soledad O'Brien posed a question that took an inordinate amount of time to get an answer  In fact, the host never received an answer.  Watch at the end of the interview "Uh Huh Sure".  when have you been around mature adults (Other than reality show entertainers who use that vernacular what is the point?  Does he think his child-like protestations will lead to O'Brien to run-off and dig up and opportunity to challenge the Obama campaign.  

Why is it too much to hold and expectation of professionalism, maturity and honesty from the GOP? 

The Fallacy of GOP Credibility on LIbya

.....can cause serious and deadly security issues. Why reduce the oil Subsidy to cut spending? I will wager the congressman in the video voted to maintain oil industry subsidies.

Soledad O'Brien continues her stellar work on CNN as she confronts one of the GOP's most prolific exaggerators and political mouthpieces.  An introductions is necessary beyond mention of the GOP's election year witch hunt. A witch hunt to give Romney some leverage as he moves towards a foreign policy debate. 

CNN’s Starting Point,  Oct. 10, 2012.

Additional comment is unnecessary.

O'Brien is the singular reason I have forsaken the ego driven personalities, demurring (to Scarborough) and cast (including most morning guest) on the Morning Joe Show.

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Soledad O'Brien 5; GOP Surrogates Zero

Not even enough competent surrogacy for "Foot In Mouth"

Well, in all fairness Soledad O'Brien has also backed down at least one Democratic Party Obama surrogate also.  Yet, for some reason she really excels at exposing the fallacy, inaccuracy and phoniness of current GOP surrogates.

Let's take a look at O'Brien's latest trophy. The African-American Romney surrogate.......  Wait, wait, wait, Did I keyboard African-American surrogate?  Yes, my eyes did not deceive me in any way; Ms Tara Hall is African-American.

We acknowledge the Romney camps efforts to appear diverse, but  I have to question the intellect in allowing Ms. Hall to appear.  Romney's Camp needs to reach-out to other communities, but reaching with Hall was not effective. We are talking about a campaign and candidate who at one time did not include any African-American outreach link on the Romney webpage.  Why bother with surface appearances?  They do not work and Hall certainly failed in her early morning role. 

For those who lurk in "troll-land" awaiting opportunity to ponce on any anti-republican comment, hold off a few minutes. 

Ms. Hall in the early morning appearance is as inept and incompetent at arguing for the Romney campaign as, she is at have pre-knowledge of her notes.   You will notice inordinate minutes of looking over her notes for possible responses to O'Brien's questions.  Her quest for assistance was not forthcoming; instead we saw what was probably written in the notes. "Take every question and turn it around to reflect the Romney position on Obama". The interaction reminds of how Romney handled himself in the first debate. And, frankly, Ms. Hall's head down while on camera reminds of President Obama's first debate appearance. 

If you grab any solace in that last sentence, be careful, I suggest President Obama will not be the same person was he was int he first debate.  I believe he succumbed to Mitt Romney's use of the Gish Gallop debate technique and Romney's clear over use of the 'lie'. 

How helpful was it to use MS Hall as a fake effort to show a divers face, when she herself stated at lest twice, she was not the right person to ask for certain responses?  The fact she was asasigned the early morning role is as phony as Mitt Romney's wearing of tan makeup for the Latino conference at which he and Obama spoke a few weeks back.  Such tricks are cheap and indicative of a "we must get-over" mindset.  It denotes efforts to deceive that are purely insulting; and should always be called out as such.  

CNN Soledad O'Brien....

Maybe, on Fox Propaganda and Public Relations outlet, Ms. Hall works, but not when faced with a competent journalist accompanied by detailed and thorough staff.

For those who will attempt to comment that my remarks about Ms. Hall, are in someway reflective of my views on race, re-watch the segment before you start to type a comment.

......And The Band Plays On.....

Monday, September 17, 2012

Peter King Unhinged

When it comes to viewing a real journalist (albeit electronic) writers like me have little need for keyboarding.

This is one of America's top GOP members of Congress, and he does not care about facts. Is there any wonder their Presidential and VP candidates are so inclined towards lying?

Heck, an ability to lie seems to have become a GOP litmus test.  A litmus test that Mitt Romney would surly win hands down.

Interesting and tragic in one short video.

Monday, August 27, 2012

CNN Host questions Filmmaker About Lies

Steve Bannon

The political and social right via its propaganda media outlets are producing movies to draw on the anti-Obama sentiments across the nation.

CNN's Soledad O'Brien again tackles another 'lie' guru.  Steve Bannon (note this) of Executive Chairmen, Breitbart News LLC.  If this executive is affiliated with the Andrew Breitbart 'lie machine'. Breitbart's business model was, cut, edit and splice (and old term) video tape focused on deliver of a false message.  The Romney Campaign has developed an run at least three ads with such messages. The more prominent ads are the Romney, "You didn't build this" advertisement  his  "We tried it their way, our way worked" advertisement.

Let's take a look as O'Brien questions Bannon about the context of his documentary, "The Hope and The Change" with 40 alleged former Obama supporters who no longer support the president.  I will say the script (excuse the pun) is sounding more like Andrew Breitbart's unethical and immoral video edits.

As Ronald Martin and to a lesser degree O'Brien state, how does the filmmaker professionally deal with lies in Bannon's documentary.
Bannon's film background includes very complimentary work on Sarah Palin.
Enough Said!