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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Trump's Border Wall (Santorum Reaches Back To Obama)

Do you recall Santorum going there in the midst of his fail 2012 Presidential primary run? After terminating a few right-wing talking heads CNN came around to hiring the far less than credible former US Senator to provide comment from the Right even when such comment verges on out-of-this-world demagoguery.

CNN efforts to milk coverage of Trump's false issues regarding the US southern border for another visit with "BLAH" People Santorum. When asked about support for Trump's border wall or lack thereof, Santorum launched into a tirade and factless set of commentary as icing (on the cake) via the charge against the Obama Administration. 

While we recognize Santorum fills a role of conservative punching bag for CNN's viewers, we often fail to recognize Santorum also fills a role for Trump. He is a non-credible right-wing (far right) taking head who serves his dual role very well. Santorum peppers CNN conservative viewers with inane and ridiculous orator while sitting as a punching bag for rational arguments from CNN hosts and Left-wing guests. 

Watch what follows.
If you are not a conservative who refuses to accept the reality of Obama fiscal and economic policy, you might believe Santorum's demagoguery. Santorum knows better; in fact, he knows this...

Days before the nation's 44th President left office Business Insider published 10 charts which captured the reality of eight years of Obama economic policy.  

January 2017

01 obama economy unemployment update

Job Growth 75 Months
02 obama economy jobs
Stock Market
05 obama economy stock market
Seven additional charts are linked via the Business Insider link above.
The Business Insider charts also offer visual proof any claims by the Trump White House of total responsibility for the US economy post the fourth quarter of this year is a "win" for Trump Policy is both shameful and ridiculous. Shameful in its utter disregard for people who actually listen to Trump and his cabal. Ridiculous regarding the level such claims are filled with outright lies and easily refutable. 
Santorum is what he is: a right-wing talking head who garners hundreds of thousand dollars spewing oratory and comment for America's right.  While we understand the CNN business model; we do not see the value in one-sided social and political comment (Left or Right), we wonder about the usefulness and quietly of CNN's staging right-wing hacks to fill airtime.
Let's close on a revealing note. What about this?
Image result for santorum and butina
Santorum and now federally charged Russian Operative Butina


Monday, November 26, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: Migrants, Gas And Fox News

An unknown soldier speaks:
"Regarding the tear gas used at the border: In the military, I was exposed to CS gas a number of times. It makes you feel like you are suffocating. Your eyes, nose, and mouth run uncontrollably, and it burns. The rule is to not touch it. Don't rub. Don't try to wipe it off. Do NOT touch your eyes. It's unpleasant. Decidedly. We were gassed in a confined and crowded room. In the night while we were sleeping. While running obstacle courses. During night ambushes. We were trained not to panic, but the first time, everyone does. 
I cannot imagine children being exposed to this. I cannot imagine convincing them to try not to wipe it off. Not to touch their eyes. This is a terrorist attack on children. There is no excuse. None."
Trump follows other nations in gassing migrants.

Image result for gassing migrants Hungary September 2015

Related image Macedonia 2016

Image result for gassing migrants The United States 2018


The 45th President of the United States ordered a border shut-down and the use of gas against migrants at the US Southern Border.

“If they have to,” Trump told reporters at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, claiming without evidence that at least 500 criminals are among migrants trying to enter the U.S. “So I’m not going to let the military be taken advantage of. I have no choice. Do I want that to happen? Absolutely not. But you’re dealing with rough people.”
MSNBC reported along with all cable networks, of the refugee crisis just days after Trump enjoy Thanksgiving turkey and entertained guest at Mar-a-Lago.

 Today's border shutdown, explained (via @HansNichols)


Image may contain: 2 people, child

And how did Trump's favorite TV entertainment handle the gassing?

Media Matters

Ah yes, Fox News feeds Trump's base supporter and viewers of early morning cable TV.

America the Beautiful (W/Trump).