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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Trumpism: Meme Of The Day

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Gowdy is resigning his seat in the US Senate, I suspect with full pension and opportunity to fully leverage his Trumpism.

Peter Strzok had no business using his government cell phone to send text messages to his affair partner, granted. He had n "lat night: business responding to her conversation inquiry about his thoughts on Trump becoming president as he responded, without question. I am certain after a successful career at bringing down a massive Soviet/Russian spy ring along with other untold national security wins (over is 26 year period with the FBI), Strzok is suffering mightily as he is reported to be serving in the FBI Human Resources function. While I suspect his service is above the level of FBI HR, he is no longer deeply immersed in fighting Putin.  

All said, however, his appearance at a Congressional hearing this past week coupled with a previous 11-hour closed session with many of the same showboating Republicans is a travesty.  An effort by Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell in providing potential damage to the Mueller Investigation well before the Special counsel move closer to key figures like Michael Cohen and Manafort.

The video above captured the essence of 15 minutes back and forth between The failed Clinton hearings chair, Gowdy, and the national hero Strzok.  

After the hearings, and just as Trump proper for his requested groveling time with Putin the Special Counsel announced indictments of 12 named Russian cyber military officials. Unarmed in the indictment are American co-conspirators of which, I feel there are a few.  

VOX dot com (highlighted sections are key)

DOJ indictment below:

If you have a few minutes more we offer another example if a member of Congress who knew the reason for the public hearing and he offered an eloquent and heartfelt perspective.