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Total Budgeted1 2013 Government Spending

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Total 2013 Spending by Function
Function-yr 2013 +yr
Total Spending$6.3 trillion
Pensions$1.1 trillion
Health Care$1.2 trillion
Education$0.8 trillion
Defense$0.9 trillion
Welfare$0.6 trillion
Spending: guesstimated2

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1. Federal spending after 2011 is budgeted.

2. State spending after 2011 and local spending after 2010 are
guesstimatedby projecting the latest change in reported spending forward to future years

Data Sources:

GDP: US Gov. Budget: Hist. Table 10.1

Federal: US Gov. Budget: Hist. Tables 3.2 and 7.1

State and Local: State and Local Gov. Finances

Guesstimatedby projecting the latest change in reported spending forward to future year

Real Govt Spending per Capita, 1990-2012
The nation has been duped by the GOP into thinking it is the party of the fiscally conscience. From years of obscene spending under Reagan and Bush II, through giving GM and Chrysler the finger, to September of 2008 with, " our economy is fundamentally sound", haven't we follow the GOP down the wrong path all too often.
And now, the sequester is all Obama's problem! The Facts just+ do not match the rhetoric.