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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Calling The Cops On Black People When Totally Unnecessary (WHY?)

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As a nation, our recent past includes quite a few instances of white people calling police on black people for reasons which induce thoughts of why?  

Do you recall these episodes:

Starbucks. Do not sit for long and ask to use the restroom..while waiting on someone.

The two young men were waiting for a white fiend which whom they have a business arrangement. You saw the white friend towards the end of the video questioning the cops about white his friends did to warrant a form of arrest. It should be noted the two black men spent hours in a Philly jail for simply visiting a Starbucks.

If you missed the friend who arrived late take a 30-second peep at the video of the woman who cell phone recorded the incident and posted the video on social media.

The police were called because these men hadn’t ordered anything. They were waiting for a friend to show up, who did as they were taken out in handcuffs for doing nothing. All the other white ppl are wondering why it’s never happened to us when we do the same thing.
For purpose fo fairness, Starbucks took swift actions to remedy the wrongs in this case.  

If you are black and contract with AirBnB, make sure the company or your host alert their neighbors of your stay.  Or the cops (seven police cars full of cops)
If you have the Bar-B-Que makes certain local white people approve.

Reminder the African-American should not celebrate their graduation until outside the survey of people who do not share their pride and excitement.  

This one is a bit run in video run time, but important as you avail yourself to growing inclination of white people calling police on most cases without real cause. These calls are taking ace without any evidence of a crime being perpetrated.

A black graduate student was sleeping in a school lounge and her period of rest triggered a white graduate student to call campus police. 

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

The Grio published a piece regarding what can only be described as a racist (who called the campus police). link. The BBC also published a piece with a theme and perspectives which are impossible to ignore.

Nordstrom Rack also joins companies which seem to foster practices which do not spread across their customer base. Three teenagers visit the store to purchase (PURCHASE) prom clothing and somehow find themselves accused of shoplifting.

KMOV TV St. Louis, MO 

Mekhi Lee, Dirone Taylor and Eric Rogers II were all shopping for prom clothes at Nordstrom Rack when they started noticing several of the employees watching them and following them around the store.
The young shoppers were confronted on the parking lot by local police. Each shopper was eventually released with no charges.

Let's stay in the St. Louis Missouri area for a few minutes.

An episode of use of money order while black.

Of course, there are many more cases than those you have just either viewed or skipped through. While you may or may not find what you found in this post objectionable or unacceptable, know that the matter has a basis in fact and is dangerously troublesome. Actually, we do not believe you are surprised by the episodes even if you live such that the matter makes you a bit uncomfortable. You know the psyche.

A psyche which is manifesting itself much more readily since Donald Trump has occupied the Oval Office. We won't revisit with our perception of some cops act as self-anointed stormtroopers. We will leave the point for other posts (past and future). There is a deeper problem.

What is it about white America that leads to some white people calling the cops on a whim? Why do some white people feel empowered to sic the cops of black people comparable to siccing a mad dog on an unsuspecting human being?

If you think "siccing the cops" is hyperbole of overstated recall the Wal Mart cop killing in Ohio which resulted in the deaths of two people. The cops responded to a call from a white guy shopper (with a criminal record) inside the store.

Image result for who called the cops on john crawford Image result for who called the cops on john crawford

Here is what transpired after the shopper called the cops.  We are using a CNN segment from 2014 based on Google disdain for what could be construed as showing violence on its pages.  CNN linked. Mr. Crawford was an early twenties father who had visited the video game section of the Walmart store and moved his perusing to the firearms department. He was holding an air rifle.  Crawford was shot dead after seeing his killer cop) and saying to him (the gun): "It's not real."  Woman shopper with a heart condition also died as a result of the sounds of the cop's weapon.

Professor and writer/activist Dr, Michael Eric Dyson offers a virtually irrefutable opinion when asked by CNN's Briana Keiler.

The real question is what would you do if you witnessed store employees perpetrating overt racist acts in accusing the three young men of stealing in the face of their not stealing what would you do?  Would you do as the young woman in Philly Starbucks? Most of you would do nothing.


Saturday, April 21, 2018

Race Card? US Bank Mortgage Lending Kills That Phrase

Related imageDo you ever tire of hearing or reading about African-Americans suffering discriminatory practices grounded in racism? How about your reaction when you hear African-Americans complain about discrimination and racism? Are you one of the millions who quickly throw up that tired and worn defense: "Oh the race card!" If you thought, "well yes" to either question, you are an enabler of racists behavior perpetrated against a people in a blanket manner solely based on skin color.

Starbucks recent problems related to store managers not allowing equal access to restroom facilities and quickly calling law enforcement as quickly as Wyatt Earp's Doc Holliday could draw his Colt 45 single action revolver (and fire off four rounds), is an overt publicly recorded example of personal bias which folds into corporate policy and practice. 

Allow me to remind of the first Starbucks interaction which led to handcuffing and the jailing (for hours) of two black men who entered the store for a meeting.

The Voice
• 4:35 p.m. - Nelson and Robinson arrive at the Starbucks 10 minutes early for a business meeting. Nelson immediately asks to use the restroom but is told its only for paying customers. He sits down with Robinson and the manager comes over to ask if they want anything, they explain they're fine and are just waiting for their friend. 
• 4:37 p.m. - Police are called. 
 •4:41 p.m. - Officers arrive.

ABC News reported the stare manager defended her quick call to the cops based on an Excessive Loitering policy.  Well, yes, but such policies still places the burden of policy enforcement on the inner core perceptions and psyches of store managers.  Watch the last few seconds of the video if you are willing to lay the Starbucks handcuffing off to a policy.

The Los Angeles Store Manager really stepped into the "caffeine" as she used all the wrong behavior while applying here discrimination against a black person. as you watch a longer version of her interaction and discrimination, notice the words "....a private business". notice the nonverbal dissing of the guy with the cell phone and not the show of the open spread finger hand palm.  While the man with the camera wouldn't have felt at all differently about his restroom denial, the manager's non-verbals seemed to heighten the level of her actions.  Before moving on, allow me to remind of the mindset which places "private business" squarely in the realm of acceptable discriminators.  One last example of a private business along with total recall of Rand Paul's comments to Rachel Maddow about the ability of private businesses to discriminate ("discriminate" my word, Paul's implication and typical Libertarianism).

A few days later Starbucks executives spoke openly about "mistakes" made" and a need to review its operations as well as a two-hour bias sensitivity training across the corporation.  

Point made? 

I digress for purpose of illustration. 

This piece relates to corporate discrimination based on race which has a far greater impact than a retail store denying service with race as a potential contributing factor.  Some US banks seem to have unwritten policies (which lead to practices) that discriminate at a far great scale.  Home and business lending and an apparent corporate policy of avoiding lending to African-Americans and probably Latinos.

The list of major US banks which have settled discriminatory practices lawsuits for millions (actually billions) looks like a list of Who's Who in US Banking. 

The Atlanta Star  (March 2015 article linked)

JPMorgan Chase & Co.M&T Bank
Wells FargoBank of America
CitigroupNational City Bank/PNC Bank
Evans BankU.S. Bank

In March of this year, another US bank, Capital One, was charged with discriminatory practices against African-Americans and Latinos while using paid actors from each race to spur business. Of course, the discrimination lawsuit hasn't been settled, but the recency of the legal actions attests to an industry committed to race-based lending. 

Let's take a look back a few years for critical color commentating (to borrow a sport vernacular) on how the business of white privilege manifests. (albeit at times requested and unexpected by many) 

In 2012, an audio recording during a meeting (we must consider surreptitiously taken) investigators heard a revealing reality of one US banks lending practices.

During a BancorpSouth meeting, a manager was reported to have told meeting participants to give quick rejections (turned down in 21 days) to members of "protected classes" (minorities..and maybe unbeknownst to him women). He went further to state applications from whites shouldn't be restricted by the short review periods.

Follow this USA Today reporting of Mississippi based BancorpSouth. During a meeting, someone testified who deep-down didn't fully support BancorpSouth's discriminatory practices.

USA Today
"In discussing the explicitly race-based denial policy, a loan officer commented that 'they need to get their credit up,' and "stop paying their damn bills late,' and then laughed," the complaint charged.
As meeting participants discussed the bank's hiring of an African American employee, the complaint said a loan processor cautioned, 'don't use the n-word,' the complaint alleged. 
"A few moments later, a bank employee quipped, 'what's up, niggas!' the complaint alleged, saying meeting participants laughed at the racial remarks.

Wonder if that loan processor was so accustomed to hearing the "N" Word, the person set up the surreptitious recording?

In June of 2016, USA Today published a piece about the federal complaint and investigation which lead to a $10 million settlement of a Mississippi based bank.

    BancorpSouth(BXS)has agreed to pay a $10.6 million settlement of allegations the Mississippi-based regional bank used discriminatory mortgage lending practices that harmed African Americans and other minorities, federal officials said Wednesday Federal officials and the complaint alleged BancorpSouth violated federal housing and equal credit opportunity acts by:
  • Illegally redlining in Memphis, the market from which it receives the most applications, by structuring business to avoid and discourage mortgage applications from consumers in minority areas from at least 2011 to 2013.
  • Improperly having one of the bank's lending units deny mortgage and other loan applications from African Americans at higher rates than whites.
  • Discriminating against African American borrowers by charging them higher annual percentage rates than whites with similar loan qualifications.
Ugly, eh?

If you don't find what you have just completed reading clear and irrefutable evidence of why so many in America do not hesitate to call out racism when it should be called out, well........I will allow your to finish that thought.


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

A National Problem We Are Not Addressing (Racism)

Most who visit here avoid race-related posts. We Will never fail to offer such posts. True liberals do what is right. 

On a much more individual level.

The Root and other social media have published posts regarding an attempted killing in Michigan which clearly shows the extent of danger in deep and seething racism.

Jeffrey Ziegler, Michigan resident, Charged with attempted murder
Young Michigan teen who missed his school bus made the mistake of seeking directions from an obvious racist family.
“Why are you trying to break into my house?”
“I was trying to explain [...] that I wanted to get directions to go to my school,” said Brennan. Fourteen year old high school student,
As he shared those words with a woman who answered the door of a home Brennan saw tagged as a safe house, he observed and realized things were not going well at the "safe house." According to media reports, the young high school had the presence to run as he noticed the 53-year-old male homeowner entered the picture after grabbing a gun.

After both Brennan and Ziegler were taken to the police station, Ziegler's assertion that someone had called about someone breaking into their house was dispelled via video. 

From the institutional, through the stark and criminal to the much more prevalent daily bigotry and bias which results in racist acts. 

Starbucks Chairman and Owner, Howard Schultz, has a long history of support for US progressivism. We are not inclined to fault Starbucks for the sins of its lower level employees, but racism manifest most among lower level employees. A problem which at any given moment could lead to overt acts of racism and legal actions against the company. The only way to ward-off acts which could potentially offend customers and lead to high-cost legal entanglements, corporations, and organizations (especially Police Departments) should enact hiring assessment process (or tools). Tools which could yield evidence of harmful bias while we all as human beings have forms of bias. Starbucks seems to have a definite problem with empowering store managers who fail to apply store policies on a fair and equal basis. 

Starbucks employee and race in America

We are fortunate the vast majority of Americans are not bigots and racist to the point of actionable racism against a people.

Starbucks Chairman's comments are well intended and effectively addresses the problem. The problem addressed by Schultz are more often than not incubated in accordance with the script of the video used to start this piece.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Starbucks Exposed? There's More?

A couple of days ago. African-American men handcuffed and removed from a Starbucks store after a 911 call from store employees. The two men were waiting for an associated who happened to be white. The racism is obvious and one should wonder how the employees would have handled the matter had the white associate been seated with the two black men.

I have read reports the manager of the Starbucks store left the company. If the employee actually did leave the company, I wonder if the employee wasn't terminated with an agreement related to promulgation of a voluntary resignation?

Kevin Johnson, CEO Starbucks, has appeared publicly with what amounts to a standard and increasingly common "apology: regarding the overt racism at the Philadelphia store.  The company also published a written apology. 
Don't these corporate statements all read similarly?

As muck goes we should know other Starbucks stores would be exposed.

Activist Shaun King and others are commenting on a video published earlier today. The store manager in the Starbucks video doesn't seem to have answers. She seems most ready and willing to avoid the 'preferred restroom bust, via typical behavior blacks and Latino's face on a daily basis. 

Starbucks, Starbucks, where forth art thou?