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Thursday, February 7, 2019

SOTU Fact Check Part II: Video Quick Hit

As we pursue the varies segments and publications regarding Trumps; wacky State Of The Union address, we thought we'd share a few.

The following is a four-minute video segment from Now This. It seems Trump lied thought the address, but is his lying really a surprise. Trump is reported to have delivered an hour and one half address, with possibly a lie every two minutes.

CNN also offered a couple of fact checks the evening of the 2019 Trump "Lie Address."

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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

State Of The Union: A National Embarrassment (Fact Checks)

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Of course, I didn't spend one second of last night on Trump's Stage of the Union (SOTU) performance. I have heard it ran close to one and a half hours, and from today's reporting was laced with lies truth-stretching and other Trumpism. Correction, there was a new twist to the first Trump SOTU. He gave himself applause along with his GOP members of Congress. The visual. 

Let's take Trump's recent mantra regarding "black unemployment" as it was bundled into other comments which seem to touch on issues important to minorities.

Many fact checks exist on the day after the SOTU. Last night MSNBC offered a short fact check within an hour of Trump leaving the House Chamber.

I have anxiously awaited the Politifact fact-check which follows. We offer the Politifact Truth-O-Meter (or lack thereof in Trump's case).
Image may contain: text
When added to the Politifact Trump File, the life of Trump in the White House looks as such.

False statements every four and a half minutes throughout the SOTU. 

Another perspective on Trump's SOTU performance:

As was the case with Bill Clinton and issues outside of his marriage. As was the case of Trump and his history of sleaze, we also knew that Trump was a serial liar who also avoid fraud trials via settling out of court. But I will wager no one knew the extent of his affliction of lying (itis). Yet, it is all much more serious than Trump's pathological lying. 

Trump could serve as a conduit to a state of fascism very much akin to international leaders and regimes he seems to hold in high grace and fondness. If you tend to disagree, watch closely his public affinity for the leaders of Russia, Turkey, and the Philippines. High information Voters (HIVs) are immune from Trumpism as their scope of and quest for, knowledge span outside of total belief in and devotion to Trump and Trump TV (AKA Fox News and Sinclair News) and radio media. The conduit is Trump reach and fissures in the minds and psyches of people who are the antithesis of the HIV; the LIV (Low Information Voter). Therein lies the danger. A danger which without questions past dictators and mental ill national leaders use to affect a subservient populace willing to accept any acts from the leader.

Here are a couple of links to additional observation and comment regarding Trump's SOTU:


Sunday, January 7, 2018

Trump's Miller On CNN For An Audience Of One

Image result for joseph goebbels propaganda works bestThink about it for a moment  A tell-all book was released this week, sales have sky-rocketed, and Trump's behavior changes. For only the second time in one year, Trump stood for a presser conference (at Camp David).  Trump's honcho, Steve Miller, comes out of the shadows to delivery what can only be described as dripping sycophancy which some would characterize as utter "bootlicking" of his boss.

Before this morning's  CNN State Of the Union segment, hosted by Jake Tapper, allow us to remind of the psyche and scope of sycophancy inherent in Miller.

No, wrong...Miller's psyche seems to be that of a subordinate in service to a dictator.

CNN's State of the Union
  1. obsequious behavior toward someone important in order to gain advantage.

The segment actually makes me wonder why CNN would offer airtime to a person who is so consumed with performing for Trump he offered-up word salad which surpassed the blabbering worship of other Trump presstitutes (i.e., Conway, Huckabee Sanders, and various paid surrogates). Word-salad which one can assume he offers up with Trump on a daily basis.

Image may contain: 2 people, text

CNN management knew Miller would not respond to questions while delivering the performance was sent to CNN to perform.

While Trump boiled over with praise of Miller as the segment transpired, he was quite the contrary after Jake Tapper ended the segment for sake of professionalism and network credibility.

Jake Tapper of Fake News CNN just got destroyed in his interview with Stephen Miller of the Trump Administration. Watch the hatred and unfairness of this CNN flunky!

Yes, of course.

Business Insider is reporting Miller was escorted off the CNN set after Tapper ceased Miller's Trump horn.  

White House adviser Stephen Miller was escorted off the set of CNN’s "State of the Union" on Sunday after a contentious interview with host Jake Tapper.  

Two sources close to the situation told Business Insider that after the taping was done, Miller was politely asked to leave several times.  

He ignored those requests and ultimately security was called and he was escorted out, the sources said. 
Miller's actions and behavior surprise anyone.  Moreover, I suspect his behavior and his background is yet another act in the Trump carnival.  While he is certain to entertain anyone who will listen to his steroid sycophancy, his background should make the most ardent of Trump supporters wonder about their support for another of Trump's swamp people.  The Raw Story's recent piece about 24 Facts about Miller should be a caution to rational Americans, and unfortunately a come-on (welcome) piece for most of Trump's supporters.  The Raw Story, linked.

I there anything about Trump with even a modicum of decency or class?


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Prelude To The 2016 SOTU

White House dot gov prior to the 2016 SOTU

3 things to do before tonight's speech:

President Obama will deliver his final State of the Union address tonight at 9pm ET. You can watch it live on -- along with exclusive charts and graphics that make clear how far we've come these past seven years.

The progress we've made together
Our progress over the past 7 years

Watch this: The President reflects on his final State of the Union
President Obama reflects on his final State of the Union