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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday News Shows: The Media Home Of The GOP And Conservative America



You and me already know the Sunday Morning news shows are the domain of the GOP and, or, conservative talking  heads. Have you ever noticed McCain and Boehner literally breakout in hives about comments from the Left on Sunday Morning? I recall McCain distinctly complaining with a twisted face full of contempt about alleged Benghazi lies (cover-up) on the "Sunday News shows." 

You might recall a Rachel Maddow segment in November 2013 with McCain in full blossom against the UN Ambassador Susan Rice's appearance on the "Sunday New Shows." Watch as Maddow completely delineates McCain's asininity and the fallacy of Meet The Press's slants towards conservative dogma. If you decide to skip through the segment consider start your viewing at the 2:37 minute mark.

For those who prefer the straight-out video.

When politicians exhibit more consternation with Rice's appearance on a Sunday news show than concern for the unemployed and the poor, you know the middle class is no longer a constituent. Yet, Republican politicians are not singularly responsible for the Sunday Morning news pollution. Network and cable news executives and producers are also responsible for your "Sunday morning exclusive GOP news" diet. As ratings gophers and ideology ministers they are responsible for nurturing anti-administration derangement while moving your social and political paradigm to the Right. In fact, new producers are as over-the-top with conservative dogma as they low-keyed seriously coverage of the Bush debacle. Or at least, low key until Bush and GOP policy took all international markets to the brink of a world-wide depression.

We heard scant concerns about anything Bush/Cheney political malfeasance on the Sunday news show.  Do you recall piston-like Sunday reports of the following:

How about your recall at hearing any Sunday news host discuss this reality until the Obama second term?

Basically, the Sunday producers leverage GOP mantra and talking points as a revenue stream. A steam that feeds billions USD to major shareholders and millions in compensation to the hosts who deliver our (Sunday news) poison.  Pew Research reported in 2010 Americans 18 and older get out news from television.

Is there any doubt why news producers stack shows with conservative fodder for insatiable appetites? 

This past Friday The New York Times, The Upshot ran a piece from Derek Willis with a reminder of the poli/social conservative slant of Sunday News shows.
Conservative members of the current Congress have appeared more often on the network talk shows than their liberal counterparts. Senators and representatives from the conservative end of the ideological spectrum have made 57 percent of the appearances, compared with 42 percent for liberals, according to an Upshot analysis of data collected by American University.
Facts are pesky things! All read well up to the last word of that sentences: "University." Willis keyboarded farther with what read like rationale for the major right lean to cable and network news guest appearances, especially on Sunday morning. His message is as clear as the adverbs and adjectives he chose to make his point: "...slightly lopsided distribution." I am comfortable in my opine that a 57-42 separation for 50% is a far cry from "slightly lopsided." The separation is 15 points, not a seven (7) point Right; eight (8) Left separation for 50 percent.
This slightly lopsided distribution is primarily the result of three Republican senators’ frequent visits to the network shows: John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell. Because of the Republican Party’s control of the House during the past three years, its leaders and committee chairmen are presented with more opportunities to discuss the latest political news. 
Participants in the 2008 and 2012 presidential nominating contests also helped boost conservative representation: Paul D. Ryan, the Wisconsin congressman who was the G.O.P.‘s 2012 vice-presidential nominee, made 46 appearances between early January 2009 and Aug. 3 this year.
The behind the booking reality is stark, regardless of the "thoughtful" suggested explanation for the very lopsided separation. Let's think of the "stark" reality in the form of a question. "Why not offset with equal time to politicians or talking heads with counter views?" The reality of providing a "no cost" platform to the GOP is a disservice as it fails to remind how the GOP has failed to govern with concern for common.  

The heavily slanted bookings represents an irrefutable fact the GOP legislates and administers for constituents at the top layers of America's economic income distribution. Network and cable producers work just as you and me, at the bequest and orders of their bosses. The boss works at the direction of her/his executive directors who up the corporate hierarchy serve at the whims of the CEO. Ultimately, the corporate "rock star" CEO fulfills the mission handed down from Boards of Directors. 

The deliverable from all of the cycle above? Conservative dogma, reinforced on a weekly basis, eventually delivers  votes.  If you think the GOP isn't aware of the cycle, you might also still feel Saddam Hussein actually possessed WMD. 

If you have any doubt about the medias partnership with US conservationism, we will finish this piece like this.


Additional information: Media Matters

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

"Sunday Morning McCain" Never Challenged About Meeting With ISIS (Jon Stewart VIDEO)

Anonymous on ISIS

John McCain a misguided WAR HAWK unable to get any satisfaction from Obama's lack of interest in war. McCain is on Sunday morning news broadcast just about each Sunday. Why hasn't McCain received one question about the images below and his past ranting about US providing "big weapons" to what he called Syrian rebels (eventually referred to as ISIS or ISIL)?
When will the American public recognize, McCain is a danger to our national interest? If you do not recognize the number and extent of war a President McCain would have perpetrated you are guilty of living in a vacuum. It should stand to rational discernment, if he so favors "bombing" with any international conflict, how can we begin to trust is rhetoric. McCain as president..... the horror and a dreadful thought accompanied by the disgusting thought of Palin in the White House.
Remember when Senator John McCain went to Syria and met with factions of rebels fighting the Assad regime? 
As it turns out, the group that he was meeting with was a particular subset of rebels in Syria, who we now know as ISIS.
Read more 
McCain with ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi 

Jon Fulton (friend of the TPI) 
This picture shows John McCain meeting with Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi and Shakir Wahyibi the number one and two leaders of ISIS , and two other ISIS leaders Mohammad Nour and Abu Ibrihim. Why has the right wing owned media chosen to ignore this picture and all questions about McCain meeting with them in this May 29th 2013 Picture ? Why isn't Shakir Wahyibi's picture on this FBI wanted poster for the Benghazi raid not newsworthy when its the main talking point against Secretary Clinton ? Why is the only talk about Obama's "lack of strategy" and none about McCain's complicity in founding ISIS?
A bit piece from Jon Stewart.
McCain is the ultimate example of tip of the iceberg indicators of how the GOP will administer foreign policy. He shows the extent to which he and his party are gullible and susceptible to their fetish for "bombing" and ordering troops into war zones. It is remarkable McCain's GOP is infested with elected officials who have shown utter disregard for legislation to assistance veterans and failed to support measures with benefit to active duty troops and their families. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Obama Derangement Syndrome As Political Fodder And A Danger To The Nation

Image: Mark Martizne Show

I often refer to Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS). You know the phenomenon, either from observation, as a victim, or as one who contracted the angst filled (psychological) state around November 5th, 2008. 

If you are of the latter grouping, your mental state took a pathological turn for the worse on January 20th, 2009: Inauguration Day. And, the angst has metastasized to your very core. You are not one of the victims as GOP and conservative policy/practice have not led to deprivation via... 
  • denied unemployment benefits 
  • denied opportunity for healthcare
  • denied jobs 
  • suffered reduced SNAP benefits
  • loss a job resultant from anti-public service policy 
  • denied benefits as a veteran or active duty non-commissioned military family
You may be one who anxiously awaits daily broadcast of Fox News Obama hatred and may have devolved, as has so many on the right, to a state of Vladimir Putin worship. You may even find the Conservative Political Action Committee, CPAC, annual event an exercise in healthy politics as opposed to a far right-wing oozfest. An "oozfest" that ended this past week with a keynote speaker who so obviously has limited intellect. So much for the disjointed communication and 'quippishnes' of Sarah Palin.

There are some who speak out against ODS. We recently ran across a couple of anti-ODS people. One was broadcast on CNN and the other may have surprised Fox New producers as he spoke with Chris Wallace earlier today. 

From the March 7 edition of CNN's Crossfire: Paul Regala (stand-in) co-host.
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