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Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trump Delegates, Supporters And "Trump Is Trying"

Do you recall the following CNN group session of Trump supporters?  If you recall the weird moments, you cannot help but recall  Susan DeLemus: "he knows how I think,"

The Unhinged Mind (the perfect sycophant)

Ok, you sat through 30 seconds to the perfect example of an American sycophant.  How about visiting a Daily Kos piece about her husband? Yes, there are people walking around in our nation such as these, and they seem to love Donald Trump.  Susan Delemus spoke of Trump speaking her mind. Wonder how she feels about Trump now that he has backed down or moved away from most positions he used (as a charlatan) to reach into her mind and speak?

The Daily Kos
Man facing 9 federal charges for his role at the Bundy Ranch standoff is an alternate Trump delegate

Jerry DeLemus—"Commander of the base camp" at Cliven Bundy's standoff

Donald Trump sure knows how to pick ‘em! Jerry DeLemus is a New Hampshire man who is facing charges of conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States, threatening a federal law enforcement officer, obstruction of justice, attempting to impede or injure a federal law enforcement officer, as well as previous firearms charges. The charges stem from his role in the standoff with federal agents at Cliven Bundy’s Nevada ranch in 2014. He was the self-described “commander of the base camp,” running operations with militia-types to fend off federal agents who were simply trying to do their job. described “commander of the base camp,” running operations with militia-types to fend off federal agents who were simply trying to do their job. 
Before DeLemus was picked up by the feds and sent to a Nevada prison to await trial, he was named as an alternate delegate for Trump. As Talking Points Memo found out, the Trump camp has yet to remove him:
While DeLemus was named as an alternate Trump delegate for New Hampshire weeks after his indictment. Asked whether the Trump campaign would keep DeLemus on its slate, a spokeswoman told the Wall Street Journal in March that "it's not up to me, I'm just the press secretary."
Ross Berry, executive director of the New Hampshire GOP, told TPM he spoke with the Trump campaign as recently as Friday and staffers had not proposed any changes to the list. The campaigns "hand pick" their delegates in the state, and Berry said the list is not yet finalized.
The campaign did not respond Friday morning to TPM's request for clarification on DeLemus' status.
Yuge mistake. Donald Trump and his team sure know how to pick ‘em. 

If you think what you just read or heard was pathetic, take a moment of two longer to see and hear the full extent of Trump and his campaign team's ineptitude.  While I use the word ineptitude, I am giving the benefit of the doubt the tea doesn't know the full measure of disgust inherent in some of their delegate choices. On the other hand, and more realistically, I assert the Trump camp knows the full measure of disgust inherent in both the New Hampshire delegate and the California delegate.

Daily News YouTube

Published on May 10, 2016
Donald Trump has selected as one of his delegates in California a notorious white supremacist leader, according to a bombshell report. 
William Johnson, the leader of the American Freedom Party - a group that promotes white nationalism, was chosen as one of the presumptive GOP nominee's Golden State delegates, according to a list of Republican delegates for the party's upcoming primary obtained by Mother Jones magazine. 
Johnson had reportedly applied directly to the Trump campaign to be a delegate and was apparently accepted earlier this week.
Reince Priebus, RNC Chair, says, "Trump is trying" regarding his taco salad escapade, yet another example of  campaign team incompetence.  The RNC Chair also states.."Trump is trying to be presidential." Well, how much of a leap is it to consider this.

If the ingredients are not available to make the cake, one cannot make the cake! StumbleUpon

Friday, December 11, 2015

Trump's "Unhinged" Supporter: "Pants On Fire!"

Do you know what unhinged looks like?  We suggest this is the archetypal illustration of unhinged.  We offer the Donald Trump supporter who simply cannot accept the reality of her candidates and one who doesn't also seem to have any degree of introspection.

New Hampshire State Rep. Susan DeLemus (R) , a Donald Trump supporter (Twitter/Screenshot)

Let's now take a listen to unhinged.

Notice the unhinged mind and her emphasis on "Liars, Liars!"

Take a 59-second look and listen to key considerations of "The Unhinged."


We mentioned introspection above. Implied in our use of the words was "The Unhinged's" reality as a "liar".  She claims to have no background nor interest in politics.  Both The Raw Story and AddictingInfo have published pieces with details regarding the GOP party official (or past official). The Raw Story piece shows via videotape she has a penchant for the unhinged. 

The AddicitingInfo piece includes another intriguing tidbit about "The Unhinged." Her husband has a background at Cliven Bundy's (renowned  Nevada tax evader) Ranch.

We are posting the AddictingInfo pieces via its Creative Commons License policy.

CNN’s Trump Superfan Was A Dangerous Birther, Married To Bundy Militia Man (VIDEO)

AUTHOR DECEMBER 10, 2015 11:56 AM
CNN assembled a group of Trump supporters for a focus group to discuss why exactly they back the reality TV star and current Republican presidential front runner.
Among that group was Susan (Sue) DeLemus, identified on-air as a “Trump Supporter.” She complained to CNN that President Obama “lies to me,” and “lies to me all the time,” adding, “I believe Donald.”
She told CNN she’s “never been involved” in politics and “never had an interest” in any of it. But that’s a lie.
But there’s more to the story than that. It turns out that Susan DeLemus is a state legislator in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. She represents the Strafford 11 district (you can see her campaign Facebook page here).
DeLemus was also a conservative activist involved in Glenn Beck’s “9-12 Project” in a New Hampshire cell of the movement with her husband that contemplated forming a “militia” to “protect the general population from despotism or tyranny.”
In 2011, DeLemus and one of her colleagues, state Rep. Harry Accornero, created havoc in the state capitol. They were attempting to remove President Obama’s name from the presidential ballot because they are both birthers who believe the President was not born in the United States.
The New Hampshire Ballot Law Commission ignored them and went ahead with placing Obama’s name on the ballot, and DeLemus freaked out.
According to a memorandum from Assistant Attorney General Matt Mavrogeorge, who represented the Secretary of State’s Office in the hearing, Reps. Henry Accornero, R-Laconia, and Susan DeLemus, R-Rochester, were yelling in his face and demanding answers.
He said he feared for his safety and that of Assistant Secretary of State Karen Ladd and went into an office where the doors could be locked.
Once in the room, they called capitol security and the attorney general office for assistance.
Here is the video of DeLemus’ meltdown:
After that display failed to remove Obama from the ballot, DeLemus publicly endorsed Rick Santorum for President.
DeLemus isn’t the only one in her family with bizarre hobbies. Her husband, Jerry DeLemus, claims to be a Marine veteran and traveled to Nevada in order to support rogue rancher Cliven Bundy in his standoff with the federal government.
Speaking to a fellow right-wing activist, Jerry DeLemus said that an armed confrontation with the government was a possibility and that he may not make it home.
He was also a featured speaker at a 2013 gun rally where he shared with attendees his belief in using guns to “defend the republic from tyranny.”
Jerry DeLemus also spoke to a local newspaper about his plans to put on an anti-Muslim “draw Muhammad” art contest in order to “defend our way of life in this country, our constitutional rights, for everybody.”
Featured image via Twitter