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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The US Deficit Via McConnell Vs The Balance Dot Com

US Deficit spending is rising. The economic reality is a serious matter but fails to receive daily reminders via Cable and network news. Trump's carnival (strategically developed and nourished to coincide with major news events) consumes all major segments of television news, while dragging ratings hungry news managers and producers into a cesspool of facilitating the distraction. 

The producers and managers are becoming a modern day example of the carnival barker or the circus ringmasters: 

Image result for carnival barker
"Get you full dose of trumpism! 
The dose of Trump which will make you feel involved and informed while emblazoning pure ignorance in your brain to a point of acquiescence or simply ignoring him. Yes! Don't miss out, we have never in US History witnessed a president who so resembles your clown in chief." 
Come into the tent and watch as a president bullies a dead Viet Nam War POW and long term US Senator. Watch as he snuggles with international dictators while growing up and scowling at long standing allies. Watch him remind of the "best" US economy ever: while the Deficit is growing out of control. View him as the epitome of a metastasized president with a prototype born of Ronald Reagan. Your GOP Leader and the Worst President, I mean the least popular, I mean a president who is supported by 90 % of the nation's conservatives.

A real spectacle.
Alas, cable news...considering coverage of events which are truly newsworthy such as the floods in the Midwest, military style weapons murders, an eroding climate and higher than necessary Pharmaceutical prices. How about in depth coverage of why we pay exponentially more for medical care in the US then other industrialized nations?

Cable news managers do we really need 24/7 coverage of Donald Trump? Some of us recall going almost a full week with broadcast images of past presidents. The nation's top office was;t a cash-cow reality tv show. 

Oh we digress. How about an in-depth analysis of how the GOP devolved from a false purveyor of fiscal conservatism to the point of big sending fatcats? Fatcats who, once elected, totally ignore the wishes of their constituents.  Fiscal conservatism regarding the GO is like look back on a 1938 Ford motor vehicle and wonder if the parts are original. 

Watch and listen to Bloomberg's piece of Mitch McConnell attributing the Increasing US deficit to Medicare, Medicaid and Socials Security.  He does so without any honest regard for Trump policies. Bloomberg.

Now, counter that McConnell garbage with facts from The Balance: Current US Budget Deficit.
Three Reasons for the Current Budget Deficit
Many people blame the deficits on entitlement programs. But that's not supported by the budget. These enormous deficits are the result of three factors.
First, the attacks on 9/11 led to the War on Terror.  
Second is the impact of tax cuts.  
Lastly is unfunded elements of mandatory spending. (Must read)
Granted Mandatory Spending has a great impact on the Deficit, but McConnell and his party placing the Deficit rise sole on "entitlement " spending, is typical GOP and living the lie.

Image result for carnival barker
"Come into the tent an hear the US Senate majority leader explain the US Deficit while paving towards cuts in Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security! A once in a lifetime visit. Don't miss it!"

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Sexual Predation Takes A Back Seat To TOP 20 Percent Income Earners Tax Cuts

The current news surrounding everyone's sexual harassment and their respective (yet tragic) victims will eventually prove good for the nation. Of course, the abuse is worldwide and we are only just beginning to see its pervasive reach and scope.

While cases of harassment have occasionally sprinkled across our news, Donald Trump's involuntary admission of abuse not only is the current catalyst, it is a fact known before his election. Apparently, most Americans didn't give a damn about trump's date vagina grabbing and inclination to kiss "um" as of a serial kisser.  It all passed into US History without anticipation of what was to come. Since the election of a totally unhinged occupant of the White House and despite white and non-voters electing Trump, we have tsunami-like accusations of similar abuse. In two cases, Roy Moore and Kevin Spacey, public accusation involving past abuse of minors. 

Earlier today the Washington Post published a piece with the following video.  

Donald Trump 
“Women are very special. I think it’s a very special time, a lot of things are coming out and I think that’s good for our society and I think it’s very, very good for women and I’m very happy a lot of these things are coming out. I’m very happy it’s being exposed.”
— President Trump, remarks to reporters, Nov. 21, 2017

As of this week, the Trump cabal has turned a different face on the accusations against Roy Moore. It seems the importance of a vote for the nation's wealth far exceeds past false aura of GOP moral values.

Trump has now gone public with off-handed support for Roy Moore, while his presstitutes and surrogates carry the flag of full support.
While many non-elected Republican officials are speaking out against reports of Roy Moore's alleged sexual predation, earlier today a CNN segment capsulized the Republican spectrum of sentiment.  
As the US Turns. StumbleUpon

Monday, October 5, 2015

Tax Cuts? The Trickle-down Gift To The Wealthy

Your GOP will never cease to provide wealthy garnering tax breaks to the nation;s wealthy.  Sad tax relief for the nation's Top !% means trickle-down economics hell for the rest of the nation.

Connect The Dots USA offers a picture of that the GOP wishes you would simply not view.

October 3, 2015

Most folks are surprised to learn that before Reagan starting slashing tax rates in 1982, income in the top bracket was taxed at 70% and before that, 91%! What does this mean? In 1956 under Eisenhower, for example, any amount over $400,000, which equals $3.5 million in today’s dollars, was taxed at a 91% rate for a married couple. So if you had the equivalent of $4.5 million in taxable income, you paid $910,000 in taxes on that last million and anywhere from 50% to 90% on the amounts over $276,000 in today’s dollars. 

With the tax act of January 2013, any taxable income over $457,601 married is now taxed at only 39.6% (up from a decade of 35%). And if you get your money from capital gains dividends, you pay at most a 20% income tax rate. As we see, the overwhelming majority of tax cuts have been skewed to the super-rich. Our measly tax cuts are just so we’ll carry the water and make the argument for the billionaire bonus cuts.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A TPI Twitter Tree

A few days back I published a screed with of information bundled into an "Obama Twitter Tree."  The response was so overwhelmingly positive, I have harvested  a few Tweets over the past 30 hours...and Yes...developed another Twitter Tree.

Before we climb our tree, I cannot resist re-linking and embedding a very short segment from a recent HBO Bill Maher show segment. The segment includes Maher's attempt to discuss specifics that support the Right's current obstruction model:  lawsuits and impeachment.  His panel included three guests; two guest are frequent conservative TV personalities.  One of the two, Matt Kibbe is apparently employed by FreedomWorks and is a noted tea party leader.  I use the word "leader" loosely as despite after shocks the tea party is fading into obscurity. The Koch brothers tea party fades after serving as a path to infestation of the US House of Representatives and the least productive Congress in US History. 
Huff PO Amanda Terkel July 2013
Give the segment  a watch! It is the perfect prelude to climbing the Twitter Tree.

What the fuck does that mean?

The Twitter Tree..

US Budget and Paul Ryan's shifty "Opportunity Grant"

Corporate Welfare and The Art of Tax Dodging

Tax Cuts (A GOP foundational anchor) and Job Growth 

A Graphics For Our Times...... 

Social Media Hash Tag Watch....Are People seeking and sharing more Information about Gaza or Israel? 


Monday, January 16, 2012

A Quondam View to the Past, Series II: Ronald Wilson Reagan's Legacy Part II

Hard not to like, but do not feed me the B/S!

Part II: Changed Washington D.C.

Ronald Reagan's legacy has clearly benefited from the very same level of cognitive minutia that once propelled a former (half-term) governor to celebrity and riches. The very same shallowness that has right-wing pundits mentioning the name of South Dakota's Thune because he is an "attractive candidate".  Yes, of course, one's appearance and looks are a critical criteria for the presidency (What a farce! One has to "look presidential".), Thus, the forgotten Ford and Carter Administrations.  I guess they just did not have the look. 

Despite my compliments for appointing Sandra Day O'Connor to the SCOTUS, I join many writers and historians who are not painting Mr. Republican as a sterling example of truly American Values. I assert American Values should not be, and are not, represented by the following sets of information garnered from a quick set of Google and World Web Web queries. I do agree with the former (half-term) governor that Reagan's Values are sterling examples of conservative values, as those values manifest in our society. And, that is a shame!


IRAQ-GATE: Chemical Weapons Technology for Saddam Hussein 

On August 18, 2002, the New York Times carried a front-page story headlined, "Officers say U.S. aided Iraq despite the use of gas". Quoting anonymous US "senior military officers", the NYT "revealed" that in the 1980s, the administration of US President Ronald Reagan covertly provided "critical battle planning assistance at a time when American intelligence knew that Iraqi commanders would employ chemical weapons in waging the decisive battles of the Iran-Iraq war". 


Friday, December 23, 2011

You’ll Never Hear About It On Fox News

You knew that the boys and girl vying to become the Republican presidential nominee next year were lying through their teeth but you may not have known by how much.
If you had to guess whether President George W. Bush or President Barack Obama cut taxes more in his first term, which one would you choose? Probably President Bush, right? After all, the “the Bush tax cuts” were massive. And President Obama is the one calling for the expiration of some of those tax cuts. He’s also pushing for more revenue as we try to address our long-term fiscal imbalance.
Given all that, you could be forgiven for guessing that President Bush is the bigger tax cutter. But you’d actually be wrong. By the end of his first term, President Obama will have signed into law a series of tax cuts that, taken together, exceed the value of those signed into law by President Bush.
By 2012, bills signed into law by President Obama will have reduced tax revenues by about $900 billion, or 1.5 percent of GDP. And if he gets his way, and Congress passes another $250 billion in cuts, the total of all Obama tax cuts will rise to about 2 percent of GDP. That’s close to twice as big as the tax cut tally at the close of President Bush’s first term.
In graphic form, here’s what it looks like.