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Monday, July 27, 2015

Tracy Knauss.......Huckabee Marches To Top The Pack

Tracy Knauss
Here's our President's response~
Here's a link…/obama-completely-destroys-mike-hu…

Tracy Knauss's photo.

THE GOP'S RACE TO THE TOP OF THE CRAZY TREE — With the first Republican 2016 presidential debate coming up next week, the number of irrational statements coming out of the mouths of GOP candidates is accelerating, and the outrageous nature of their comments escalates. Because their propaganda boss, FOX News, has dictated that only the top ten polling candidates will get a podium on the stage, the candidates are in a feeding freenzy to see who can say or do the most outrageous thing. Rand Paul is burning a copy of the tax code. Lindsay Graham is destroying his cell phone (because Trump gave out his number on live TV). 

And now Huckabuck is comparing President Obama to the Nazis. How nice? THIS is your Republican Party. A circus side show, featuring freaks of all shapes and sizes. While it's funny in some ways, it's sad that this is the way America selects its "best citizens" for the office of the presidency. 

At least this is how the rapidly vanishing GOPpers do it. 

And their circus has just begun.