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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Quick Hit: Trump's Wall (1958 Video UPDATE)

Image result for trump building a wall cartoon No photo description available.

Campaign Trump

Today with an insertion of the word "check."

Trump: 'I never meant' Mexico would 'write a check' for the wall

On Wednesday The Daily Show broadcast  2004 commencement speech at which Donald Trump was the guest speaker. The speech ran much longer than the 16 seconds we have chosen to make a point concerning Trump, a border wall, and phoniness some would call hypocrisy. As to the length of the posted segment: We don't do Trump oratory.

Watch and listen.

Now a bit of information that some readers would prefer to find in two to three paragraphs. We prefer the value of a visual with a cogent message.
Image result for us border crossings apprehensions 2000 - 2017

Image may contain: text

Since we eventually received confirmation Mexico was not going to pay for Trump's campaign promise, you and I are being forced to pay for a structure which is totally unnecessary.

If you want to see how mystical a world we share check out something from an old 1958 TV show called Trackdown.  The 2-minute segment is part of a twitter post which identified sufficiently. 
Herewith is a Talking Points Memo link to the full article which includes a 22-minute segment via Snopes.  

Was that the actor Robert Culp?


Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Talking Points Memo And Today's Trump Carnival Act (Video)


Despite the apparent reality of a nation having grown "Comfortably Numb" to Trumpism, we feel obligated to offer up examples of US conservatism gone mad.

Trump has a wife who has stated her mission in the White House was one of challenging cyberbullying (bully et al). She very infrequently visits the false facade of the mission while her husband (45) bullies on a daily basis. If he isn't bullying via Twitter, he appears on-camera with oratory and language focuses like a laser weapon at anything remotely resembling a challenge or lack of support. 

Of late his bullying seems to almost exclusive settle on Jeff session and more importantly, women.

Yesterday's White House comments while surrounded with integral members of his Whtie House cabal, Trump added to his unbalanced and disparate treatment of women reporters.

Talking Points Memo has published five key items from the lawn session; land they are as bad as it comes if we consider that old ancient phrase: appearing presidential. 

TPM (linked)

We will take the video out of order ranked by TPM. A quick visit to the TPM link will show how editors of that publication ranked the five key points. 


Pure bullying an ABC News reporter who happens to be a woman.

Telling Female Reporter She’s ‘Not Thinking’

He directed a special, intense vitriol towards female reporters, scolding them to keep to trade questions and telling ABC’s Cecilia Vega that he knows she’s “not thinking” since “she never does.”

Trump tells ABC News' senior White House correspondent @CeciliaVega "I know you're not thinking, you never do," then refuses to answer a question about Brett Kavanaugh.

Trump Admits He’d Be A ‘Mess’ If He Drank

In a rare moment of self reflection, he joked about how much of a “mess” he would be if he drank alcohol, saying his sobriety is “one of his only good qualities.”

It’s ‘Fine’ If FBI Interviews Kavanaugh

He also nonchalantly agreed to expand the FBI probe on Kavanaugh’s past, saying it would be “fine” for agents to interview Kavanaugh himself, who is currently omitted from the witness list.

Trump "fine" with Kavanaugh being interviewed by FBI

Points One and Five are better viewed via TPM.

We have spent enough time on today's version of Trump's traveling carnival.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Alleged Russian Agent And Her Web Of Deceit


The Russia Agent, Had A Republican Boyfriend

Talking Points Memo adds to our understanding of the real version of the FX series. The Americans.

“Used with permission from the TPM websites, a service of TPM Media LLC.”

INFOGRAPHIC: Alleged Russian Agent Mariia Butina’s Influence Operation

Alleged Russian agent Mariia Butina was indicted this week on two very serious charges: conspiring against the U.S. and acting as an unregistered foreign agent.  
Butina was captured on camera at a 2015 Las Vegas libertarian convention asking then-candidate Donald Trump about U.S. sanctions. She popped up at NRA events throughout the Midwest and at the National Prayer Breakfast in D.C. On the day of President Trump’s inauguration, Butina even sent a selfie to her alleged handler, Russian Central Bank official Alexander Torshin, of her beaming near the U.S. Capitol building.
Many of those interactions, like her run-ins with short-lived GOP candidates Bobby Jindal and Rick Santorum, were just embarrassing photo ops for those politicians she was allegedly targeting. But some of the connections—like her intimate relationship with GOP operative Paul Erickson and her association with former NRA president David Keene—were involved and forged over years. 
As the Washington Post and others have documented, Russia used religion and guns to make inroads with the American conservative community. According to court documents, Butina also used sexual favors as a lure, allegedly offering sex for a position at a special interest organization.
Infographic by Christine Frapech
End TPM piece.

GOP Complicity
Image may contain: 1 person, text
A word of caution: Be careful of the Libertarian. They appear as nothing more than conservatives who have contempt for being called Republican. Make no mistake they are as conservative as some Trump supporters and many harbor tenets of that American social disease called business owners rights to refuse service. There is nothing progressive about their support for the rights of the private business owner over human rights and Civil Rights. If you need an example I offer three: Rand Paul, Ron Paul, and Edward Snowden. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian party candidate in two recent elections and major pothead, draws votes from the more gullible in the nation.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Good Leadership As Evidence By Staffing ("Hire The Best")

Image result for swamp
If it looks and smells like a swamp, folks it is a swamp.

Staffing the Organization

The effective leadership benefits from and is identified via the quality of her/his executive team choices.

Just before the 2016 General election, CNBC broadcast a Q & A  interview with candidate Trump and John Paulson, funds manager. 

Paulson asked a question regarding making the US government more effective: "What would be your criteria for selecting key administrators?" Amongst the many words Trump gave the audience and the television viewers the essence of his comments was: "I would hire the best (paraphrased)."


Scott Pruitt EPA Administrator is the most corrupt cabinet official across the full scope of modern US history.


In mid-March (2018) Media Matters posted a timeline of Pruitt scandals. The following link navigates to the Media Matters piece but keep in mind the piece runs through March 18, 2018.  Over the past month, Pruitt has been the subject of many additional reports of swamp-like scandals. Link here.

Talking Points Memo is reporting Trump has apparently commented the He may not have the "best" with all cabinet heads

As stated above, leadership is accompanied via staffing decisions and the quality of hire. 


Thursday, February 15, 2018

Parkland Terrorist A Member Of White Supremacist Group?

Do you recall Donald Trump saying what follows within hours of the Charlottesville Virginia White supremacist rally?


The Anti-Defamation League

Group Admits Ties to Alleged Parkland School Shooter Nikolas Cruz

February 15, 2018

 Nikolas Cruz ROF
A spokesperson for the white supremacist group Republic of Florida (ROF) told the Anti-Defamation League on Thursday, February 15, that Nikolas Cruz, the man charged with the previous day’s deadly shooting spree at a Parkland, Florida, high school, was associated with his group. 
On Wednesday, February 14, , Cruz, 19, a former student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, allegedly entered the school with an AR-15 and opened fire, killing at least 17 people and injuring 14 more. Cruz left the scene but was later captured by police and has been charged with premeditated murder. 
After self-described ROF members claimed on the discussion forum 4chan that Cruz had also been a member, the Anti-Defamation League called the ROF hotline and spoke with an ROF member who identified himself as Jordan Jereb. 
Jereb, based in Tallahassee, is believed to be the leader of ROF. In 2016, he was arrested on charges of threatening a staffer in the office of Florida Governor Rick Scott because he was allegedly angry at the staffer’s son.
Read more here

More via Talking Points Memo, here.


Thursday, November 30, 2017

Propaganda Is Ugly And Dangerous (James O'Keefe's Failed "Gotcha")

Image result for jamie phillips Project Veritas 

Image result for jamie phillips Project Veritas

The video is a bit long yet telling related to the extent that uber wealthy conservatives back Project Veritas and its highly fraudulent owner: James O'Keefe.

Talking Points Memo has published a detailed review of O'Keefe's efforts to entrap the Washington Post for its role in revealing the Roy Moore sex scandal.  What better an opportunity for fake and highly edited video for public viewing mere days before Roy Moore's campaign ends in either defeat or a victory. 

Yes a perfect opportunity to feed Fox News viewers and conservative media with more lies and propaganda to help elect a person who was once barred from malls and the YWCA.

Jaime Phillips attempts to work The Washington Post only to be caught by a much ore skilled and professional team of reporters. Note what appears as French fires on the table with the hidden camera. 

It turns out the surreptitious effort to perform a gotcha against the Post was very elaborate and even involved an apartment rental. The linked TPM piece is both short and utterly revealing. TPM linked, here.


Saturday, February 25, 2017

ObamaCare A Thorn For The GOP

After years of conservative and Right-wing politician railing about the ACA (AKA ObamaCare), it seems the worms has turned with most Americans interested in keeping the core of the law.

The GOP majority in the US House of Representatives have, over the past few years, wasted 58 repeal ObamaCare votes. Each vote cost the nation $1.4 to $1.6 million per vote.  The math yields an alarming waste of our tax dollars and Congressional resources wasted on obstructing Obama.

Connect The Dots offers a graphic with specifics lists of ACA benefits important to millions. 

The following Huffington Post favorability ratings are also reflective of a GOP out of touch with the nation, even though Pew Research data shows a much highrr favorbaility rating.

Hufffington Post ACA (ObamaCare)

Latest Polls

Feb 16 – Feb 19
2,013 Registered Voters
46459Favor +1
Feb 13 – Feb 19
11,512 Adults
52453Favor +7
Feb 7 – Feb 8
712 Likely Voters
473914Favor +8
Jan 30 – Jan 31
725 Likely Voters
464113Favor +5
Jan 23 – Jan 24
1,043 Likely Voters
454114Favor +4
Jan 20 – Jan 22
1,992 Registered Voters
47458Favor +2
Jan 15 – Jan 18
1,006 Registered Voters
50460Favor +4
Jan 12 – Jan 16
1,036 Adults
50350Favor +15
Jan 12 – Jan 15
1,000 Adults


-Favor +2

Pew Research continues to publish polling results with a favorable disposition to the ACA.  Contrary to Trump peppering his minions with words of "fake polls" Nate Silver;s 538 blog lists Pew with an B plus rating and a slight left lean (to be fair).  

Talking Points Memo published a piece earlier today with favorable ACA results at the level of 54% approval. (CLICK image below)

What is it about the ACA doesn't the GOP understand?  Would you care to wager, the majority party in the US Congres will work to motivate the ACA Vs. a full repeal?  Of course, GOP ideology induces fears of improvements which will appear as such, but in the long run fail the spirit of providing healthcare to Americans.