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Sunday, July 8, 2018

As Trumps World Turns: Charlottesville And Fired Engineer, Trump, North Korea, Immigrant Discharged From Military, Tariffs, GOP In Russia

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Trumpism refers to the nontraditional political philosophy and approach espoused by US President Donald Trump and his supporters. The term Trumpism can also be used to directly refer to an outrageous or idiosyncratic statement made by Donald Trump.

Trumpism - Slang by

The times of Trumpism: Anti-Jewish and Anti-Black protest..and the aftermath.

Earlier in the week we ran across posts regarding the continuing efforts to ID and expose white supremacists who attended the Charlottesville torch rally. Recall that rally: "Jews will not replace us."   

A Northrup Grumman Ph.D. candidate engineer is no longer employed by the defense contractor.  

The hand and fist wrapped racist pushed an African-American man to the ground and repeatedly punched him. When open wraps their hands as if preparing for a boxing match, one should be in a boxing ring and not representing white supremacy while working for a defense contractor (with a Secret Security Clearance). It should be noted the racist engineer defies false belief that hardcore racism is the exclusive domain of Baby Boomers.

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 White Supremacist (Engineer) Defense Employee Fired
I can't help but wonder if our efforts in commenting via the defense contracts website assisted in the infamous entity to the US unemployed. 

On another front, Trump and his secret cadres are seeking out and discharging immigrants for the US military. Many immigrants joining the US military with a promise of citizenship. well, promises out of the Trump machine are tantamount to flatulence in a hurricane.

     This photo provided by Panshu Zhao shows Zhao at the White House on April 21, 2018. Zhao is one of dozens, if not more, devastated immigrant military recruits and reservists struggling this summer with abrupt and often inexplicable discharges and can Promises broken.

As we speak about Broken promises as a form of lie, misleading statements and general what has to be expected from Trump, we simply must touch upon a couple of high-level lies and utter disrespect for two American War Heroes.

Exhibit One:  North Korea returning Korean War casualty remains to the families of the fallen heroes.  An over-the-top disgraceful lie.


“And I understand ... that they’ve already sent back or are in the process of sending back the remains of our great heroes who died in North Korea during the war,” Trump said at a Cabinet meeting. 
Trump, who met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at an historic summit in Singapore earlier this month, said on Wednesday the remains of 200 American servicemen had been sent back. 
Two U.S. officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said that while North Korea was expected to return the remains of soldiers in the coming days, they had not yet been returned.
How low will the nation allow Trump to slither before a time of reckoning? Was it actually necessary to lie to the families of the fallen soldiers?  Was the optic with North Korea so important the short-term excitement among his supporters was worthy of the longer-term revelation of a lie? 

As Trump prepares for another round of "suckle with the dictator" the "deal: lies he told are unraveling like a windblown comb-over.  The North Korean delegation (NK)  which met with Pompeo shows signs that Trump's secret talks with Kim left many with misperceptions.  The least of which seems to be the North Koreans. Why wouldn't the NK delegation expect discussions of de-nuking from Trump's man in the State Department?  Quite probably because Trump and Kim did not discuss de-nuking.
Apparently, the GOP or maybe Trump functionaries in the GOP (with visions of rubles in an election year) spent the Fourth of July week execute what can only be described as unctuous groveling to a group of Russian officials. The wayward GOPers sought a pre-Trump/Putin meeting with the Russian leader but met with "....he is too busy." 
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While the GOP is courting Putin's government, Trump's tariffs are reaping hell on US farmers, manufacturers, and middle-class employees. One German auto manufacturer with the largest auto assembly plant in the US is threatening to close its South Carolina facility if Trump ups tariffs on the EU.  Well, you might think, you don't really care, after all, it is a German company, not a US company.  Well, how about US farmers who grow and export Soybeans to China. 

Is it actually possible Trump's economic advisers failed to consider the reality of Brazil as the most agricultural nation on Earth?  Take a quick look at a chart from the linked Bloomberg article.

Bloomberg linked

What follows represents a couple of stark examples to go along with other horror stories available via a simple Google search of companies affected by Trump's tariffs.

Despite being halfway through the 2018 calendar with the mid-term elections looming in the fall, I cannot help but think back starting at Trump 2017 at the annual CPAC Oozfest.

Thirteen percent (13%) believe; Trump is honest.

A US President sets the tone of the nation while serving as a guidepost to the free world. When a president lowers themselves to the depths of Trump, humankind is at risk.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: June Jobs Report, Tariffs, Obama Economy

Imagine Our Lives When We Are Done With Trump; Decades of Economic Hell

First, some great economic news. 


If there is a worthwhile and true-perspective on Jobs, we need to look well beyond Trump and his advisers.

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Now drill down a bit.

While each and every Trump supporting network contributor has diligently worked to include mention of the June Jobs Report as they face questions about Trump's Tariffs, the following charts seem to indicate a sustaining economy. An economy born in early 2009, mere months after Obama took office.

Image result for Job growth 2009 to 6/2018
Related image

Of course, we wouldn't expect Trump, his economic, team, talking heads employed by networks nor any American conservative to contemplate the images above. If there was consideration of the graphics coupled with a degree of honesty the talking heads would have to admit Trump's inherited economic hasn't been killed via Trump's election.  Ah, but give it time.

On the very day of the June Jobs Report, the good news is overshadowed by news of Trump's tariffs and retaliatory tariffs from export nations. Administration measure some experts predict will have a deleterious effect on the economic health of the US. 

GOP States suffering under Trump/s Tariffs

At midnight last night, Trump's insane tariffs went into effect.  As the clock approached midnight, I have read reports of at least one US cargo ship raced towards China with orders to beat the midnight hour if possible. The ship failed to reach it the destination in time.  

Trump's Tariff brainchild reads like a chapter of the Three Stooges Gazette.

Related image I believe Ichan left the Trump team.  

While Trump's Tariffs are hitting well beyond China, it appears China is the big fish target. And, the target strikes back with devastating impact across the full breadth of the nation.  

Trump and company hit China with tariffs totaling $34billion (25% levy) imposed on 800 Chinese products. How could a group of so-called experts work to impose tariffs which would have a retaliatory impact which will lead to job losses, rotted field crops, and company closures?  In March of this year, CNN published a list of major US corporations which will feel the pinch of the tariffs. The list includes Fortune 250 corporations as well as other large employers. CNN Money linked, here. The Financial Times joined other media in offering perspectives on the tariffs. The Times piece also validates the insanity of words from Trump to former trading partners.  Five-hundred billion? 

Let's visit with a couple of states which went for Trump in the 2016 elections.

Missouri to lose company which produces nails.

At the beginning of June, the Mid Continent Nail Corporation in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, had more than 500 employees. But Donald Trump’s recent updates to tariffs on steel goods caused the company to lose 50 percent of its business in two weeks and forced the factory to lay off 60 temporary workers. Newsweek reports that the business may be forced to cut 200 additional jobs by the end of next month.
 Nails?  Wonder how many of the 500 employees voted for Trump.

Texas can’t escape Trump’s trade war

Texas and Missouri are prime examples of the pervasive breadth of Trump's economic FUBAR. How about a few linked articles with the additional cases of disaster from the middle class and others employers?

EU stares down Trump, releases $3B list of tit-for-tat tariffs

Yes, the June Jobs Report was excellent.  

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Trump's Economy

Image result for economyA few days ago I published a  site gazette.  One section of the Gazette related to Trump's Trade policies including his utter ill-advised tariffs.

As we approached the 2016 election, I would, from time to time run across a news segment with a so-called economic expert who was not only as high on Trump as Mount Everest, he seemed afflicted with typical Trump supporter anger and snarkiness towards the news show host. Meet Peter Navarro.

Before we introduce a piece related to Navarro and his total ill-advised trade policies, allow me to repost the early week segment.


Trade Policy Via Trump and his Economic Team

As we approached the 2016 campaign, I watched and listened to a couple of so-called; economic experts who would become the core of Trump's economic policy.

The most visible of the team.....

Wikipedia indicates Navarro never met with Trump during the 2016 Campaign.  Stephen Moore is a well known conservative economic mouth-piece and has suffered at least one major credibility blemish...

WIKI excerpt
In the 1970s, Navarro served as a policy analyst for the Urban Services Group, the Massachusetts Energy Office, and the United States Department of Energy.[11]
In 2012, Navarro directed and produced a poorly received[12] documentary film based on his book, Death by China.[13] The film was released under the same title and narrated by Martin Sheen.
Navarro's policy prescriptions include that "U.S. should be tough on trade, crack down on intellectual property theft, tax Chinese exports, combat Chinese mercantilism, [and] bring jobs home."[14]
WIKI excerpt
In the 2014 Kansas City Star opinion piece "What's the matter with Paul Krugman? Moore responded to Krugman's opinion piece "Charlatans, Cranks and Kansas."[14][15] Moore claimed that job creation had been superior in low-taxation states during the five years ending June 2009 following the recession. After substantial factual errors were uncovered in Moore's opinion piece, the Kansas City Star indicated that it would no longer print Moore's work without "thorough factchecking." [16][17][18]
As we watch the past few months of Trump's Trade decisions and subsequent reactions from key economic partners, something in Trump's economic White House is headed in the wrong direction.

Business Insider recently published a piece related to Trump's Trade policy and fears of a possible recession.

Did you think for one second we would leave the Trump's Trade (FUBAR) policy to one-piece from Business Insider. Here are a few linked pieces regarding retaliatory tariffs from Canada and China.

Ultimately you know who will suffer most from Trump's economic decisions. You and I will pay much higher prices and Americans will lose jobs. It doesn't take a Harvard educated economist to understand how this will turn out.

The reference piece appears in today's online publication The Week. The piece includes a Twitter post from noted Obama hater and Fox News talking head Maria Bartiromo.  As is often the case Bartiromo helped to advance Trump Administration policy by giving Navarro airtime. Airtime in which Navarro openly stated no nation would retaliate against Trump tariffs. How very wrong and dangerous for the middle class and any American corporations?  
The Week piece, linked here.

How long will the nation tolerate the utter comprehensive state of trump and his team incompetence?

Before Trump announced his tariff plans, 2018 wasn't looking like a stock market winner.  On February 5th, 2018, the Dow Jones Average suffered its deepest drop ever. Since Trump loves to speak of records and "ever: we repeated: "...the largest Dow Jones drop ever".

CNN Money
Image result for dow jones market  june 2018

If the image left you a bit neutral regarding a visual image, the following image may work better to illustrate the point.

GEO Polintelligence

Of course, you knew we would reach one year back into the Obama Administration for relative comparison through April of this year.

Statistic: Monthly development of the Dow Jones Industrial Average index from January 2016 to April 2018 | Statista
Find more statistics at  Statista

One final chart. Take a look at the two-year average.

We have heard for approximately 1.5 years, the market is due for a correction.  Let's hope Trump and his team do nothing to push the inevitable correction to the point of deep recession...and worse.