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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The "Tarp Guy" Dies In Shootout With Oregon State Law Enforcement


As news of the Oregon anarchists has moved to a violent shootout, we are reading reports the "Tarp Guy" Got his wish. It was obvious from the start of the takeover of the wildlife refuge the Tarp Guy, LaVoy Finicum, has sought camera shots and microphone time whenever possible. Actually, I suggest his tarp stunt was a mere media seeking stunt.

Tarp Guy is Dead.

CNN is reporting: linked here.

KATU 2 Portland TV News:

NBC News offers far more details: Linke here.


Friday, January 8, 2016

Tarp Guy Speaks Again

When will media cut-off this man's microphone or start charging him for on-air time? The alleged Arizona rancher is a serial camera hound and walks around spewing the most libertarian of views I have heard or read since Rand Paul has grown noticeably quiet about his views.

Tarp Guy speaks, along with a few other well-known anarchist talking heads. 

AJ + from Facebook published an Oregon wildlife refuge video with AJ+ Presenter and Producer Dena Takruri. who is more than worth camera time to her employer. She pushed the anarchist bigots to the limit while extracting so of the most intelligent babble one could imagine.

As the interviews progress, you will notice the Ms. Takuri started the video with the "Tarp Guy."  Is there a camera this man doesn't love? Since, we ran a detailed piece on the Tarp Guy earlier in the week, I will link it  here and turn this piece over to AJ+s video.

What If the Oregon Occupiers Were Muslim or Black? Would the militia standoff in Burns, Oregon, be treated differently if the armed occupiers were people of color?Occupiers weigh in:
Posted by AJ+ on Friday, January 8, 2016
You may have noticed the adroit reporter also ran across another well-known anti-Mulsim terrorist who joined the bigots in Oregon. Jon Ritzheimer also stood in a rather half-hearted manner for a brief encounter with the reporter.  You have seen and heard Rigtzheimer many times as he is yet another media hound who happens to have a mission of anti-Islamic terror.  Ritzheimer recorded a cell phone alligator tear video as the Oregon invasion ensued.

As you viewed the interview did you notice complete evasion of direct questions related to their actions compared to similar actions from other groups of Americans?  No answer worth repeating when asked their thoughts on the reaction if a group of African-Americans invaded a government building and declared their building caliphate. Excuse the loose use of the word, but I do feel you understand my point. Did also you notice evasion about the prospects of Muslims invading an absconded a government building? How about the anarchist who pleaded no "schooling" On Original People Native North American People's history?  As I watched the anarchists squirm and evade throughout the interview, I was hoping the reporter would ask them about their existential exercise of white privilege.  I suspect at least one of the group would have pleaded a lack of schooling on such a prospect also.

As I moved through the AJ+ Facebook post I also ran across a video segment regarding locals who do not share the anarchists actions in their community. 

Oregon Standoff: The Town Debates Should the armed group occupying an Oregon wildlife refuge stay or go? We hear from both sides in the town of Burns.
Posted by AJ+ on Thursday, January 7, 2016
Let's take a quick look at the checklist the Oregon bunch must have developed prior to their seditious invasion of the wildlife refuge building.