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Friday, April 28, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trump's Tax Guide, Trump's Jobs Numbers And His Coke Button

It shouldn't surprise anyone Trump is now deflated about winning the 2016 General Election (The US Presidency). It is not his cup of tea as the job involves far more than edicts from up high between sips of Coca-Cola, tweets and watching his favorite daytime TV shows. While he garnered the ultimate ego-blast via winning an electoral victory, Trump seems to continue to suffer via the stark reality he lost the popular vote by 2.84 million votes. He seems to be deflated, despite efforts to prop-up his first 100 Days of no major legislation passed through Congress.  It is a matter of fact Trump is governing via executive order without any level of shame for his past vilifying President Obama from signing (far fewer) such officials edicts.

Oh, the childish and manipulative hypocrisy!

As an example, CBS published a set of graphics related to Trumps first weeks in office. While the nation's 45th President claims significant governing accomplishments offer the reality of EOs. Actually, today Trump signed what will turn out in the long-term to be a kiss of death for Artic eco-systems. He signed an EO to which reverses Obama's prohibition against drilling in the Artic.  He has now signed into law 30 such EOs.


The image atop this piece speaks to the level of intellectual of some Trump supporters. Granted we see quite a bit of such 'nose-thumbing' at rational America, we would be remiss if we don't acknowledge recent reports of far too many former Democrat party voters who voted for Trump. In any case, As we approach that magic 100 Day milestone, Trump continues slow slippage into an abyss of perception so inept by those who count: the Us voting public.

Trump also can not help but suffers from the constant drain of serious and incessant security investigations of his scandal-ridden cabinet. 

Trumpism is truly weighing on the psyche and existential reality of the great society. We find ourselves hearing of Administrating lies on a daily basis. We are seeing an unraveling of a far too cozy relationship with Putin Russian operatives during the transition period after Trump won elections. Well, in reality, we are commenting about Trump officials who figuratively (money) slept with Putin cohorts and operatives goes back to Manafort in Western Europe and former US Army General Mike Flynn (seeming a Putin plant). Our psyches are tired.

We are tired of Trump's lies.

Example, Trump claims his Administration has created 600,000 jobs since Inauguration Day.
Trump's job creation, 100 days in CNN Money via @CNNMoney
Before we move away from Trumps pathological lying, we feel it critical to post a BuzzFeed list of Trump's top 100 Oval Office lies since Inauguration Day.  A list which is both historic and shameful. 

A Tax Plan?

We are weary of Trump's Tax Plan. Correction, we are weary of Trump's effort to published a double-spaced one-page sheet of paper with what one could only consider a spewing of thoughts regarding a non-developed plan Vs. an actual detailed plan. Let's be real, the man wanted something in the public he could call a pre-100 Day tax plan.  What an admission of legislative defeat?

The GOP and its commitment the failed Supply-Side economic policy manifest in steroids in Trump's Tax "guide."  

CNBC (quick video) Link 

How about a couple of revealing graphics from Pacific Standard Mag?

Notice the trend lines around 1980. Who was President as the two trend lines moved opposite its previous trending?

 Image may contain: 26 people, people smiling, meme and text

Politifact also took at run at Trump's economic teams lies about trump's tax guide and deficit neutral claims.