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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

TrumpIsm: When Warned And You Fail To Respond

Trump is the Rattlesnake you failed to respect and avoid.

Do you remember the following appearance on Air Force One with his "arm candy" prominently displayed? It is all about the show.
Of course, rational viewers knew Trump was flying when he brandishing his wife for the public while hiding as if in a closet offering up a lie. Let's move on since we know Trump lies well over 80% of the time regarding his body of statements and communication. 

There are times when we learn lessons as a child, have the lessons reinforced as we grow older and experience ensues, and when we are fully developed those early lessons of adherence to those lessons pays off.

What did we learn for loving parents, siblings friends, and school about potential interaction with this animal?

Related image If we heeded the lessons we could possibly go through life and never have a bad experience with one of nature'ss more beautiful creatures.  We didn't have to learn the hard way to give this animal more than enough space for safe passage (your safe passage).  You listened and you absorbed and incorporated the lesson.
Yesterday afternoon Sally Yates appeared before a Senate Committee with "face-on" while delivering eloquent and sophisticated testimony of her warning to the Trump cabal.

WAPO piece with full transcript: Link.

You may want another look at the level of competency and professionalism as Yates dealt with the entrapping Ted Cruz. Do you really believe for on second Yates didn't know the details of the statute quoted by Cruz. She had to know he would go there and immediately consulting her notes clearly indicated she would throw Cruz's metaphorical IED (Improvised Explosive Device) back into his smug face. Cruz was ensnared by a deep constitutional law mind; he and his staff must have suffered a tsunami butt-pucker.

Watch again as the IED heads back to Cruz: link (30 seconds).

If you need to see the two minute interaction again, here you go.

What we have is a Trump problem.

Trump's party leadership is spreading the Trump (metastasizing) cancer throughout the ranks of the GOP.  If Trump had heeded the warnings, via Yates, from the INTEL community, yesterday would not have led to public statements which shed additional light on Trump's mindset, possible coziness with Putin and it would not have shown Ted Cruz as a Rattlesnake who cannot effectively set a witness back on their heels. 

If you didn't watch the hearing of yesterday, know that another noted GOP regressive blew himself up via his own IED questioning. The last 60 seconds of the video is most relevantSince real life doesn't have a dream sequence/flashback feature, I made this. #SallyYates

Herewith is the bottomline, on Trump's damage to his party, his administration and the now wounded Ted Cruz.

Why do Republicans so love public committee hearing when they challenged obvious more intellectually gifted and learn ed professionals and experts?

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Monday, April 18, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: A Smorgasbord Of The GOP Running Towards 2016 Elections Plus One Proud Racist

We have been somewhat remiss in updating the Daily GOP Ignominious. Frankly, Trump's impact on the on GOP and the 2016 General Elections is so dizzying and stupefying we are overwhelmed with keeping up.

Let's take a quick run through the party on the Right with an introduction of yet another American conservative racist who is so proud of her racism she brandishes it for the cell phone victim.

YOUR GOP and one of its supporters!

Fox News continues its mission of espousing racism, bigotry and fear via yet another host with pathetic exhortations to profile Muslims. As you watch the following, should you so choose, think about the failure to proilfe the Boston Bombers. How about no profile on the non-Muslim bomber of the Oklahoma City Federal building?

From this point up to the Rachel Maddow segment, click on the images below for the full story.

Yes, there a many gay people who cling to the false hope of US conservatism.

Incompetence headed towards the Whtie House. Putin and Chinese leaders are chopping at the bit for this crew to ascend to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. 

Rachel Maddow, last Friday, offered a segment on the Neandertal viewers of GOP candidate Kasich. While he garners fewer votes and has not won any primary elections, Kasich is viewed by some as the stable and safe candidate.  The "safe" vote, eh?  If you are not a woman of child-bearing age. Well, allow a correction, If you are not a woman. 

Maddow's segment is typical a long one, but after a few minutes of chatter laced introduction, the piece hits home like a slammed set of toes in a darkened room while heading on a middle of the night run to the toilet. 

Have you heard of the Michigan Governor's poisoning the water of Flint Michigan grounded in typical conservative strategy to "save money?"  Children have been poisoned for life and we do not yet know the full extent of the health damages to those who used the water. While the federal government has undertaken efforts to relieve the citizens of Flint Michigan and you might know one highly regarded Republican is blocking the intuitive. Mike Lee (R) Utah, and a person who's name has been bantered around for Scalia's replacement, doesn't feel the Feds should aid the (US) citizens in Flint.

Facebook friend Jeff Carlson captures and posits on the Lee's obstruction. 

Imagine Lee's actions should citizens of his state suffered such a tragedy? US Uncut published a short piece related to GOP efforts to stall Flint relief as far back as February of this year. Ted Cruz has, of late, backed away from opposition to the bill is a surprise to no one during the heart of the GOP primaries.  

In 2013, Mother Jones reminded of GOP history of blocking disaster relief aid


Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: GOP Debate 8

I will admit to avoiding the GOP Debate for obvious reasons. After seven of the finger pointing, name calling, "going after", non-policy charades, I prefer to spend the two plus hours much more productively. Watching the GOP Debates also generates visions of mental horror. Horror regarding the level to which close to half the nation is willing to support, blindly follow and literally vote for members of the GOP. Horror regarding the level of non-issue bantering that hardly meets any definition  of a debate.  Horror regarding the prospect the nation has become consumed with entertainment politics and reality TV Vs. insisting of substantive interactions among people who aspire to lead the nation.  Ultimately, I disdain the horror of the lack of veracity from the debaters collectively and individually: Fact Check dot Org.,  CNN reality Check (must watch), AP Fact Check, Politifact Live Fact Checking.

Time is far too valuable to waste on a debate process that has devolved into increased levels of lies, misrepresentations, and flat-out manipulation.

While I avoided the live circus, I certainly sought highlights of the debate and highlights abound. Snippets and segments were abundant across the internet and to some degree on certain cable news networks.  

Let's visit a few that take top billing.

While some are excusing Ben Carons debate stage entry lapse as the fault of crowd noise, I disagree. Ben Carson is showing more and more he is out of touch with all things rationale. Even if the crowd noise was at a high decibel level, he should have possessed the wherewithal to know he was placed second in entry placement and should have known to proceed to the stage...well before Rubio, Bush and the equally perplexed Donald Trump. As you will see in the following clip, he even ignored the state handlers exhortation to go proceed tot eh stage.  Carson flubs his entry.
Marcio Rubio finished third in the Iowa Caucuses and promptly seemed to declare himself the eventual GOP 2016 candidate.  His third-place-finish speech was not only akin to then-candidate Obama's victory 2008 speech, some suspect he plagiarized Obama's 2008 theme and context.  His Iowa finish set him up for what has been reported copious piling-on and may have contributed to what can be described only as that of a scratched and stuck 1960s LP Album.

Rubio's obsession with President Obama has finally led to what comes next.

Rubio's strategy of constant attacks against a president who has actually won two general elections may bode well with big money donors who attend GOP debates, and his rhetoric will surely tingle the innards of the majority who claim US conservatism, but he barks up a dead tree. It seems his barking was lost in his over the top scripting and his memorized debate responses.

I suspect there isn't a more glaring example of outright political lying and nefarious story-telling than Ted Cruz's continued blaming CNN for his staff's subterfuge.

Ben Carson is not the least bit happy with Ted Cruz's excuses for lying about the state of his campaign in Iowa

Cruz responded to a debate host question as follows:

Politifact ran a piece on Cruz and his continued subterfuge.

New! Ted Cruz falsely says @CNN first said Ben Carson was 'taking a break from campaigning' 

Watch as CNN's Tom Foreman adroitly address the matter. Foreman also reminds of the ridiculous tendency of the GOP to fail to realize we live in a time of electronic archiving. There are Americans who do not rely on Fox News, Breitbart, The Daily Caller, Beck and Coulter, for news.
I remind of Carson response to Cruz's political manipulation: 
BEN CARSON: “The bottom line is, we can see what happened, everybody can see what happened and you can make your own judgment.”
When considering Ted Cruz there is little need for deep contemplative thought on the matter. He via his camp played for Caucuses voters and won in Iowa. 


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A GOP Politics Quick Hit. Trump, Palin, Duck Dynasty, Ted Cruz, Nikki Haley

Well our Quick Hit, turned into a GOP screed.

If you need additional proof of a nation suffering from intellectual deprivation and class starvation accompanied by an infestation of sycophancy for celebrities with constipation of the brain and diarrhea f the mouth...take heed. Trump's claims of Sarah Palin as a vice presidential running mate are nothing more than cynical barking rhetoric. Trump and his handles know Palin is a political landmine and an object for late night talk show jokes (and a gold mine for SNL skits). He would no more select Palin as a running mate as he would select the Nevada racist rancher Cliven Bundy). Yet, another example of Trumpism with your in his strategy cross hairs.

The campaign for GOP front runner Donald Trump has told the New York Times that Trump has selected former Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his running mate.…
While not a 47% moment by any means, think back to a  time when you recall a presidential candidate offer a person the "finger."

Rand Paul of an Armadillo to match his Chameleon personality and personal aura.  As I ran across the following piece from Mediaite, I will admit to a higher level of astonishment.  How crass and teen-like?


Republican presidential candidate Dr. Rand Paul has truly been having one hell of a week. He was demoted from the main stage for tonight's GOP debate on Fox

Ted Cruz garners an endorsement (after a duck hunting trip) From the nation's leading bayou bigots.  Cruz nascent endorse also has a history of espousing male concubine under- aged women. 


It's the endorsement you've been waiting for...

“I’ve looked at the candidates,” said controversial reality TV star Phil Robertson. “Ted Cruz is my man.”

Herewith is the ultimate example of GOP and conservative shallowness. The Untied States is unlike conservative perceptions of the Earth. The United States has a documented history that spans a defined and clear established time-frame. It is not an item that conservatives can ignore and disavow as they the disavow evolution.  During the GOP response to President; Obama's State of the Union Speech, South Carolina Governor, Nikki Haley, dropped a "dumb bomb." She has indicated she wrote the speech without intervention from the RNC or any conservative operatives. Well, maybe she should have avoided such a blatant confession of ownership. She showed exactly why many Americans believe conservatives are absent any wherewithal in assimilating US History as a critical foundation for our future. 

Haley clearly and in front of billions across the globe sated the following:
"When you've got immigrants who are coming here legally, we've never in the history of this country passed any laws or done anything based on race or religion. Let's not start that now," she said while speaking to reporters in South Carolina. (bold font added my The Pardu)

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley continues to defend her (gentle) criticism of Donald Trump in her State of the Union ...

Michigan's Republican Governor delivers a State of the Union speech with his poisoning of Flint Michigan's water (drinking, bathing and cooking water) with possible life-threatening consequences for his city's denizens.  He did so as part of a cost-saving plan and enacted by a handpicked "emergency" manager.
Fix it by drinking 20 gallons of that crap and turn yourself into the police.


“To you, the people of Flint, I say tonight as I have before: I am sorry and I will fix it.”
- Michigan Governor Rick Snyder during his State of the State address

Here is the essence of Fox News. Network producers care absolutely nothing about a GOP governor literally poisoning thousands (including children). They mobilize to hand a script to a president bimbo for on-air demagoguery. Think in terms of the "other side". Are GOP candidates mum on the Flint poisoning, because they care nothing about the "black vote?"  Rubio even feigned earlier in the week he knew nothing about the poisoning.  Really?

Fox News host dismisses Democratic concern for Flint water crisis as a way to “get more black votes”
Heather Nauert also describes federal emergency declaration as "an example of how political this is now getting" VIDEO

We offer the  right of the GOP and the African-American community.  Look and read closely and see if you notice any missing population groups?

Let's end this one, with a clear reminder of life in a mirror.

Jobs, jobs, jobs..and with no help from the GOP!


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

US Media Via Talking Head Paid Pundits On Iranian Seizure Of US Naval Vessels: "Hostages"

In early December noted GOP demagogue and Canadian-born (ineligible for the USD presidency) Senator, Ted Cruz, delivered a speech in Iowa that traipsed on violations of international law and skirted common human decency. While speaking about external threats to the United States, Cruz declared carpet bombing the city of Raaqa as a strategy for eliminating ISIS.  Problem: Raaqa is the home of hundreds of thousands of Syrian citizens. Many of which have no affiliation with ISIS, and who are without doubt suffering under the oppression of ISIS tyranny.

Of course, the reality of murdering hundreds of thousands of olive-skinned non-Jewish Middle Easterners is of no concern to Cruz and his inhumane followers.  

Cruz's Early December speech earmarked at the 14:12-minute mark. After the few seconds of American terror from Cruz, follow my lead; cut the video off. Carpet Bomb em!

Holt and Cruz

Reasons dot com (linked to a piece that took exception to Obama's SOTU remarks regarding Cruz's promise to carpet bomb)
In his final State of the Union speech, President Barack Obama went out of his way to call out a comment by GOP presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz. In an early December speech in Iowa, Cruz said that if he wins.. 
"we will have a president who will make clear we will utterly destroy ISIS. We will carpet bomb them into oblivion. I don't know if sand can glow in the dark, but we're going to find out." 
Later that month, CNN's Wolf Blitzer pressed Cruz to clarify his remark during a debate: 
"To be clear, Sen. Cruz, would you carpet-bomb Raqqa, the ISIS capital, where there are a lot of civilians? Yes or no?" 
This was Cruz's reply: 
"You would carpet bomb where ISIS is—not a city, but the location of the troops. You use air power directed—and you have embedded special forces to direction the air power. But the object isn't to level a city. The object is to kill the ISIS terrorists.
How disturbing to rational, non-jingoist Americans?

During last night's State of the Union Speech, President Obama's last SOTU, the president took effective (and professional) issue with Cruz's comment.  
We need "more than tough talk or calls to carpet bomb civilians," Obama said, adding: "That may work as a TV sound bite, but it doesn’t pass muster on the world stage."
It should be noted the Reason's excerpt above is from a piece in which the author took exception to President Obama's addressing Cruz's comment.  The author went through a rationalizing mental exercise on Cruz' actually meaning vs. his clear doubled-down on his statement.  How would the same author have dealt with any comment from President Obama in a similar manner? The question is rhetorical: No, the author would attack any comment from the president regardless of personal interpretation. Ultimately, Cruz made the comment and doubled-down on the comment. Thus, it became fair game and required attention at the very international SOTU.

Cruz as one of the GOP's most prolific demagogues is not secret.  He exhibited an even higher level of insane demagoguery during an interview after the SOTU. NBC's Lester Holt provided a literal political ad for Cruz, I suppose, under the guise of seeking good air-time for conservative viewers.  Holt asked about the president's remarks.

Holt asked Cruz about the seizing of two US naval vessel by Iranian coast Gaurd ships.  If should be noted, one of the naval vessels was reported to have veered into Iranian protectorate waters due to a malfunction. Cruz jumped to use of the word "hostages." The dirtiest of words when one considers Iran based on the Iranian takeover of the US embassy in the late 1970s.

Before the Cruz dog-whistle ("hostages"), let's accomplish a bit of true journalism. We offer a review of early details regarding the seized vessels.

MSNBC on what happened ingt he Persian Gulf near Farsi Island.

We should also note CNN was so full of US jingoist bluster as the network approached the SOTU.

The network filled its camera segments with talking heads who, in some cases, demanded president Obama address the Iranian seizure during the SOTU. How Republican and jingoist of David Gergen?  MSNBC joined in with a phone interview of one of its most noted jingoist former General McCaffrey


The former general actually if the seizure an act  of war the US should not tolerate. The network interviewer nor the former general made any reference to the prospect of the vessel veering off course and suffering the seizure.  Wouldn't the US had done same with an intrusion into US waters?

As promised, the Iranians released the sailors this morning.


There was a time in US media when such jingoism and post released commentary would have centered on why the level of pure anger in the face of reports of a violation by US warships in the waters of a sovereign nation?  I suspect most coverage of the incident is taking place with conservative guests on cable news with heavy doses of "Obama is weak."