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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Don’t Let Them Silence You: Vote, Dammit

".....we have plans we do have plans and we want to help," Rand Paul lies to the media while attempting to run seriously (give me the vote) game on African -Americans.  He actually state the GOP should have stated they want to help the black community.  Watch (30 seconds)!

From a pathological liar who told a group of medical students it is OK to practice misinformation. And, he stated such in the context it benefited him in college.  
The Black Vote....and undesirable Civil Right for the GOP.
 Medgar Evers..shot in the back in his driveway by a white assassin.  He was known as the "Klan Fighter" and was a respected champion of "Register to Vote."

Folks lined up in Greenwood,MS, 1964 to register to vote. Why? Because they knew then what we know now...

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Beaten in pursuit of here right to vote!
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Voting in rural Alabama, 1950s.   Embedded image permalink________________________________

Let's jump forward to post-Ronald Reagan's Conservative America. 

The Guardian published a thorough expose' on the reality of GOP administration and voting rights. One criticism of the Guardian piece. The publication's sub-heading mentions " to combat fraud". The only widely publicized cases of voter fraud have come via white people either officials for the GOP or hired  in some capacity by the party.

If you are averse to the prospect of the nation's conservative operatives and GOP developing and deploying strategy to deprive some of the vote, think again. Not only have some GOP officials literally declared Voter ID as winner for the GOP, conservative media has commenced all too frequent excursions into who should or would not vote. Fox News has broadcast segments with leggy women hosts commenting on the prospect young women should not vote. You may also have noticed similar towards African-Americans as we move towards the midterm vote. The same network is awash with so-called black celebrities (who are conservatives) refer to African-Americans as unintelligent (e.g. Herman Cain, Charles Barkely and the Bash woman now employed by Fox).
The perfect Taxes voter storm via the Guardian.

The Guardian 

'Born and raised' Texans forced to prove identities under new voter ID law

New law meant to combat fraud forces Eric Kennie to either change his identity or be unable to overcome burdens


eric lyndell kennie eric kennie texas voter id
Eric Lyndell Kennie, of Austin, with a current voter registration certificate and an expired photo ID card. Photograph: Kambiz Shabanakare//Corbis
Eric Kennie is a Texan. He is as Texan as the yucca plants growing outside his house. So Texan that he has never, in his 45 years, travelled outside the state. In fact, he has never even left his native city of Austin. “No sir, not one day. I was born and raised here, only place I know is Austin.” 
......Ever since he turned 18 he has made a point of voting in general elections, having been brought up by his African American parents to think that it is important, part of what he calls “doing the right thing”. He remembers the excitement of voting for Barack Obama in 2008 to help elect the country’s first black president, his grandmother crying tears of joy on election night. “My grandfather and uncle, they used to tell me all the time there will be a black president. I never believed it, never in a million years.” 
He voted again for Obama in 2012, and turned out for the 2010 midterm elections in between. But this year is different. Kennie is one of an estimated 600,000 Texans who, though registered to vote, will be unable to do so because they cannot meet photo-identification requirements set out in the state’s new voter-ID law, SB14 . 
The law, which has been deemed by the courts to be the strictest of its kind in the US, forces any would-be voter to produce photographic proof of identity at polling stations. It was justified by Governor Rick Perry and the Republican chiefs in the state legislature as a means of combatting electoral fraud in a state where in the past 10 years some 20m votes have been cast, yet only two cases of voter impersonation have been prosecuted to conviction. 
...... Before SB14 came into effect, Kennie was able to vote by simply showing a voter registration card posted to his home address. Under the vastly more stringent demands of the new law, he must take with him to the polling station one of six forms of identification bearing his photograph. The problem is, he doesn’t have any of the six and there’s no way he’s going to be able to acquire one any time soon. 
The first of the six forms of ID accepted under SB14 is a US passport. No luck there. What would someone who has never even crossed the city boundary of Austin do with a passport? 
The second is a US military ID card, but Kennie has never been in the military. The third is a driving licence, but he doesn’t have a car and has never possessed a driving licence. 
The fourth is a license to carry a concealed handgun. “I did have my own gun when I was about 14 or 15,” he said, “but that was 30 years ago.” The fifth is a citizenship certificate, and no, he doesn’t have that either. And then there’s the sixth method of identification allowed under the law. It’s a new form of photo-ID card created specifically for voting under SB14, known as an election identification certificate (EIC). 
To get an EIC, Kennie needs to be able to show the Texas department of public safety (DPS) other forms of documentation that satisfy them as to his identity. He presented them with his old personal ID card – issued by the DPS itself and with his photo on it – but because it is more than 60 days expired (it ran out in 2000) they didn’t accept it. Next he showed them an electricity bill, and after that a cable TV bill, but on each occasion they said it didn’t cut muster and turned him away. 
Each trip to the DPS office involved taking three buses, a journey that can stretch to a couple of hours. Then he had to stand in line, waiting for up to a further three hours to be seen, before finally making another two-hour schlep home.

Justin Levitt posted a detailed Washington Post blog in early August that adroitly delineates the GOP's political strategy (without calling it such) with a by-line of 31 documented cases of voter fraud in over one billion ballots.

Last Friday Bill Moyers & Company published a call to action that frankly lays GOP strategy open for scrutiny.

Don’t Let Them Silence You: Vote, Dammit.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Racism Alert: ‘The KKK Wants You’

Just keeping an eye on things.  


We find it amazing threse gorups can slither around like nocturnal-slug snails and seem to escpae deep scrutiny by the Feds.  Occupy was both infiltrated and treated with "Shock and Awe" after a few mere months of protests. 

See The Raw Story aftet the break below


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Eco-Watch: Keystone XLTar Sands Pipeline (Southern Leg)


If people are not willing to seek information for educated decision-making, people leave themselves open for manipulation.   Tom Weis of ECO - Watch has keyboarded a piece that all should read.

The Keystone XL Pipeline is bring shoved through the heartland of the United States. We are quietly allowing it to take place!


I had a chance to read FAIL: How the Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline Flunks the Climate Test, a recent report issued by the Sierra Club and Oil Change International and endorsed by a dozen other environmental organizations. The 17-page report makes a rock solid case that “constructing Keystone XL will lead to tar sands industry expansion, and tar sands industry expansion will significantly exacerbate climate pollution. “ 

The report documents how the Keystone XL would be a pipeline through the U.S. by delivering toxic tar sands to Gulf Coast refineries, thereby opening the floodgates for Canada’s dirty energy to be exported overseas. 

What the report fails to mention, however, is the central fact that it is the 485-mile southern leg of Keystone XL already being constructed in Texas and Oklahoma—not the pipeline’s proposed northern leg—that will give TransCanada strategic access to these U.S. coastal ports.

TransCanada's Keystone XL tar sands pipeline being constructed on Michael Bishop's property in Texas.

TransCanada’s Keystone XL tar sands pipeline being constructed on Michael Bishop’s property in Texas.

Read more

Friday, September 13, 2013

Ted Cruz, Jesse Helms, GOP And Rachel Maddow

We posted a few hours ago an Al Sharpton segment related to Ted Cruz's "stake-out" as the chief and supreme racist of the US Senate. In one stage performance,  Cruz has carved a niche in the US Senate from which most tend to hide and others may find abhorrent. Cruz placed an identity on the GOP via his male Metro-sexual proclamations regarding former Senator Jesse Helms. 

One can only speculate Jeff Sessions is happy to have one who is younger and almost as brazen as a younger Sessions.  Years ago Sessions lost-out on a US District Court Judge appointment due to his track record of public comment that were Jeff Sessions racist (ABC News linked). It has been reported Sessions was turned down as a prospect for nomination to the SCOTUS in a previous administration. Cruz has been elected to the US Senate and is paradigmed with some of the most oppressive social views in modern times. 

Mediaite also reported on Cruz's "confession."


Maddow could barely contain how unbelievably stunned and just a little pissed off she was at Cruz suggesting that the Senate could use a hundred more people like a man who was whistling Dixie just to make his black colleague cry.
Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

[photo via screengrab] Follow Josh Feldman on Twitter: @feldmaniac
More on Ted Cruz's Senate Hero: Jeff Sessions linked.

We at the TPI are ecstatic Ted Cruz has branded his political party.  The Texas Senator often has the words "rising star" of the GOP.  A few months ago the rising star was Marco Rubio.  We might have observed Cruz as a model of a party that has for decades attempted to mask its true grit with lies and mind altering demagoguery.  What better model could Reince  Priebus's party have than the eight-month Senator from the Great State of Texas? 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Palin In The US Senate?

sarah-palin-caribouImage Credit: Gilles Mingasson/Discovery

What a beautiful albeit deceased Caribou! Please excuse inclusion of the human.

Michelle Bachmann has announced she will not seek re-election in the next session of congress. Of course, her legal entanglements and potential election malfeasance played no part in her decision to leave the US House of Representatives.  All things considered looking back on Bachmann and her end-term departure, we think the nation has one less obstacle from becoming a better place. We envision the prospect of less lies, less hyperbole and maybe one less case of less campaign malfeasance.

Wouldn't you know the GOP and the party's typical "racing to the bottom" keeps the fire burning. Sarah Palin has indicated a possible run for the US Senate.  Can you imagine Sarah Palin in the Senate Chamber? While, we would have no worries about her assignment as member of the "Intelligence Committee," the mere prospect of such is psychologically overwhelming.  Her election to the US Senate from the "Great" State of Alaska would again remind us of how life in the nation's geographically largest state is very different from the lower 40 states.  Would the citizens of Alaska again elect Palin and send yet another "kook" to the US Congress? The States of Texas and Kentucky have surely provided enough "kookism" to last a lifetime.

Huffington Post ran a video segment on the prospect of Palin running for the US Senate. Why not take a couple of minutes and check it out?

OK, Alaska all jokes aside, it is time to avoid returning to the insanity!

Sarah Palin Greatest Hits...... (Pre-Paul Revere and the role of the Vice President) Linked


Friday, August 24, 2012

The Daily Ignominious: UN Texas

It only takes a minute to uncover a rack and find an Ignominious....

.....And The Band Plays On......