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Friday, March 21, 2014

GOP Women "Stockholm Syndrome" (A Sad Reality)

President Obama recently spoke at Valencia College near Orlando Florida. His message to the receptive audience centered on economic opportunity and income inequality with specific references to his proposals to increase the minimum wage.

A couple key stats standout as we consider Obama's message. Women occupy the majority of the lowest paying jobs in the US. Forty plus million women work in minimum wage jobs. I suspect some of that forty plus million are being paid minimum state wages which are higher than the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. Nonetheless, they are receiving minimum wage pay, this validating the 40 million number. While increasing ever so slowly we continue to find women in the highest level positions in America at levels well below 10 percent.

  1. Women CEOs of the Fortune 1000. List. This is a list of women who currently hold CEO positions at companies that rank on the 2013 Fortune 1000 lists. Women currently hold 4.6 percent of Fortune 500 CEO positions and 4.6 percent of Fortune 1000 CEO positions.
If women occupy such a low percentage levels of the highest paying jobs in corporate America, is it possible to avoid the prospect of discrimination against women in job across the job category spectrum and in pay? Job category spectrum:

Standard Occupational Classifications 

Sales Workers, 
Clerical Workers, 
Craft Workers, 
Service Workers

We have already stated women occupy inordinately high number of jobs towards the lower job categories. 

I will again ask, "Why should your mother, daughter, aunt, and grandmother, significant other have to languish in lower paying jobs while you earn moderately more for the same work or in similar job?" President Obama and the Democrat Party finds major problems with pay equity.  

Obama at Valencia College 

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President Obama Speaks on Expanding Economic Opportunity

After watching and listening to President Obama and considering the unavoidable reality the GOP doesn't have issues with the pay gap, we think it important to visit a growing phenomenon. GOP women who speak on issues from a realm that seems common to a form of "GOP Stockholm Syndrome."  Women who for whatever reason seem to have accepted or acquiesced to the dominate male positioning in ideology, professional growth and pay.  In more colloquial terms, some GOP and Libertarian women seem to have accepted a subservient position in life, despite representing 53% of US population.  We offer a few graphic representations that clearly support our point and may add veracity to the often leveled colloquial label of "GOP War On Women." 

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