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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Shrinklng US Government And Those Who Refuse Reality

In a piece published earlier today, John Liming via The American Liberal Times reminds us of the shrinking US Government.   Despite constant right-wing rhetoric about "Big Government" and out of control deficits, President Obama presses-on with shrinking government spending and size of government.  An intriguing and revealing reality: Obama doesn't bother to toll his own bell regarding our shrinking federal government.  

Before we move this piece to The American Liberal Times, we thought we would add a couple of graphic representation of data that validates our shrinking federal government. There are many more such images.  The data is out there and the Obama Administration knows 'high information' people know the truth. The very sad part of that dynamic, we have 47% of the voting public who are either 'low information' people or they are blinded by American conservatism and do not care about the truth.


The American Liberal Times...

Federal Government Is Shrinking Under Obama!


Here is an item that should set some Right Slobs to chewing on their left-over socks!
It seems that despite all the noise and fluff from the far right extreme in American Politics – - the Obama Haters and all the rest of them – - the Federal Government has actually been shrinking in size ever since Obama took office.
Isn’t that kinda like what the righties are always clamoring for?  Isn’t that the ideal all of them aspire to for the country?
If President Obama is shrinking the size of government then what in the Hell are the right-turds who oppose his policies so strongly talking about?  If he is doing what they have always wanted, what is their gripe with him?
Read it and weep, right-wads – -  HERE.
Posted by John on 8/27/2013

Monday, August 12, 2013

John Liming, American Liberal Times: Guns, Facts, And The Irrefutable!

Re post from the American Liberal Times Dot Com.

Guns only kill if the trigger is pulled, right?

Gun Facts For Those Who Really Need To Know:
Fact:  Gun sales have “exploded” over the past couple of decades and so have an unknown number of heads struck by flying bullets.
Fact:  In nations where there are more guns there is less crime and I can believe that because more guns equal more deaths and more deaths from guns means fewer people left to commit crimes.  Duhhh!
Fact:  Every single mass shooting that has occurred in The United States has been done by somebody with a gun.
Fact:  It has been reported that thousands of people have used a gun to protect themselves from sexual assaults but no one seems to have come up with a number representing the number of times a gun has been used to perp a sexual assault.
Fact:  It is reported in some places that unintended fatalities because of guns has declined by a significant percentage between a set number of years in our history but nobody seems to have come up with a number representing the number of “intended” fatalities that occurred during the same time frame.
Possible Fact:  Some Gunnies like to brag about how a lot of governments have disarmed their citizens and then went on killing sprees against their own citizens but none of those gun nuts have ever said much about some of the countries where nearly everyone including children barely able to walk have guns and their governments still slaughter them.
Probable Fact:  If all gun manufacturing and all gun sales were to suddenly stop completely and a situation developed where there were no guns to be found anywhere – - there would be a significant decrease in the number of gun-related fatalities.
Conjectural Fact:  If all the guns in the world were melted down and re-cast as plow shares – - like the Bible says – - there would still be a bunch of dumb asses somewhere who would get the bright idea that plowshares make incredibly efficient weapons if used properly.
Posted by John on 8/12/2013


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The American Times

Cross posted from The American Liberal Times

Economy recovering despite critics’ denials!

English: Looking northwest at 1133 15th Street...
Looking northwest at 1133 15th Street NW in Washington, D.C., in the United States. This 11-story, Modernist building was designed by Vlastimil Koubek, and built in 1969. It was built as the headquarters for Fannie Mae, the quasi-governmental corporation which repackaged home loan mortgages for resale on the secondary mortgage market. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
OP-ED by John
Some of the intransigents, obstructionists and what I consider to the generally mis-informed, under-informed, inadequately-informed or not-informed-at-all  from the fringe radical right loony bin have long been blowing the old horn that “Obama’s Economy” is a failed economy and that, in their dismal, discouraging, defeatist ideological rhetoric will never have a chance to show any improvement as long as “He” – - – the incumbent president – - – is in office.
Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!
We are all probably more than familiar with that old song and dance by now – - – but guess what?  The wish dream of the haters is dissolving right before their eyes as the economy shows what I consider to be extremely healthy signs of rebounding on more and more fronts – - – the news media – - -Right and Left – - –  is full of the successes being achieved in the economic sector – - – but sour grapes Righties are continuing on with their line of bull chips anyway . . . which, in my opinion, is all they have left of their once glorious empire of failed policies and empty promises – - – and, of course – - – lies!
It hasn’t been 24 hours since I posted a list of the good things the President has accomplished since he was first elected and true to my expectations a lot of the radical rightie hate bloggers have now begun their vain little efforts to dismantle and discredit my arguments on behalf of those positive accomplishments but guess what again? – - –  America knows the truth and no matter how much Righties rage and foam at the mouth in their disdain for and dislike of this president, nothing is going to change the fact that his policies are working, – - – the economy is coming back and it is making more news with each passing day – - – so as far as I am concerned, the obstructionist radicals from the fringe can – - – stuff it wherever it is most comfortable for them!
The Automobile Industry,  for example is reporting the best sales since before the recession began as millions of folks are now reported to be rushing to dealerships to buy new automobiles.  That certainly has to be a positive sign for the recovery in and of itself – - – cars are not casual purchases for most people – - – for most people an automobile is a substantial investment – - – and if what I am hearing from the car dealers is correct – - – and I have no reason to doubt them because they are out there raking in the new business and crowing about it – - – If what I am hearing from the car dealers is right, the consumer confidence must be coming back pretty strong as well.
There are a couple of expected side benefits to the boom in car sales that I am sure the Obama haters and the intransigent fringe Righties would rather not think about  - – - but they are going to have to face the facts sooner or later – - – (1)  The boom in car sales is almost certain to lead to more jobs – - – (2)  The boom in car sales may even lead to the construction of new manufacturing plants and the expansion of present facilities and capabilities ( some experts are saying this) – - – and you know what folks?  It is beginning to look more and more to me like those loans the government made to bail out the car industry might just be paying off after all and I am sure that is going to be another thorn up some Rightie rear ends and – - – I’m lovin’ it!
Imagine, if you will, what would have happened – - – what could have happened – - – if the government had followed some of the advice coming from some of the Right Wingers and had actually allowed the car manufacturers to go bankrupt!  Remember that bull chip advice from some of the know-nothing know-it-all pundits and nay-sayers during the campaigns?  What if that had been allowed to happen?  Remember folks, that kind of idea represented some of the best Rightist thinking of the times – - – just let Detroit go bankrupt!  Wow!  Aren’t you glad you voted for the Democrats?  The car industry is coming back with a vengeance because of the Liberal leadership of the president and the Democrats!  Imagine that!  Suck that one up, righties!  Suck that one up good!
Did I also mention that home prices are up and foreclosures are down big time and that Fannie Mae , the giant government-backed mortgage operation that was very nearly bankrupt a few years back has now reported record – - – profits!  Shall I say that again?  Fannie Mae has recently reported record profits with a capital “P” – - – and I am thinking that all the bailouts and the TARP and all the other measures that were taken by the Obama Administration must have done one helluva lot of good somewhere along the line and that now it is, in my opinion, more than clear that most of the negative bull baloney that the Righties were saying about those measures was – - – may I say it?  - – - in error!  (wrong?) (mistakes?) (lies?) (miscalculations?) (misapprehensions?) (Misnomers?) (Myths?)
One more thing if you can bear with me for just a minute longer – - – The stock markets are at an all time high and a whole lot of  those right wing fringers who like to put the president down for his policies about the economy are said to be laughing all the way to the bank.  I don’t hear too many of them saying much that is positive about the economic recovery – - – now underway with increasingly positive momentum – - – but many many many of them  are laughing all the way to the bank none-the-less . . . thanks to the president, his policies and his administration – - – the administration chosen by the majority of The American People – - – the same American People who rejected all the phoney baloney from the  Far Right Wing out of hand and gave our president the second term the Righties were so intent on denying to him and because of which I think a lot of them are still smoking up the collar about.
Too bad!
Righties is wrong again!  They will never admit it in my opinion, but they were – - – wrong as usual . . . about everything!  Everything with a capital “E”!


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

GOP Honors American Vets????

Re-posted from The American Liberal Times.  There is little more gratifying than finding John Liming and I inadvertently co-joined topically today.

How some Republicans reportedly honor America’s Veterans!

English: Veterans Day poster for 1999.
English: Veterans Day poster for 1999. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
There are millions of U.S. Military Veterans living in states where Republican governors occupy the state houses and you would think that in those places the Nation’s veterans would be receiving all the support and services they need without so much as a whimper from those who hold the purse strings, wouldn’t you?
Opinion by John
I mean who is it that puts on a better or bigger show for our brave Veterans as they return from those dangerous places around the globe where they are called on every day to make unspeakable sacrifices and who do it all willingly and without complaint?
Do the Republicans and the Right Wing spare any expense in staging parades with marching bands and in having dignitaries make flowing emotionally charged speeches about how much they hold the veterans dear to their hearts, how very much the veterans are owed by all Americans and how the veterans will never be forgotten for the service they have rendered and the sacrifices they have made?
I personally think that no one on God’s Green Earth can wave a flag or a Bible or make prettier speeches about the debt owed to our Veterans than Republicans, Conservatives and Right Wingers can – - no one by a long shot! In my opinion they are masters at showcasing their undying and heartfelt gratitude to our honored fighting men and women!
Hyper-Nationalistic Religious Patriotic Fervor is never better done than when done by the Right-leaning crowd so far as I have been able to tell for more than 64 years now.
Now maybe I shouldn’t have to bring this up, but it is something that scratches at my under belly sometimes and I simply cannot keep still about it:
Millions of those “honored and revered” Veterans who are “never to be forgotten by a grateful nation” just happen to live in some of the growing number of states – - mostly reported to be under Republican governors – - that are just outright refusing to expand their state Medicaid programs and guess who may be paying a  hefty price for that in the long run?  You guessed it – - the poor, the uninsured and, of course, those millions of uninsured Veterans who just happen to be unfortunate enough to live in those states!
I wonder if there is anyone out there besides myself who thinks a situation like the one I am describing here might be some kind of national disgrace?  Something that some people who ought to know better should be ashamed of?  Something that needs to be addressed and fixed?
Knowing how difficult life can be for homeless and displaced Veterans and those Veterans who may have “fallen through the cracks” because of some kind of lack in necessary support systems, I am tempted to believe that if there is a poor veteran on the streets somewhere who needs medical insurance coverage at an affordable or reasonable cost – - or even free if the case need be – - and that veteran just happens to live in one of these Republican controlled states where there is no expansion of the Medicaid coverage – - that veteran might just have to face some unspeakably tough decisions and circumstances some day and I think if that is the case then it stinks!
I think our veterans deserve the best possible care and treatment and I don’t have any truck with anyone or any concept that indicates otherwise.
One aspect of all this that seems to me to define itself possibly ( and note that I said “possibly”) as some kind of callous indifference to the needs of some of our Veterans seems kind of odd coming out of an ideology that has historically bragged about how much they care about “the right to life.”
Don’t our Veterans have a right to life just like anybody else and couldn’t  the inability to access necessary medical care result in a possibly preventable loss of life in some circumstances?  Is there an excuse that works that someone can give for allowing something like that to happen to anyone – - especially a veteran?  Or a child?  Or someone who is elderly?  What can some of these Republican types be thinking?
There is an article on “Truthout” that goes more into detail about all this and you might want to check it out here:  Go to the website “Truthout” and look for the article that discusses this subject in more depth.
Posted by John