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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

As Trump's World Turns: Game of Marbles and Trump's GOP

Before We Do Trump's Marbles Image result for Trump  marbles 

US Representative Katie Porter and a very condensed and shameful segment with Trump's Ben Carson. Carson was appointed to head the Department of Housing and Urban development via a president two doesn't give one damn about the plight of Americans who earn less than a million dollars per year. A president who has validated he has absolutely no interest in the plight of the nation's poor. If the aforementioned poor is a person of color... well you can complete that thought. 

The twitter post follows.
Let's drill down on that again.
If you believe that was a bit revealing and uncomfortable give this segment a few minutes of your time. Time is valuable, but the current state of life int he US requires expending time and effort to understand the level to which 70 percent of the US electorate has delivered the nation to Trumpism.

US Representative Alma  Adams, D-NC, questioned Trump's obviously inept and misplaced Head of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson. 

As is the case with all things Trump, how do you suspect Carson handled his utter inept stumble offer a common housing industry acronym, REO?  He resorts to theatrics akin to that of a trump carnival clown. Courtesy The Business Insider.


ben carson note to katie porter

From Carson to a quick visit with  Republican who stated the prospect of the rape of a woman as in some cases consensual.

May 17, 2019 | 1:44 PM EDT

Apparently, the Republican returned to this statements and offered the ever-present perfunctory apology.

From "consensual rape to the leader of the GOP, and the leader of conservative America (as well as the 46.9% of potential US voters who didn't vote in 2016), and the nation's irrefutable worse president in the nation's history.

Earlier today, Nancy Pelosi responded to questions about Trump's potential involvement in a coverup.  Her response was "yes." It appears as such.  Within the hour Trump is reported to have left an infrastructure meeting with Pelosi and others. He seems to have run out the Rose Garden for a game of marbles. Yes, take ones marbles and run hone when the game just isn't as one wishes.

Take a few minutes to watch and listen to a guilty person throwout invalidated garbage regarding his presidency.

Last week we held on the follows Trump carnival acts.  Life is simply too short to work at tracking and reporting on Trump's idiocy and his rapidly growing reality of the Trump Lie
Everyone should go back and view a few segments of The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice, and after viewing ask yourself a question.  Is it truly possible Trump as a celebrity would warm to the hearts and psyches of so many very gullible Americans? Obviously, the question is a look back with an overdose of rhetorical. 

A Game of Marbles. 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Utah Land For Sale (Soon)

Before I go on into this let, allow me to state there is not yet any concrete our public admission the reversal of Utah land policy will lead to environmental destruction and geological raping of the land. But, allow your mind to wonder a bit. Did you find any reason to believe the land won't end deeded to the Kochs and subject to the horrors of the Kochs and their ilk?

 Image result for utah landscape

Image result for utah landscape On December 28, 2016, soon to be former President Obama signed legislation to protect western regions in Utah against the chopping at the bit hands of Wichita would be oligarchs who earn billions from drilling for oil or excavating coal. Now, why would the nation's 45th president fly off today to Utah s announced enact a reversal of the legislation? While the question is rhetorical as we consider 45's wish to metaphorically (legislation et al) wipe Obama out US History, why open sacred and some of Earth's truly beautiful vistas and lands of Utah to land KILLING greedy oligarchs. Another rhetorical question.

Yes, the Koch's visited Mar-A-Lago shortly after 45 took office. Yes, the Koch undoubtedly provided millions to elect 45. The Kochs will surely purchase the land If the Chinese don't out bind them.

The Business Insider December 2016, If the other lands depicted in this piece are free of prospective oil drilling, well we may keep them as Earth's beauties and national treasure.

Bears Ears National Monument

Location: Utah
Size: 1.35 million acres
Date of proclamation: December 28, 2016
A sample of a Canadian Sand oil field.
Image result for canadian sand oil fields

While any and all questions posed by the writer (above) are rhetorical; with obvious answers, it is important to remind the nation of their election choice.  Especially despicable are those who elected Trump via their decision to not vote at all. The image above is not an oil field owned by the Koch brothers. Yet, Trump signing for opening the KXL Pipeline could lead to billions in land rights revenue for the Koch's.  Yes, they own land rights in Canada and KXL oil derivatives will come from Koch owned land.   
There is absolutely no reason to offer the Utah lands for sale without considerations of the greediest of Americans and international industrialist. 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: “I have nothing to do with Russia!”

No automatic alt text available.

Last October as the nation moved towards the General election vote, Trump and his election army were busy as lake beavers working to influence voters. Of course, Trump had his sycophant minions in the bag. Yes, the Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and Alex Jones worshippers who were chopping at the bit to cast their Trump vote.

The 2016 GOP candidate was all aglow during the period just before the election with day after day of rally lies upon rally lies.  Here is one of his most popular rants as Trump yelled to a Tampa Florida audience:
“I have nothing to do with Russia!” 
Despite common knowledge of Trump's pathological inclinations (as his first thought) to lie, people beyond his rally audiences bought into much of the candidates flat-out lies.

Natasha Bertrand wrote a compelling piece for The Business Insider regarding Trump and Russian events during the 2016 campaign.

The Business Insider

A timeline of events that unfolded during the election appears to support the FBI's investigation into Trump and Russia

USA Today also published a piece on March 28th, regarding evidence of why trump might want the US to be so close to Russia.  USA Today.

Paul Manafort is also showing as a deep, deep Soviet bloc (Russian) operative who would only involve with any entity or organization if there was a prospect of earnings millions. 

Yes, It is starting to look as if your lack interest in Trump's dealings with Russia sheds a light on your as an enabler.  You may be playing a role in the degradation and diminution of a once great nation. Actually, my concerns may be shared by more Americans than the more vocal Trump sycophants and Fox News. USA Today also recently published a video regarding the Huffington Post/You Gov survey. The results do not look good for Trump and company.  Americans want his coziness with Russia investigated at the level of a special investigator (prosecutor). 

How about help us pursue Trump's tax returns post-2005. 


Monday, June 17, 2013

Polls, Polls, Polls And The Lead-Up To Republicans Do Not Like Republicans

Gallup, Rasmussen, and Silver Poll Reliability 2012: Image by Mike DeHaan
Nate Silver hits on the mark with 0.0; Rasmussen and Gallup well another story.

Poll, polls, polls...... 

We are going to post the following chart in our future polling reports. Points of reference are important and US polling drop many balls in 2012.

If you are like me an may any attention to new stories, we are inundated with pololing results.  A couple of very notable blunders by Gallup and Rasmussen in 2012, induces a bit of reticence in reporting polling results.  Gallup recently published results indicating George W. Bush had climbed to "positive image" ratings at the level of 49% vs. 46% "negative image" ratings.  Gallup reported the following poll demographics:
Results for this Gallup poll are based on telephone interviews conducted June 1-4, 2013, with a random sample of 1,529 adults, aged 18 and older, living in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.
All 50 states?  Is the American public that fickle and forgiving?  So, we will post that graphic for perspective on US polling. As you can see above the vast majority of research/polling authorities missed the mark. Some missed the mark by not very much, but a miss is a miss.  

Public Policy Polling has recently published poll results indicating even Republicans have grown weary of their own party.  In fairness, we should reported the context of the poll appears to relate to gun legislation. As you know the GOP ignored 91% of voters who want background checks for gun purchase. The GOP voted to the congressional member to not place the measure up for a vote. 


Read more: The Business Insider

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Money In Politics, Consolidated Media, Keystone Pipeline, And People As Vicitms

People as pawns and subservient victims!
OpenSecretsBlog has published a piece on the money trail associated with the recent congressional vote to force President Obama out of the approval process for the Keystone XL Pipeline.  If you ever suspect any Congressionals of  money/contribtuions for votes, you have to read the piece (Posted below). 

This piece is in two parts. We strongly feel we should first spend time on our increasing losses of viable and credible national media. It is important for people to realize news sources are becoming increasing consolidated into entities that become susceptible to the politics of its leaders. Sites like OpenSecrets, Addictinginfo, Talking Points Memo, Think Progress, Media Matters, and Mediaite are becoming the only voices for credible left leaning reporting or commenting. If you care less about our consolidating media, skip to the OpenSecrets piece below and follow the money for votes trail. 

We at The Progressive Influence values dissemination of information. During times of issue with federal (and state) governance, money in politics and our interest taking a back set to political contributions, cronyism and 360 degree "back-rubbing", information is our prescription "awareness antibiotic."  If we choose to follow the information prescription through its full scope, we have opportunity to avoid bad decisions. If we do not follow the prescription to its full scope we become immune to credible and valid information. Thus, we become subjects for obvious efforts to manipulate like pawns in some plutocratic subservient and worshiping "Hunger Games."  Think of the souls who sit daily and soak-up pure manipulative propaganda from Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity and every FOXPEN  (Fox Propaganda and Entertainer Network) evening propagandist. MSNBC is 90 percent left leaning (exception for Chuck Todd, Scarborough and Morning Joe regular guest) and reporting (plus opine). But, the network appears to seek out and use information that is correct with far fewer needs for correction.  CNN is lost in a wilderness of conversion to more conservative programming and reporting.  It is a shame what ratings wars have done to the pioneer of 24/7 news coverage.  We are also very much concerned that CNN seems to have either demoted or terminated contracts with the vast majority of African-American (on-air) personalities (hosts, guest and pundits). The new staffing model appears very much intentional which speaks to efforts appeal to a political party that is 92% white and dominated by male ideology.  Or, CNN's new 'head huncho" is factually a conservative and is wielding his people like Roger Ailes at Fox News. 

The latter scenario is particularly dangerous as it places us in a position for mind-altering manipulation. Let's face it, most of use have forsaken reading deep news stories from newspapers; a problem and a reality. News magazines are a skeleton of days past and those magazines are also susceptible to a lack of diverse  thought (group think) and politically influenced reporting. What are our options?  

You know the options.  You are using the options as you read this piece. The Internet has its issues, but in many ways it gives us access to information that helps inform us, expand our thinking capacities, provides information to challenge propaganda (Left or Right), helps in avoiding manipulation and makes our physical lives much easier (shopping, environmental alerts and the like).  

Before we introduce a Keystone XL Pipeline (money) vote piece from OpenSecretsBlog take a quick look at an infographic that is disconcerting and utterly disturbing. As you view the graphic, think about the MEN who in these corporations.  It should only take a second to realize their social and political views are fed to us like our former consumption of Gerber baby food. You could not avoid it! 

The Business Insider

media infographic

Now, let's do a quick visit to OpenSecretsBlog and how the recent House vote related to stripping the president's Keystone XL Pipeline signature requirement is a 'money grab", equal to none.

Join OpenSecrets after the break below or click here.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Requiem For Michelle Bachmann's Congressional District And A Very Misguided GOP

Requiem for  a conservative voting district.  

Minnesota 6th District

Why did the people of the United States of America suffer through the shame and disgust of Michelle and Marcus Bachmann for eight full years?

Minnesota's 6th congressional district

According to the The National Journal Bachmann's 2008 constituents (voters who may have voted to give her the House seat ) were:

Urban  White   H/S grad  Private   White collar Med. inc. Med. home value
63.8%  92.3%  92.8%     82.9%    61.8%        $68,195   $233,600
       And, the district  voted to elect McCain/Palin in 2008!
       2008 Presidential Vote
          Cook Partisan Voting Index
          R+ 7

The question of how the United States came to carry the embarrassing burden of a politician who was imminently unqualified for office, is answered accordingly. 
They are urban whites median age 34.4 years, with high school education, working in white collar positions for private companies earning in the median salary range of $69,000 per annum, while living in homes valued in the $230,000 range.  And more significant, they voted for McCain/Palin. 
Bachmann won her 6th Congressional District seat in a state that has a history of virtual lock for Democrats. It is time to ask a salient question.  Could Bachmann have ridden the tied of resistance to a presidential candidate that was so outside the commonly accepted model (white male), more (53%) 6th District voters gave their representation to a legislative misfit?

After the quick data assisted look at the voters who gave us Michelle Bachmann, and as we move away from her time in US history (and before she joins Fox News as a Palin-like commentator), we should remind ourselves of history to facilitate avoiding a repeat that history.

We are going to offer a closing reverse-lament for one of America's least colorful, dishonest, master story tellers and absolutely least ethical politicians since Richard Nixon left the Oval Office. Bachmann was actually more of a character than Richard Nixon's felonious Vice President, Spiro T. Agnew.

Spiro T. Agnew - Resignation in Disgrace (One minute video)

Characters go, as characters go! Agnew was chosen for the Nixon Ticket for the very purpose he served so well: mouthy rhetorical hit man.  Bachmann appears to have been elected in 2008 as the 6th District swung very right with votes for Bachmann, Palin and McCain.  The Horror! Should such voters have their right to vote suspended for outright disregard for civility and decency? 

Before we turn this piece over to Ed Schultz, Lawrence O'Donnell and The Business Insider, we offer facts related to her legislative prowess and success (or lack there of). We also offer a review of Bachmann's ethics and credibility.

We now offer a perspective from a couple of liberals news  professionals  and one national business news source (The Business Insider). 

At the end of 2011, PolitiFact rated her as the most inaccurate Republican presidential candidate. Today, 61 percent of her statements over the years have been rated at least blatantly "false." And of those, 25 percent were rated "Pants on Fire" — the website's lowest rating.

Some of the more recent whoppers:
In mid-May, PolitiFact gave Bachmann a "Pants on Fire" rating for saying that the IRS would be "in charge" of a "huge national database" that will share Americans' "personal, intimate, most-close-to-the-vest secrets."

In March, Bachmann said that "scientists tell us" they could have a cure for Alzheimer's disease within 10 years if not for government regulation, taxes, and lawyers. Scientists told PolitiFact that this was absolutely not true.

Also in March, Bachmann said that 70 percent of food-stamp funding is reserved for "bureaucrats." PolitiFact found that even the using the most broadest calculations, that number was more like 5 percent.

Here's a chart that showed her standing with other Republican presidential candidates back in December of 2011:

Michele Bachmann Politifact

 Note: We also wonder why Politifact omitted Herman Cain form the list above.

Lawrence O'Donnell, The Last Word abbreviated segment.

Ed Schultz, MSNBC, The ED Show, non-abbreviated (17 minutes plus), but worth every second.

Our purpose in this screed was not to indulge in a personal attack on Michelle Bachmann. Bachmann like so many tea party quacks are the product of a constituency that places social paradigms and programmed dogma  ahead of matters of credible governance. The case of Bachmamn is particularly intriguing. While she was as prone to outright lies and unsubstantiated innuendo that surpasses the "Innunedo Machine" Allen West. She was reelected for four terms in the House.  She was  repeatedly reelected and eventually placed on the Congressional Intelligence Committee by the befuddling John Boehner.  Over the past week, we have heard the Bachmann is a very intelligent person; undoubtedly. Anyone who finishers law school and passes any bar exam is a person who has a high-level of intellect. No, Bachmann is no Sarah Palin. We have no reason to question her level of intelligence.  If you think hard, it is impossible to be a charlatan without a high-level of intelligence   A high-level of intelligence in no way have an appendage that  guarantees a high degree of ethics, morality and values. Bachmann's alleged intelligence was not accompanied by personal characteristics that contributes to a good politician, neighbor or friend. 

We very much question a couple of factors that contributed to her eight years of completely nothingness.

Of the utmost importance, the shallowness of the GOP.  As with Sarah Palin, voters should evaluate reasons for the proliferation of politicians like Bachmann, Todd Akin, (Missouri), Mourdock (Indiana) Joe Walsh, Allen West, Gohmert (Texas), Rand Paul (Kentucky), Ted Cruz (Texas) and many others in the US House or Representatives. The reasons are simple, people have bought into master mind-influencing dogma, false fiscal prophecy, and corporate/Top 1% fertile political manifestations born of Ronald Reagan. 

False Fiscal Prophecy
The GOP is not even close to party of fiscal conservatism (here, here, here, here, here).  It is a party that works overtly in favor of all things big business and often at the expense of the citizenry. Since Reagan, the GOP governing model  has spread to a controlling force on the SCOTUS evidenced by the Citizen's United ruling.  The party has also allowed the Reagan Southern strategy to systemically infest to the point of a metastasized cancer that is manifesting in overt racism unseen prior to the Reagan Years. 

Corporate/Top 1%fertile political manifestations
Income disparity has wedged apart like a Richter Scale 9 Earthquake with associated land separation (here, here, here). 

Social Constipation
Finally, we stand-by our assertion that so much of US politics today is overly influenced by matters of social paradigm.  The Right is represented by a party that is 92% white and a party that forced termination of one of Mitt Romney's most component advisers and managers because his is a gay man.  The party has proven it has no interest in moving towards a more inclusive party, despite 'false' promises and hopeful rhetoric about, a party autopsy.  The Right has also very successfully used issues related to choice, gun control measures, education and other 'red herring' issues to influence the minds of people who flock to the pools and cast votes against their own personal best interest. 

There-in lies the dilemma of votes for Michelle Bachmann. Votes that were not quickly reversed (cast against) the likes of Joe Walsh, and Allen West. The Congressional 6th  district (53% of voters) stuck with Bachmann far longer than was rational. Especially,  despite her intellect she showed early signs of an irrational mind. Now, we are reading and hearing that same mind may have been heavily influenced by tendencies which could verge on criminal. 


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Racist/Misogynic Ad, And "Corporations Are People My Friend."

Yet another example of the pure fallacy of the mantra, "Corporations are people, my friend." 

The number two soft drink and food products producer worldwide was forced to retract an advertisement released this week via its Mountain Dew sub-unit. The advertisement was historically and overtly racist. I am certain the ad will be studied for centuries as a prime example of corporate callousness and sensitivity coupled with a singular focus on revenue.

Here’s the video
How can a consumer products corporation, so poorly managed its corporate responsibilities related to a segment of its stakeholders? There is no stakeholder that is more important to maintaining a responsible,  productive and viable business concern than attention to the customer. 

According to Addictinginfo's Elizabeth Parker, Pepsico's soft drink target market has a demographic that may have contributed to the racist and classless advertisement.
"And what does this ad say about Mountain Dew’s target audience? Which — according to Business Week — are young black and Latino males, ages 18-24."
The soda's new campaign uses rapper Lil Wayne—known by his nickname 'Weezy'—to help draw more diverse and urban drinkers
The soda's new campaign uses
rapper Lil Wayne—known by his nickname
 'Weezy'—to help draw
 more diverse and urban drinkers
Apparently, Mountain Dew has never broken into the stated demographic.  How does Pepsico attack the market?  They contract with young hip-hop (Rappers) who, unfortunately, have major appeal among today's youth.  Pepsico hires a well known rapper with a persona that makes me wonder about Pepsico's commitment to social responsibility. When a company hires the likes of Lil Wayne to facilitate sales to a target market, that corporation wears a profit only motive collar while using social responsibility as toilet paper for its executives.

How about few images of the "Deweezy" who recently suffered an emergency room overdose form a concocted drink.  We might assume the drink includes a controlled substance.

Now an example DEWEEZY lyrics... 
"Pop a lot of pain pills/Bout to put rims on my skateboard wheels/Beat that p*ssy up like Emmett Till".
"Lil Wayne takes the liberty of turning the mutilated face of Emmett Till into a weary s*x organ, ridiculing the agony experienced by this young man many years ago."
Murdered in Mississippi at age fourteen.

If Pepsico will contract Lil Wayne as a spokesperson/pitchman, it is clear the corporation [laces profits will beyond all else. 

Pepsi is by far the preference soft drink brand for millions. The brand is especially a preference brand for younger generations.  A Google search to locate the images and lyrics above generated 40,5000,000 "hits" in seconds. 

Pepsico also has a history in the black community that is almost second to none as I recall brand loyalty and niche marketing activities in target markets. An example of Pepsico's marketing in the black community is clear in the  Circa 1950s advertisement (to the right).   The days of such wholesome and family oriented ads are long gone.  Pepsico should be given accolades for recognizing and leveraging the Black community as a target market well back into the late 1930s and early 1940s.

Pepsi's rich history of marketing in the black community.
Walter Mack served as the president of Pepsi-Cola Company from 1938 until 1951. Mack was far ahead of his time (and his peers) in recognizing the economic power of black consumers. 

It was under his direction that Pepsi kicked off the “cola wars” with a focus on hiring African-American sales executives. He began by hiring Herman Smith in 1940, who was an ad man “from the Negro newspaper field” to help promote Pepsi in African-American communities. By 1948 there were 12 African-American executives selling Pepsi nationwide from corporate headquarters. Remember, this was during the pre-civil-rights era.
Coca-Cola on the other side of the soft drink spectrum virtually ignored the 'black community' as a target market. After Coke and Pepsi fought back and forth in what can only be called cola wars (changes in soda mix formula), Pepsi continued lagging Coke in sales and market-share and need a marketing variable that for that time period was outside-of-the-box.

Elizabeth Hale, "When Jim Crow Drank Coke" New York Times Opinion Page.
Still behind in 1940, Pepsi’s liberal chief executive, Walter S. Mack, tried a new approach: he hired a team of 12 African-American men to create a “negro markets” department. 
By the late 1940s, black sales representatives worked the Southern Black Belt and Northern black urban areas, black fashion models appeared in Pepsi ads in black publications, and special point-of-purchase displays appeared in stores patronized by African-Americans. The company hired Duke Ellington as a spokesman. Some employees even circulated racist public statements by Robert W. Woodruff, Coke’s president. 
The campaign was so successful that many Americans began using a racial epithet to describe Pepsi. By 1950, fearing a backlash by white consumers, Pepsi had killed the program, but the image of Coke and Pepsi as “white” and “black” drinks lingered.
[The Racial Slur Data Base: Pepsi "Empty from the neck up. Stereotypical soft-drink of choice (considered quite insulting)."]

Times for the market diversity pioneer has surely passed into a land of "Milk and Honey" to a landscape of vulgarity, misogyny and shame.

The Business Insider War Room in 2011, published about the continued cola war between Coke and Pepsi. The Insider piece starts to bring to focus a key factor in the recent Pepsi market and advertising flop.
The fierce brand loyalties of Coke vs. Pepsi are a marvel of American marketing. 
Slightly older, Coca-Cola was always the dominant brand. 
Pepsi gained market share in the middle of the century with a series of ad campaigns. In 1975 the first Pepsi Challenge claimed that people preferred Pepsi in a blind taste test. The brand was also marketed as the soda of the new generation, with celebrity spokespeople like Michael Jackson.
Do you remember this famous Pepsi commercial?  The commercial was a far cry from Pepsi's Mountain dew advertisement of this week.

Life has changed exponentially since the Michael Jackson commercial.  Pepsico continues to hold the soft drink market leadership among younger soft drinker consumers. Coca-Cola is by far the leading soft drink producer worldwide. How else can Pepsi fight for revenue and market niches other than propping up its existing brands with strategy to move sales into new markets?  Mountain Dew does not have significant market penetration with market segments that are loyal to Pepsi; and Mountain Dew is falling to product life cycle decline. (See below)   The dynamic unfolds as tragic as tragic a set of dynamic as one can imagine.  

Pepsi executives hired none other than....

Tyler the Creator 
.....the create the sickening and disgustingly racist commercial.

Pepsico pulled the commercial after a tsunami of criticism.    

According to Business Insider's Laura Stampler wrote this morning. 
Although Mountain Dew has apologized and pulled the latest installment in rapper Tyler, The Creator's three-part video series after critics said it was "arguably the most racist commercial in history" and downplayed violence against women, Tyler says the company sang a different tune during pitch meetings. 
On Monday, before the controversial third video made headlines, Rap Radar posted a video in which Tyler, The Creator told editor Elliott Wilson how Mountain Dew approached him, heard his crazy pitch, and "they actually liked it."

And, there lies the problem. These young misogynist and guttural young men are leveraging the popularity of a genre and garnering millions. They earn their millions from young people (predominantly) from all races and people of national origin. I will admit to a bit of disgust when I hear MSNBC host airing Rap music before and during segue to commercial, but I suppose there is a reason for such. The genre is disgusting and no matter the "clean" rapper, their message more often than not is lost in bad company. Numerous arrests, convictions, gun charges drug overdoses and misogyny, all equal "bad company."

When corporations lower themselves to use of popular yes despicable characters, the corporation ultimately suffers.

I know you have read it before and I offer it again. 

A wise woman told me once, "Son, when you wallow in a pig pen with a pig, the pig is happy. The pig has you wallowing in its filthy pen, and now YOU STINK."

Pepsico and Mountain Dew, stink!
Mountain Dew becomes a Product Life Cycle drag on market performance, thus revenue.  

01 - $ Share YOY
 02 - $ Share Per CSD Brand 2011
And there is the recipe for corporate sponsored racism.  How better to facilitate such racism while keeping one's hands clean than via contracting the less respectful with cult followings via hip-hop? 

Revenue, market performance, executive bonuses and jobs led to the Goat Commercial! No, Mitt Romney, corporations are not people. It is a state chartered entity that is a necessary vehicle for economic success in all industrialized and most non-industrialized societies. Let there be no doubt,  however, that people run corporations  and people make both good and bad decisions. The corporation Pepsico did not ok the development of the Goat commercial.  People approved the racist ad and people made the misogynic/racist ad.

Pepsi and Mountain Dew have joined other major corporations in crossing the line of human indecency and corporate disgust.