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Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: The Mortification Of Trump, And You

If you are a rational American who pays close attention to the coming of Trump and his seat in the Oval Office, two things are certain. First, you have already seen and absorbed the following video segment from last week's Rachel Maddow Show. Second, you are very much aware Donald Trump has nominated an oil baron CEO from Exxon Mobil to head the US State Department. Trump gives the nation the ultimate capitalist billionaire who without question lives fossil fuel derivatives as internalized as the human act of breathing and eating to sustain life.  Clarity is in order via restating: "he has nominated an oil baron to head the US Department of State."

The following Maddow segment as, is often the case with Maddow, very long, but not one second of the segment is wasted on over informing or for purpose of humor. If you haven't yet viewed the 21:00-minute segment you should consider yourself uninformed about Tillerson.

The Guardian UK is reporting on Tillerson's service (via Exxon) as a director of a Russian oil-firm, a subsidiary of EXXON.

As a sidebar, those positions with the white non-images may as well remain as they look as Trump will surely not diversify his cabinet beyond Carlson and Chao.  You see, they took their country back.

The Maddow segment....

As indicated via the MSNBC host, the thumbs up to an American elitist who had just poked disparaging comments at the US governed while in Russia is as telling as it gets. Well, maybe almost as telling. What's follows is also a revealing exhibition into the mind and nefarious behavior of Vladimir Putin.

Snopes....Russian billboard (TRUE)

russian billboard

The next exhibition of Trump as te supreme capitalist relates to an example fo his international real estate deals. Thanks to the NYC capitalist, the nation has another Russian oligarch with a mansion in South Florida. 
All said as a young person did a parent teach you a basic regarding learning" "what comes from the horse's mouth is often reliable."  CNN recently ran a segment with a from Russia Today (RT) host and comments about the Kremlin and Trump. While Maddow was a bit long (above) consider the following tidbit from "a horse's mouth.

Information is information, and while I am reticent to post anything from a network which almost singularly competed with Fox News to elect Trump, it was impossible to ignore the former RT host.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Bachmann Runs Up Against Sanity!

A piece with no need for verbiage! 

Cavuto, Bachmann Get Into Shouting Match Over Boehner Lawsuit

An encore from MSNBC. The Americn Right via its media and 'do nothing' politicians are showing an underbelly never before seen in the United States. Should I pose a rhetorical question as to why?