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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: A Sinking GOP- Trump "Punches To the Mouth", Carson More Black Than Obama

Another day of the Donald Trump and his GOP.

Yesterday during a campaign speech in Nevada, Trump was interrupted by a protester. It seems with Trump's GOP, there can be no dissent and no interruption of his reality TV like speeches. Sensitivity to being interrupted in a speech is understandable. Of more importance, how the speaker handles such interruption is an indication of temperament, civility, leadership acumen and class? Trump doesn't seem to possess any such qualities once outside of his various business empires

Trump's way of handle protest from a US Vet enacting a protest on behalf of sensitivity to Muslims shows the current state of the GOP. "I'd like to punch him in the face!" His railing was truly sad and shameful from a candidate who aspires to the Oval Office with all requisite need for temperament in dealing with matters inherent in the US Presidency. 

The Telegraph UK Trump to protester Id like to punch you in the face

Oh, the state of the GOP! A party and ideology now in the hands of a reality show entertainer with enough sycophant worshippers to sway elections.

As is the case with all entertainers, what you see and hear before the cameras and on stages are carefully crafted for effectively deliver to the audience. Listen as MSNBC's Scarborough and Brzezinski perform off-camera (with a hot mic) with the carnival barker from Manhattan. If you want to see the developments of a soft interview, check this out.

Watch as the carnival barker sets the stage with handing-off a supportive set of words for the MSNBC host's "pathing" for Trump earlier in the day. It is all about Trump.

Town-Hall hot mic: 
Trump: I watched your show this morning. You had me almost as a legendary figure. I like that.

[More good-natured chatting and joshing until the 30-second on-air warning.]

Mika: Do you want me to do the one on deportation?

Joe: We really have to go to some questions.

Trump: That's right. Nothing too hard, Mika.
Le show with Harry Shearer February 21 2016

"You had me almost a legendary figure. I like that."  You have seen if before, it is like an adult positively reinforcing children. And, yes the children really do respond with more glowing words to offer the carnival barker to the Morning Joe audience. Trump gave more from the GOP leader to the host with a bit less devotion to GOP sycophancy. "Nothing too hard, Mika." Trump knows Scarborough will never challenge his reality show charade. Joe is the good conservative.

Let's take a quick look and listen at another issue that has oozed from yet another GOP candidate. The Differentiator, Ben Carson, has for some reason adopted Marco Rubio's tactic of continuous attacks against President Obama. While we recognize the universal hatred of Obama on the Right, we find it ridiculous and shameful the extent to which some GOP candidates will stoop.

Ben Carson has yet again followed former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain in questioning the upbringing of President Obama as it relates to his race. 

While also joining a radio show, Glenn Thrush-Off Message, Carson during a 35-minute interview drew upon the Obama is not black strategy when questioned about his receptivity in the Black Community.

Also linked to CNN audio (linked):
While Carson reached into a deep no-win bucket, you should not in any way be surprised another GOP talking head joined in the fray. Of all people, California's Darell Issa joined in on he inane strategy. Granted, Issa was led into comment via Chris Cuomo, CNN Host, but nonetheless the thought and iteration of Carson as (effectively) more black than Obama, is shameful and ridiculous.


And, The Band Plays On...with a song that remains the same.


Sunday, January 4, 2015

A "Differentiaior" Speaks Of Blacks Appreciating Gifts!

In October 2014, Daily Kos writer Bill Berkowitz keyboarded the this screed regarding Ben Carson and a visit with an ultra conservative radio show host: Mark Levin. The piece includes accurate depictions of the nascent phenomenon of "black" intellectuals and black celebrities who embrace the ideology of a political party that is 92% white with no outreach to the African-American Community.  

The very thoughtful piece from Berkowitz is well received and as stated above accurate. Yet, there is much more to the phenomenon. These people are African-Americans who, in my opinion, literally hate their ethnicity, hate the black culture and literally avail themselves as doormats for people who in aggregate regard the black community in ways just shy of life in Jim crow America. They live and postulate as minstrels who's every waking hour and minutes of deep sleep dreams are consume with vision of pleasing people who despite claims to the contrary oppress the Black Community. Whether in terms of overt appeasement of whites who relish their minstrel acts.....

The perfect example is the well known Obama hating 'black' conservative Kevin Jackson. The little tea party minstrel lives the good life off the psyche of whites who like little better than seeing an hearing a black person slam President Obama.

Let's consider an example..from his blog(October 9, 2014). Note how the opportunist minstrel positions the piece to appeal to his readers (Whites). He uses an image of a president who introduced Trickle-down economics to a nation that has experienced a deteriorated middle class and more impoverished people as a direct result of trickle-down economics. He positions an image of a president who was in the Oval Office during most corrupt of times in US history. (Exhibit A; Exhibit B). He offers an image of the first president to negotiate with terrorists and one who literally sold arms to Iran and chemical weapons know how to Saddam Hussein. In the case of arms sell to Iran, Reagan perpetrated the heinous acts to fund his Central America War against the Sandinistas of Nicaragua. Ultimately, Jackson entices with an image of a president who launched the nation into unprecedented non war years spending accompanied by tax cuts.  

Of particular note, you may notice he did to use an image of George W. Bush. The minstrel, Jackson, leveraged the man conservative America considered their ideology patriarch and Americans "felling good' president.  He ignore the white president who took the nation to two wars while cutting taxes, who lead through a era of sub-prime lending that damned near killed our nation, a president who sanctioned torture and who's team outed an active CIA agent as retribution against her husband. A man who would not support the Bush/Cheney lies of WMD. Jackson incites his audience about "wanting a white president; via an image of a false prophet while ignoring the penultimate example of a more nascent "white president."

As you read what follows, notice how the black minstrel sets his audience up for his brand of "foot shuffling" ignominious pandering.

America Needs a White Republican President
Admit it. You want a white Republican president again. 
Now before you start feeling like you’re a racist, understand you are not.

Wanting a white Republican president doesn’t make you racist, it just makes you American.
In the pre-black president era, criticizing the president was simply the American thing to do. An exercise of one’s First Amendment right. Criticism had nothing to do with color, because there had never been a black president, or at least one whom people recognized as black.

So to criticize the president meant that you didn’t like his policies.

New Obama Popularity Poll 7-2-14 5:30 p.m.
WCTV - Tallahassee, FL
The election of a recognized black president was not supposed to change anything. In fact, it was supposed to (1) ease any perceived racial tensions, and (2) allow the government to focus on legislating without race. So America would be more free than ever to discuss the issues. 
Not the case. And that is why having a white Republican president is best for the country.

The opportunist used very strategic hooks to snare readers for his on man minstrel show.

These people have every right to hold social and political beliefs as Americans.  They posed a problem for the greater society in that they are so busy posturing themselves as different from other African-Americans, they literally damage relations in the minds of those to whom they speak.  They are existential  "Differentiators." (Look at me I am different from the masses of African-Americans; in fact do not call me an African-American, I prefer to be called a black conservative)

Since I started the piece with Ben Carson, lets take a look at his comment to a conservative audience.

Think about the extent of his statement and the deep appeal to whites who listen to his for of minstrel "play." 
In October, Dr. Ben Carson told conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin that: "Before Obama, people barely noticed skin color; that goes back 150 years. Blacks were happy and grateful for what we were given."
"....Blacks were happy and grateful for what we were given."    
Carson is from a humble background that is reported to have included food aid to his mother (and to him via default and the scope of aid programs). Why would he play to his audience with the very words, his audience finds both reinforcing and distasteful.

What were African-Americans given? Was Carson demurring and coddling to a mindset that since the first slaves arrived in the "New World" were given life sustaining items to maintain a life of human bondage. (Food,  Diet, Life of the Dead, Mal Nutrition form bondage) Was he reminding whites who abhor assistance to the black community (and to poor whites) their less than benevolent hand-downs were appreciated? Why were his comments stated as such? Could he have spoken appreciation for the right to vote and to seek an equal education for African-American kids? How about the prospect he was offering whites a thank-you for allowing blacks to eat in restaurants at an equal level or sit in the same bus or train terminals with whites? Were African-American "Given the right to seek a home in any community? "What we were given?"

Carson's playing to the radio audience was a far more vile example of The Differentiator than Kevin Jackson's inane money-grabbing rhetoric. Carson's minstrel (ism) clear ly reflects a mindset that can only be described as loathing of his blackness and severe indoctrination via an American Stockholm Syndrome. 

The black conservative will rail incessantly about the phoniness and disingenuous nature of the Democratic Party. They do so without one utterance about overt racism and bigoted wrongs from the party with which they align. While I am completely turned-off by the Democrats (of late), I recognize many who claim the GOP are inherently and diametrical averse to all things black.  Frankly, it seems the black conservative is also of that ilk.

Ben Carson is a learned surgeon. How could he allow the words, as delineated, above emanate from is brain across his lips into the ears of his audience. Comments with even more deleterious to those in the black community who fight against the perception of a culture of "accepting gifts" from the white community. 

And, Ben Carson would be president?


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mark Cuban, Tim Wise, Crystal Wright, on "We Are All Bigoted!" (VIDEO)

Donald Sterling's racist validation (as it has been reported for many years) and more recent revelations continue to reach across the full fabric of our nation. Yet, another NBA Team owner backed-up his early concerns about NBA actions against Sterling with a more detailed explanation of his psyche.

Mark Cuban Dallas Mavericks Owner:  'I think we're all bigots.'

While I am certain you may have found Cuban's self-imposed support for Sterling reason forgiveness, I vehemently disagree. First, his support for the seething racist Sterling appears as a message to the millions who hold similar views that they are "OK."  It is OK to harbor such views, and by the way do not bother to work at being a better or different person. His words fall way shy of even adequately speaking about a problem he himself labelled as a lack of tolerance. The fact that he is so verbal in support of Sterling only leads to a form of condoning others to just live-on as a bigots without regard for their impact on others.  

Two points before moving into the central theme of this screed. Cuban's serious and blanketing stereotypical feelings about "hoodie-garb" and association with young black men, is simply horrific. Horrific in disregard for Trayvon Martin's family. (Of course, Cuban later apologized, but the apology these days is mere perfunctory without deep meaning and relevance). Cuban's stereotypical psyche reminds of this: the yellow shirt Publix store manager stalking two black teens.  

As I watched the manager stalking the kids, I have two thoughts. First, think of Trayvon Martin as George Zimmermann stalked him that rainy night, when his only crime was to seek munchies during a pro Basketball game half-time. Next point...... you and I have to wonder if the grocery store may have actually experienced theft from a white person while the manager stalked the teens.

Wonder if Cuban recognizes the dangers of his bigotry and racial intolerance?  His remarks lead me to believe he could fall victim to a Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer or a John Wayne Gacy. "Stretch" examples, but nonetheless with a point.

Of course, Cuban's remarks are receiving much scrutiny. CNN pulled together a panel for a five minute segment worth every minute of viewing time. Towards the end of the segment you will observe what seems to be a conservative pundit (and politicians) strategy in combating cogent arguments when caught ill-equipped to retort. However, we also shouldn't underestimate the importance of entertaining the conservative base.

Watch as the noted anti-racist educator, consultant and lecturer, Tim Wise addresses comments from "the Black Conservative Chic." Prior to Wise's opportunity to speak he sat quietly and very professionally as "The Conservative Black Chic" rambled on in support of Cuban's remarks. Rambling mind you that also reminds of Wright as a "Differentiator"* from those in the black community who view conservatoire America and the GOP in a very different manner. She not only took exception to Wise's use of data and statistics, she clearly joined  the "yellow shirt" manager from the video above in positing US prisons are full of black males (via implication) for a reason. Her comment and reasoning is both horrid and typically in line with millions on the Right

You will notice " The Conservative Black Chic," Quickly adopted the very strategy delineated above. Grab a concept, bundle it in conservative dogma and rail like an on the edge guest on the former Jerry Springer Show. As you watch the segment, think about what Wise may have said that warranted  "The Conservative Black Chic's" behavior.

"The Conservative Black Chic" Crystal Wright moves to a familiar place. 
(image screen shot via FireShot)

If you failed to see why Wright has monikered herself as  "The Conservative Black Chic," you viewed and listened to the segment with a blindfold and ear covers. Unless, of course, you did not bother to watch the segment.  

How GOP is it to lump black imprisonment to the paradigm black people commit the majority of crimes? How crass and typically white conservative is it to lay hoodie garb to Rap Music and lay that genre to black kids.  It would be completely impossible for Rappers to become billionaires via purchases from black kids only.  
Wright starts her rant with accusations Wise suggested she via his words might be "moronic." Wright's comments prior to Wise uttering one word, most assuredly spoke to her "moronic" mindset and equally idiotic conservative paradigm. But, when one monikers as Wright has monikered ("The Conservative Black Chic"), it is with clear intent to appeal to a very specific segment of the US population: the conservative. She also validates my assertion "African-Americans who claim conservatism literally hate the vernacular: "African-American."  

"Just call me black."  
"And, by the way, look at me I am so different than those people." 
"While I recuperate form being attacked by that clean-cut white man, I was at least mindful of the black kids across the street." 

Wright's on-camera behavior is becoming modus operandi from the Right.

Do you recall the following from another conservative show guest on the Chris Hayes ALL-In Show?
Complete Jerry Springer Show like performance! Yes, I use the word performance as intentionally as I am keyboardist this piece.  Conservative pundits frequently resort to similar defense mechanisms via actually enacting a familiar attack. Recall the age old football axiom, "The best defense is a good offense." Why deal with challenges via civil and intellectual point-counter-point when pushed into a corner when a "conservative go-off" entertains people on the Right?

We witnessed same this week when Senator Rockefeller (D) VA. mentioned the prospect political resistance to ObamaCare may fall into the pattern of obstruction. Obstruction that also includes Obama as president and "the wrong color." (1:24 minute embed below).

Rockefeller did not accuse Johnson of being a racist, Rockefeller spoke frankly and truthfully about that which has heard, he has observed and knows is a fact. Johnson knows same, but chose to deploy the "Defense is the best offences' strategy. He was fairly civil, but frankly very childlike and strategic in his ploy.


Senator Rockefeller, you and I have all witnessed clear evidence many on the Right have issues with Obama as an African-American sitting in that vaulted "white-male only" Oval Office. Alas, time passes slowly and change does not follow on the Right. The only Republican sitting in the hearing and defender of this party jumped to racism. He did so when Rockefeller stated a fact about some aspects of resistance to President Obama. If you are a conservative, you have also heard, seen it of sensed it. Yet, Johnson's antic received co-signing support from another noted GOP functionary: Joe Scarborough.

Johnson and MSNBC resident and chief conservative, Joe Scarborough, know full well each has heard resistance to Obama in part related to race. It is an existential non-reality to think that overt obstruction doesn't also have fissures into the president's race.  Mark Cuban should forsake his "moating" for Donald Sterling. Crystal Wright should "perform" much more professionally as a conservative mouthpiece pundit. Her commentary probably sent a message to the 96% of African-Americans who have disdain for the GOP a message that validates their concerns. She literally exercised "white privilege" (in her comment) while on camera as black. 

* The "Differentiator." The African-American who adopts a core conservative political (and social) core. There is nothing at all adverse about the Differentiator so far. The person also adorns layers of comment, actions and behavior to appeal to his/her 92% white GOP and false libertarians who dislike being called conservative. The comment, actions and behavior mirrors that of Wright as she asserts black imprisonment to higher crimes rates among black men. She doesn't bother with consideration of convictions rates for whites vs. blacks. The Differentiator knows white conservatives utterly love their existential reality. Most know they differentiate for various reasons, the more easily explainable and most obvious in Wright's case?  Checkout the sign on the door, "The Conservative Black Chic." 
(Images and text via Fireshot)