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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Jeb Bush Channels Romney's "Free Stuff" And Declares "..we are not multicultural."

Image via Huffington Post

Jeb Bush plays to the psyche of conservative by spewing political mantra that actually failed Mitt Romney in 2012. He cloned and delivered the same racial insults offered by the Off-shore tax dodge king during his failed campaign against President Barack Obama.

In July 2012, Mitt Romney spoke the heart of the GOP (And millions across conservative America) via his comment about voters who "Want Free Stuff."

Prior to his remarks Romney spoke to an audience at the annual NAACP Convention and besmeared all things Obama with specific warnings he would repeal Obamacare. His implications related to the common mindset among conservatives that non-whites across the nation are driven via a desire to handouts or hand downs. Romney was twice resounding boo'd at the event and when asked about the reception and reaction from the audience, he went to the same "nowhere land" Jeb Bush cited earlier in the week.

The Rachel Maddow Show July 2012

Rachel Maddow: 
Just a short time ago at a fundraiser in Hamilton, Montana, we just got word that Mr. Romney has now responded to that booing, that reception that he got at the NAACP convention. According to the pool report from this event in Montana, Mr. Romney said this about the reception at the NAACP today. 
He said, “Remind them of this, if they want more stuff from the government tell them to go vote for the other guy…more free stuff. But don’t forget nothing is free.”
Romney's mindset and that of his campaign manifest in another way; and to a much more visible and message filled manner; Checkout the Mitt Romney's 2012 campaign website page.

There-in lies the essence of the GOP, the heart that Romney often offered-up to black voters, and a prelude to exposure of Jeb Bush's core social values. 

Bush spoke his heart (and via the verbiage that follows his campaign teams message) at East Cooper Republican Women’s Club annual Shrimp Dinner,  a South Carolina women's event.

The Ed Show blog reports as follows:
An audience member at an event in South Carolina asked Bush about black voters. 
“How are you going to include them and get them to vote for you?” The Attendee at the East Cooper Republican Women’s Club annual Shrimp Dinner asked. 
“Our message is one of hope and aspiration,” Bush said. “It isn’t one of division and get in line and we’ll take care of you with free stuff. Our message is one that is uplifting — that says you can achieve earned success.” 
The former Governor also defended a recent comment that the United State should not be a “multicultural society.” 
“We’re pluralistic,” Bush said on Thursday. “We’re not multicultural. We have a set of shared values that defines our national identity. And we should never veer away from that.”
The latter words are so far outside the realm of Jeb Bush's vernacular the words read as humorous with no meaning. No competent and socially tolerant campaign writer (managers) would hand their candidate a message that is so very in congruent it reminds of that famous misquote artist former baseball player, actor,comedian: Bob Ucker.
“We’re pluralistic,” Bush said on Thursday. “We’re not multicultural.  
It is possible any white Americans (and black conservatives) would agree with Bush's illogical and eristic remarks. The facts of our multi-cultural nation speaks to the contrary and our multiculturalism is one aspect of American society that seems to thrive as an irritant among many conservatives.

Did George W. Bush once quip that Jeb "was the smart one?"

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Rick Perry" Ooops! The Numbers Show Perry's Penchant for Fallacy

Rick Perry still aspires an office at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.   Is this how he plans to secure the nomination as a prelude to the 2016 election?

The Truth-O-Meter Says:

Rick Perry: 'Historic record highs' of people from terrorists states being apprehended at border

Texas Gov. Rick Perry says the border needs more protection against a record-high number of illegal immigrants coming from terrorist havens, but the figures don’t match Perry’s rhetoric.
With Congress scrambling to address illegal immigration before the start of their summer recess this past Friday, it’s no surprise that the issue was a main topic on the Aug. 3, 2014, talk shows.
Perry, who is considering a 2016 presidential run, appeared on CNN’s State of the Union to talk about President Barack Obama’s response to the crisis in Israel and the situation along the U.S.-Mexico border. Perry defended his recent decision to ramp up state spending on border operations following a massive influx of children from Central American countries.
"I'm the governor of the state of Texas. My citizens' safety is what is foremost here. And it hasn't got anything to do with anything other than those numbers of individuals who are coming across the border. And when you think about the idea that some of them are from countries that have substantial terrorist ties, whether it's Pakistan or Afghanistan or Syria, we are at historic record highs with individuals being apprehended from those countries," Perry said.

Conservatives politicians and lying are synonymous. I have grown to expect comment from their mouths as material for fact-checking. My quests (to the fact-check) have been consistently validated. 

From Michelle Bachmann and Louie Gohmert, Paul Ryan and of course, the King of "Misrepresentation, Mitt Romney, one should question the words and expect the words to check as "misrepresentation."

If we stick strictly with Tamba Bay Times Politifact, and the Time's more recent "Pants on Fire" rulings, a quick calculation supports my assertion of "LIAR, LIAR" from the Right. The Time's "Pants on Fire" link shows 14 rulings per page. There are three pages. The math indicates 42 rulings. Three of the 42 rulings were awards to the Left. Specifically, all three were related to MSNBC news segments, and two of the three were awarded to Ed Schultz, The Ed Show. If we take 42 rulings minus out three of the 42 that leaves us with a dire picture. A dire picture and confirmation of my earlier assertion of Right/conservative disregard for the truth and strategic use of the lie. (42-3-39; 39/42 yields 93% RD).

My math may have failed me there, but we can assume three from the 42 leaves "Pants on Fires" over the 90 percent level. I also find it ironic that 92.8 % almost mirrors the race and ethnic composition of the GOP. A simply observation with no inference beyond the ironic nature of the numbers. 

Politifact of The National Memo, published:
Republicans Lie More Than Democrats, Study Finds
In 2013, Meenal Vamburkar wrote for Mediate:

Politifact's work is not based on scientific study. Nonetheless, the results seem accurate and irrefutable (based on their analysis and repeated validation of their findings over time). Often a reliable means of study in its own right. There are other studies that take a different approach to an imbalance of lies and misinformation from the Right. Studies show conservatives seem to expect the lie and some actual prefer the lie to the truth.

Huffington Post published a piece this past March with reference to evidence supporting the conservative psyche and mindset is ripe for lies. The Huffington Post piece and those linked above via Politifact explain why Fox News is such a cash cow?

Friday, April 25, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Bundy's Fifteen Minutes Of Fox News Fame, GOP, Tea Party Darlings (VIDEO)

Fox News Heroes and Right-wing darlings!
Bundy's fifteen minutes of fame; derailed by his love of the camera and his inner racist core.  His fifteen minutes doesn't surprise me in any way. What I find interesting are those who so loved him on Wednesday are now covering their faces and disavowing their hero.

I have posted two previous pieces on Bundy and his opportunist hordes.  For now, I  have posted video segments from MSNBC's Ed Show, Politics Nation, ALL In and Hardball. While their is a bit of redundancy in running the Racist's comments about African-Americans, each host provides perspective important to understanding conservative core of many Americans, its dedicated media and the phoniness of using an authentic American moocher as a hero. It is also important to know Cliven Bundy garnered "narcho-terrorist" from across the full scope of the US to what could have been a gun battle. A battle that literally pictured terrorist hiding as snipers and other anarchist speaking of placing women on the front line to be shot first.

A video gallery, if for now other reason a TPI archive for future use.  

The Ed Show

Politics Nation (poignant remarks from guest Jimmie Williams)


Bundy attempts a backtrack that is straight from the Rick Santorum "BLAH People," I did not say black people" strategy.


Steve Kornacki filling-in for Chris Matthews and guests probe Bundy like few others.  We will leave the MSNBC segments with the Hardball segment.   

Do you see the problem?  

For the person who visited the TPI this morning and left a snarky remark about "Getting their news from FOX News...." Well it is great to be a dedicated and loyal viewer and customer. It is the basis for all business in capitalist nations. But, think for a moment about your comment (left anonymously). The essence of your comment is you are paradigmed to Fox News and the stuff they feed you. And "the stuff " is a far distance from news. Bundy is the perfect example. If you need more do a TPI search using Hannity as your search tag.  Poster, how do Bundy actually leave you?  How do you feel about all of the Fox News opportunist who embraced the racist Bundy and their back-tracking now that his inner core is visible beyond insightful liberal and progressives. There is nothing emanating from Bundy that is a surprise to us. You the other hand have two options. You can feign disgust like Van Sustren. Hannity (Bundy's lover), Doocy (the ultimate of stupid) and all others, or you are by default for the lower option, much like Bundy. In either case I admire your devotion to Fox News. But, it is a far greater person who will simply admit their racism and personal disgust Vs. leaving snide "anonymous' remarks (along with you IP address, yes your IP address is captured when you leave comments).

Back on task! For those of you who want to follow Bundy through his feigning ignorance and "not have a big vocabulary" and for those who want to read how the GOP is dropping Bundy like any mention of the Affordable Care Act. GOP (new found) aversion to Bundy includes disavowing remarks from every mouth-piece who affiliated with the racist anarchist and from Reince Priebus, who watched the BLM Vs.Bundy confrontation in all quietness. Priebus adorned his "Superman suit" and spoke-out once, Bundy revealed himself and the press revealed him as a card carrying member of the GOP. "Click Me link" Surprise, surprise, surprise.......

The complete ignorance of Alex Jones via Media Matters, before the New York Times video surfaced. If you click this link, remember these radio comments took place a few hours before Bundy's underwear was exposed.  The link also has a reference that speaks to the utter ignorance of Bundy and his deep rooted racism. He comment today as follows: "Bundy also defended himself by explaining "there's a black man right in my front yard right now" as part of the militia siding with him against the government."

Does this man not realize that both the slavery laden US South, the racists of the US North and decades of Jim Crow found black men in front yards who harbor views thatr are anti-government?  We have today a few who choose to wear horse blinders regarding the party their profess to love (.e.g., Clarence Thomas, Allen West, Allen Keyes, Herman Cain, that fat guy on FOX New Business Network). Bundy need sot recognize these people as "differentiators' with a life's mission in life is to show whites, they are different than the hordes of African-Americans. 

It is important to note, Bundy pulled a Bill O'Reilly and jumped on the Thursday press conference with the very visible black man figuratively in tow. I suppose the visual was to help with the case he is making about having empathy for black people. I wonder if the back man who accompanied Bundy on the stage can reach back into his ancestry for archives about how his people were better off in slavery. Maybe he has already done so and shared the findings with Bundy, providing impetus for Bundy's racist rant. Of course, we know why the black man visited the stage with Bundy. How many times have you seen video of O'Reilly dragging (for a hefty fee) a person of color onto his set to provide validation and serves as a football game-like "color commentator" (pun intentional) for his twisted and often bigoted opine?
GOP says Bundy "over the pale." Excerpts from CNN link above....
Thursday morning, hours after The New York Times story went viral, the Nevada Democratic Party put out a statement saying "These comments are reprehensible, and every Republican politician in the state of Nevada who tried to latch on to Cliven Bundy's newfound celebrity with TEA Partiers and the militia movement should be ashamed of their actions." 
"Every Republican elected official who risked inciting violence to gain political capital out of Cliven Bundy now owes the people of Nevada an apology for their irresponsible behavior of putting their own political future ahead of the safety of Nevadans," added the Nevada Democrats. 
Some top national Republicans quickly condemned the remarks. 
Sen. Rand Paul, who originally supported Bundy's case, issued a statement Thursday morning decrying Bundy's racial comments.
"His remarks on race are offensive and I wholeheartedly disagree with him," said the Kentucky Republican, who's seriously considering a 2016 presidential run. 
GOP Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada, who earlier called his supporters "patriots", also "completely disagrees with Mr. Bundy's appalling and racist statements, and condemns them in the most strenuous way," according to his spokesperson, Chandler Smith. 
Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, who had not previously weighed in on the land dispute, said in a statement that "Bundy's comments are completely beyond the pale. Both highly offensive and 100% wrong on race."
Did you notice the insincerity of the statements? Not one can be attributed to the official who's staff issued the statements.  Wow! 

I plan to explore GOP affinity with slavery in another piece.

So, I will end now with....

" I simply wondered if the Negro was better off in slavery."  Cliven Bundy GOP and Fox News hero former hero. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Scott Walker: An Exhibition In Republicanism!

“This is an old news story,” he told the Post. “Many of the ones that have been highlighted of late have actually been in the [Milwaukee] Journal-Sentinel and other places several years ago.” Scott Walker (R), Governor Wisconsin.
AP Photo / Jacquelyn Martin

Scott Walker has been the center of negative news since he won his gubernatorial seat in 2010 (inaugurated in January 2011. Almost immediately after this inauguration, Walker embarked on a strategy to reduce the number and influence of public service workers (Democratic voting collective bargaining ) via major statewide cutbacks.

Within the month (February 2011) Scott was phone punked by a radio personality pretending to be David Koch (American uber wealthy libertarian - tea party money-backer - plutocrat).

MSNBC, Ed Schultz, The Ed Show....

The perfect example of how politicians cuddling-up to and massage the egos of their money backers. I doubt there is a better historic example of politician-power money broker "phone carnal groveling." Walker is the perfect functionary and political tool.

And, his name is bring tossed around as the GOP presidential candidate in 2016! 

As Walker worked to win the Wisconsin gubernatorial seat in 2010, he left this trail of felony acts from his Milwaukee  County Executive Office.

  • Wisconsin appointee Kevin Kavanaugh (R) was arrested for embezzling $42,000 from a veterans benefit organization called Operation Freedom. Kavanaugh had been appointed to run the organization by Republican Scott Walker (R) who was Milwaukee County Executive at the time. Four others were arrested and sentenced as well.
  1. Tim Russell, appointed by Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker (R) as Deputy Chief of Staff and Housing Director pled guilty during Operation Freedom to diverting more than $21,000 to his personal bank account.[203]
  2. Kelly Rindfleisch, appointed by Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker (R) pled guilty to felony Misconduct in Public Office and was sentenced to six months in jail after admitting to campaigning for Republicans while working in Walker's Milwaukee County office.[203]
  3. Darlene Wink appointed by Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker (R) as Coordinator of Constituent Services, pled guilty to fundraising for Walker’s gubernatorial campaign while working in a County building.[204]

Walker may not have been culpable in moving money around, but it is really hard to fathom total innocence regarding campaign work while serving in county government. Walker validated he will play the game during his extended schmoozing and cowering to the fake punk caller.

It seems Walker cannot escape a trail of ooze comparable to that of a nocturnal snail and the critters slimy silver trial.  

2010 staff convictions passed into neatly wrapped prison terms. Walker barely escaped a state recall vote, and successfully won re-election. His anti-union campaign continued  through the 2012 campaign. Let's face it, one has to make the Koch brothers happy.  

Read more after break below

Monday, December 9, 2013

More Right-wing ACA Stories That Fizzle

Ed Schultz, The Ed Show
Eric Stern Salon Dot Com's
one man ACA Inspector Clueso
At the 2:45 minutes mark of the video embedded (below) you will find the most recent version of conservative Beck/Fox News Anti-ObamaCare propaganda.  Eric Stern of Salon Dot Com is making an investigative name for himself via simply calling people who allow themselves to go on conservative news sets with super sad stories of ObamaCare woes.

An intriguing aspect of these broadcast is the extent to which Fox News and Beck show disregard for the mentality of their audience.  After keyboarding that thought, I realize that my thought represented the essence of propaganda: feed the listener either what they wish to hear or scare them with stories that reach deep into the inner psyche.  Since, the Right-wing demagogues are not finding evidence of Sarah Palin and Chuck Grassely's "Kill Grandma," the propagandist focus on stories of children with severe medical conditions.  The stores are truly sad, yet always accompanied by either uninformed or "Do not wish the be informed" parents.

If Eric Sterns phone calls to the complaining parented yields easily discernible gross lack of knowledge or a general disregard for seeking knowledge, we can easily see how the propagandist use them as subjects.

Watch Ed Schultz, The Ed Show, and Eric Stern again shows the extent to which Right-wing media manipulates its viewers and listeners. (GOP refuse to stop criticizing health care)

Do you recall how the concerned father reacted to Sterns questions about how he ended up on Fox News and other broadcast,  Did the guy actually say, he did not know?

After Sterns reports do yo recall seeing anyone from Fox or from Beck's organization go back on camera and retract their faked reports.  The answer is clearly, "no."  A fact that drives us to only one conclusion: the propagandist are developing 
the stories as thoroughly and effective as Breitbart News and James O'Keefe fake their ACORN pimp stories.

The propagandists deal is purely fabrication. And, they do so without any regard for the millions upon millions who are and will derive life sustaining benefit from the ACA.

Even you could reach that millions dollar cap on health insurance policies formerly promulgated across the health insurance industry.

Can someone tell me why these people are standing or propped up in protest? 

Do you think the likes of Beck and Hannity have time convince Congress is exempt from the ACA?  Question for you, do you think these people are covered by most provision of the ACA? Hint: Age 65 is the eligibility age for Medicare. Do you think they know the ACA could save the elderly 8 billion as it closes the Bush Pharma Donut Hole?

The questions are rhetorical.... no need to answer. 


Monday, September 2, 2013

Ed Schultz and John Fugelsang, Kenneth Copleand And Childhood Measles

Ed Schultz

Religious dogma gone astray! Measles among the congregation and false prophecy from a military Chaplin. 

We are not writing to malign those who worship God and certainly are not blanket criticizing all religious leaders.  But, some place among far too many cases of child abuse and lavish riches from congregations and other means of garnering revenue, something has gone terribly wrong.

Dogma gone wrong and children suffer.....

Vaccinations work to eliminate diseases.  There can be no argument with the statement as there can be no logical argument against immunizations, from childhood through Pneumonia vaccines for older citizens.  Anyone who disputes facts related to immunizations has to either suffer from a mental disorder or the person is railing from a motive perspective.

Leon Ferranti has published a great inforgraphic (with associated ) data related to disease elimination and vaccinations.

We at the TPI understand the allure, the good the faith,  and the bad associated with organized religion. We get it comprehensively! Spirituality and worship of "heavenly perceptions" have been as much part of mankind as has the development of weapons for hunting game and tilling the soil for agriculture to feed the family unit. We get it, we really do get it!

Our reticence comes full blossom as we watch from afar. We see faith based leadership as church members obviously cannot see them or they simply do not care. Exhibitions of overwhelming opulence and irrational dogma from the pulpit causes a great deal of consternation and questions of just how dangerous and opportunist are some of these ministers. Could faith and devotion be so blind such opulence is not viewed comparable to the money-brokers allegedly roused from the temple by Jesus Christ? Maybe, complaining against the minister could summons the wrath of the church, or worse yet, in their minds, the wrath of God. 

Would you like to take a journey through Corporate Ministries? Our brief journey will end with a look at the lavish life trappings of the minister who preached against immunization and vaccination: Kenneth Copeland.

Opulence (tax free mind you) Gallery
Joyce Meyer's Compound (Click link for full  tax free opulence)
Photo: from Obscenitease Apparel

Tax them and TAX THEM NOW!
Olsteen's Mansion
The Bishop Eddie Long's Tax free opulence
         The Rev. Creflo Dollar Jr. Sliver Coud Rolls Royce

Kenneth Copeland's spread! (Click for larger view)

Let's get back on task after a few peeps at purely obscene opulence, in part, at our expense. These entertainers do not pay taxes. 

How about religious dogma which contributed to a congregation with full disdain for immunizations? Disdain ordered from church leadership with full expectation of compliance with fear of violating a man or woman's preaching. Violation of mankind's preaching with unwritten doctrine including sins against the minister's lord and savior. You know what lies ahead, correct?  Of course, you know.

We start with an almost incoherent backtrack from Kenneth Copeland's daughter. A measles outbreak has infested 21 church members; mostly children. Did I again keyboard Kenneth Copeland? How about another look above at the last mansion posted above? 

Copeland's daughter (minister)

Kenneth Copeland, as a sickening wealthy minister,  is culpable in an infestation within his congregation that did not have to happen. Could it be the unwitting victims of Copeland dogma and entertainment actually, in a way, paid for their loved one's to suffer with the measles.  

The political operative who serves as Chaplain

Egberto Willies published a screed based on a segment form MSNBC's, The Ed Show.  How Ed Schultz and his staff located a charlatan zany enough to avail himself to the knowledge and cognitive abilities of Ed Schultz and John Fugelsang, is amazing. The alleged Chaplain appears to have a script from which he annoyingly reads throughout the interview. He raises his head only to spew anti-Obamacare talking-points. His talking-points are typically "GOP false" and his forays into scripture appear to be nothing more than lies.  The chaplain may have great success with low information people, but his notes failed him miserably. 

Egberto Willies Dot Com
Ed Schultz: The Christian faith is very clear, feed the poor, and heal the sick. Is it really Christ like to take healthcare away from Americans that should have healthcare that could save their lives? … 

Chaplain Klingenschmitt: Obamacare takes healthcare away from, a half a billion dollars was taken away from old people, from Medicare to fund basically a slew of people who refuse to get jobs.… 

John Fugelsang: You know Jesus never asked a leper for copay. And in Matthew 10:7-8 commands his followers to heal the sick. Now every option of healthcare on the exchange allows for a woman to choose a provider that will only allow abortion in cases of rape or incest. Where the chaplain is being disingenuous is that the only time that this will ever pay for an abortion is in the case of rape or incest or if you believe as the chaplain does that contraception is the same as abortion. So I’d like to ask the chaplain if I could, Jesus never at any point in the gospels condemns abortion even though people were terminating pregnancies at the time. He does however come out quite frequently against killing the sinner through the death penalty. So have you sir ever once protested your tax dollars being taken to fund state sanctioned killing.… 

Chaplain Klingenschmitt: Jesus said in Mark 15 that if anyone disobeys or dishonors his mother or father he should be put to death. Jesus said in Luke 17. 

John Fugelsang: No sir. He did not say that. He is quoting Leviticus. He is throwing that back in the face of the Pharisees. Some of us know that story sir.

Egberto offers compelling points regarding The Ed Show interview. If you are truly a high information reader, you might want to visit Egberto's site (linked above). We offer one last look at how some practice their ministry.  Is it a stretch to think acts such as these are staged?