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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Trump Authoritarianism?

Image result for trump putin meme

In July 2017, Foreign Policy dot com published a piece very well developed by Stephen M. Walt.

Herewith are Mr. Walts ten signs and a link to the piece.
  1. Systematic efforts to intimidate the media: Check
  2. Building an official pro-Trump media network: Partial check 
  3. Politicizing the civil service, military, National Guard, or the domestic security agencies: Partial check. 
  4. Using government surveillance against domestic political opponents: Nothing yet. 
  5. Using state power to reward corporate backers and punish opponents: Worrisome, but not a big problem so far. 
  6. Stacking the Supreme Court: Partial check. 
  7. Enforcing the law for only one side: Blinking red. 
  8. Really rigging the system: Blinking red
  9. Fearmongering: Check. 
  10. Demonizing the opposition: Check (but he’s not alone).
How about visiting a few of the ten& signs just over a year later?

Random Unordered

Point 6: While anyone with a modicum of common sense knows either political party and US President will nominate SCOTUS Justices with like political an ideological lean. That stated, Trump's latest appointee to the Justice Roberts SCOTUS is a clear example of "stacking" the Supreme Court: Kavanaugh wasn't a name mentioned by Trump during his campaign for the Oval Office.

On December 2, 2016, mere weeks before his inauguration, Trump made public a list of 21 potential nominees to follow his strategic placement of Gorsuch on the Robert's Court. USA Today and Trump's list of "stellar judges". No Kavanaugh? Is it possible Trump's cabal located Kavanaugh and advanced his nomination based on research which yielded he seems to harbor views the US President is beyond scrutiny which could include criminal of impeachable acts (my words)? Stacking? (AKA Get Out Of Jail Card)

We suggest Mr. Walt move Point 6 to a big red "check."

Point 2Since July 2017 the Trump media ministers have without question deployed strategies which include high jacking local TV network news operations via supportive and elitist affiliations. Sinclair Broadcasting is the penultimate example after Rupert Murdoch's' over-the-top Trump media on Fox News.



The New York Times 

The need to post any validation of Fox News as Trump's prime media tool is totally unnecessary. You either by now know such or you are a supporter and have learned to consider Trump's Earth flat instead of round.  You may even own a MAGA Cap.

     Related image Image result for maga cap image of white supremacists Image result for maga cap image of white supremacists

We would be remiss if we did not also identify an example of CNN's business model which includes panels that at times appear straight from the Jerry Springer Show. The link posted here includes a particularly noteworthy example of a GOP operative on a panel with a clear mission to label anyone who is antiTrump part of a mob.  Watch as the operative, Matt Lewis declared himself "...not a Republican" and while being asked to settle-down via the show host, snipped like a child about whether he could take a drink of water. The segment is a bit long and may not be worth the full eight minutes of viewing. 

Point 10:  A "Both Sides" issue..and that will not change until the US suffers another national catastrophe.

These Points are worthy of deep scrutiny.  I believe I am hearing snippets of the administration past dealing with Russia which may have touched into domestic surveillance or something of the sort.   Points 3 and 4.
Using government surveillance against domestic political opponents: Nothing yet.  
Using state power to reward corporate backers and punish opponents: Worrisome, but not a big problem so far.  
Trump authoritarianism is as sure as his penchant for lying daily lies. I believe the total of lies from 45 has surpassed 5200 in his short time in the Oval Office.


Saturday, January 6, 2018

Trump Defends The Indefensible (Fire & Fury)

His Indefensible Mental State

Image result for fire and fury quoteMichael Wolff's book, Fire & Fury, released on Friday, Dec. 5, has hit the world like a giant tsunami. The book has shaken Trump and his White House to the core and led to a very rare press conference.

While having a weekend at Camp David, minus his Attorney General (what up with that), Trump has resorted to the most unusual behavior of availing himself to the media. As you watch the full presser notice in the opening seconds the demeanor of members of Congressional leaders who don't seem in any way excited about taking the stage.

We know that Trump lies well over 85% of the time according to POLITIFACT. Other Fact-checkers also have archived annual upon annual of Trump's various shades of untruth.  His lying has tragically become an accepted norm and places the nation's 45th President squarely in the same coup with Chicken Little and his falling sky.  Can we as a people believe anything that comes from Trump's mouth?  I posit the answer is an unequivocal: "no."

As you watch the video you will also experience Trump claims for personal achievement manifest in the current US economy, you will notice rambling inane comments about Fire & Fury, and yes, you will be exposed to a comment from the Draconian speaker of the US House of Representatives. You will also be exposed to pure malarkey from Senate Majority Leader McConnell as he spoke false hope about "bipartisanship."  Do you recall in case of such as Mcconnell worked to make Barack Obama a one-term president?

Another critical point in the presser was his seeming suggestion of stifling Constitutional Freedoms of Speech. 

If you do not recognize Trump as a potential forebear of US totalitarianism with fissures on common nation killing Fascism, you are probably a Trump supporter. 

How about a couple of linked articles regarding the book?

The Guardian (Video)


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

State Of Play In The Era Of Trump

And, the polling numbers dwindle.

It also appears Trump's failing Admisntrtioan and Trump himself, are weighing on one of the Right's major communications sources.

There were just 26 brands appearing on Breitbart in May, down from a high of 242 in March.
Amongst talk of the Trump regime moving the nation towards authoritarianism, we offer a few posts from Media Matters.

Let's start with one of Trump's crony sons.

Thirty-Seven seconds of the unbelievable and the dangerous. 

Do you recall the use of dehumanizing mantra and slogans to facilitate mind shaping towards a goal of privilege for a self-anointed upper class (race, social group, organizational)? "Redskins, Savages", "cockroaches" (Rwanda), Abschaum - scum; a derogatory expression used for political adversaries of the Nazis; "money-grubbing Jews", "Nigger lovers", et al.

We are also finding ourselves facing a set of Trump sons who have embarked on a campaign to band-aid and possible heal growing concerns about Trump's failing administration.

Do the Trump's fail to realize the previous reporting have them speaking about the availability fo funds from Russian bank? Links (The Guardian; Think Progress) StumbleUpon

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Management Acumen: Trump Is Management Acumen Deficient

Stephen R. Covey
“Start with the end in mind. ” 
― Stephen R. CoveyThe 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Marcus Buckingham
“In the minds of great managers, consistent poor performance is not primarily a matter of weakness, stupidity, disobedience, or disrespect. It is a matter of miscasting.” 
― Marcus Buckingham


The quote from the noted speaker on management provides discernible verbiage to support Donald Trump is no manager. If you can twist your brain to accept Trump s a manager Vs. a Tweeter freak, then I will assert he is the weakest of managers.

That said, let move into Trump and Trumpism.

The Guardian
"Beyond the scandalous behavior of Puzde and Flynn, there’s the simple fact that Trump’s picks to fill top slots in his administration seem to have little or no relevant experience for the titles he expects them to fill. That’s bad management, pure and simple."
 Background on Flynn and Puzder 
Michael Flynn, whose resignation as national security adviser so early in a presidential tenure was unprecedented. With just 24 days in office, Flynn is the shortest-serving national security adviser in history, the average tenure being 2.6 years. was reaffirmed two days later, when Andrew Puzder, his pick to lead the department of labor, was forced to withdraw, making him only the 12th cabinet nominee ever to do so.
We shouldn't forget Paul Manafort and Monica Crowley...

Since, we have not reportable cases of major flubs from the likes of Rick Perry, Ben Carson we will reserve comment there. We will, however, not hesitate to identify Reince Priebus and Stave Bannon as complete administration wrecks. We also remind Trump placed Bannon on the National Security Council (along with Russia's Mike Flynn).

It serves no rational purpose to comment on Trump's Wall street appointees, but we reserve the right to go there with the first opportunity. That opportunity will arrive.

We offer the most glaring example of Trump's total ineptness in selecting and hiring competent staff: We offer Sean Spicer, Press Secretary.

Rachel Maddow on the bumbling and misplaced Spicer.

We will not pile on.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Don’t Let Them Silence You: Vote, Dammit

".....we have plans we do have plans and we want to help," Rand Paul lies to the media while attempting to run seriously (give me the vote) game on African -Americans.  He actually state the GOP should have stated they want to help the black community.  Watch (30 seconds)!

From a pathological liar who told a group of medical students it is OK to practice misinformation. And, he stated such in the context it benefited him in college.  
The Black Vote....and undesirable Civil Right for the GOP.
 Medgar Evers..shot in the back in his driveway by a white assassin.  He was known as the "Klan Fighter" and was a respected champion of "Register to Vote."

Folks lined up in Greenwood,MS, 1964 to register to vote. Why? Because they knew then what we know now...

Embedded image permalink

Beaten in pursuit of here right to vote!
 Embedded image permalink
Voting in rural Alabama, 1950s.   Embedded image permalink________________________________

Let's jump forward to post-Ronald Reagan's Conservative America. 

The Guardian published a thorough expose' on the reality of GOP administration and voting rights. One criticism of the Guardian piece. The publication's sub-heading mentions " to combat fraud". The only widely publicized cases of voter fraud have come via white people either officials for the GOP or hired  in some capacity by the party.

If you are averse to the prospect of the nation's conservative operatives and GOP developing and deploying strategy to deprive some of the vote, think again. Not only have some GOP officials literally declared Voter ID as winner for the GOP, conservative media has commenced all too frequent excursions into who should or would not vote. Fox News has broadcast segments with leggy women hosts commenting on the prospect young women should not vote. You may also have noticed similar towards African-Americans as we move towards the midterm vote. The same network is awash with so-called black celebrities (who are conservatives) refer to African-Americans as unintelligent (e.g. Herman Cain, Charles Barkely and the Bash woman now employed by Fox).
The perfect Taxes voter storm via the Guardian.

The Guardian 

'Born and raised' Texans forced to prove identities under new voter ID law

New law meant to combat fraud forces Eric Kennie to either change his identity or be unable to overcome burdens


eric lyndell kennie eric kennie texas voter id
Eric Lyndell Kennie, of Austin, with a current voter registration certificate and an expired photo ID card. Photograph: Kambiz Shabanakare//Corbis
Eric Kennie is a Texan. He is as Texan as the yucca plants growing outside his house. So Texan that he has never, in his 45 years, travelled outside the state. In fact, he has never even left his native city of Austin. “No sir, not one day. I was born and raised here, only place I know is Austin.” 
......Ever since he turned 18 he has made a point of voting in general elections, having been brought up by his African American parents to think that it is important, part of what he calls “doing the right thing”. He remembers the excitement of voting for Barack Obama in 2008 to help elect the country’s first black president, his grandmother crying tears of joy on election night. “My grandfather and uncle, they used to tell me all the time there will be a black president. I never believed it, never in a million years.” 
He voted again for Obama in 2012, and turned out for the 2010 midterm elections in between. But this year is different. Kennie is one of an estimated 600,000 Texans who, though registered to vote, will be unable to do so because they cannot meet photo-identification requirements set out in the state’s new voter-ID law, SB14 . 
The law, which has been deemed by the courts to be the strictest of its kind in the US, forces any would-be voter to produce photographic proof of identity at polling stations. It was justified by Governor Rick Perry and the Republican chiefs in the state legislature as a means of combatting electoral fraud in a state where in the past 10 years some 20m votes have been cast, yet only two cases of voter impersonation have been prosecuted to conviction. 
...... Before SB14 came into effect, Kennie was able to vote by simply showing a voter registration card posted to his home address. Under the vastly more stringent demands of the new law, he must take with him to the polling station one of six forms of identification bearing his photograph. The problem is, he doesn’t have any of the six and there’s no way he’s going to be able to acquire one any time soon. 
The first of the six forms of ID accepted under SB14 is a US passport. No luck there. What would someone who has never even crossed the city boundary of Austin do with a passport? 
The second is a US military ID card, but Kennie has never been in the military. The third is a driving licence, but he doesn’t have a car and has never possessed a driving licence. 
The fourth is a license to carry a concealed handgun. “I did have my own gun when I was about 14 or 15,” he said, “but that was 30 years ago.” The fifth is a citizenship certificate, and no, he doesn’t have that either. And then there’s the sixth method of identification allowed under the law. It’s a new form of photo-ID card created specifically for voting under SB14, known as an election identification certificate (EIC). 
To get an EIC, Kennie needs to be able to show the Texas department of public safety (DPS) other forms of documentation that satisfy them as to his identity. He presented them with his old personal ID card – issued by the DPS itself and with his photo on it – but because it is more than 60 days expired (it ran out in 2000) they didn’t accept it. Next he showed them an electricity bill, and after that a cable TV bill, but on each occasion they said it didn’t cut muster and turned him away. 
Each trip to the DPS office involved taking three buses, a journey that can stretch to a couple of hours. Then he had to stand in line, waiting for up to a further three hours to be seen, before finally making another two-hour schlep home.

Justin Levitt posted a detailed Washington Post blog in early August that adroitly delineates the GOP's political strategy (without calling it such) with a by-line of 31 documented cases of voter fraud in over one billion ballots.

Last Friday Bill Moyers & Company published a call to action that frankly lays GOP strategy open for scrutiny.

Don’t Let Them Silence You: Vote, Dammit.


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Paul Ryan demonized "inner cities"’?

File:Paul Ryan by Gage Skidmore 2.jpg
Small image of the Day
Image via Wiki Commons: P
aul Ryan by Gage Skidmore

I wondered when Rience Priebus, RNC Chair, would add his 'snivel to the aftermath of Paul Ryan's excursion into social engineering/commentary while evoking the writings and ideology of a documented racist: Charles Murray.  

Earlier this week, Ryan joined arch conservative, Bill Bennett on his radio show. While schmoozing up to Bennett and while knowing Bennett's (I care with my bigoted caveats) belief systems, Ryan showed a deeply troubling inner psyche. We posit he also showed a deep rooted paradigm of many on the Right and a vital social artery of the GOP.

"I care with my bigoted caveats?" 

Yes, those are my words for Bennett's often appearing to care about issues in the black community while drawing from a thought paradigm and speaking words that seem to emanate from a place of deep deep bigotry.

A peep into Bennett's bigotry.

The Guardian September 2005 

"Abort all black babies and cut crime, says Republican"

Speaking on his daily radio show, William Bennett, education secretary under Ronald Reagan and drugs czar under the first George Bush, said: "If you wanted to reduce crime, you could, if that were your sole purpose; you could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down." 
He went on to qualify his comments, which were made in response to a hypothesis that linked the falling crime rate to a rising abortion rate. Aborting black babies, he continued, would be "an impossible, ridiculous and morally reprehensible thing to do, but your crime rate would go down". 
The comments brought condemnation from all sides. The White House press secretary, Scott McClellan, said: "The president believes the comments were not appropriate."
The Guardian also published this correction related to their September 2005 title:
The following correction was printed in the Guardian's Corrections and clarifications column, Wednesday October 5 2005
The headline above is at odds with the story which makes it clear that the Republican in question, William Bennett, was not advocating such a step. He was speaking hypothetically - describing such a step as, among other things, ridiculous and morally reprehensible. As our report made clear, the offensiveness of his hypothesis drew widespread condemnation.
Regardless of print, publishing and corrections, Bennett's remarks were over-the-top a ridiculous set of words. The comments actually remind me of cloaked bigotry and racism Rush Limbaugh openly broadcast on a daily basis. 
The Raw Story on Ryan's remarks from earlier this week.
Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) on Wednesday suggested that men in “inner cities” who refused to work were one of the main causes of poverty in the United States. 
In an interview with conservative radio host Bill Bennett that was first noticed by Igor Volskyat Think Progress, Ryan reflected on his controversial poverty discussion at last week’s Conservative Political Action Conference. 
“We call it a poverty trap,” he explained. “There are incentives not to work, and to stay where you are.” 
Ryan also pointed to the work of Charles Murray, a white nationalist, who has used “racist pseudoscience and misleading statistics to argue that social inequality is caused by the genetic inferiority,” according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

We have published pieces on Ryan's cognitive constipation accompanied by oral diarrhea, so we will only comment as follows (at this time). In fairness, a day after Ryan's revealing oral sphincter failure, his staff released the following words, "I was inarticulate."
How many hours were spent in emergency damage control strategy meetings to develop such a weak response to his self-inflicted wound revelation?

As stated above, we anticipated comment from Reince Priebus.  It is no surprise the appearance would came via the Sunday Morning conservative communication platforms (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX News, Candy Crowley's State of the Nation). The following Raw Story piece relates to Priebus's visit with ABC.

As you read the piece (or view the short video) think about this. Priebus says Ryan was trying to help people.  
Point One: Do you recall the one quip, " I am from the IRS and I am here to help you."  Or, my favorite from days of old. "I am form 60 Minutes and only need a minute of your time."
Point Two: Why do Republican refuse to accept the higher unemployment rate among black people (Not just men) has much to do with white business owner unfair and unequal employment practices?
Point Three:  Despite GOP public aversion to federal spending for human services programs, they attempt to mask their social deficiencies (including bigotry and a lack of cultural awareness and failure to self-reflect on white America) via affixing societal problems on others. Their policies oppress people, yet they find fault in their oppressed victim.
Point Four: Does anyone really believe that Ryan was also speaking about white men who live in the inner city?

Reince Priebus: Paul Ryan demonized ‘inner cities’ to help them (via Raw Story )
Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus on Sunday explained that Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) had recently blamed poverty on “inner cities” because he was working hard to help those communities. In an interview with conservative radio host…
Let's recap your GOP.
  • War on Women
  • Cut SNAP benefits (Children, elderly, low ranking active military, temporary unemployed)
  • Shutdown the Federal Government over the ACA
  • The ongoing Sequester
  • Denial of and cuts to Veterans Benefits
  • Fifty-one (51) repeal Obamacare votes at $1. 6 million per vote equal $81.6 million tax payer funding frivolously wasted for political expedience and placating the Koch brothers.
  • Refusal to adhere to public (91%) desire for background check gun purchases in support of the NRA and conservative values.
  • Voter suppression (Minorities, elderly, college students)
  • "Inner City Men" (cloaked code and a dog whistle) as shiftless and a drain on society.
Who votes for these people?


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

NSA and CIA SpyCraft!

Re-Blog from ProPublica

World of Spycraft: NSA and CIA Spied in Online Games

by Justin Elliott, ProPublica, and Mark Mazzetti, The New York Times, Dec. 9, 2013, 6:59 a.m.

Note: This story is not subject to our Creative Commons license.
This story has been reported in partnership between The New York Times, the Guardian and ProPublica based on documents obtained by The Guardian.

Not limiting their activities to the earthly realm, American and British spies have infiltrated the fantasy worlds of World of Warcraft and Second Life, conducting surveillance and scooping up data in the online games played by millions of people across the globe, according to newly disclosed classified documents.

Fearing that terrorist or criminal networks could use the games to communicate secretly, move money or plot attacks, the documents show, intelligence operatives have entered terrain populated by digital avatars that include elves, gnomes and supermodels.

The spies have created make-believe characters to snoop and to try to recruit informers, while also collecting data and contents of communications between players, according to the documents, disclosed by the former National Security Agency contractor Edward J. Snowden. Because militants often rely on features common to video games 2014 fake identities, voice and text chats, a way to conduct financial transactions 2014 American and British intelligence agencies worried that they might be operating there, according to the papers.
Online games might seem innocuous, a top-secret 2008 NSA document warned, but they had the potential to be a "target-rich communication network" allowing intelligence suspects "a way to hide in plain sight." Virtual games "are an opportunity!," another 2008 NSA document declared.

But for all their enthusiasm 2014 so many CIA, FBI and Pentagon spies were hunting around in Second Life, the document noted, that a "deconfliction" group was needed to avoid collisions 2014 the intelligence agencies may have inflated the threat.

The documents do not cite any counterterrorism successes from the effort, and former American intelligence officials, current and former gaming company employees and outside experts said in interviews that they knew of little evidence that terrorist groups viewed the games as havens to communicate and plot operations.

Games "are built and operated by companies looking to make money, so the players' identity and activity is tracked," said Peter W. Singer of the Brookings Institution, an author of "Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: What Everyone Needs to Know." "For terror groups looking to keep their communications secret, there are far more effective and easier ways to do so than putting on a troll avatar."

The surveillance, which also included Microsoft's Xbox Live, could raise privacy concerns. It is not clear exactly how the agencies got access to gamers' data or communications, how many players may have been monitored or whether Americans' communications or activities were captured.

One American company, the maker of World of Warcraft, said that neither the NSA nor its British counterpart, the Government Communications Headquarters, had gotten permission to gather intelligence in its game. Many players are Americans, who can be targeted for surveillance only with approval from the nation's secret intelligence court. The spy agencies, though, face far fewer restrictions on collecting certain data or communications overseas.

"We are unaware of any surveillance taking place," said a spokesman for Blizzard Entertainment, based in Irvine, Calif., which makes World of Warcraft. "If it was, it would have been done without our knowledge or permission."

Continue Reading below the Page break below


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Snowden: The Facade, Mirage or Oasis That Harms The Nation (Video)


Edward Snowden's unique timing on his defection  (to where ever he lands) is intriguing, interesting and almost predictable.

The People's View recently published a series of pieces about Snowden and what amounts to his personal war against the Obama Administration. Snowden is no deeply principled ideologue.  His affinity for libertarian-ism is as telling as his lack of scruples and credibility regarding a 'top secret' security clearance.  His is in fact a criminal and by the nature of his acts a defector without a country.  The People's View links are embedded in a piece we developed about the nation's most recent defector. 

The defector is also the 'Perfect Storm" of divisiveness regarding his actions.  Many liberals are lauding Snowden as a 'hero"; some anti-administration conservatives (like Ron "Legalize Heroin" Paul) are referring to Snowden as a patriot. Paul has also publicly suggested that more NSA analyst and technician join Snowden in the annual of us history as espionage agents.   Does the most public libertarian hate the government so much, he would "will" national security secrets to the hands of the Chinese and the Russians?   Another phenomena surrounding the Snowden defection: Bi-partisanship somewhere between the two extremes delineated above.

The Snowden episode was born of a reporter from The Guardian Newspaper. Glenn Greenwald must share Snowden's hatred of the US government and appears to have some sort of like affinity for libertarianism.  He works for a credible news source, but gave The Guardian a soiled story. Soil sometimes begets soil.  

John Avlon, CNN Reliable Sources, broadcast a segment about The Guardian and The Observer's handling of the Snowden story.  Apparently, the Brits are continuing to publish pieces without assurance of veracity in their sources.

CNN, Reliable Sources.
July 7th, 2013
08:44 PM ET

UNreliable Sources

Michael Moynihan and John Avlon discuss The Observer’s questionable story on European officials who has allegedly reached a secret deal with the NSA to turn over private data to the United States.

And, the saga continues.

The Facade, Mirage or Oasis?  You choose.