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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Trumpism Gazette: Grows and Spreads (It will Eventually Touch You)

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We use the phrase "rational Americans" in any of our posts. Realize we do so with absolute certainty the nation is suffering from chronic insanity on the political and social Right.

Take a look and listen to the perfect examples of why we separate Right and Left for purpose of prose. When the political advertisement has core props of numerous firearms and with consideration of the overwhelming number of firearm deaths across the nation, our contempt for all things Right is reinforced. 

A candidate for the Governorship of Georgia

Now we speak of the hurt from Trumps ObamaCare cuts?

The good doctor and that letter we all knew he did not write. Talking Points Memo and John Marshall.

Trump as Nobel Peace Prize Recipient?

Are you up to speed on the current move to secure a Nobel Peace Prize for Trump?  Of course, the President of South Korea is speaking openly about the matter as he, as a middle of the road peacemaker, has sought peace with Kim Jong Un since he took office a year ago. If you are not aware of other efforts don't feel put off. Most TV media isn't covering Trump's wish for the Prize; social media, on the other hand, is rife with reports of subterfuge via stolen identities to nominating Trump.  

National print media have published a few accounts of the fake letters  We feel the Washington Post piece is a detailed accounting of what is known to date (linked here).   

Let's think for a minute. We have a doctor admitting he didn't write letters widely published in 2016 as a testimony of Trump's great health.  If you recall the former White House Physician to the President also read a letter of praise for Trump's health which included an advertisement for Trump DNA. Funny and strange things are occurring with letters during the era of Trump. 

Now for a quick run through what seems daily reports regarding a nation which is regressing regard race. Regressing to a time when nonwhites were rarely mentioned in the press, the media and seemed to live as what I (disparagingly) call The Invisible Negro.

Race in Trump's America
Image result for trump charlottesville

I will wager not one of his police calling neighbors voted with a Left lean.

Also something remarkably conservative about this sheriff.

Wonder if Trump finds these people as "fine people on both sides?" Better yet, how about that death penalty he espouses.

Speaking of conservatives embracing racism. How about a bit of Pence and his snuggle with Arpaio? "

 “America’s toughest sheriff”

Since 2015 Trump has been very open and preachy about our need to seek the death penalty against "drug dealers". While I have little to no sympathy for anyone who sells drugs, it should be noted Trump hasn't commented in any form regarding the 47 white supremacists recently arrested in Texas for the manufacturer and selling all sorts of harmful street drugs. 

Follow the story via the Huffington Post. 

Do you think Trump would recommend the death penalty for those arrested if they are found guilty? 

Do you recall this from July 2015

How about we end with a peep at the real impact of Trump/Ryan's tax cuts (which Ryan loves to call "tax reform")?

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Tax Reform Ryan calls it.  Yes, of course....
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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Reince Priebus Thanks Rosa Parks For Ending US Racism!

RNC Chair Reince Priebus thanks Rosa Parks for ending US Racism!
The Chairman of the Republican National Committee continues his relentless campaign of feeding sophisms to people gullible enough to give him a listen.  People who are as far removed from reality as the unimaginable prospect of banning together in a political party that is 92% white. He speaks to people who despite overwhelming evidence of GOP incompetence (Bush Years economic crash), and longstanding economic malfeasance (Ronald Reagan's Trickle-down economics), continue to vote for a party that is so being used by billionaire plutocrats.

Reince Priebus is the perfect operative to feed the minds and psyches of people who relish in Government shutdowns despite $24 billion scalped from the US Economy.  He feeds false prophecy to millions for votes that prop-up the manifestation of a Koch and Billionaires Donors Club plutocrats who's self interest far exceeds any semblance of good for America.  

Priebus has over-stepped any semblance of sanity via his latest insanity.  The RNC thanks Rosa Parks for riding the nation of racism (See The Raw Story below).  He feeds GOP and conservative sycophants a copious Thanksgiving serving of Conservatism Circa 2000.   The political minister delivers a sermon right from the scriptures of conservative/GOP regression

While Tim Dickinson of Rolling Stone adroitly delineated 
GOP regression, we suggest the GOP and its members have a deep desire for America pre-1950. since we have written much about GOP regression, we will leave now with Reince Priebus's latest insult to any outside the GOP. His comments should be as insulting to any African-American who claims Republicanism as this.

"The Invisible Negro." Romney's website has no outreach link for African-Americans. 

Priebus did not address this or this:

Pat Buchanan, renowned GOP racist.....

“I don’t see why everybody’s so upset,” said Buchanan. “All I did was point out that ‘whites still constitute three-fourths of the electorate and nine in 10 Republican votes.’ That’s a fact. And I know that the Founding Fathers would want to make sure that those white male land owners got their way. After all, they were all white male land owners themselves!
And, Priebus has never addressed former Congressman and Tea Party/Libertarian celebrity (and front-man) Ron Paul's snuggling with White Supremacists groups.

Now we move to The Raw Story's screed on the inimitable Priebus. The man is the perfect front man for the RNC and pseudo-spokesperson for the Right.   He hands Right win propagandist another approach to mind altering regression for those who listen.

Reince Priebus knows better. He knows US racism is alive and well in the GOP. Is he reaching towards 2014 and 2016 "pulling the wool" while facing the reality of his non-inclusive party?

The Raw Story...

Republican National Committee thanks civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks for ‘ending racism’ (via Raw Story )
The Republican National Committee (RNC) thanked Rosa Parks for “her role in ending racism” in a tweet published early this morning: Today we remember Rosa Parks’ bold stand and her role in ending racism. — RNC (@GOP…