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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

John McCain And Fox News's "Dumb Question"

Image result for steve doocy son
"Dumb Question" reporter and his father.
Yes, you recognize the father.

Last night's MSNBC News (talk) sows were nothing shy of stellar reporting and host opining.  Starting with Ari Melber's The Beat and finishing with a really great set of segments on The 11th Hour with Brian Williams, the network offered real journalism and professional commentary. Even if you are an on the fence voter (AKA independent) you would have to possess a deep hatred of liberalism (AKA progressivism) to find the shows null and "fake news."

Since the networks segments can run a bit long, I have posted a segment from Lawrence O'Donnell's The Last Word.  The segment relates to political criticism and Trump's kerfuffle with John McCain while offering a glimpse into the difference between professional news reporting (questions) and propaganda laden smut questioning from the GOP Communication and Propaganda network (Fox News).  O'Donnell offers a copious amount of commentary prior to running the question of McCain via MSNBC's reporter and the Fox News reporter. The Fox News reporter seemed to be the son of well known early morning host Steve Doocy.

Also, notice how McCain took the Fox News reporter to the journalistic woodshed and administered a lashing. The lashing hit home as you will notice the reporter's jaw tighten and flinch as McCain takes him to the credible journalism shed. 

McCain has just spoken about how he is above Trump's name-calling and non-productive talk and stated his willingness to work with Trump. Why would the Fox News reporter totally ignore McCain's just delivered comment with a question obviously developed and given to the reporter by Fox News producers?  

A couple of non-surprises: A dumb question from Fox News is like a Rabbit with oversized ears: of course.  Also, would anyone expect any level of a quesiotsn from the son of Steve Doocy which wouldn't be a dumb question?

Friday, June 23, 2017

Quick Hit Video: Lawrence O'Donnell's The Last Word

I'll just leave this here without additional comment. Well, I will offer a set of brief comments.

Yes, Trump was again lying.  He is a compulsive liar so we have grown to expect the first comment from Trump: a lie.  

We are still awaiting Obama's birth records from Trump's investigative team in Hawaii. Man, those folks must be really enjoying life.

We are still recoiling from Trump's early administration lies about Obama wiretapping Trump Tower.

This week we found Trump in Iowa lying to a bunch of people who obviously relish being told lies.

 After 40 plus days of living a lie about tapes regarding his visits with then FBI Director Comey, Trump was forced to come clean.  This lie might really work against Trump as the 45th President of the United States.

Despite the laughter, the applause and supporter sycophancy, Trump is a real and present danger.


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Why Has Trump Never Mentioned Abe Lincoln?

Actually, the title question is rhetorical. Most people know exactly why Trump has never mentioned Abe Lincoln. 

Abe Lincoln isn't a historic icon for white nationalist.

No automatic alt text available.

Yes, someone created a caricature of Donald Trump's recent comment about his hero Andrew Jackson and his misguided (well actually, ignorant) remarks about the Civil War. The image about pokes fun at the nation's 45th President while also delivering a poignant statement about Trump's mentality and cognitive processes. The lined paper mocking however is not the too for proper depiction of Trump as a socially regressive racist.

Listen as Trump speaks on a Sirus radio show.

The shame of it all is so engrossing and encompassing. We are forced to guess less and less about Trump's mentality and social paradigm. Since, Trump is known as a non-reader, we may be able to accurately assume he is being coached like a grade school student in revisionist history by noted racist and white supremacists Steve Bannon. 

If you have about 10 minutes and didn't see the following segment on MSNBC's The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, give the segment a viewing.  

During a week in which Trump crossed the line of rational acceptability via quasi-praise of Kim Jung Un, the prospect of inviting the Philippine President to the White House and enacting a congratulatory call to Turkeys evolving dictator.

Another consideration, since I was front and center about Trump's inclination an tendencies of his inner circle.

Image may contain: text

While a far less serous matter than Trumps communication week, it should be noted the latest of Trump's addition to the White House Press corp.


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Steve King Racism/White Supremacy: Call It For What It Is; Dangerous

White Supremacy

the belief that white people are superior to those of all other races, especially the black race, and should therefore dominate society.

Yesterday, we along with many social media and national media sources posted or broadcast regarding over the top racism from Steve King of Iowa. Here is the piece from yesterday (if you did not view the post), linked. The piece serves as a back story for our choice to post a news segment with Cristina Beltran, director of Latino Studies at New York University official who spoke frankly about the dangers of such racism.

The following MSNBC,The Last Word, segment is a necessary exposition regarding the overwhelming racism inherent in Iowa's Congressman Steve King.

The warnings are ever-present.

Yer, it seems the White House isn't at all concerned:


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

"Militia "Tarp Guy" Exposed

Armed Oregon protester talks to MSNBCWe realize you saw what follows from MSNBC's The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell last night. The segment includes remote coverage of a US terrorist who has joined in occupying a federal building in the Great State of Oregon.  Under the guidance and tutelage of the Cliven Bundy family, dozens of US anarchists and militia (and only the heavens know what else) have invaded a US wildlife refuge.

The man spotlighted in the video has been very visible and on the forefront of the seditious takeover of the facility. It seems he developed a publicity niche that accomplishes two points. First, his antics and highly unusual behavior garnered the attention of he so obviously cherishes. Seconds, his antics highlight the abnormal behavior inherent in many of the anarchist who took over the facility. Another key point of consideration. You will notice the man under the tarp, indicated he is on site to support the two Hammond family members who have reported to prison related to charges and conviction of arson on federal land.  Of particular significance, the Hammonds have reported to prison and prior to reporting  commented about non-support of the wildlife preserve terrorists.

One last point. The anarcho-terrorist in the news segment indicates he is not part of an armed insurrection. We published this piece yesterday with two clear martyrdom seekers, who might (instead) actually live as showboater publicity seekers.

The first segment is eleven minutes in duration, but it is intriguing to put it mildly.

Segment One

Segment Two

The nut case reveals like a turtle to speak about his form of "patriotism" while speaking of the rights of the states.  One has to wonder if the man realizes the Koch brothers are major influencers of state and local politics across eh full breadth of the nation. Oligarchs who would love nothing better than state legislative and official stooges granting their desire to purchase western lands.  

The "tarp guy" spoke of local and state authority and I believe he mentioned federalism at least twice.  As a western state rancher,  it is impossible the "tarp guy" doesn't know of the Kochs and their influence over state and local politics via ALEC sponsored model legislation.


Five Times Local Media Exposed ALEC's Secretive Agenda

As Republicans Address The ALEC Convention, A Look At The Group's Agenda And Ways For The Media To Expose The Truth


ALEC's Model Legislation Is Introduced In Many States And Is Expanding Into Local Government

Brookings Institute: "During the 2011-2012 Legislative Session, 132 Bills Based On ALEC Models Were Introduced In The States." According to an analysis of ALEC model bills and proposed state legislation by the Brookings Institute, 132 ALEC model bills were introduced across the country during 2011-2012 legislative sessions, with Republicans sponsoring "more than 90%" of them:
During the 2011-2012 legislative session, 132 bills based on ALEC models were introduced in the states. Democrats sponsored nearly 10% of those bills, while Republicans sponsored more than 90%. Nearly two-thirds of those bills were introduced in state lower chambers, while only 34% were introduced in upper chambers. Of those legislators who sponsored ALEC model legislation, 57% can be explicitly connected to ALEC. However, that does not necessarily preclude the other legislators from having ALEC ties; ALEC does not disclose the names of their legislative members, so this figure is based primarily on information from leaked documents. [Brookings Institute, 12/6/13]
ALEC Bills Passed State Houses At A Rate "Nearly 5 times That Of The Average Bill In Congress." A report by the Brookings Institute found that ALEC model bills passed state legislatures in 2011-2012 far more often than the average bill introduced in the U.S. Congress did during the same period.
Of the 132 ALEC model bills introduced, 12 were enacted. One additional bill passed the New Hampshire legislature only to be vetoed by the governor. Now, a success rate of 9% may not seem high upon first glance. However, consider the fact that, in the 112th session of the U.S. Congress, less than 2% of introduced bills passed. That means that bills based on ALEC policies have a survival rate nearly 5 times that of the average bill in Congress. [Brookings Institute, 12/6/13]

Anyone who believes in the prospect of modern-day federalism is either a libertarian (all of which are conservatives) or a Koch stooge. Since, it is obvious the 'tarp guy' is well read, I leave the video segments wondering which part of federalism does he hang is hat and spur: Koch stooge or propagandized nut case who serves as fodder for willing and uber wealthy oligarchs?

The "tarp guy" seems to be an intelligent individual who is so consumed with anarcho propaganda his paradigm has actually flipped to that of the insane. There isn't a normal person on Earth (other than a hunter) who would cloak himself in a rocking chair with a shotgun on his lap and drape himself in a tarp.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

GOP 2016: MSNBC Video Quick HIt

MSNBC Screen capture (FireShot)
I believe the following video was posted here on the TPI a few days back.  We are reposting the segment because it is critical exposition on the core values of GOP candidate Carly Fiorina and the video carries a message we should never forget.

Fiorina is an in-house (non use of her money) vulture capitalist who served her Board of Directors well until even they realized she was an inept CEO.

Lawrence O'Donnell's, The Last Word.....

Poignant and pathetic!


Thursday, September 24, 2015

GOP 2016: Fiorina Is Also Carnival Barking; The Tent Offers Horrors

Must watch MSNBC segment below!

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell, The Last Word, broadcast a segment last night that for some reason the networks webpage developed decided not to post it to the website. Rather than post the most worthy piece from last night's show, someone at MSNBC'S website team decided to run a silly no and ignorant segment about a fisherman harassing a Mola Mola (Sun Fish) warranted a web spot. 

The downfall of MSNBC is seriously ugly and growing more inane and correspondingly uglier.  

The segment of which I speak is capture below as part of the full 43 minute episode. The salient segment starts at the 14:30 mark and ends at the 19:10 mark. what you will find between those segment marks is a well developed presentation about Carly Fiorina's involvement in what has been reported as a $4 billion dollar hit to US tax payers.

On a day when the CEO of Volkswagen resigned after revelations of an wide spread international scheme to hide actual exhausts readouts from its diesel engine cars, we are reminded of the fallacy of the CEO as a steward of "Corporations are people, my friend." These people are greedy corporate rock-stars who in many cases posses far less business acumen than the guy or girl serving you that Egg McMuffin. 

Carly Fiorina at the 14:03 to 19:10 marks

The Daily Beast offers more details

Fiorina is a political mirage. She offers no record of accomplishment. The record she offers includes typical "vulture capitalist" tendencies. As is always the case with the"vulture capitalist" the middle class becomes the platform for personal riches while offering millions as sacrifice towards supporting corporate strategy. Her record is available review; it amazes some actually feel she is worthy of the GOP nomination.

Five years ago a weakened congressional candidate, Barbara Boxer, we poised to possible lose her congressional seat to Fiorina (behind millions personal dollars spent by Fiorina) until this ad ran just before the 2010 elections. 

Despite the possibility of a serious "ax-to-grind", I am going to offer a link to a piece in which her former husband offers additional perspective.



Thursday, March 19, 2015

Quick Hit: President Obama Delivers Against GOP Obstruction And FInally Flaunts it!

The following segment from the Lawrence O'Donnell's, The Last Word it worthy of posting and archiving for a few reasons. The first 2:08 minutes of the segment remind of what many of progressives, liberals and rational independents would love to have seen from President Obama as he neared the end of his first term. For some reason Democrats do a lousy job of flaunting the reality of their national saving deeds. In the segment Obama delivered point-on mocking towards GOP mouth pieces who delivered unfettered obstruction at every turn is point on. In fact, I would love to see a segment of a full ten minutes of the president responding to Right wing dogma that often reached the guttural depths of a tadpole pool.

We have posted the full segment, but as if often the case the last seen plus minutes of the segment is mere talking head time filing for MSNBC viewers. 

Or, you can view this clipped segment via You Tube. Heck, why not watch the two minutes again? A moment of US History.


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

'There will never be a n***** SAE': Perfunctory Apology, Parenting Disclaimer, And No Lessons Learned

'There will never be a n***** SAE' to the tune of If You're Happy And You Know It.

'You can hang him from a tree, but he'll never sign with me, there will never be a n***** SAE'.

Oklahoma University President David Boren has taken decisive action against two members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity for their leadership in one ofthe most racist exhibitions (caught on video tape) in decades. Two students have been expelled from the University and the fraternity ordered off campus. (See Mediaite below)

The exhibition was video taped on a cell phone and was accomplished surreptitiously, but still a blemish on the commonly accepted premise, American is healing its past. These were very young people, and were it not for the video camera their acts would have gone unreported and subject to promulgation. 

As is almost always the case, the unvealed racists are not offering the standard perfunctory apology and excuses for their actions.

 Parker Rice, Dallas Texas.....
'I am deeply sorry for what I did Saturday night. It was wrong and reckless. I made a horrible mistake by joining into the singing and encouraging others to do the same.'

'On Monday, I withdrew from the university... I admit it likely was fueled by alcohol consumed at the house before the bus trip, but that’s not an excuse.

'Yes, the song was taught to us, but that too doesn’t work as an explanation... For me, this is a devastating lesson and I am seeking guidance on how I can learn from this and make sure it never happens again.'
The ever-present excuse: "alcohol." Never the confession of "my upbring, and my environment planted a seed that eventually led to my growing to adulthood as a racist."

The Daily Mail UK reports....
It came as a second member of the group, Levi Pettit, was identified by his own family, who branded his role in the chant 'disgusting'.
Scroll down for videos, and both apologies in full (article linked here)
Parker Rice Parker Rice

Parker Rice, a University of Oklahoma freshman from Dallas, has been identified as the conductor leading the 'there will never be a n***** SAE' chant on Saturday. He is shown left in the video and right wearing branded SAE clothing 

Cut it off! As one frat brother gleefully sings a racist chant, another steps in and tries to cut off recording of the shameful incident 

Another one: Levi Pettit was also identified by his family today, who apologized for his 'disgusting' behavior. Right, Levi Pettit - a star golfer at Highland Park School - is pictured putting in a 2013 photo 
Rice, who lives in Dallas, was unmasked earlier Tuesday as the tuxedo-clad leader of the song by Daily Mail Online.
Read more

I published a piece yesterday with evidence of other racists acts from members of the fraternity founded in the "great state of" Alabama.

Last night Lawrence O'Donnell, The Last Word, placed icing on this cake like no other. O'Donnell pointed out the perfunctory nature of apologies as that from Parker and he pointed a finger at the altered state in which his parents live. Better yet, O'Donnell pointed a finger at the reality of parents who's son has shown an inner core of showboating with an anchor in racism.

Students expelled; OU SAE Fraternity shutdown

Yet there is more.  The undercurrent of racism in the fratenity also manifest in the fun-loving "House Mom."

And, post-racial America moves forward.

An update peep at "white privilege"...


Friday, February 20, 2015

Jeb Bush's Stumbling "pre-campaign", Questionable Advisers, And Conservative Derangement (VIDEO)

Don't forget...This man would be president!

This will haunt him!

Jeb Bush is stumbling through an amateurish pre-campaign national "test the water/collect donations" road show. Since, America is receptive of the prospect of another Bush leading from the Oval Office, we are fortunate to have a modicum of media that digs into fine points conservative America wants the nation to overlook. The MSNBC Rachel Maddow segment below represents that modicum of media. 

While MSNBC, is bending to the requirement for ratings that have a direct impact on revenue it is a breathe of fresh air to see, hear and watch the Rachel Maddow show.  The network has decided to cancel one of the most serious political shows hosted by probably the most learned and well spoken of hosts, Joy Ann Reid. The existence of show hosts like Maddow's TRMS offers value for HIVs (High Information Voters).

HIVs are like MSNBC viewers: not nearly enough to have major impact on a society that is fizzling into oblivion. Low information voters peep-in at cable networks like Fox and CNN and walk-away with conservative and non-progressive news slants.

The following segment is a long view to say the least. But, I did not find one word a waste or hyperbolic media propagandizing. 

If you watch MSNBC evening News shows you have seen the segment. if you do not tune to Maddox and Lawrence O'Donnell's, The Last Word, you are depriving your grey matter of its potential to exist as a cognitive tool. You are effectively becoming, or have become, a minion for GOP service to the nation's Top 20% income earners. You may also have grabbed a spot in US History that will certainly archive the utter disrespect towards the nation's first non-white male president.

In addition, to Maddow's cogent remarks in the first part of the segment, her delineation of America at its ugliest, influenced by utter derangement, should embarrass us all.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Fourteen Year Old Exonerated After 70 Years; US SCOTUS grants broader Cop Authrority

An American tragedy indicative of Jim Crow America and a reminder of the depth of disparity in the US Justice System for some Americans. 

George Stinney Jr.
[image by South Carolina Police]
  • George Stinney
  • 14 years of age 
  • Convicted ad executed three months after being tried for raping two white girls
  • Convicted by a 12 man (all white) jury after;deliberating a mere ten minutes
  • Home State: South Carolina
  • Conviction overturned 70 years after death by South Carolina Judge Carmen Mullins 
Read the full story, here.

Let's take a few minutes and listen to a communications master and progressive commentator as he offers a unique perspective on the Stinney murder. Lawrence O'Donnell,  The Last Word adds additional details to a story so horrific only a minority of American could fathom such a reality.

The Stinney officially comes to a fitting end 70 years after a gross miscarriage of justice. Nestled-in the week Judge Mullins vacated the conviction, we were exposed to yet another police official who holds the justice system up as fair and balanced. Ari Melber, MSNBC's All In, with a Cleveland Police Association official.

" what we say and if we are wrong the courts will sort it out." (paraphrased)

Full segment 8:22 minutes..... A must watch if you want to see pure authoritarianism develop in he US. 


If by any stretch you feel my characterization of growing cop militarism and cops only friendly courts does not indicate growing storm-trooper like authoritarianism checkout the latest sanction of such via the SCOTUS. 

Stinney's legacy has gone down in US History at a time when law enforcement and our courts are reaching lower and lower into the depths. It seems law enforcement and associate justice departments are appearing more totalitarian in enforcement of the law common to major.

The Third Reich existed in part based on similar carte blanching from a subservient court system. George W. Bush used  select and handpicked Justice Department facilitators to perpetrate nation sanctioned torture. And the US SCOTUS gives cops the authority to search your automobile without proper cause. Do you think for one second the SCOTUS hasn't granted police forces more authority to persecute and oppress in the name of the law?

The freed spirit of young George Stinney would probably have great suspicion.


Friday, December 5, 2014

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell Nails Police Abuse And Prosecutorial Malfeasnce

The majority of readers of the TPI probably watch at least one MSNBC News show per day; a fact that I would be hard to refute. Yet, when I see and hear segments that really should receive far greater exposure, I link and embed the segment.

Some writers avoid use of video embeds and links with focus on recanting the story with interlacing personal opinion. A good methodology and practice as it offers you the reader opportunity for quick reads and assimilation of the writers point of view. I also interlace personal opinion, but I differ in avoiding the use and significance of providing video segments. My mission and purpose via the TPI is delivering complete messages. The assumption that I am best to capsulize, reshape an iterate the word of competent news and current events professionals, is not a thought that ;crosses my mind. I can never offer the impact and full scope of the video clip; my admiration goes out to social media writers who have the gift of delivering cogent screeds while speaking about the broadcast clip.

I am going to stretch my tendency for use of video, with a few segments from last night's MSNBC's The Last Word, Lawrence O'Donnell and his production team.

During the first segment, O'Donnell and panel discuss the extent to which the system failed Eric Garner. When the system fails anyone, it actually fails all; despite our lack of understand as events unfold. We better understand when such events reach into our respective and individual lives.

Lawrence O'Donnell, Joy Ann Reid and Eugene Robinson and a system that allowed Eric Garner to die on the streets of a New York City Burrow. Regardless of the statement from this MMA choker regarding no intent to kill Garner, the fact remains a gang of cops killed him and no one attempted any form of resuscitation. Linked here

The next The Last Word segment is much shorter in duration, but it is ironclad point-on as I consider my often posts related to cop hiring practices. TheCleveland Ohio cop killer of Tamir Rice should never have been employed as a cop and his professional records indicate he may have suffered from deep rooted psychological/emotional issues. When police departments hire the likes of Darren Wilson and the killer of Tamir Rice there is no remedy for abusive "badge" authority. These people are under-educated robots who in the Tamir Rice killer's case sought "more action." Linked here.

The final segment relates to prosecution and the words of a New York Police Deportment Union official. Words that truly embody what we as a nation are seeing when cops kill beyond the rational scope of their jobs. Linked here.

Need say nor write another word.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Quick Hit Video: An Affordable Care Act Convert Due To Life's Experience

The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell...

And the GOP and many US conservatives want the law off the books!  How pathetic?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Delusional Rand Paul or "Lying Rand Paul: How About Both?

Rand Paul continues his false prophecy. Even his own party is not listening nor will the GOP and the libertarian party ever listen to Paul.  Al Shaprton recently ran a segment related to a few outright lies from Paul. Will, the man ever learn that we have archives, databases, video libraries and evidence of his penchant for lying to draw upon was he speaks.  

Since, he doesn't seem to grasp the reality of verifiable information, we can only assume he is seriously delusional

MSNBC, Politics Nations.....Al Sharpton

Paul, "..the president keeps offering you free stuff....".  

The Last Word, Lawrence O'Donnell, Joy-Ann Reid, Ari Melber, one week after the 2012 General election.  Watch for the "GOP world view" towards the end of the segment. "Free stuff" has become a GOP paradigm as surely as their guardianship of the nation's Top 20% income earners. 

Paul (April 2014), "...we are in a terrible recession..."

The New York Times Economix

Economix - Explaining the Science of Everyday Life

The Recession Has (Officially) Ended

Demonstrators in San Francisco this month. The United States economy has lost more jobs than it has added since the recovery began in June a year ago.Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesDemonstrators in San Francisco this month. The United States economy has lost more jobs than it has added since the recovery began in June a year ago.
1:50 p.m. | Updated
The recession officially ended in June 2009, according to the Business Cycle Dating Committee of the National Bureau of Economic Research, the official arbiter of such dates.
As many economists had expected, this official end date makes the most recent downturn the longest since World War II. This recent recession, having begun in December 2007, lasted 18 months. Until now the longest postwar recessions were those of 1973-5 and 1981-2, which each lasted 16 months.
The newly-declared end-date to the recession also confirms what many had suspected: The 2007-9 recession was the deepest on record since the Great Depression, at least in terms of job losses.
Recession and expansion dates are based on various economic indicators, including gross domestic product, income, employment, industrial production and wholesale-retail sales. The Business Cycle Dating Committee typically waits to declare that the economy has turned until well after the fact, when it has a longer track record of economic data to confirm a new trend.
Read more

Paul has also recently spoken about how he will transform the GOP.  Paul is overwhelming in his delusion. While speaking with Glenn Beck (February 2014),  Paul spoke as follows.
“I think Republicans will not win again in my lifetime for the presidency unless they become a new GOP, a new Republican Party,” Paul told Beck. “And it has to be a transformation. Not just a little tweaking at the edges.” 
"There is a struggle going on within the Republican Party," he told Beck. "I will struggle to make the Republican Party a different party, a bigger party, a more diverse party and a party that can win national elections again." 
.....the GOP has to have "a better message and a better presentation" when talking to African-American and Latino communities.
Yes, Al Sharpton and his team  delivered a "gotcha" regarding Paul's penchant for outright delusional lies. Sharpton was gracious and politically correct in not delving into Paul's comments about the black and Latino communities. We are not politically correct nor gracious, when it comes to people like Rand Paul!

Paul is deeply paradigm-ed with libertarian doctrine that includes "state's rights." "States Rights" for areas of the nation that support the GOP are not geographic regions that have a history of fair and equal treatment for all races and genders. Paul has openly commented that private business owners should not be forced to provide services against their wishes. America knows the exact meaning of Paul's libertarianism and his "false prophecy" is yes, being delivered to a social base that is never going to hear him.

I have spent the greater part of this piece on Paul's delusions with lesser comment about Paul's penchant for lying.  As titled (above) the reality: Paul is lying for effect. Or, as some might call it, he is practicing "Fake it to make it!"  All aimed at the GOP primarily campaign in 2015/2016.

The Paul reality. While his party will never accept his false prophecy, we are obliged to depict the Kentucky Senator for what he is.....

The Trojan Horse of Troy