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Friday, August 31, 2012

Morning Java: The Newsroom - Tea Party is the American Taliban

Enjoy while the caffeine kicks-in!!!!!

A morning segment to go along with your Sumatra, Kenya AA, Tanzanian, Kona Coast, Jamaica Blue Mountain, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Costa Rican, Espresso, Indonesian Blend, Coffee Latte, Kauai Blend (often bitter), Colombian Red Lips, or your Folgers 100% Colombian. 

We challenge the Newsroom!

The Progressive Influence in no way actually compares the Tea Party to the Taliban. We wish to differ on this one.  

The Taliban are  existentially maniacal in their oppression and their methods of enforcing control over people.  The Tea Party.....uuuugh.  Well, I have just typed myself into a corner.

It is clear the Tea Party is not a murderous band or cult with intent to rule a nation. Well, now other than the literal use of the word "murderous", I have typed myself into another corner.

The Tea Party does not have roots in religious fervor.   Well, I have now typed myself into another corner.  The Tea Party certainly has fissures into religious dogma that appear as ever-present and growing in matters of State. The Tea Party infestation in the House certainly contributed to the "murderous" downgrade of the US Credit Rating. 

Unlike the Taliban, the Tea Party does not work to spread its dogma......Well, I do not think I can finish that thought as I do not wish to paint myself into another corner.

In the long run the Tea Party differs from the Taliban....... Shucks, I am going to end this.  I ran out of corners.......

I think I will watch the six minute Newsroom clip again   Maybe, I can finish this screed after I view the clip again.

If I do not finish the screed,  I failed in finding opportunity to clearly distinguish between the Taliban and the Tea Party (except for literal killings of people who do not follow Taliban doctrine). Yes, But the Tea Party practices figurative killings (threats and actual enactment of work to unseat republicans who do not comply with its dogma).  Oh Man, I am just going to stop.

The Newsroom Wins.  I admit defeat!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

HBO's "The Newsroom"

...and it does not have to be this way!

There are times when that false claim of American exceptionalism is render nothing more than a slogan.  If you think we are being a bit rough and unpatriotic, watch a few days of news broadcast......

Published by James Bouder
June 26, 2012 

Beginning scene of the new HBO series, The Newsroom explaining why America's Not the Greatest Country Any Longer...But It Can Be.

Jeff Daniels character:

"There is absolutely nothing to support the statement that we're the greatest country in the world. We're 7th in literacy, 27th in math, 22nd in science, 49th in life expectancy, 78th in infant mortality, 3rd in median household income and number 4 in labor force and number 4 in exports.

"We lead the world in only three categories: 1) Number of incarcerated citizens per capita; 2) Number of adults who believe angels are real; and 3) Defense spending, where we spend more than 26 countries, combined - 25 of whom are allies - I know this isn't the fault of a 20 year old college student but you're in one of the worst generation period. Period. Ever! Period! So, when you ask, 'What makes us the greatest country in the world? I don't what the f*ck you're talking about. Yosemite? 

"But it sure used to be...we stood up for what was right. We fought for moral reasons, we passed laws, struck down laws for moral reasons, we waged wars on poverty - not poor people. 

"We sacrificed. We cared about our neighbors, we put our money where our mouths were. We never beat our chests. We built great things, made ungodly technological advances, explored the universe, cured disease; cultivated the world's greatest artists and the world's greatest economy. We reached for the stars. Acted like men. Aspired to intelligence; we didn't belittle it - it didn't make us feel e didn't identify ourselves by who we voted for in the last election - and we didn't scare so easy.

"We were able to be all these things and to do all these things because we were informed - by great men - men who were revered. 

"First step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one: America is not the greatest country in the world, anymore."