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Friday, March 7, 2014

February Job Numbers And Unemployment Rate

The February Unemployment report has been released. Unemployment ticked up by .1 percent from 6.6 to 6.7 percent. The Department of Labor (DOL) reported job creation hit 175,000; beyond expectation. The DOL also reported  the job numbers for January and February were adjusted, as is always the case. The February jobs number is a bit of a surprise, especially after all the talk about how the polar vortex (for us high information people) may have influenced 2014 employment figures. 

Let's run through a quick set of visuals.

Steven Benen, The Rachel Maddow Blog

Benen Chart I

The following Benen chart has a notation added by The Pardu.

The open-minded must wonder how our jobs numbers and unemployment rates would look, if the GOP have given the Obama Team the full $1.2 Trillion requests in early 2009. Alas, a wonderment that is best left for the reality of GOP obstruction as never before in US History. Obstruction that places the nation's economic health as secondary or tertiary consideration after political maneuvers and subservience to the whims of uber wealthy money-backers (e.g. the Koch brothers cabal, Adelsen and other less public plutocrats).

Benen Chart II

Yahoo Finance


Key Economic Indicators (Individual Indicators linked, here.)

Gallup self-reported daily spending, here.

The economy continues to improve at a slow but steady past.

It is critical to remind you that we are seeing continuous improvement sine the 2009 Stimulus unabetted despite irrefutable GOP obstruction. If the six million people denied unemployment payments were granted life sustaining assistance, we would have millions more spending towards the US GDP; people who are forced to live off unemployment payments spend the money. There is no money for market investment, savings, and nor discretionary spending. They damned sure cannot send money to offshore accounts то  avoid US taxes.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Morning Java Quick Hit: Existential Hillary! Yes or No!

Enjoy while the caffeine kicks-in!!!!

How about a comment from MSNBC's Krystal Ball on Hillary's possible run in 2016 to go along with your Sumatra,  Kopi Luwak IndonesianKenya AA, Tanzanian, French Roast, Kona Coast, 'Black Ivory' [Thai Elephant Dong],  Jamaica Blue Mountain, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Costa Rican, Espresso,  Moyobama Peruvian Organic, Indonesian Blend, Coffee Latte, Kauai Blend (often bitter), Colombian Red Lips, or your Folgers 100% Colombian?
                                 Coffees of the World

I, The Pardu, agree with every word spoken by Krystal Ball, MSNBC's The Cycle......

Don’t run, Hillary
Krystal shares why she doesn’t want Hillary Clinton to run in 2016 and why Elizabeth Warren should take her fight for the middle class to the White House

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mitt And Ann Romney are Awful Visible! (Double Entendre)

Why the Romney's so visible? Have they come to grip with their political in competence in 2011/12?  Or, is Ann Romney still declaring God's will without consideration of the eleven points delineated in this screed.

We at the TPI actually believe the lingering visibility after a period of hibernation has a purpose. I predict, should Chris Christe fizzle into "nothingness, Mitt will flip-flop on recent  comments that he will "not, not, not, not run again!"
I have long posited, the Romney's seem to live in a world outside of our commonly shared reality. A fact that shouldn't surprise anyone since Mitt Romney is the ultimate "vulture capitalist" Top 1% (ers). He has few equals among uber wealthy people who aspire to win elected office and he matches up well with those who work behind the scenes in developing a US Plutocracy.
We will address the resurgence of the Romneys after a poignant piece from a friend of the TPI Brenda Kay Richards.
Brenda Kay Richards
DISCLAIMER: The following comment is not meant to mock or be disrespectful to any particular religion or faith. It is simply a conclusion (right or wrong) if you will, of something that I've long observed in a large percentage of individuals who claim to be so devout in their faith.
Ann Romney, and her husband Mitt, are understandably quite disappointed that the 2012 election did not end in the manner which they, their family, their campaign team and their supporters had long hoped for. Now, I could launch into a lengthy discourse about how Mitt's own campaign advisers and senior staff were ultimately responsible for him believing that he had any sort of a chance of winning the presidency, when polling data showed the exact opposite, but that's not the point of my comment. 
Throughout the lengthy Republican nomination process and after having won it, and finally embarking on his presidential campaign, Mitt and Ann made frequent and regular references to their deep faith and belief in GOD. In numerous interviews Ann occasionally boasted that she "knew" that it was GOD's plan for Mitt to win. 
If Ann Romney was or wasn't being entirely truthful in her beliefs, it was not my place to question that. The Romney campaign never disputed her comments, so one must conclude that what she said was true and a reflection of her faith. 
So, why are Ann and Mitt are so bitter and angry at the voters 1.5  years after suffering a crushing lost in his bid for the presidency? Why isn't their anger justifiably directed at GOD, or more importantly, themselves? Why aren't Ann and Mitt questioning their faith, rather than questioning the will of the voters? 
This misguided anger is an observation that I've frequently noted in people who loudly boast and brag about their deep, sincere faith. The moment these individuals do not *get* what they swore GOD would unquestionably deliver, they blame everyone, sometimes even GOD. But they never seem to stop and ponder, if the ultimate fault lies not with GOD, the circumstances or the end result - but with them. 
Was their faith truly as strong, as confident, as true, as devout as they claimed? Or were they so caught up in promoting an image, that they failed to recognize and acknowledge that their faith really didn't match their words and bragging? 
Instead of hanging on to such bitterness and disappointment, Ann and Mitt should take a sabbatical and rediscover what their faith is suppose to mean to them and their lives.
Why reflect as such?

Ann Romney: 'The Country Lost' By Not Having Mitt Romney As President

The Huffington Post  |  By  Posted:

Read more linked via title above

Brenda Richards touched upon and delineated a telling side of the Romneys. Her screed also cogently spoke to a phenomenon that frankly, I personally tire of hearing.   

I offer another example, for sake of reflection and illustration. The day before the 2008 General Election, an alleged avowed Catholic (nothing against Catholicism; I am finding that much easier to keyboard as I assimilate Pope Francis) entered my office and said, "God don't let that man win tomorrow." The catholic guy (by happenstance) was also a bigot with roots deeply embedded in racism. I asked him, "Now what are you going to do if God does not grant your prayer?" He never answered. 

While I am not questioning belief in a higher spiritual order or lack there of, I cringe and think of Lucifer as I watch post-game, post-fight or post-concert interviews with a subject who exclaims, "......this was from God."  A bit of humor.... what about the game that ends in a tie?  Should I believe God couldn't nudge Lucifer a bit to the background to facilitate gaining a one point advantage?

As with any entertainer (sports or performer), what about the simple fact that one team outplayed, made fewer mistakes and benefited from superior circumstance (coaching, planning, organization).

Ms. Richard's point about self-reflection is "point-on" and an existential reality.  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have joined in respectively stating "minorities" or "Urban voters" was the reason for Romney loss in 2012.  Urban voters!

Self-reflection is the key! If we cannot self reflect, we have to wonder in the Ann Romney context, why did God allow the following to take place. 

Let's explore just a bit.

I. Paul Ryan as running mate. (Budget tendencies, Ayn Rand disciple, record marathon lie, invasion of the soup kitchen with family for a fake photo op). 
II. Sunnunu as chief campaign adviser (Linked)
III. Insensitivity to people of color (Linked website outreach menu drop-down: Linked A, Linked B tan face at Univision Annual Events)
IV. 47% are takers and why bother with them (Linked video).
V. Ann Romney refuses to release financial history (Linked video)
VI. Romney's international blunders at every stop of this overseas trip.
VII. Romney's Auto Industry "Let them go Bankrupt." 
VIII. Romney lack of appeal to hard core conservatives. 
XIContinued backlash from Bush/Cheney
X. Despite GOP claims to the contrary and economy that had (in 2012) and continues to slowly improve.
XI. Political contribution for Obama came-in moderately higher than Romney contributions from the nations uber wealthy. Grass roots money "trumped" enlists conservative large contributions. 

Self-reflection is healthy and could take Mitt and Ann Romney to better place!   

Why are we even seeing and hearing from the Romney's? Is media leveraging a false alternative state the nation is worse off under Obama than in 2009?  Or, is media simply milking the Romney's for additional viewers who equate to ad revenue? When Ann Romney laments about "how it could have been" why isn't she asked for specific details of how the nation is failing under Obama?  A serious journalist would then ask, since she states such, what would Mitt Romney have done or would do differently? She could not possibly answer such questions. And, there-in lies the reasons some networks do not ask such questions.   

We thank Brenda Kay Richards for her piece and re-state our posit, 'Mitt Romney is visible for a reason. If Chris Christe dissolves into the Dinning Room of political RIP, Romney will reinvigorate and declare run for the 2016 nomination. 

Brenda Kay Richards and The Pardu recommend serious reflection and consideration of what you are about to see vs seeking "What life could have been laments from Ann Romney."






In December 2013, Ann Romney "went here." CNN

"We don't look back," Ann Romney said in an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer airing on the "Situation Room" Wednesday. "Neither one of us ever look back."

And there-in lies an indication of the problem with the Romneys. They are disingenuous.

'The Country Lost' By Not Having Mitt Romney As President....Ann Romney, January 2014.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Pardu's Facebook Kaleidscope

A Facebook kaleidoscope......November 9th, 2013

How the GOP Became the Party of the Rich | Politics News | Rolling Stone
The inside story of how the Republicans abandoned the poor and the middle class to pursue their relentless agenda of tax cuts for the wealthiest one percent....

Bill Moyers: the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement is death for democracy
Bill Moyers: Trans-Pacific trade pact is death for democracy
Governments involved with our betters in implementing the TPP "corporate-rule" agreement
Governments involved with our betters in implementing the TPP “corporate-rule” agreement. These are the perps.

While most of us are in the dark about the contents of TPP, which Obama aims to seal by year end, corporate lobbyists are in the know about what it contains.

This Republican anti-gay candidate won by 26 votes by pretending to be black, and he thinks it's funny to 'deceive' voters.

This actually happened: White Republican wins election after leading voters to believe he’s...

When a politician justifies his actions with, “[e]very time a politician talks, he’s out there deceiving voters.” you know you have a real winner. In this case, it’s Dave Wilson who pretended to be black in an overwhelmingly African Ame.....
Pope Francis Comforts Severely Disfigured Man With Rare Disease, And Hearts Melt Around The World

I dare anyone to see these photos and not feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This is what true compassion looks like.

Pope Francis is exactly the right person to be the leader of the Catholic Church and these photographs show us all why. Be prepared to cry a tear or two.

Tea Party, President Obama Can't Be Everything -
Some help for the Teabully Party with spelling and understanding some basic terms.

Yet another reason I despise libertarians...




I think this picture pretty much tells the whole story...

I think this picture pretty much tells the whole story...

Ahhh...the flaming hypocrisy. The total lack of self-awareness.
The complete and utter insanity of the right-wing.

Cartoon by David Fitzimmons

Ahhh...the flaming hypocrisy.  The total lack of self-awareness.  The complete and utter insanity of the right-wing.  <b>

Cartoon by David Fitzimmons



We love New York..The Pardu


Ah, November 9th Facebook memories.


Friday, August 23, 2013

Murder in Oklahoma: Politics and Social Strategy Follows

Christopher Lane RIP
Yes,  Pardu is at it again! 

This will take a few minutes. There are issues in our society that are really best left alone, if one is restricted to the current attention span of people who live in today's industrial nation (cell phone, iPad, tablet, Twitter and Facebook) readers. Long reads and views are not popular. Yet, some enjoy the opportunity to read, view and listen more deeply. Thank the heavens for such folks!

The increasing cases of violent crimes involving people of different races is, as expected, drawing attention and media coverage. Of course, Trayvon Martin's murder garnered international coverage. There are major reasons for that level and scope of coverage.  Tim wise in the video below will address that very basic question.

After the first video segment, we are going to reflect on a few heinous murders that drew little to no coverage from right-wing America's Number Two (2) propaganda outlet. Of course, Number One (1) is the ever-present and mindless racist, misogynist, and demagogue Rush Limbaugh. 

Now, a few minutes on two nationally covered hate-crimes that garnered no coverage on Fox News and Rush Limbaugh 'cattle call' show. 

First, the Texas Murder of James Byrd, Jr. with convictions, executions and long-term sentences.  One racist who is currently interned says, he would do it again. 

James Byrd, Jr.
BornMay 2, 1949
Beaumont, Texas, United States
DiedJune 7, 1998 (aged 49)
Jasper, Texas, United States

James Byrd, Jr. (May 2, 1949 – June 7, 1998) was an African-American who was murdered by three men, of whom at least two were white supremacists, in Jasper, Texas, on June 7, 1998. Shawn Berry, Lawrence Russell Brewer, and John King dragged Byrd for three miles behind a pick-up truck along an asphalt road. Byrd, who remained conscious throughout most of the ordeal, was killed when his body hit the edge of a culvert, severing his right arm and head. The murderers drove on for another mile before dumping his torso in front of an African-American cemetery in Jasper.[1] Byrd's lynching-by-dragging gave impetus to passage of a Texas hate crimes law. It later led to the federal Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, commonly known as the Matthew Shepard Act, which passed on October 22, 2009, and which President Barack Obama signed into law on October 28, 2009.[2] 

Lawrence Russell Brewer was executed by lethal injection for this crime by the state of Texas on September 21, 2011.[3] King remains on Texas' death row while appeals are pending,[4][5][6] while Berry was sentenced to life imprisonment.
Matthew Shepard
Matthew Shepard.jpg

Born December 1, 1976 
Casper, Wyoming, US 
Died October 12, 1998 (aged 21)
Fort Collins, Colorado
Cause of death
Torture (officially, homicide)
Judy Shepard, Dennis Shepard 
Matthew Wayne Shepard (December 1, 1976 – October 12, 1998) was an American student at the University of Wyoming who was tortured and murdered near Laramie, Wyoming in October 1998. He was attacked on the night of October 6–7, and died at Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins, Colorado, on October 12 from severe head injuries.
During the trial, it was widely reported that Shepard was targeted because he was gay.[1] Shepard's murder brought national and international attention to hate crime legislation at the state and federal levels.[2] In 2009, his mother Judy Shepard authored a book The Meaning of Matthew: My Son's Murder in Laramie, and a World Transformed. In October 2009, the United States Congress passed the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act (commonly the "Matthew Shepard Act" for short), and on October 28, 2009, President Barack Obama signed the legislation into law.[3]
I cannot resist one very historic response to the murder of Matthew Shepard. The CSPAN 51 second segment was recorded during deliberations for the Act mentioned above. 

I will withhold comment and spare the adjectives.  "We know..", "We know..." I did not know what the Congresswoman knew.  Maybe, her information came from the mouth of Michelle Bachmann or a Fox News broadcast. Well, you knew I would not withhold all comment, now didn't you?

The point at hand is the current Fox News 'dog whistle'  regarding the senseless and horrific murder of an innocent college student in Oklahoma.  

Our position on the Oklahoma murder is, the perps are in custody and regardless of age they should be tried as adults and executed for premeditated murder.   The hate mongers, when a white person is killed and a black person is even a witness and lord forbid a perpetrator, are trumpeting like a Pied Piper. And, their minions are blindly following like good "low information" viewers.  

Fox News demagogues are yelping about lack of comment from Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. They are challenging President Obama for comment.  As soon as he comments, regardless of words, those same propagandist will rail about his comment. Whatever strokes the fancy of the viewer, eh? 

In an effort to be open and fair, early images of the first images of the alleged killers of the Christopher Lane, Australian baseball player/university student did include images of three young African-American males.  One media outlet reported the images were garnered by Australian media. MSNBC just reported the reports of Australian media as the source of the initial image is false. The Australian media outlet denies any involvement.  
I am hearing as I type this The Drudge Report may have been the genesis of what you are about to read and see. And it is obvious whomever generated the initial picture did so with intent.   I suppose they could not fathom, the driver of the vehicle and the oldest offender would be white.  So, it is possible to see how the image developer focused his/her quest.  As we all know by now,  the images are flawed in a great way.  The actual Micheal Jones is a white kid and he was in fact driving the vehicle.  

Early images and a glaring error. We think wishfully.           The actual perpetrators with the 17 year non-black male. 

My search for this piece took me to a place where the impact of Drudge and other false preachers of hates can lead. The following Facebook page is being identity-edited for obvious reason. 

Hey #obama and Jesse Jackson these teens SHOT & KILLED a WHITE man, 22, for fun yesterday in Oklahoma.  BUT the mainstream media won't even mention that they were black or show a photo of the killers. PATHETIC

Photo: Hey #obama and Jesse Jackson these teens SHOT & KILLED a WHITE man, 22, for fun yesterday in Oklahoma. 

BUT the mainstream media won't even mention that they were black or show a photo of the killers. PATHETIC 
The Facebook page also has this image as a post. 

Photo: My Three Sons.

If you think I am a bit over-the-top, check the meme to the right. So much for the "race parade".  

Al Sharpton addresses the propagandist strategy from the Right and Joy Ann Reid delivered an astounding and poignant segment along the very same line.

If you are "high information" and the topic is of significance as an American tragedy (news coverage and false race- baiting), the following segments are worth viewing.