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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Abortion Shooter And His Acts Receiving Mixed Comment From Conservatives (Or No Comment)

The following was posted during yesterday's nascent case of US terrorism.  As we watched the five-hour stand-off, many surely reflected not only on the tragedy of yet another example of American home-grown terrorism, we also thought of the ugly flak from millions who have succumbing to media paranoia about resettling 10,000 refugees from Syria.  

GOP leaders:  
Ben Carson "Rabid Dogs" regarding Syrian refugees.  He is as of today performing yet another phony act common to GOP presidential candidates via visiting a Syrian refugee camp.  
Donald Trump stated he would actually send them back in addition to his iron-fist proclamation of no Syrian refugees. 
Chris (Bridegate) Christie even stated he would block five-year-old kids from the prospect of a decent place to live. Link: Child sleeps in a wooded area; barefoot children sleep on the ground; family of barefoot children. 
Ted Cruz commented as such last year: Fox News segment. A couple of weeks back Cruz adorned his Chameleon suit, went on camera (1, 2) and took legislative action 
Jeb Bush and John Kasich were much more humane and civil about the prospect of resettling a minuscule number of Syrian refugees. 
Marco Rubio? The candidate moves around issues, squirms day-to-day and changes his position so much we dare not post any comment he will have sipped water and changed his position three times before I finish this piece. 
As the abduction oft eh Planned Parenthood Facility unfolded and it became obvious the killer was not a person of color, the Internet burst with conservative response to comments about US Terrorism. The following is one such example. It is important to note, the responses from this Right-wing troll were keyboarded without any references to race nor references to the Obama Administration. 

First note the Facebook badge assumed by the cloaked troll.

Today in Islam

Facebook post One:
Today in Islam The fuhrer in the White House is waiting to see if the shooter is a Christian or Muslim before labeling it "terrorism" or "gun violence"
Obama, kapos, berni, eva hillary braun, and the National Socialists - NAZIFYING AmeriKa one atrocity at a time
Facebook post Two:
Today in Islam Interesting: There are scores of facilities at that mall and the "progressive" propaganda machines are all zoned in at Planned Eugenics. When it comes out the shooter is a muslim jihadist, wonder how the headlines will read: "gun violence?" "a misunderstanding of Sharia?" "Just random folk?" (victims have to be Jewish to use that) "The Toll of Climate Change?"
There are more, but for expedience let's leave the posts at this point. You should also be aware of a meme post from the troll's Facebook page.

Meme aside, we remind the comments above were keyboarded or cut and pasted in response to accurate comments about home-grown terrorism.

Another Facebook colleague posted what some will call a rant about the Planned Parenthood takeover and related murders. I consider the comments as point-on and an indictment of an American ideology movement which brandishes open bigotry and inhumane rhetoric (including 35 plus US Governors).

Right now, there's a white middle aged man shooting people at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado.
I promise you, he is not a liberal.
I guarantee that he is not a Muslim.
I'll bet money that he claims he was "saving babies from being sold in pieces."
I'll bet even more money that he loves JAYZUS!
I'll bet my last dollar that he hates Obama.
I'll bet my soul that he will not be called a terrorist.
I'll bet the souls of my children there will not be a national conversation about profiling, spying on, rounding up or even mildly inconveniencing right wing Christian extremists.
How can I be so utterly sure of these things? Because this is 'Murika, where domestic terrorism is openly encouraged by one of the two major political movements while the "liberal" media pretends there's no pattern to the violence.
The next few days will be a flurry of activity on the right to distance themselves from their direct responsibility. They'll call him mentally ill or autistic. They'll find a single time he posted something nice about a Democrat in a forest of pro-"life" and pro-gun insanity and demand all liberals apologize for the violence. They'll feign shock and surprise that such a thing could happen. Someone will find a way to blame Obama, probably for not defunding PP like Republicans wanted.
And we will still not call it terrorism. Terrorism is what "those" people do, not something good, JAYZUS-lovin' white 'Murikans do.
I feel safer every single day. Don't you?
The white male terrorist at Planned Parenthood has shot more people today than Syrian refugees have since 2001 — because that number is zero.Posted by Mike Victor on Friday, November 27, 2015

Suspected shooter at Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood taken into custody (Screenshot/CBS News)

Facts: The shooter is a white male, he is a terrorist (killing three including Christian church Deacon cop), and he abducted innocent people and led to sheltering of many people within blocks of the facility.

Right-wing Fox News goes full "circle the wagons" against the reality of a non-Muslim, non-person of color terrorist (act). Examples of such denial are ever-present despite reports of witness observing the killer enter the building with bundles which may have included IED (bombs).
"Before we had any information about the horrors that were transpiring in a Colorado Planned Parenthood, right-wing...
Posted by The Progressive Press on Saturday, November 28, 2015
GOP Presidential prospects go silent (with one exception). One can only guess they care nothing about the dead Americans, they may care more about offending potential GOP voters.
All three Democratic candidates have spoken out on the Planned Parenthood shooting. So far, only one Republican candidate has.
Posted by Mediaite on Saturday, November 28, 2015
The following congressman is a consistent fact on CNN and Fox News waving the saber regarding potential US troops on the ground in the Middle-East. He also consistently preaches all things conservative with regard for the deeper impact of his rhetoric. Watch as he predicts the prospect of an apology from the Planned Parenthood Director, and he did so without any foresight the killer was actually targeting the facility. The Congressman is a true embodiment of conservative shallowness compounded by the need to offer rhetoric for votes.

Another observation. When the congressman asserted deep offense (from many people) about the Planned Parenthood videos, the CNN host didn't bother (to as a minimum) mention the tapes were heavily edited. Since Carly Fiorina mentioned the edited video at the second GOP debate, the mother of the stillborn child has spoken publicly about unauthorized use of the still-born baby issues. She was not an abortion recipient.
This congressman has blood on his hands.
Posted by Addicting Info on Saturday, November 28, 2015

While we have not received confirmation of Planned Parenthood as the target of the latest right-wing killer, Ezra Klein's Vox published a telling piece that for me leads to a heightened sense of anti-abortion suspicion.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Progressive Press: Open Letter to Obama Haters

Cross posted from The Progressive Press with special authorization by the author: Jeff.

An Open Letter to all People who Hate the President


It's fine to be a conservative who disagrees with Obama politically. He is a fallible human being. Like any politician, he deserves criticism now and then. Progressives criticize him all the time because his policies are more conservative than many thought he would be.

If you would say “Obama is wrong on this issue and here’s why”, I could respect that. But it’s something else to be a hard-core Glenn Beck parroting, Bush-was-God, Obama-is-Satan, damn-the-facts, anyone-who-disagrees-with-me-is-a-communist, conservative.

Sometimes it’s hard to comprehend the level of hatred you have for President Obama. This hatred is not about dissent and it began long before he even took office and doesn’t seem to stem from anything he’s done as president.

From the day he was inaugurated, all over the country you began protesting Obama’s tax increases even though he had only lowered your taxes. Although he’s offered more proof of his origin of birth than any president in history, nearly half of you still believe Obama was not born in America, 57% believe he is Muslim, and 24% said he may be the Anti-Christ.

Before Obama took office, congressional Republicans decided that they would oppose every single bill that Obama supported. They used the filibuster to prevent all legislation from being voted on, including bills that Republicans themselves had co-sponsored. When president Obama decided to embrace a lot of Republican ideas like Cap and Trade, the individual mandate for health insurance and the Dream Act, these Republican ideas suddenly were denounced as Socialism and received zero Republican votes.
Even normally routine matters that Congress usually deals with on a bi-partisan basis, like a transportation bill or raising the debt ceiling, were held up by Republicans who didn’t want anything to get done during Obama’s presidency. By nearly letting America default on its debts, Tea Party Republicans even managed to lower our country’s credit rating, and then blamed Obama for it.

You even blamed Obama for the worst recession in 80 years even though it began over a year before he took office.
You have totally immersed yourself in anti-Obama hate speech, you can’t even state the man’s name, calling him O-BUM-a. You just repeat whatever you hear from right wing hate sites without exercising independent thought: 
“Obama is a (pick one) Socialist/Marxist/Muslim/Communist/Nazi/Fascist/Kenyan/Anti-colonialist” or “Obama is trampling the Constitution”, “Obama hates America”, “Obama wants to control our lives”, “Obama has declared war on religion”, etc.  
These are not facts or even fact-based opinions; they are examples of hate speech.

Back when Bush was president, his critics said things like “Bush allowed higher levels of arsenic and mercury in our drinking water”, “Bush violated the 4th Amendment by illegally authorizing warrantless wiretaps on American citizens”, “Bush used false information to start an unnecessary war”, “Bush started the two longest wars in our nation’s history, presided over two recessions, increasing poverty rates, a collapse of our financial system, and turned a huge budget surplus into a trillion dollar deficit”.

These criticisms of Bush resulted from things he actually said or did, not by what we thought about him personally. Every President of the United States has been loved by some people and hated by others and progressives certainly criticized Bush harshly. But that criticism was not out of a personal hatred of the man, it was about his policies and his actions as president. I don’t recall when anyone questioned his citizenship, claimed he hated the country, or suggested he sides with our enemies.

You actually accuse Obama of hating white people, of siding with the terrorists who attacked our country and wanting to euthanize the elderly, even though you have no facts or even a rational argument to support these claims.

You don’t seem to see the difference between hate-driven opinion and fact-based opinion.

You still worship at the altar of George W. Bush and refuse to acknowledge that he was anything less than God-like in his perfection, while attack Obama as “un-American” for doing some of the exact same things you praised President Bush for doing.

I’d hate to conclude that this is all based on race. Republicans hated Bill Clinton too, but we didn’t see quite this level of loathing toward him. Republicans did not filibuster every single bill to keep it from being voted on or actively work to halt the economic recovery like they have done with Obama. When Clinton was president, Republicans actually did reach compromises with him. When Obama pleads with Republicans to work out a compromise with him, they outright reject even the use of the word “compromise”.

Warning: Video has profanity

Your hatred of Obama is not an act of patriotism. Quite the opposite, by immersing yourself in all your right wing Obama-hating web sites you’re unable or unwilling to have any kind of meaningful political discussion. You are preventing this country from making any kind of positive progress by letting your personal hatred of this man allow anything positive to get done in this country. And you are doing your country great harm.