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Monday, September 7, 2015

The TPI Morning Gazette: Palin, Trump, Bush, "Speak American", Department of What?

Non-Progressive News...

A few days back CNN validated itself as an entertainment entity  vs, a viable and credible new organization. Jake Tapper, every bit the conservative had Sarah Palin on air and actually provided a platform for a ratings garnering carnival act the once rivaled that of the more nascent GOP political show: Donald Trump. 

Palin spoke about immigrant use of their native language vs speaking :American." Is there a soul out there who thinks Palin actually speaks American English? She also mentioned getting rid fo the Department of Energy if appointed to head the US Cabinet position. 

As I think of Palin's rambling and inchoate on camera appearance, I think about a comment from a Facebook Friend.

"I guess when 'god' decides to 'bless you' with scrambled eggs instead of brains, your best friend will probably not be a microphone."
Maekong Mike (Friend of the TPI).

Palin actually told a CNN host she would welcome an appointment in the Trump Administration (yes, that fantasy of fantasies) as Head of the Department of Energy.
"I think a lot about the Department of Energy, because energy is my baby, oil and gas and minerals, those things that God has dumped on this part of the Earth for mankind's use, instead of relying on unfriendly foreign nations for us to import their resources," Palin said. 
"And if I were head of that," she said of the department, "I would get rid of it."
Lets start our exposure to Palin with a quick 20 second video segment from  Zaibatsu News.

Sarah Palin set the Internet on fire today with this explosion of dumb via @TomAdelsbach @Bipartisanism— Zaibatsu News Ⓜ️ (@ZaibatsuNews) September 7, 2015
How about a drill-down on the essence of that 20 seconds via The Vine?

Another Facebook Friend posted as follows. 

Poor dear Sarah, so when are you going to learn correct English? When you done with that, you need to speak the language of the indigenous country Alaska, " Aleuts, Northern Eskimos (Inupiat), Southern Eskimos (Yuit), Interior Indians (Athabascans) and Southeast Coastal Indians (Tlingit and Haida)."from the native Alaskan Center here is the languages" Ahtna. Aleut. Alutiiq / Sugpiaq. Dena'ina. Deg Xinag. Eyak. Gwich'in. Haida. Hän. Holikachuk. Inupiaq. Koyukon. Tanana. Tanacross. Tlingit. Tsimshian. Upper Kuskokwim. Upper Tanana. Yup'ik, Central Alaskan. Yupik, Siberian. ..." How many the governor has learned and hypocritical baboon!!!!

Why do some white people actually believe that life in the United States commenced with the landing of the Santa Maria, the Pinta and the Nina and eventual colonization via the Mayflower (and company) and Pilgrim Mayflower Compact?  

If you are one who can stomach more then a few seconds of Palin, one who actually finds Palin entertaining, or one who for some reason actually credits anything that comes from her mouth, we offer the full CNN interview after, yes a television commercial).

CNN "Speak American" (SPEAK ENGLISH)

American Media, End The Palin Madness!...

On this holiday Monday, we are going to leave the bulk of our Gazette to Palin's and CNN;s insanity. As always the case Trump garners a few quick mentions (below). Pay particular attention to the carnival barker;s "university". The non-university and the classic circus tent rip-off. And, he is coming for your vote.

A TPI Gallery
Donald Trump says the US has 93 million people 'out of work.' That's way too high. False.
Posted by PolitiFact on Monday, August 31, 2015

This bully needs to be in jail.
Posted by Americans Against the Tea Party on Sunday, September 6, 2015
Trump Fails Foreign Policy Donald Trump doesn't think he needs to know foreign policy to be “good at the military.”
Posted by AJ+ on Friday, September 4, 2015

If you skipped over the TPI Gallery, you really must take a few minutes for unadulterated evidence of Trump's phoniness, manipulation and his penchant for practicing "an offense is the best defense." When asked the very first question he initially lied, and once he realized his "lie skirt" was showing he turned the interview against the radio show host.

The Daily Kos

These 55 Seconds May Be The Best/Funniest Takedown Of Trump Since He Began His Traveling Show


We’re the most highly taxed nation in the world."

In the middle of the pack, if not lower

More outsourcing to China

We will closeout this edition of the Morning Gazette with a couple of quick visits along the GOP campaign trail.

Pants on Fire!
Its main purpose is women's health

Jeb Bush
Yes it does, thousands

Yes folks, Scott Walker said it!

Walker: A US-Canada border wall is a "legitimate" consideration. Leahy: That idea is "crazy."

— Talking Points Memo (@TPM) September 1, 2015 


Friday, September 4, 2015

The TPI Morning Gazette: O'Reilly, Black Lives Matter, Roland Martin, Fox News, Trump

Non-Progressive News...

What happens when a multi-millionaire Fox News demagogue and chief bloviator literally attacks and threatens to dismantle "Black Lives Matter?"  In addition to the Fox News mouthpiece making a fool of himself outside of the Fox News audience, and specifically his audience, he runs the risk of drawing a responses from other television new hosts...who happen to be 'black."

ROLAND NAILED IT !!! THANK U !Posted by Cut-n-Edge Cartoons on Wednesday, September 2, 2015

We realize Fox News has to provided daily Obama hating substance to its viewers, but one would think even Fox News producers would respect their audience enough to fact check a bit before developing an over-the-top 'false story." 
Obama publicly condemned violence against police officers as "completely unacceptable" and "an affront to civilized society," which Fox hosts would know if they turned on a real news channel.Posted by Americans United Against T-Bagging John Birch Society Shit Talkers on Thursday, September 3, 2015
From a fake story to one that sheds more light on the highly doctored video from anti-abortion activists and their dedicated propaganda network: Fox News.
Even a Fox analyst admits these videos attacking Planned Parenthood are BS. Here's everything you need to know: by Media Matters for America on Wednesday, September 2, 2015

We really must visit with a recent case of Donald Trump Storm Troopers.
Donald J. Trump guard accused of hitting protestor.. .
Posted by Mediaite on Thursday, September 3, 2015

Donald Trump borrows Sarah Plain;s claim of the "Gotcha Question."

Now, let's visit that all to familiar refrain from conservative politicians who cannot answer question critical to understanding the depth and scope of their potential to serve the nation.  The ever-present assertion of "gotcha question." If you think for a bit the existence of the fictional "gotcha question" wouldn't be a deflection tool if the person could answer the question.

As we considered media, have we developed to a point of host interviewers only offering platforms for interviewees to babble uninterrupted about nothingness. 

As you consider an interview with a right wing radio host and Donald Trump, know the aftermath of the interview included Trumps claims of "Gotcha." But, notice the very first question from Hugh Hewitt instantly generated a quick lie from Trump. His response was "YYYYYYEEEEEESSSS" as he contemplated not knowing the person of which Hewitt posed the question. The first response was to lie and after realizing a followup quest would follow, what does the carnival barker do, he reports with a form of question or Trump sought a clarification that would give him the answer.

Net-Net Trump labelled Hewitt a "Gotcha Guy":  and ,of course, Trumps minions are following suit.

US Media has no viable relationship to past news media and the few conglomerates who own the full measure of US media care nothing about presetting pure garbage to viewers. Any network that will give Dick Cheney time to sit on-air and spew inane babble about the world crisis and "WMD", is a network that has no respect for its high information viewers. That said a number of cable networks are doing just that and I suspect over the coming weekend viewers who care to watch will be offered mega doses of a man who is literally responsible to the strife that is engulfing the entirety of the Middle East and Northern Africa.
Cheney’s claim that non-nuclear weapon countries cannot enrich uranium for peaceful purposes struck us as dubious. It was. False, says PunditFact. by PolitiFact on Thursday, September 3, 2015

Editor's Choice

Ezra Klein's Vox 
Make no mistake: This is a situation where there is a right thing to do. And we are not doing it.

Posted by Ezra Klein on Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The TPI Morning Gazette: Trump, Bush, Willie Horton Ad, Law Engforcement Mouthpiece

Non-Progressive News...

Did writers and producers at Fox News actually hand their on-air mouthpieces a script that included, "People are drunk on rights in this country." Has Fox placed a key trait of conservatism open for scrutiny? Conservatives are about as anti- personal rights an ideology as anyone could ever imagine.

GOP campaign ad wars!

Did that ad remind you of the highly racist and GOP trend setting Willie Horton ad against Michael Dukakis back in 1988?

Racism is so very ugly,

Trump deploys a bit of Jeb's Mother as ammo against his candidacy. You surely knew some guttural GOP candidate would use Jeb's mother's past frank remarks.

Bush fires back

Rand Paul punched Trump

Could the Wichita Oligarchs have given up on Scott Walker?

Posted by Mike Victor on Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The rational person understands the person who makes the perfect stooge is not generally the brightest.

The Gazette would not be complete without a dose of law enforcement minstrel-ism.

If you are a Fox News viewers you know the Milwaukee Sheriff who seems to have issues with all things black in the United States. From President Obama to the right to protest cop abuse in the nation, The sheriff and all of his North Korean general like uniform trinkets is as network mainstay. 

 The Sheriff is noted for co-signing any negative Fox News comments about black protesters and I believe he has been observed at least one noted tea party event.  Although in the safe comfort of the Fox News studio, the Sheriff is insulted from natural disasters that could befall the generals.  Disasters such as lightening strike. 

As is always the case when the demagogue leaves the safe comfort of Fox News, he suffers a credibility hit comparable to lightening strike. Who better to deliver the strike than CNN contributor Professor Marc Lamont Hill.

Marc Lamont Hill puts sheriff David Clarke in his place after talking out line about police violence against black people

Republicans at work......Posted by United Americans on Monday, August 31, 2015
An inquiry into a Michigan political scandal found two Republican lawmakers committed misconduct and abuse in a failed effort to cover up an affair.Posted by NBC News on Monday, August 31, 2015


Sunday, July 12, 2015

The TPI Morning Gazette: O'Reilly Over-time Pay, GOP, Limbaugh

Non-Progressive News

The GOP never once paid any attention to Albert Einsteins cogent quote: "Doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result is insane" (paraphrased). Maybe, Once the resident leaves office the GOP in Congress will get back to the reality of federal governance and stop the charade of deflection and misrepresentation. 

Apparently, John Boehner has gone on record blaming President Obama for the nation's lack of cohesive and focused progress on immigration.

Perspective.  A woman who cares not about the impact of "her flag" on millions across the nation. She only cares about having her heart gutted.  How conservative of her?
Enough is enough. Time to shut this party down.
Posted by Stop Telling Lies About Liberals And We'll Stop Telling The Truth About You on Sunday, July 12, 2015

What morning read would be complete without a good dose of Bill O'Reilly feeding his minions. O'Reilly like Trump is a carnival barker. They know what they offer inside their respective tents is not as they speak.They embellish, they demonstrate and they lie. He bloviates, he leans, he points and he even ticks off his false mantra via the tips of his fingers.

O'Reilly deploys all barker tools in the embed video.   Cenk Uygar of The Young Turks provides the commentary. 
The Disturbing Racism Behind The Confederate Flag Is the Confederate flag racist? You betcha.
Posted by The Young Turks on Wednesday, June 24, 2015

If you want to see a modern day exhibition of Nazism watch the latter portions of the embed video. Donald Trump is traipsing around the nation with a message of racism and white nationalism cloaked in "immigration form Mexico". While preaching at a forum in one of the nationals most racist states, protesters are mobbed and one can only assume brutalized. Look closely.

Remember the Hitler Brown Shirts?
Trump In Phoenix .. #dumptrump #fueradonaldtrump #stopthehate
Posted by La Campesina on Saturday, July 11, 2015
Is this how the front running GOP candidate will carry the campaign to his opponent?  Also, have you notice any formal and universal response from the GOP  You won't! 


Former George W. Bush's speech writer Tweets about Serena Williams and quickly deletes the Tweet.  What we have here is an extreme case of poor judgment, coupled with clear racial animus and salted with a lack of backbone. If one is to pursue such vile pursuits why not live with their actions. 

Ye of poor judgment and no backbone!

Image: David Frum (Flickr Creative Commons)
Donald Trumps's fastidious racially charged campaign strategy may bode well with the many of the GOP's 92% white membership.

America's conservatives, pundits and politicians seemed have adopted a politicking issue that is sure to backfire.  You have to know Limbaugh's support means it is good for corporate America and bad for the everyday worker. 
The data is atrocious..... as "facts are pesky things." 
Whether you support organized labor or not, the data illustrates.

Jeb Bush would force you to work more hours before eligibility for over-time pay. Barack Obama and the Democrats (with exception for Blue Dog fake Dems) want to expand over-time pay to middle managers. What side are you on with this issue? It will impact your family and neighbors without a doubt. 

While Donald Trump is leading the GOP through chasing the American People, these men are leading a nation. 

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