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Saturday, December 22, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: The Wall, GoFundMe, Veracity

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Have you followed this story?

A military Vet with a history of perpetrating shady fundraising ha leveraged Trumpmania to raise over $10 million dollars from American conservatives who are also obvious deep Trump sycophants. People are actually contributing hard-earned dollars to a GoFundMe page to pay for Trump's"wall" (AKA of late as slat wall).

Brian Kolfage has collected $13 million dollars from a segment of the population who is open for various forms of criticism.  Since the null fund received a surge after a segment of Laura Ingraham's (often racist demagoguery laced) show.  The Fox News host facilitated funds from 215,000 people.  If you wish to view an update or if you wish to give into validation of your gullible state of being, based on probable belief Mexico was going to pay for Trump's Wall, we offer a link

If you have an interest in seeing and hearing the Trump machine at work via a Fox News demagogue and shady character herewith is a five minutes segment.

All of that said, Fox News viewers and Trump believers swallowed their feed fodder and anteed-up. While the fund grew two things are left for consideration: Trumps shameful and unbelievable on-camera appearance this week. Trump berated Democrat Party congressional leadership about his wall, while Mike Pence dozed like a Bat hanging upside down in a cave.

Questions. Why is there a need for a GoFundMe page (account) when Trump has indicated he is willing and proud to shut down the federal government to get his wall? Three minutes in US history.

" (I am) proud to shut down the government" and (I will) "take the mantle."
Once more. 

The triple amputee Air Force Iraq War also issues a comment in an email which heightens credibility issues for Trump.
“It’s time to stop playing games with voters,” Kolfage said in an email. “If we are told we’re getting something, make it happen.”
A problem.

If that 16-second snippet didn't work for you, here is a longer and more direct version also from CNN.

The Washing Post recently published a piece regarding the Iraq War Vet.
NBC just hours ago published a piece regarding Kolfage and the core of the pieces isn't complimentary of Kolfage.

Ultimately, Trump's campaign lies and the false reality of a southern border wall as a panacea against illegal immigration is yet another sign of the dissolving state of American conservatism.


Wednesday, December 12, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: The Wall, Ten Terrorists, Bottomless Pinocchios et al

The Art of The Lie...
when it isn't  Artful

I believe the Washington Post has created a new level of Pinocchios as it assesses and tracks the veracity of public lies form people who matter in US government.  The new category is "bottomless" Pinocchios (AKA disinformation, propaganda). 

During yesterday's ill-fated on-camera meeting between Trump Pence and democratic party congressional (Minority) leaders (Pelosi and Schumer), Trump offered a set of data regarding reductions in illegal border crossings. 

TRUMP: "Tremendous amounts of wall have already been built." — statement in meeting with the House Democratic leader, Nancy Pelosi, and the Senate Democratic leader, Chuck Schumer. 
TRUMP: "People do not yet realize how much of the Wall, including really effective renovation, has already been built." ''We have already built large new sections & fully renovated others, making them like new." — tweets.
Yahoo fact-check linked above and here.

Trump's comments were offered in the context of a wall along our southern border. A wall which Trump continues to issues lies about a major portion of the wall "already has been built." How the wall works? 

Rather than address the numbers Trump offered at that moment, we find value in another set of numbers he offered which must have come from White House college interns. As Trump spoke to Pelosi and Schumer, the numbers didn't make an iota of sense

Later in the Oval Office meeting, Trump resorted to what he does most consistently; he used a modicum of time-related data to make a false case for his wall. He lied!

CNN fact-checked a statement which any rational mind would have recognized wasn't fact. A statement which so lent to fact-checking the White House spinmeisters should have clarified the statement immediately after the meeting. Maybe offered clarification while Trump was flinging papers across the room as he left the meeting.

CNN's Jim Scuito

From Trump's resurgent misuse of numbers and his declaration of shutting down the US Government, if he does not get his wall, to a mystery headline fro a very unexpected Right wing demagogue. The headline relates to a Newsweek piece while relating to Trump's claim major portions of the wall is built.
Rather than repeating of reconstructing the essence of the Newsweek piece, we prefer to link the piece, here


Saturday, June 10, 2017

Your Daily Dose Of Trump Lies

Image result for trump leads the to death cartoon

The Rose Garden Q and A.

30 seconds
One minute

We have no interest in posting the full 26 minutes Rose Garden event.  Our time is better spent on a few reminders of Trump's total lack of veracity.   

Let's look and listen.

-Obama's Hawaii records
Donald Trump's Team of Investigators on Obama (short version)

Donald Trump - Obama Birth Certificate - Greatest Scam (longer version)

-How about that Wall

-Lost Hundreds of Friends on 9/11

-Trump University (the embodiment of Trump)

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos

CSNews On Trumps fraudulent enterprise

But let's revisit yesterday's Rose Garden Presser.  Did you see Trump lie in response to a question with immediate contrary information offered by the Romanian President?

If you ave a few more minutes, follow this AM Joy, MSNBC, guest and his comment bout Trump...and his degraded state of mind.

If you believe anything which emanates from Trump's mouth or the mouths of his press staff and surrogates, you are either suffering from severe levels of gullible or, worse yet, you do not mind being fed a steady diet of lies.