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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

All Things Trump: 10,000 Lies

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It has been just over two years since Trump occupied the Oval Office and the US Presidency. Records, polls and " ...the best ever" have been his common and most uttered babbling over the past few years. Well, he has now ascended to a level in the US Presidency which has never been so high and will never fall to another US President.

The Washington Post has fact-checked Trump to the 10,000 lies level. ASTONISHING and shameful at the very same time.

Is there any wonder current polling is showing a deep lack of interest in reelecting the carnival barker so call "President"The Independent UK.

Let's end with a link to the Washington Post piece. 

The Washington Post:  President Trump has made more than 10,000 false or misleading claims


Saturday, December 30, 2017

Delusion, Pathological Lying; Tendency for Authoritarianism (Bad Recipe)

Haven't We Observed This Picture Before

MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEM AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL ...AGREED | image tagged in texas church,trump,nra,mental illness | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

No matter your politician inclinations, if you are a perceptive person and person who exercises any degree of rational thought, you know Trump is exhibiting behavior which is well outside of the norm for an adult. You should also recognize the behavior well outside the universe of acceptable for a US President.

The word "delusional" is increasingly floating around media and social media. Well, let's take a look at the word and how it may fit Trump.  Needless to say, the word sees to fit like a $2,000 pair of gloves. 

Psychology Today

Delusional Disorder


Delusions are fixed beliefs that do not change, even when a person is presented with conflicting evidence. Delusions are considered "bizarre" if they are clearly implausible and peers within the same culture cannot understand them. An example of a bizarre delusion is when an individual believes that his or her organs have been replaced with someone else's without leaving any wounds or scars. An example of a nonbizarre delusion is the belief that one is under police surveillance, despite a lack of evidence. 
Delusional disorder refers to a condition in which an individual displays one or more delusions for one month or longer. Delusional disorder is distinct from schizophrenia and cannot be diagnosed if a person meets the criteria for schizophrenia. If a person has delusional disorder, functioning is generally not impaired and behavior is not obviously odd, with the exception of the delusion. Delusions may seem believable at face value, and patients may appear normal as long as an outsider does not touch upon their delusional themes. Also, these delusions are not due to a medical condition or substance abuse.

Web MD
There are different types of delusional disorder based on the main theme of the delusions experienced.  
The types of delusional disorder include: 
Erotomanic: Someone with this type of delusional disorder believes that another person, often someone important or famous, is in love with him or her. The person might attempt to contact the object of the delusion, and stalking behavior is not uncommon. 
Grandiose: A person with this type of delusional disorder has an over-inflated sense of worth, power, knowledge, or identity. The person might believe he or she has a great talent or has made an important discovery.  
Jealous: A person with this type of delusional disorder believes that his or her spouse or sexual partner is unfaithful.  
Persecutory: People with this type of delusional disorder believe that they (or someone close to them) are being mistreated, or that someone is spying on them or planning to harm them. It is not uncommon for people with this type of delusional disorder to make repeated complaints to legal authorities. 
Somatic: A person with this type of delusional disorder believes that he or she has a physical defect or medical problem.  
Mixed: People with this type of delusional disorder have two or more of the types of delusions listed above.

Alas, we offer the opinion of the non-medical professional. Yet, an opinion which is becoming very apparent.  

Of course, Harwood isn't a psychiatrist, nor are we, with skills in diagnosing conditions of the brain. We are, however, intelligent human beings and we recognized over-the-top abnormal behavior which should have been kept far from the US Presidency and responsibilities as Commander-In-Chief. Moreover, it is becoming increasingly obvious Trump's mental state requires deep scrutiny and discussion with associated conversations about where we go as a nation or how we fix the electoral mess. Trump will not change, and his mental state will never reverse to that of a simple real estate mogul and reality TV celebrity.

While we are reading reports of mental health professionals commenting on Trump's behavior, MSNBC hosted a discussion towards the end of November which warrants an embed. The segment is eleven minutes long and laced with opinion oriented less than complimentary Trump comments, but the comments from the psychiatrist are relevant. 

MSNBC The Last Word, November 29, 2017
Psychiatrist Lance Dodes

Psychiatrist: Trump's mental state an 'enormous present danger'

Suffering any stage of delusion is a problem for a national leader.  Suffering what seems a case of "mixed" delusion can be a nation killer when coupled with another psychological malady. Trumps pathological lying, when coupled with what could be mixed delusion, is a clear and present danger.

We only have to visit Trump's impromptu to interview with the New York Times. While Trump's talking heads are accepting invitations to appear on CNN with sweet icing comments about the 30-minute talk, the interaction is proving to be yet another indication of an unstable mind.

We past linked, below a few articles related to the interview (which actually was a non-interview). 


Trump’s New York Times Interview Is a Portrait of a Man in Cognitive Decline

I don’t care whether Michael Schmidt was tough enough. We’ve got bigger problems.

The Washington Post

The 47 most outrageous lines in Donald Trump's New York Times interview

Delusion and pathological (serial) lying is not a healthy state of being for a President of the United States.


Thursday, November 30, 2017

Propaganda Is Ugly And Dangerous (James O'Keefe's Failed "Gotcha")

Image result for jamie phillips Project Veritas 

Image result for jamie phillips Project Veritas

The video is a bit long yet telling related to the extent that uber wealthy conservatives back Project Veritas and its highly fraudulent owner: James O'Keefe.

Talking Points Memo has published a detailed review of O'Keefe's efforts to entrap the Washington Post for its role in revealing the Roy Moore sex scandal.  What better an opportunity for fake and highly edited video for public viewing mere days before Roy Moore's campaign ends in either defeat or a victory. 

Yes a perfect opportunity to feed Fox News viewers and conservative media with more lies and propaganda to help elect a person who was once barred from malls and the YWCA.

Jaime Phillips attempts to work The Washington Post only to be caught by a much ore skilled and professional team of reporters. Note what appears as French fires on the table with the hidden camera. 

It turns out the surreptitious effort to perform a gotcha against the Post was very elaborate and even involved an apartment rental. The linked TPM piece is both short and utterly revealing. TPM linked, here.


Monday, October 6, 2014

Election 2014: DEM Pundits Deliver For The GOP While Exposing DEM Political Weakness

The Washington Post, The Fix, published a piece this afternoon that literally foretells doom for the Democrats in the November mid-term elections. The piece is a quick read with charts full of historic data that would drive most analysts and readers to the voting booths to cast the GOP vote.

Yes, articles such as the "Don't count on it", pieces is sure-fired vote GOP.

After the pure gloom from, The Fix, let's take a look and listen to progressive media (Hardball Chris Matthews), progressive pundits and their version of election doom. They posit, they reminiscence, they chatter and they appear to sheepishly "hope." Problem is they are immersed in the very dialogue the Right has worked very hard to develop and promulgate.  

As they traipse through the segment with an under-current of "DEMS running from Obama", one has to remember, these are paid mouthpieces (from the Left) who appear to have fallen into the GOP election trap. A trap that has enticing inducement comparable to a jar of honey. The Left leaning talking heads have slipped into the mindset of GOP sweeps in November. They know.....
I. Know midterm elections do not draw large turnout. Advantage GOP. 
II. President Obama has successfully implemented a national health insurance reform law that is paying dividends for millions, but falls shy of benefiting many middle to high income earners: people who vote in mid-term elections. Advantage GOP. 
III. The nation leans Right despite irrefutable prologue of GOP economic malfeasance and incompetence while Obama and his team literally save the nation from economic disaster beyond comprehension. 
IV. They also know which election races will drive the Democrats to the full extent of their wherewithal to secure a win. 

Matthews asked a salient question. Where is the chest-thumping from an Administration that has enough "thump" material to at least fire-off a few heavy hands? Hell, one of Matthews guests thoroughly threw a cold shower on the Administration's September Jobs Report.

As I moved away from the segment, thoughts of lax Democratic politicking and candidate running form President Obama shot through my mind like a bolt of lightening. I recall Al Gore distancing himself from the under siege Bill Clinton. Had Clinton helped to carry one state we may not have suffered through years of Bush political incompetence.

Thoughts of a US economy handed back to a political party replete with salivating oligarchs and a reinfection of full-blown Reaganomics. 

In July 2003, Mehrun Etebari for United for a Fair Economy published a screed with inarguable data and comment about the fallacy of supply-side economics. 


Excerpted charts (below) must be accompanied by Etebari's per "reason" comment.

1. Cutting the top tax rate does not lead to economic growth.
Top Tax Rate vs Real GDP Growth Rate

2. Cutting the top tax rate does not lead to income growth.

3. Cutting the top tax rate does not lead to wage growth.

4. Cutting the top tax rate does not lead to job creation.

Weeks before the 212 General Election, I published  a piece regarding Mitt Romney's serial lying, GOP governance and DEM VS GOP handling of the US economy. The piece included a chart that shows the callousness and lack of US voter acumen via voting the GOP into political offices that directly impact of national economic well being.
Yes, the US voter is easily manipulated, and equally deficient in long-term memory. My contempt for the prospect of the GOP taking over the Senate and progressive punditry that has seems to follow a lackadaisical DNC, RCCC and other Democrat election authorities boils over.

Any party that would augment its election voter suppression subterfuge with ads like the following ad spot, should never have an easy trek to federal government dominance.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"Self-segregation": A Growing Social Malaise That Can Destroy The Greater Society

Chris Rock 2009, ".......My white friends have one black friend."

The Washington Post in 2009, published the Chris Rock segment as lede to its story about three quarters of white Americans don't have nay non-white friends. Do you have nay non-white friends. I surmise you are at least a progressive or an interested independent (If there is such a being as an independent) as you are reading the TPI

You are probably a liberal who recognizes the disenfranchisement of people due to what could be as minuscule as non-association from exposure to diversity. Yet, your social paradigm and views could fall well away from the open mindedness that often is inherent in liberalism. The hardcore separatist conservative stand on one side of the social spectrum, they stand out there festering in social misery and longing for your naivety and susceptibility. Despite striking the word "separatist," any political movement that nurtures a 92% race and ethnic composition is factually a separatist movement. On the other side of the spectrum are those who strive for exposure to people who they may not have as neighbors, but recognize doing the right thing via social interaction for themselves and their children. Someplace in the middle are those who influence social cohesiveness and are targets of Right-wing media, propaganda and flat out malfeasance. 

I like this image from a piece I published in March 2013. After taking the quiz exercise my rating generated the tiny red vertical arrow indicator towards the Far-Left. No surprise there in any sense.  The salient point is the Far-Right and inherent social creep from the right.

If you allow yourself to immerse in the perception of pristine living via aversion to diverse interaction, you are part of the three-quarters delineated in a 2013 Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) Survey. 


From September 21, 2013 through October 3, 2013, the Public Religion Research Institute: AMERICAN VALUES SURVEY 2013 conducted a critically important and relevant survey related to social interaction in America. The survey was conducted among 2,317 adults age 18 and older.

No we are not a color blind nation. I assert we are becoming far more racial divided and racially intolerant than anytime over the past half century. Our interest and concern is not so much where we choose  to reside nor with whom we choose to live. "Self-segregation" relates more to complete ostracizing ourselves from one another once we leave the workplace.  Frankly, hiring practices throughout decades also perpetuates clear segregation in the workplace.

The Atlantic published a piece this past week that is both cogent and poignant regarding our propensity to "self-segregate." With the murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri as the central focus of the piece, Robert P. Jones, uses two PRRI studies to support increasing self-segregation.
Clearly white Americans see the broader significance of Michael Brown’s death through radically different lenses than black Americans. There are myriad reasons for this divergence, from political ideologies—which, for example, place different emphases on law and order versus citizens’ rights—to fears based in racist stereotypes of young black men. But the chief obstacle to having an intelligent, or even intelligible, conversation across the racial divide is that on average white Americans live in communities that face far fewer problems and talk mostly to other white people.
A 2012 PRRI survey found that black Americans report higher levels of problems in their communities compared to whites. Black Americans were, on average, nearly 20 percentage points more likely than white Americans to say a range of issues were major problems in their community: lack of good jobs (20 points), lack of opportunities for young people (16 points), lack of funding for public schools (19 points), crime (23 points), and racial tensions (18 points).

Disparities in Reported Community Problems, by Race

Public Religion Research Institute, Race, Class, and Culture Survey, September 2012

These incongruous community contexts certainly set the stage for cultural conflict and misunderstanding, but the paucity of integrated social networks—the places where meaning is attached to experience—amplify and direct these experiences toward different ends. Drawing on techniques from social network analysis, PRRI’s 2013 American Values Survey asked respondents to identify as many as seven people with whom they had discussed important matters in the six months prior to the survey. The results reveal just how segregated white social circles are.
Overall, the social networks of whites are a remarkable 91 percent white.* White American social networks are only one percent black, one percent Hispanic, one percent Asian or Pacific Islander, one percent mixed race, and one percent other race. In fact, fully three-quarters (75 percent) of whites have entirely white social networks without any minority presence. This level of social-network racial homogeneity among whites is significantly higher than among black Americans (65 percent) or Hispanic Americans (46 percent).

Racial and Ethnic Makeup of White Social Networks

PRRI, American Values Survey, 2013

For me, a white man, hearing accounts of how black parents teach their sons to deal with police is difficult to grasp as reality. Jonathan Capehart’s Washington Post column after the Brown shooting contained a personal and poignant account of his mother’s lessons to him as a young black man:
How I shouldn’t run in public, lest I arouse undue suspicion. How I most definitely should not run with anything in my hands, lest anyone think I stole something. The lesson included not talking back to the police, lest you give them a reason to take you to jail—or worse. And I was taught to never, ever leave home without identification. 
The message is stark and real. We may not live as far-right separatist under the veil of conservatism, but our increased stretching of the nation's ethno/social fabric poses real and present dangers. Some are living along the path of the bold red semi-horizontal arrow in the political spectrum image above. Their self-segregation is leading to morphing from Moderate to Conservative to Far-Right as surely and dynamically as the effect of a celestial "Black Hole." Morphing exist with inherent insensitivity for those who, like it or not, do not share the same level of societal privilege. Let's explore a basic and visible example. 

We have become tolerant of police abuse of minorities; in some circles some relish the abuse. Hence, the multiple hundred thousand dollar slush funds for "gunmen" who kill young black men. Ferguson Police (COP) Darren Wilson's slush fund is reported in the $400,000 range. How pathetic for a cop who literally executed the teenager?

Our careless attention to matters of race and self-segregation facilitate manipulation from the Right as evident over the past three presidential elections. Since the days of Nixon and Reagan we have suffered racial divides that have delivered large geographic and social swaths of the nation to a GOP that promulgates policy against the greater good of those who cast GOP votes. Social votes lead to the 3Ps of GOP governance: Paradigm, Policy and Practice. The reality of the southern strategy vote and GOP policy led to the US economic collapse in 2007/2008. We have yet to fully recover from bad GOP policy possibly supported by your social vote.

Self-segregation feeds GOP policy and strategy. GOP policy ruins our economy and divides us along racial lines. Ultimately, our social idiosyncrasy and susceptibility to political manipulation is as dangerous as threats for foreign enemies. A reality that approaches over-the-top, if we factor growing economic divides like income inequality.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Democrat Caught Selling Out To The GOP (Bribery) [VIDEO]

Since, we know the US dollar drives US politics, I will hold-back on comment beyond the MSNBC Now, Alex Wagner, news segment. After the NOW segment i have posted a "deck" from a Huff PO piece with much more detail.  

I seriously hope no one responds with "The GOP has stoop to a new low." No, what we see is a case of the GOP caught with a 'money-hound" Democrat. The GOP lives "this low." 

The segment

Huffington Post adds to the revelations.

GOP Straight Up Bribes Democratic Senator In Effort To Block Obamacare


The Republican Party in Virginia has resorted to what appears to be outright bribery in its ongoing effort to deny low-income residents in the state access to the Medicaid expansion authorized by .  
The Washington Post is reporting that Republicans offered to move Democratic state Sen. Phillip P. Puckett and his daughter into prestigious jobs in exchange for Puckett's resignation, which will flip the chamber into Republican hands. Puckett will officially accept the offer on Monday, the paper reported.  
The Senate was on course to pass an expansion of Medicaid, as the law allows, while the House of Delegates, in GOP hands, aimed to block it. In such a scenario, Democrats hoped that Republicans would be blamed for the resulting government shutdown. With Republicans in control of both chambers, Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) must now veto the GOP budget in order to force a showdown over Medicaid.  
The apparent quid pro quo has sent Democrats railing. 
Read more

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Obamacare Will Not Lower US Wages

2006 look at Media Family Trees  (Click for larger pdf view)

US Media is skirting with credibility issues unparalleled in US History. Television media is culpable in working to "One-up" competition via attracting viewers for the ever-present monthly Nielsen and other ratings.  When print media joins the 'feast' via failing to verify information, people walk away improperly informed.

A misinformed public is as dangerous as Al Qaeda.  Case in point, has the Obama Administration via the PPACA (Patient Protection Affordable Cara Act) resulted in "death panels?" Has the "comprehensive" cost of healthcare gone up, as predicted by GOP politicians? In another arena, the GOP has been very successful at pawning itself off as the party of the fiscal conscious and the party of the moral majority.  The party is neither and a quick Google search will yield which party has contributed most to the US deficit and national debt. A search regarding morality will not led to hash-marks indicating the GOP is the party of the morally pristine. Information is powerful; mis-information is dangerous!

Powerful such that we have a Fox News with viewers in the millions and the network does not deliver news.  A dynamic that is bad enough; when we add CNN's and CBS News's move decidedly  Right via choice and delivery of stories the dynamic moves another notch towards blanket non-credible news. Basically, some networks are delivering propaganda, even if doing so verges on the inadvertent.  Another more recent example of the sickening state of US media is the WSJ editor who declared (Media Matters) a drunken-ed woman is open season for rapist.

The Washington Post has, for some reason, stepped into that void of mis-information related to the ACA.

Washington Post Columnist Forwards Latest Obamacare Lie

Washington Post columnist and former Republican speechwriter Marc Thiessen erroneously claimed that a recent report shows the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will reduce wages and cause a "$70 billion pay cut" when in fact the report shows that the health care law will result in increased compensation. 
On February 4, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released its annual 10-year projection of current policy's impact on the budget and economy. The report garnered so much attention following its release that CBO Director Doug Elmendorf was forced to issue a public response refuting misleading allegations that the ACA would erase up to 2.5 million jobs over the next decade. 
Having lost the battle to spin the ACA as a job killer, right-wing media have pivoted to a new erroneous claim: Americans will see a "$70 billion pay cut" thanks to the health reform law. 
On February 10, Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen published an op-ed claiming that "buried on page 117" of the CBO report was evidence of the ACA depressing American wages. Thiessen spun the report's mention of a "roughly 1 percent reduction in aggregate labor compensation over the 2017-2024 period" to mean that the health care law was taking money out of the pockets of working-class Americans. From The Washington Post:
Obamacare means a 1 percent pay cut for American workers.
How much does that come to? Since wages and salaries were about $6.85 trillion in 2012 and are expected to exceed $7 trillion in 2013 and 2014, a 1 percent reduction in compensation is going to cost American workers at least $70 billion a year in lost wages.
Read more

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Richard Cohen Flirts With Racist Remarks And Gets Colbert (ed)

Cohen says being called a racist is "hurtful."
Well, Mr. Cohen what about actually being a racist?
You mean that is not hurtful? And, what about the
interracial couples (people) you referred to as "gag-able?"
On November 13 2013, we posted a piece about The Washington Post Richard Cohen's racist comments regarding interracial couples. Cohen apparently finds repugnant life in America for those who have companions of another race.  Or, should say, he claims "some" find interracial couples "gag" initiating (his word)!

We have linked our piece earlier piece, here.  

Comedy Central's The Colbert Report has taken Cohen's racism to the level of mockery. We should add very appropriate and poignant mockery.

The Colbert Report

By The Colbert Report.Crappy column by Richard Cohen at The Washington Post.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Verizon, PRISM and President Obama

The National Security Agency's headquarters at Fort Meade, Maryland is the nexus for signals-intelligence activity in the intelligence community. The agency's PRISM program is designed to intercept terrorist and other hostile traffic on the Internet that originates outside the United States but passes through domestic communications infrastructure en route to its destination. (Photo credit: octal)
The Patriot Act has fissures that now seem to have metastasized into allegations of full blown national spying via the NSA and the FBI. We suspect the NSA and FBI monitoring involves a basic choice. "We have to accept measures that monitor information and communication, or we live with terror." 

The Washington Post has published the best explanation of the secretive program which is reported to have started in 2007.    The Patriot Act we re-authored in 2008 and again in 2011. We published a piece a yesterday which focused on the existence of national intra-country spying via Verizon and other phone companies. Those intrusion were not surprising as we can have read similar reports well back to within one year of the 9/11 attacks in New York City.

The Guardian's Wednesday June 5th article received as mixed a set of comments from Members of Congress as the variety of thoughts in my mind about knowing the roots of the spying was supported through the Patriot Act. Variety of thought from resignation that the Patriot Act was in place and we have suffered no large-scale in-country attacks since 2001, to, "well not completely excited about the program, but as a non-combatant, why should I worry about it."

As is frequently the case,  a few hours passes as we move through the post Circa 1990s Information Age (the Internet and associated human electronic interaction) and more information comes forth.  Rachel Maddow is reporting an intelligence officer in the US security community leaked a PowerPoint presentation to the Washington Post regarding a program called PRISM. Lawrence O'Donnell addressed the alleged (spying) with the source of the NSA story: Glenn Greenwald.


  June 7, 2013   UPDATE: President Obama speaks.
It appears we have a choice. Either trust the Administration or believe the 'scandal' laden environment which for some reason has raised its head (continually) since January, 2013.   We choose to trust the president while remaining suspect of efforts by opposition forces (within the US) are about fighting battles aimed at 2014 and 2016.  Our honest assessment; this is a lesser issue than initial thought.
Additional sources (dated June 6, 2013...pre Update)
Internet News
A.) Business Insider  B.) Huffington Post    C.) Washington Post (also linked above) D.) Forbes (Great Information)

Monday, December 17, 2012

The NRA "A" Grade


The Washington Post has published a list of 50 Senators and their letter Grade from the NRA. Obviously,  the letter "A" Grade Senators denote members of Congress who legislates all good for the NRA, pro-gun legislation, and (my  words) have been very receptive to funding candidate from NRA lobbyist.  Basically, the letter "A" Senators are sure fire "we can count on em" pro gun votes.

The list and the link at the Washington Post (scrollable).

Below, we look at the NRA and Gun Owners of America ratings for all 100 members of the new Senate in 2013. And after the chart, a few takeaways.
You may have noticed an skewering of "A" grades to the political Right. Of course, you also saw a sprinkling of "A" grades to the Left.  Now, look even closer at the letter grace assignments the bottom of the list.  Telling, eh?

One has to wonder if we have the very reason only one right-wing member of Congress agreed visit their 'beloved' Sunday Morning shows. As a matter of fact, David Gregory stated, on-air, the invitation to 31 such pro-gun members of Congress met with total rejection.  At the very same time the NRA set its Facebook page so that people could not leave comment. I found the page practically inoperative as if virtually shut-down.

As we move away from the Sandy Hook tragedy, it seems we learn even more about the party on the Right. They seem to be on the wrong side of all that is good in America. Or, I should say at least it appears as such.