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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

As Trump's World Turns: "I Only Hire The Best People"

 It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do. - Steve Jobs
“Everybody and his uncle wants that position,” Trump said of the job that Mattis is quitting. “And also, by the way, everybody and her aunt, just so I won’t be criticized for that last statement.”
Yet another lying utterance from the nation's 45th President. Before we move into the piece let's consider a moment (quick read) with a brief job description of the positions Trump referenced. 

Carefully read the following job description.

In Brief...
The U.S. secretary of defense oversees the country's Department of Defense, the federal service responsible for the country's armed services and related military matters. This federal official acts as the principal defense policy maker and adviser.

The U.S. secretary of defense oversees the country's Department of Defense, the federal service responsible for the country's armed services and related military matters. This federal official acts as the principal defense policy maker and adviser. This position is similar to the minister of defense found in several other countries. 
Main Duties
The secretary of defense exercises authority, direction and control over the three departments of the U.S. armed forces -- the Army and the Navy, as well as the Air Force.The main job of the U.S. secretary of defense is to plan, develop and execute policies that concern the military affairs and national security of the country. Also, such an official is responsible for the department's resource management and fiscal and program evaluation. The secretary of defense runs the entire department from the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), which comprises the official's entire staff. The secretary's staff assists in carrying out assigned tasks in accordance with their job titles. 
National Command Authority
The secretary of defense collaborates with the president to form the National Command Authority. This is a term that the U.S. military and federal government use to refer to the authority that these officials share regarding military orders, including the launch of nuclear weapons. As the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, the president is the ultimate authority. The secretary of defense's job is to allocate policies to the military departments, which train and equip the military forces; the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who plans and coordinates military operations and deployments; and the unified commands, which conduct the military operations.

After reading the job description, recall Trump recently and unceremoniously dismissed Sec'y of Defense Mattis once Mattis gave two months notice of intent to leave his post. Trump ordered him out by the end of 2018.

While Mattis parting remarks regarding Trump was certainly a catalyst to Trump's order to leave by year's end, recent news has me wondering about another Trump appointment.

MoveOn and The Daily Beast piece regarding the nation's new Secy of Defense.

Patrick M. Shanahan, deputy secretary of defense, poses for his official portrait in the Army portrait studio at the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, July 19, 2017.

The job of Secretary of Defense is a job if there is any federal position, which requires experience, wherewithal and, frankly, effective connections across the full scope of the US military. The position also carries a strong level of implied credibility based on many years of experience with US national defense. Adversarial nations, without question, live with a high degree of respect for Mattis and most past Secretaries of Defense. Why would Putin, Chinese military leaders, and Kim's regime generals respect anything about Shanahan, beyond earning billions during his ten-plus year employment at Boeing? 

If there is a reader of this page who can offer rational deductions as to why Shanahan has earned the right to such a critical position, we ask for comment?

Shanahan's first memo in his new role indicates he will without question abide by Trump's erratic and (possibly) Putin influenced wishes. 

The New York Post has published a few passages from Shanahan's first memo to staff. 

“Under the direction of President Trump, the Department of Defense remains focused on safeguarding our nation,” Shanahan said in a statement released on New Year’s Day.

“We have deep respect for Secretary Mattis’ lifetime of service, and it has been a privilege to serve as his deputy secretary,” he continued.

“As acting secretary of defense, I now look forward to working with President Trump to carry out his vision alongside strong leaders including the service secretaries, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the combatant commanders, and senior personnel in the Office of the Secretary of Defense.”

Imagine this....."As acting secretary of defense, I now look forward to working with President Trump to carry out his vision..." The rest of the sentence means little to nothing. The acting Sec'y of Defense will do Trump's bidding without question and that means Putin and other international dictators will influence the US Department of Defense.

If the latter statement is disconcerting to you, think about the matter in this context.  

Trump has no vision.

Leaders with vision don't experience well over 40% turnover during two years in office. The leader also wouldn't experience what follows related to his or her appointments and administration departures. Linked, here.


Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Parkland Shooting Victim's Father Refused A Handshake From Trumps Kavanaugh

Fred Guttenberg, a gun reform advocate who lost his daughter in the Parkland shooting. Attempts to shake the hand of Trump's Supreme Court nominee. Wouldn't you know he refused to shake the hand of a man who lost his daughter to senseless gun violence?

Guttenberg Tweeted:

“Just walked up to Judge Kavanaugh as morning session ended. Put out my hand to introduce myself as Jaime Guttenberg’s dad. He pulled his hand back, turned his back to me and walked away. I guess he did not want to deal with the reality of gun violence."
Image may contain: 9 people, suit

The Daily Beast published the following 23-second video. Notice the contemptuous look on Kavanaugh's face.

As an African-American, I can not express how many times I have seen that very look from many across the course of my life.

How insensitive and callous...typically conservative.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

White Supremacist Again Torchlight The Charlottesville Lee Statue

Of course, we are all too young to recall what follows. Hitler's torch night took place well before we were born, yet it stands as an epic reminder of what followed after such exhibitions and movements go unchecked.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and text
Photo published for Richard Spencer and other white nationalists march with torches in unplanned rally on Charlottesv...

The Daily Beast and other media are reporting on a second Charlottesville visit form white supremacist Richard Spencer and his band of modern day Nazis. 

While the torchlight visit to the Lee statue didn't include the more common display of Nazi flags, the sentiment is nonetheless alive and well.  Here is one image from the first statue march.

Related image  Image result for nazis in virginia

If you don't recognize the undercurrents of protest Donald Trump considers equally "bad" on both side, know only one side exposes that follows. The creator of the Confederate battlefield flag spoke and wrote openly about its genesis.

Image result for confederate flag creator quote

The nation is experiencing shameful white supremacy and antisemitic proliferation during a time when the Jeff Sessions FBI aims at torching what some call the "black identity" movement.

Do you see the national sanctioning of racism? We are experiencing white supremacist and KKK members running rampant simultaneous the nation's top law enforcement agency strategizing against "Black Lives Matters."


Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Trump Swamp

Related image

It seems the Special Counselor Mueller investigation is centering on Paul Manafort as a cancer within the Trump cabal. As of the last 36 hours, it seems the cancer may have a molecular core embed with the smell of "V" Putin and his subservient Russian oligarchs.

Image result for manafort ukraine

If you are one who follows US current events and the fiasco of Trump as US President, you may recall a comment from the carnival barking con man (president) in which he stated no deep knowledge of how he came to know Paul Manafort. A likely lie to join Trump's common behavior of lying over 90% of the time.  

As reporting of Mueller's investigation and stellar reporting from print journalist are baring out, Manafort could very well a cancerous entity strategically developed and insert by Russia's dictatorial president via a network of cronies and Eastern European strongman leaders.

In April of this year, the Daily Beast joined other media in reporting regarding Manafort and his Don Quixote-like appearance in US Politics.  An appearance which may have culminated from effective political intrigue and undercover politicking for some very unsavory post-Soviet Bloc leaders.

The Daily Beast (April 2017)
As detailed in a recent New York Times article, Manafort reached out to Trump with memos in February 2016, pitching himself as a professional who could help Trump’s operation. According to the Times report, Thomas J. Barrack Jr., a friend of Trump’s who went on to become the chairman of the Presidential Inaugural Committee, provided Trump with the Manafort memos. Trump subsequently requested a meeting with Manafort, according to the paper. 
That’s where Stone came in. 
“After Barrack brought Paul to the president, Trump called Stone for a recommendation and they had a long conversation,” one former Trump campaign official told The Daily Beast. “Paul’s offer came soon after.”
If The Daily Beast piece is accurate, Trump feigning "unaware" of how 
Manafort came to his cabal is patently false (and indicative of Trump's inner psyche).

Last night, The Rachel Maddow show, and the top MSNBC host delivered a compelling prospect regrading Manafort and his entry into what we now know as Trumpism.

If you are a liberal or moderate TV news viewer you may very well have watched the Maddow segment. If you missed the segments and consider yourself an informed citizen of this nation, you may be on a wrong path to conservative authoritarianism..and worse.

Maddow (three segments; first segment runs 24 seconds). 

Of all names bantered around regarding Trump and what seems election tampering from Russia, it is a bit perplexing not to see and hear more about Roger Stone.

Trump during the 2016 campaign frequent used a strategic moniker of "Drain the Swamp." Is it possible for rational Americans to avoid consideration of Trump and his cabal as the swamp?


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Conservative Perception of US Slavery Inexcusable (Video)

Image result for gop on slavery raceIf you follow US politics and the 2016 General Election campaign for the US Presidency, you are aware of Katrina Pierson (from the Trump campaign).

Pierson has a recent history of Tea Party leaders in her home state of Texas.  She also has a more distant background which includes the use of crack cocaine. Substance abuse which led to an arrest at a Dallas, Texas department store (reported with her young son in tow).  Despite the period of time which has passed since 1997, there seems to be an issue of cognitive deficiencies; in many cases, such mental issues never move to a point of rational.  

After a long period of no Pierson on cable news coverage, she has reappeared. Trump's over-the-top mishandling of the Charlottesville, Virginia Nazi/white supremacist rally (and associated violence) has offered an opportunity for incessant cable news segments. The lack of a presidential reaction to the violence including Trump's sickening efforts to offer a moral equivalency to Nazis and white supremacists and anti-Nazi rally protesters provide a platform for Fox News regurgitating Pierson for its ravenous tin head viewers.  Pierson performed well while offering a point of view which may permeate through the minds of many conservatives who have the mental capacity to hold that thought.  Pierson has no such impulse reactions. 

As the on camera discussion moved through issues of Charlottesville and discussion of removing public symbols of the US Confederacy  to museums Pierson went here:

“The only place that that's being done right now is by ISIS and I really don't think that you should have leaders actually encouraging people to do these types of things,” she continued, “because Americans actually love their history, their culture, good and bad, because it helps them learn and it helps keep people educated about why America is so great to begin with.”
Another segment guest Wendy Osefo, softly proposed simply moving the statues. 
“It absolutely deserves a place, because bad history is still good history for this country.”
The comment drew this startled response from Osefo:

“Slavery is good history?”

What you witnessed is not only the essence of a person who lives in an alternate universe, you heard a person who will say anything for a dollar, and you caught a glimpse of the core of millions who consider themselves conservatives.

If you are involved to think in terms of we shouldn't use Pierson as a beacon of the inner core of million on the Right, how about another example.  Let's move to another region of North Carolina.  In early 2016, a candidate for the Alamance County Board of Commissioners, candidate Tim Sutton spoke of a non-apology for his family's history of slave ownership while avoiding the use of the word slaves. He referred to human bondage and human chattel as "workers."


The Times News



Commissioner Tim Sutton — who ran for his seat as a Republican in 2016, Times News reported — said he would never vote to remove Confederate statues, which have become a topic of debate at the local and national level after a recent white nationalist protest against the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue turned violent in Charlottesville, Virginia. 
If it comes down, it goes back up. To heck with facts,” Sutton said, after other county commissioners responded to the request from the Alamance County Taking Back Alamance County (ACTBAC) group. “The emotions have just gone haywire. I am not going to be a victim of political correctness. I am just not going to do it. Label me all you want, say what you will about me.” 
He went on to say he wasn’t ashamed by his great-grandfather for doing “what he did” because the “workers” — whom he apparently wouldn’t call slaves — on his family farm were given land. 
“It is my understanding that when (my great-grandfather) died, from Sarah, my grandmother, that some guys on the farm, you can call them slaves if you want to, but I would just call them workers, that they raised a good bit of my family,” he said, according to Times News. 
“When the time came, my great-grandmother gave them land. I am not going to be an assault on logic, an assault on the history of this country and the heritage of this area and this country. Not going to do it,” he said.
If American conservatives reflect on one of the most horrific aspects of US History (only surpassed by the wanton genocide of Native Original North American people in the millions), is there any wonder we have such deep divides regarding what seems a key facet of Rightwing ideology.  

Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Reality Of Progressives And Their Protest Votes (Or Non Votes)

Did you fall for the media hype against Clinton? 

Image result for fake anti hillary bot campaign Related image

Related image  Related image
Did you fall for this stuff?

In early 2016, I opened my Facebook page and ran across a notification from someone in a "Closed"  Bernie Sanders supporters Facebook page. As I perused the dialog related to the notification I ran across a comment that was total startling.

The post which generated the comments was so obviously out-of-the-park ridiculous in its criticism of Hillary Clinton was stupefying. Actually, the post was cognitively comical and associated comments posted on the post were equally stupefying and almost appear teenage-like. One comment was as follows:
"Hillary supporters are like people with the Stockholm Syndrome........."
And therein lies the essence of the Trump win along with a few campaign strategy mistakes via the Clinton camp.  Mistakes happen and it should be noted after all the vote dust settled, Clinton's vote count exceeded Trumps by 2.84 million votes. That seems to show the Electoral College has not received any level of process attention since the Continental Congress.  How about technology, poor voting processes in some states and the calling of elections by cable news hosts to facilitate ratings? Did the Crafters of the Constitution (they were not Founding Fathers as a humane father is generally not a slave owner) ever imagine the vote for US President would be settled within 24 hours and before bedtime; like a football game?  I suspect not.

The essence of the Trump wins is favored with potential voters who cast protest votes. People who actually believed Trump could not win, so they smugly cast votes (like children taking their ball and glove and heading home). Many of those protest voters voted for third-party candidates or, heavens forbid, they did not vote at all. The latter is a sorrow lot as their no-vote was an existential vote for any winner. Thus, they became Trump voters.

As time past during the 2016 Campaign, I often wondered how so many could so vehemently hate the liberal (Progressive) candidate they appeared to be headed towards personal and national Hara-kari. How many went beyond the surface hatred of Clinton ("Predators"  et al) to belief in what now seems Russian "bot" warfare and Right wing media fake news.

A few days after the Trump election win The Daily Beast published a piece which has come full circle and landed squarely on target. The social media news site published in reference to  Oxford University Professor Philip Howard, regarding a 5:1 cyber war win which without question worked to damage the Clinton brand. 
.....numerous examples of pro-Trump accounts  incorporating pro-Clinton hashtags as a means of spreading the message to a wider audience.

Twitter Bot


There were some accounts that were even personalized with human-seeming names, spewing out the same tweet verbatim. As Howard’s fellow researcher Samuel Woolley described one instance: “Pro-Trump bots that looked like Latino voters were launched after Trump’s primary win there and disappeared the next week.” This seemingly also happened with less frequency with pro-Clinton bots.

Twitter Bot


Howard described a similar social-media campaign that took place in the leadup to Brexit, a referendum with which Trump tried to associate his surprise win. As Howard and his team analyzed the data, he determined that the pro-Trump accounts were more successful than the pro-Clinton ones due to the negative nature of their messaging and the “offensive pictures with strange captions” that can so easily get passed around. 
He, however, did not think that was the work of the campaign itself.
Within the past 48 hours, MSNBC has broadcast what seems quality reporting regarding the level of scope of Russian "bot" warfare and its cousin right wing media fake news.   

Here are snippets of such broadcast reporting via the Rachel Maddow show.

One Facebook page Administrator alerted page members of her observations.

“The pattern I’m seeing is if a member is repeatedly posting articles that are only from one URL that person is just there to push advertising,” Aleta Pearce of Malibu, California wrote. “They probably have a sock account with little to no content. They are often from Russia or Macedonia.” 
She urged other Sanders supporters to “chase the mice out of the hen house.”
I know a few members from the page with which I started this post shared many memes like those posted in the lede section above.  

If you fell for the subterfuge and hyperbolic social media postings regarding the Queen of Evil Hillary Clinton and abstained from voting or voted third party, consider the nation's 45th President.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Trump's Lackeys Love Russians

Sheriff David Clarke Another Trump Associate With High-Level Russian Pals

A 2015 trip to Russia by a delegation from the National Rifle Association, arguably Donald Trump's most powerful ally in the 2016 election, raises new questions about Trump's ties to Vladimir Putin. This time, Fox's favorite sheriff (and Trump supporter) David Clarke is involved. In 2015, an NRA delegation, including Clarke, met with Dmitry Rogozin who,…

Monday, September 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Basket Of Deplorables (Why Not)

The most reported words from Clinton's comments last Friday Night.
“You can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables,” Clinton said.
The descriptive statement 
"To just be grossly generalistic, you can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables," Clinton said in remarks at a fundraiser on Friday obtained by CNN. "Right? Racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it."

The full statement 

Image result for "To just be grossly generalistic, you can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables,"Yes, Clinton must have relied on focus groups and survey polling results for the crafting of her message. The only problem with the message is her use of the word "half." She placed a measurement on her accurate assertion regarding Trump's support base with no way of gauging the accuracy of the measurement.  Yet, the reality of Trump's "deplorabes" is as real as Greenwich Mean Time and the 24-hour clock. If you pay attention to any US or international news, you would be far less than honest with yourself if you do not recognize Trump has a significant level of support from US bigots, US racists, and International white nationalist; along with total support from the nation's white supremacists.

While media, conservatives and too many 'so-called" progressives are up-in-arms about Clinton's frankness, evidence of significant bias and bigotry from the nation's social deviates can be found rather easily. Evidence which is easy to locate.

A couple of months ago an NBC reporter and reports of other reporters surreptitiously entered a set of Trump rallies. The video you are about to view is an abbreviated exhibit of reporters in one small area of a trump rally. Since we can assume the reporters did not know the scope of racism and hatred which would exhume for the area where they stood, we should be able to safely expect what you will see and hear probably was pervasive across the arena.

Unfiltered Voices From Donald Trump's Crowds via @nytvideo

While the individual racists and hate mongers are one set of human filth; recognize they are surrounded by people who are enablers. It takes a special person or people to stand tall against the emotions and psyche of "group think."

Image result for worshipping hitlerImage result for worshipping hitler one guy didnt

A deeper look reveals even more.  Rudy Giuliani and Alabama's Jeff session are front line Trumpeters for Trump. Giuliani's history is emblazoned in US History; no need to comment further. Jeff Session also has a history of overt racism which I am not certain he has properly disavowed.

What had happened was, he had a history of both comments and actions that appeared to be racist. Whether they were or not is — you know, to speak to the former President Bush, I can’t speak into his heart, but he had a history of comments. For example, he called the KKK something he had once admired, except that he had learned that they were pot smokers. He used to say things that were jokes. He called a white civil rights lawyer a traitor to his race. He was said, during his confirmation hearings, to have called a black assistant attorney general — assistant attorney to the state of Alabama "boy" in a derogatory manner towards African Americans. 
Trump has also recently employed Breitbart New's CEO, Stephen Bannon, and other unsavory social deviates as close campaign staffers.

Clinton succumbed to pressure and issued a statement on Saturday.  

The Daily Beast on Saturday
“Last night, I was ‘grossly generalistic,’ and that's never a good idea,” Clinton said in a statement posted to her Facebook page. “I regret saying ‘half’—that was wrong. But let's be clear, what's really ‘deplorable’ is that Donald Trump hired a major advocate for the so-called ‘alt-right’ movement to run his campaign and that David Duke and other white supremacists see him as a champion of their values.”
Clinton's full statement


Let's move back from Clinton's stated regret for a moment. 

White supremacists have recently moved to full blossom in their support for Trump.  

The Daily Beast and Media Matters Twitter pages have both featured posts regarding America's growing white nationalism and white supremacy (AKA  "Alt-right"). 

You might say, well those are hardly indicators of 'half": of Trump's supporters. No argument on the numeric label. As I have stated, Clinton resorted to hyperbole when she made the basket of deplorables. Yet,the facts stand as "pesky little things".

Would you like to know why I personally feel Clinton was point-on? You might also suspect I feel she should have allowed her comment to stand and the hell with political correctness (during this political season).After all, aren't we seeing an equal level of angst regarding parts of Trump's appeal base which is without question ravenous bigots and racists? I again question the use of the word "half" in Clinton's statement, but the number of Trump supporters who harbor bias, bigotry and racism are reality. Alas, the following chart will show an indicting picture of US white perception of the nation's African-Americans. Yet, Trumps supporters (in the Reuters survey report)

Reuters (and the nation's ugly reality)

Rather than recoil at Clinton's remarks, we should relish the reality of her words and the danger inherent in both Trump supporters bigotry and the pervasive bias across the United States.

As for Trump's supporters, how about a representative look at a few you may recognize.  It is important to note the images exclude noted white supremacists and white nationalist.


Deplorable, yet not considered over racists and bigots.


Why Media Shouldn’t Fall For GOP Attempts To Scandalize Clinton’s “Basket Of Deplorables” Remarks

Trump comments......
Trump defends the indefensible (The Raw Story)