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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Right-wing Affinity For And Antagonism Regarding Race (VIDEO)

If you don't have a few spare minutes don't stay on this post. It is an important post with a few video segments to illustrate a few points.The right reacts to President Obama's press conference comments with typical drivel and sprinklings of racism.
"American Exceptionalism." Now, factor this person in with what you will see and hear should you view the racist demagogues in this piece.
Right-wing ideology leaders took the president's very calculated and civil discussion of the Trayvon Martin murdered and race in the United States as an invitation to speak.  President Obama conceded early in his press conference that there was little to nothing the Feds could do in filing Civil Rights charges against Martin's murderer, thus sending a message to the black community. He also gave the Right and conservative America a few bones to placate their increasing insatiable avidity regarding the black community.  

The president went on to very calmly and civilly speak about life in America for some who are not white. He spoke specifically about the experience of just about all black males at one time or another in their lives.  His words were heartfelt, honest and to the point. I recall an episode in my life while serving in the US military all the black airmen in my squadron were called to a meeting. The squadron Captain told us we could not attend the squadron Christmas Party. Not one of us had been home to visit loved ones after basic training and celebration the holiday was written off for us. We were given the "Invisible Negro" treatment. 

Obama also spoke about the need for more social work among African-Americans in the black community. He never once spoke about discrimination in hiring and promotion. He did not speak pay inequity for minority and women. He actually did not speak with specificity about black incarceration.  The Right will talk about incarceration from the standpoint that black perpetrate more crime. People who are learned, informed and unencumbered by bigotry and bias know that incarceration numbers also has to do with unfair judicial systems and judges who have biases against minorities.  The press conference address was fair and balanced while delivering messages to all segments of the public. 

You have to know Right-wing ratings mongers could not allow such civility to transpire without feeding their 'blood thirsty" and very biased viewers.  Let's face facts, anyone who still listens to Limbaugh has to be a bigot as a minimum and probably a racist (at heart). His listener may also be inclined towards misogyny (hatred and abuse of women). If women viewers find his misogyny entertaining, they are factually misogynist in their worship of the demagogue. Existentially, the listener would have to possess the mindset of a "dittohead." 

O'Reilly viewers (some probably also Limbaugh listeners) may possess inclination more towards that of the right-wing intellectual. Nonetheless ,O'Reilly delivers messages of racism equal to Limbaugh with a more on-air  anger laced demeanor and a few more multi-syllable words. His message is the very same.

Allow me to introduce a person who so reminds of Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's Third Reich Propaganda Minister. He reminds of the wretched demagogue who via his various media and dedication to Hitler's vile plans for minorities in Germany.  Bill O'Reilly's 7:41 minutes racist rant even came across as comparable to a Goebbels speech with far more anger and visual angst. Exhibit I.  In fact, Goebbels was less antagonistic and anger filled than O'Reilly's racist tirade.

The classic Circa 2013 racial rant replete with data that does not stand up to intelligent scrutiny. In fact, O'Reilly seemed to cherry pick rates to make his point.  According to The Bureau of Justice Statistics (through 2010), he seems to be accurate regarding black homicide rates, but he ignores the total body of criminal offenses from all races.

Take a few minutes and watch how MSNBC's Chris Hayes addressed O'Reilly's latest racial rate. 

The Root published a piece on crime in the United States and the fallacy of O'Reilly's rant exposed. Demagogues and pundits on the Right love the term "Black on Black" crime. Tim Wise, Antiracist Essayist, Author and Educator, spoke eloquently to Melissa Harris-Perry about the business of white perception of the black community regarding crime. He also addressed the 'mantra' of black on black crime.

Last evening MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell's Rewrite was devoted to the Fox News racist as follows. O'Reilly Comment and the O'Donnell Rewrite:
"Trayvon Martin was killed because circumstances got out of control. He was scrutinized by a neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman, because of the way he looked. Not necessarily his skin color, there is no evidence of that but because he was a stranger to Zimmerman and was dressed in clothing sometimes used by street criminals."

And, of course the Right has another even more guttural and vile demagogue who contributes equally to the nation's racial divide. Limbaugh mocks human bondage (slavery) as if a pre-Civil War plantation owner and Mississippi politician during the Lincoln Administration.

Both Limbaugh and O'Reilly chose to take position on the president's press conference remarks. The both chose to speak from a perspective of 'white privilege' with enough entertainment for their viewers leave the broadcast with a smile and a "That's Right."  Over the course of my life, I have never heard nor read the word slavery comparable to its use by the GOP and the naiton's conservatives.  They seem to ave a psychic affinity for the state of human bondage yet they use the word as a whipping stick. Both O'Reilly and Limbaugh thrive off refusal to accept America is not a fair and balanced society They chose to ignore factors that contribute to poverty and bias which impact lives and how people live their lives. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The "N" Word Via Tim Wise!

While he would never agree to it, I call TiM Wise the Circa 2000 "White" Malcolm X (The White Malik Shabazz).  There are very few who carry and deliver messages with such eloquence and veracity. There are no equals to Mr. Wise in the specificity of his message and for whom the message tolls.

We offer two short segments. Mr. wise has far more segments posted on YouTube via admirers. He also has a webpage:


Tim Wise Pathology of White Privilege

Need say no more!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Racism, Lower IQs, Simplicity, Relevance and Tim Wise (VIDEO)

Do you often wonder why arguments from the political and social right are so very basic often with no level of complexity?

How about the simplicity of right leaning policy that always favors upper echelon income earners and business?

Do you recall Ronald and Nancy Reagan's failed, "Just say no to drugs mantra and slogan?"  It works in all other conservative positions and practices  Simply ask our 44th President about the impact of improving our economy  writing towards fairness for people, and improving international relations with almost half the nation "just saying no!"

While we must be careful with social tolerance when differentiating between preference, bias, bigotry and racism, there is something to be said about the extreme that touches into racism. If you need evidence of such, think about the last time you saw a hardcore racist sign, a hardcore racist verbal rant, or a racist exhibition that was prompted by one against another.

Exhibit I.  Exhibit II. 

Do you think the person who has that kid, above, with the sign has an intellect beyond that of an imbecile?  How about the intellect and mental process of one who would posted the sign to the right?  Do you think they have the gift of cognitive enlightenment associated with intellect?

I was aware of the following topic and screeds a while back.  Psychology Today and Live Science have published on intellect and racism. We made the decision to hold on publishing in this realm out of fear of coming across as elitist, biased or possibly flawed in labeling people and their actions.  We realize that our caution was both well founded, but intellectually and informatively unfair in and of itself. Information is information and should net be stifled  Open discussion and exploration is much more salient to moving towards a better society. Embedded in this argument is a key and critical perspective: simplicity. 

Simplicity works for some people.  There are millions who would rather not have to spend time challenging false paradigms via reading, research and asking tough questions  They simply attach to arguments that are often sophisms,  spread the false information and relish in having fed their false paradigm.  example, I know and you know you either heard, known (familiar with) someone or have observed someone who felt deep down they was more intelligent than 'black people'. Come on be honest. Frankly, you first exposure to such may have bee within your family If not within your family, the exposure came once you moved into the second or third grades in primary school. If you lived in a vacuum or was lost in space throughout most of your life, you surely ran smack-dab into such bigotry and racism once you entered the workplace. You my have noticed, I did not break "black people" into smaller groups. I left the group as an aggregation of black people for a reason.  How simple is it to teach a person to practice bigotry or racism via aggregate teaching against the group as a whole? I may not be able to convince a person that they are as smart as "Jane Doe" (Black woman), but I can surely convince that person he/she are smarter some people that they are smarter than black people as a whole.  How simple is it, really?

Since we do strive to fair when possible and practical, I think it important to point out that the TPI can find similar fallacy when espousing all who are of lower IQ are susceptible to the teachings of racist.  And, neither publication indicated such. 

Let's take a look and read of how some feel racism is in part the result of issues related to intelligence quotient.  Remember, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich are not flaming racist as is Rush Limbaugh,  but all practice forms of racism and have manifestly exhibited such in very pubic arenas.  One last reminder. We did not intend to speak for or vouch for the Psychology Today screed, nor that of Life Sciences, so blanket indictments of people is not a TPI intent. As I read the articles, another publication practiced intent to malign in a blanket manner.  Examples used do seem to validate the premise of the researches and the subsequent authors.

Psychology Today

Hodson and Busseri (2012) found in a correlational study that lower intelligence in childhood is predictive of greater racism in adulthood, with this effect being mediated (partially explained) through conservative ideology. They also found poor abstract reasoning skills were related to homophobic attitudes which was mediated through authoritarianism and low levels of intergroup contact.
What this study and those before it suggest is not necessarily that all liberals are geniuses and all conservatives are ignorant. Rather, it makes conclusions based off of averages of groups. The idea is that for those who lack a cognitive ability to grasp complexities of our world, strict-right wing ideologies may be more appealing. Dr. Brian Nosek explained it for the Huffington Post as follows, “ideologies get rid of the messiness and impose a simple solution. So, it may not be surprising that people with less cognitive capacity will be attracted to simplifying ideologies.” For an excellent continuation of this discussion and past studies, please see this article from LiveScience.

The Psychology Today piece references much more from this linked screed on Live Science.  If you read the Live Science screed you will find great care exercised in avoiding blanket indictments of IQ and social intolerance. The Live Science screed does, however, appear to link to the roots and causes of developing racism in very young people. 

Both screeds are interesting reading. Each piece must be read with an eye of caution against over laying blankets on aggregate groups.  

To harken back to our piece lead. There appears to be something very much concrete in beliefs that people who are avowed racist and absolute bigots have mental process outside the realm of commonly shared. That argument is hard to refute.  It is even more valid when we remind that racism and bigotry is also a problem in minority communities.  The major difference in the shared reality of racism across racial lines; people who comprise a physical and numerical majority have opportunity and privilege to exercise their mental mutations (bigotry and racism) in oppression of the minority (except in the former apartheid state of South Africa).

The Live Science writer truly places this argument in perspective. 

The piece is at least written such that no particular group is victimized by the premise of Lower IQ fits racism like a glove.  All you have to do is watch Fox News and many Right-wing pundits and surrogates to see the fallacy in that argument. John Sunnunu, former Romney campaign manager, is a very intelligent man.  I will leave my point there.

We agree with Live Science. There are other factors that contribute greatly to racism, bigotry and other forms of intolerance.   We find money a major driver in what comes across as overt racism. Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly and Beck are extremely well compensated mouthpieces. While, each practices propaganda based bias to racism  they are intelligent enough to modify their true beliefs for sake of a multi-million dollar contract and six figure speaking engagements. Of course there are many highly educated racist. Now, you also know there are bigots in the poli/social Left. It goes without saying there are people who harbor bias n the Left, Right and in the middle of the social continuum (Independents). 

We think there is more value in understanding how the political right uses 'dog whistles" and "code" like Pavlov dog stimulus to enact thought so racism and bigotry. 

The argument has found fertile ground with the TPI for another reason.  Conservationism, in and of itself, does not lend to deep mental contemplation that leads to change.  We posit conservatism also allows manipulation by people adroit at extracting behavior that actually works against those who follow like sycophants. 

Imagine the effective impact, over-time, right-wing preaching and mantra, yet 47 per cent of the 60 per cent of voters who voted int he 2012 elections voted for Mitt Romney.  Romney and Ryan was a flawed candidacy that superseded the ineptitude of McCain/Palin.  There has never been a GOP candidate team so outside the realm of honesty and credibility. Yet, they received 47 percent of the vote.   Many of those voters actually voted against their own well being.

The GOP is 92% white. As telling as it gets. Most in the party are in now way racist.  However, they party is systemic in its lack of regard for tolerance of people who are not white. 

Instead of seeking social in lower IQ and racism (for some), we find far more value in understanding the preachings of TIM Wise: social positions in white privilege.


Friday, December 7, 2012

Tom Robinson Fights Racism

There are times when we posts related to Tim Wise. We have  also posted Facebook screeds from Mr. Tom Robinson. We offer yet, another from Tom Robinson.

Before we post the screed, know that facing racism and bigotry (or even bias) is not an easy mission to accomplish.  It takes courage (as you will read below), it takes focus, and it takes commitment.  Some have accomplished work unparalleled during the course of mankind to alleviate the world of such psycho/social mental deficiencies. All must be reminded of that in our lives that can be eliminated.

 I hope Mr. Robinson does not mind the following. 

You know Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King,  Ghandi, Susan B. Anthony (and company),  Malcolm X (Malik Shabazz), Medgar Evers, murdered civil rights and voting rights workers, and like the thought our not, you know the original (and real) Black Panther Party for Self Defense.  If you know of those people, you know they have one thing in common, "death to oppression and freedom for all people."   

Why did I reference Tom Robinson with regard to those names?  Because I think he is a humble man on a mission.  A mission that most of us dare not undertake (for various reasons).  And, it is people like Tom Robinson who have potential for impacting our world, if people will listen read and involve themselves.  I offer Tim Wise as another and much more recognized 'speaker of the word'.

Before Tom's short personal screed, Allow me to repeat an experience of a few years ago. The Cherry Hill House.  

Tom Robinson "Agitates".  Tim wise "Agitates".  We do not restrict our work to the elimination of racism, bigotry and bias, but we consider that we at The Progressive Influence also "AGITATE". 

Tom Robinson (Facebook screed unmodified)

Image courtesy Tom Robinson...Peace and tranquility

  • Please understand that when I say 'you',

    I am not talking about everyone, but the one's that I am talking about, know who they are. Yet I still have a question for us all of us; what are we afraid of ? Are we afraid of hurting the feelings of some people who might finds the ( truth ) offensive? Are we; who claim to be spirited fighters for truth and justice only willing to do it " under some circumstances? "

    So here we go...

    The fact that there has been unprecedented Black achievement in America is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and resilience of a magnificent people.

    Yes, in spite of not only throwing the kitchen sink at us, and all the appliances too, and putting every conceivable obstacle possible in our path and creating laws that only apply to us, so that we can be easily convicted and warehoused, and denying us a proper education with which we cannot get proper employment and treating us with disgust and disdain; for the last 450 years, ( still we rise...) And that is what burns your ass to the point that you have ( bought and paid for ) lawmakers; to re-double their efforts to strip away laws that were meant to help us and provide opportunities, and creating shams to prevent us from voting.

    Yes, yes, yes, we understand that you think that everything is our fault; that if it wasn't for us, your jobs would not have been out sourced or you wouldn't have lost your homes and the economy would be better, and gas prices would be lower, and your savings wouldn't have been wiped out. We understand that you've convinced yourself that we have international connections with multi national drug cartels, Customs and other law enforcement officials and the banking industry and are able to wash billions of dollars in drug money and have those same drugs shipped into the country, and then funneled into our communities', where they have caused generations of devastation and havoc, and you blame us for broken homes due to systemic high black unemployment, and a lop-sided educational, judicial and justice system. And our children's bright futures, have been dimmed, because we are lazy.

    And oh, yeah, lets talk about the guns too. You know the one's that are readily available and sold in this country; and protected by 2nd. amendment rights and the NRA and our corrupt politicians. Sure, you remember that, the guns that any sick lunatic can walk into any gun store and purchase, because some people are so fearful that some one is going to come and take them away, so they stockpile them as if their was going to be an apocalyptic invasion from another planet, or maybe a race war, that Fox News keeps warning you about.

    Yes we know; that you think that it is all our fault, as well. And you've managed to convince a good portion of Americans too. You've convinced them to continuously vote against their own economic interests and excoriate programs that also help them; for fear that they would have to share something with us; and they have and they still do? (WTF) How else can you explain the Tea Party?

    Man, talk about blind hatred and selfishness. And they teach this to their children and still call themselves' responsible parents?

    But guess what? The world has been watching you; and some of those Americans are beginning to wake up, and they are sick and tired of having a national identity and description in the world, that Americans are motivated by hate...

    We understand that you (some) refuse to take any responsibility for situations that you created or have allowed to happen right under your nose; because of greed, blatant racism and willful ignorance. We understand that you suffer from the psychosis of privilege and are so blinded by hatred that you don't realize ( or won't accept ) that you are getting played too. You refuse to admit to yourself that the views we are forced to peruse are the exact same one's that light your vista's too, because you have someone else to blame, right? Well, just let me ask; how is that working out for you? And guess what...

    You cannot hold a man down without staying down there with him.

    The only difference between us, and you is that you volunteer to stay down there with us; and you do it to protect the rich and the powerful, who tell you that if you just keep believing their bullshit, then scraps from their table will trickle down to you too. And they continue to demonstrate; time and again, that they don't give a rats ass about you, your future, your children, your homes, your outsourced jobs, your college loans or your families' health or well-being in general. But all of your problems are our fault; right?

    Oh, did I forgot to mention that they really don't care about your husbands, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters, ( Some raped or otherwise sexually abused ) that they send off to wars for corporate profits who come home bruised and broken, spiritually, emotionally and otherwise. Only to be denied benefits and discharged from the military because of a "trumped up" personality disorder.

    When will you get it; that we are all Americans and if this country is going to live up to it's potential and ideals, we are going to have to start to embrace our difference's and stop letting fear and hate cloud our judgement.

    Whenever I post this I get all types of messages. Some people tell me that that I am 'too' serious about this whole racial thing and I need to chill out. Others say that I am too angry and then they un-friend me. Some people just cuss me out for blaming them and then proceed to to tell me that they never owned a slave, and then they call me a racist. The saddest part however, is the silence that I get from people I thought would support the ideals of their country...

    Tom ~


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tim Wise: A true and coureagous American (VIDEO)

Tim Wise (Wiki)

It takes courage to do what Tim Wise accomplishes his lectures and prose on social diversity or lack thereof in America. 

I have posted his entire speech many months back. I going to re-post it here for those who are visitors. It is not easy for some white people to listen Mr. Wise. It is also not easy for some African-Americans to listen to Mr. Wise.  His message is not even an easy message to deliver regardless of speaker. He stands tall as a white man delivering a speech that would be ignored by, millions more if he was a black man.

If "white privilege' as phraseology is new to you, regardless of your thoughts about race, you should do some reading about what I can "conferred privilege'. Privilege conferred simply based on one's birth.

Just think for a minute. It is possible for one to have unlimited privilege that is denied to others simply based on race, gender or later in life sexual orientation.

Listen to Part 1 of  6  Tim Wise (10:29 minutes)

The complete speech (57:42) Minutes. Yes, I know far too long for our attention spans.  His message is so relevant.

I hope Mr. Wise does not mind the comparison, I do not find a lot of difference in his eloquent message than that of one who was killed before the significance of his message soaked into our society. Tim Wise reminds me so much of Malik Shabazz (Malcolm X).

Friday, March 16, 2012

On The Subject of Racism......

Mr.Tim Wise

Posted with permission from Mr. Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.  accompanied by a most eloquent speech about a sensitive topic: Mr. Tim Wise - on White Privilege.

I am going to add a preamble to this work. First, there is no such thing as a quick read on such a critical and sensitive topic.  I hope Mr. Moore and author of the visual piece, Mr. Wise, does not mind my joining them in delivering a critical message that focuses on racism. Think about this as you read. People who harbor racist beliefs generally also harbor other 'bad character."  Sexism is not far beyond.

Know that when I post articles here that so directly address lingering racism in America, my site statistics show me that those articles are read less than other articles. I also notice a much higher incidence of reading such pieces by people from other countries. 

As Atty. General Eric Holder stated not long after his appointment by President Barack Obama. Holder commented about people in America not having the 'courage' to undertake very necessary dialogue about race in America. He received major scorn for million in America and not all came from people who call themselves conservative, or people who hate the very day Barack Obama was elected president. No, many people who considered themselves progressive did not seem to care for Holder's remarks. 

Mr. Moore introduces his piece with a story that is probably common in some form among any African-American who has shared interacting space with white people. Many instances are so subtle the 'privilege' is impossible to immediately discern; other instances are blatant and ugly. Let me share a couple of stories. Thus, I hope my friend Benjamin T. Moore Jr. does not mind sharing this space and this piece. 

I often tell about as a very young boy, under age 5, entering the "Colored Entrance" of an SS Kresge Store in Deep southern Arkansas. My Mom took me shopping with here that Saturday, and all was beautiful.  After entering the store, Mom went about her shopping and I, as any young one left even slightly unattended or unobserved, wonder over to a water fountain. The fountain was accompanied by a small set of steps which denoted the apparatus as obvious for children (Or the extremely short in statue). Of course the fountain had a grey sign white lettering very visibly posted above  No, I could not read it. Many many years alter I realized what that sign must have stated.
My fountain did not even have a fountain for "COLORED" to drink.

I did what young kids do as I discerned that I could climb the three steps. I climbed the steps an activated the fountain and, "Yes, I TOOK A FRIGGIN DRINK." My memory after that point is gone. No I was not bludgeoned or even called a a vile word, and told to get away from there. (Bet you thought the worse!). No, my Mom must have observed my manual dexterity and rescued me from the potential ravages she would have reaped via my innocence and blissful ignorance. I was taken immediately out of the store, I guess, and our shopping day was over.
As a young volunteer member of the US Air Force stationed in the Great State of Mississippi during the Viet Nam Era, I was given a harsh reality. Our flight lieutenant call all black airmen together for a meeting. During the quick meeting he informed us that we could not attend the squadron's Christmas party. His reason for the US Air Force segregation? "...the owner of the downtown establishments did not allow Blacks in his bldg". Many years alter I had an epiphany. I now feel that the owner of that establishment was not the culprit. I strongly feel that segregation emanated up my chain of command.

The topic as presented by Mr. Moore and Mr. Wise, is for those who care enough about our world to work as centuries against those who wish to return to a time of 'conferred white privilege'.  As may be inclined to move away from this piece and never to view Mr. Wise's video, understand that people like Mr. Moore, myself and Wise could spend our time on other issues.  There is no effort here at 'levying 'guilt'. We like you react to our environment, and there are people in our environment who want life as it existed over 50 years ago. I should mention before I turn this work over to Mr. Moore, women had best keep an eye on their well-being.  

"When they came for the blacks, I did not speak out, as I was not black...."

On The Subject of Racism......


When I was in the 5th Grade, a little white boy with whom I'd been friends asked me from out of the blue, "if you had it to do over again, would you come back white?" My response best as I can recall went something like "HELL NO!" Needless to say, he was taken aback because he didn't expect that type of response. In his mind I was laboring under an extreme disadvantage. A defect in my birth which could only be rectified in my next life.