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Monday, July 30, 2018

Kochs Turning On Trump? (Video)

Koch Freedom Partners ad as an appetizer

Surrounding himself with civilian and military “yes” people so he can overthrow government and become dictator. Are you ready to “Hail, Feuer Trump!”

In 2015, The New York Times published an article related to Koch brothers plans for Election 2016 Spending.

We actually have no idea the extent of Koch spending on placing Trump in the White House and moneyed support to the GOP holding two houses of Congress. The figures are without question exorbitant and it was such without consideration of potential continuous from the Koch brothers "Donors Club of wealthy conservatives who commonly contribute along with the Kochs

If we look back at David Koch's part in the 1980's Libertarian Party Platform, we find a few items which stand out like a Fly in your Ice Cream.  Even as far back as 1980, at least one Koch has been active in Paleozoic Era (regressive) policies.  Noticeable in its absence from the Libertarian Party Platform were bullets related to federal spending.  

Image result for libertarian party platform 1980

The Koch brothers since 1980 have not developed from their socially regressive ideology. But, they have been loquacious regarding federal spending. Their support for the GOP includes a history of well-documented support for cutting federal spending while openly espousing tax cuts (hence the 1980s platform).

We also remind you, the Kochs benefited mightily from Trump's early term approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline. While Snopes rates reports of potential profit for the Kocks via the pipeline project as Pants of Fire, I find it impossible to believe with major land holdings of the Canadian Tar Sands, the Koch aren't garnering enormous additional wealth from Trump's signature pen. Another Koch victory via Trump is the tax cut for the nation's wealthy.

The tax cuts guarantee the Kochs billions per year in tax savings. it should be noted after the tax law was signed, reports circulated the Kochs gave Paul Ryan $500,000.

The Kochs are in no way friends of the people nor do they work towards advancing social reforms. They are longstanding social regressives who are instrumental in the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which focuses on developing law drafts for handoff to eager state and local politicians.

As time has passed and the reality of Koch support for yet another Oval Office 'loser' comes to light like a devil with a comb-over, it appears the Kochs are flip-flopping on their conservative party head. 

Politico recently published a piece centered around Charles Koch's possible split with His brother David on matters of post-Trump election politics.  Maybe the time is right along with growing evinces Trump is losing his mind while the GOP Congress moves the nation back to Pre Word Was II policies.  

Well, wouldn't you know Trump's ill-advised Tariff strategies and practices; have touched the Kochs?  As David Koch moves ever so close to "retirement" his Wichita based brother, Charles, is turning and aiming his vast wealth and behind the scenes political maneuvering against Trump's tariff policies.

Multiple intentional media are reporting Charles Koch is turning into a tariff Chameleon. He is turned his colors from Trump red to a facade of possible false (or opportunist) liberal blue. Maybe the public reports are only related to tariff policy, but any Koch against Trump won't bode well for the GOP going forward.


Koch Brothers' Network Pushing to Curb Trump's Tariff Powers | Time


CNN (June 2018)

While self-serving regarding the Koch business empire, the Charles Koch sniffing of liberal ideology (regarding tariffs) brings thoughts of the image below.
Related image
Bring him in and suffer greatly, or and more apropos, never trust a smiling Spider.

How did Trump react to the Koch news?  Linked here.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Cycle, Fumbling Cupp, and A Winner With Ball

I am going to post a segment of MSNBC's Cycle. The Cycle is not a news related show that I will rush to watch each day. While I think a couple of the hosts are worthy of sitting and soaking up their dialog,  for me a couple of the four are real sleep inducers. I will spare one of the names as that level of specificity is not critical to my point in this screed.

For sake of supporting my macro posit, I offer the name of the one "so-called" conservative on the panel.   SE Cupp fits the model of the show from a number of perspectives.  She is conservative, she fits within the carefully crafted show host age demographics, and she sits across from the other woman on the panel.  A nice mix and an appropriate balance for MSNBC, eh?  The staffing model is weak!

Yes, Cupp is a major reason I do not go out of my way to watch a The Cycle. Of course, my avoidance radar failed me today for a brief time (actually two segments).  I watched a segment about the "sequester". The host was Michael Scherer, White House correspondent, TIME. The two sequester embeds below span the scope of that which I found intriguing and telling.

Segment One is a full 11:39 minute segment. Segment Two is an excerpt from the full segment and reinforces my thoughts on the most conservative host on the panel.  Viewing both segments is not necessary. Segment two embodies my point on Cupp and GOP strategy.

Segment 1. The Sequester (Full segment)


Segment 2. Watch Cupp's feeble lead-in (sneak attack) "gotcha" attempt.  Her motive appears to be an attempt to interject the popular GOP talking point and mantra of , "Obama's sequester", "His sequester", "the Administration's sequester".  Watch closely as the host's feeble setup moves along.  She  moves "the hook" along replete with fairly unprofessional "yeahs" as if  nudging to the attempted zinger question.  Also notice the competent correspondent answered from a perspective of knowledge and facts, thus sinking the 'bubble' of the flailing Cupp.  The planned setup squirted-out like a child's damaged water-gun. Do not forget to watch till the end of the short segment. Cupp's (non-verbal) facials tell all. "OOOPs, that did not work at all. Oh well, I get paid for this, so what".  


Seriously, I do not know factors related to Cupp's contract as a member of the panel, but I question MSNBC's choice of the panel's most conservative host. 

As to today's show, I offer another perspective on anbother segment. 

You simply have to watch the show closing segment (closing remarks) from Krystal Ball.  The segment is shy of four minutes, but one of the most cogent points I have heard on the network in a few days.


Point well stated!