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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Diminution Of The GOP: Dark Money Per Performance


An open letter to leaders of a foreign nation from a US Senator who hasn't been in office long enough to have learn exactly how long he has to spray an aerosol before his secretary 20 feet away catches the flatulence. 

The Diminution.....

Alan Colmes Liberaland

Follow the Money: Republican Senator Who Spearheaded Iran Letter Effort Got Over $1M from Israel Lobby

There may be a deeper cause behind the letter to Iran than Republican hatred of Obama. While racism was certainly a cause, nothing happens in politics without money to grease the political machinery, and if a recent report published on Mondoweiss is right, the story starts with campaign donations and ends with the Israel Lobby. First…

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Rand "I believe in misinformation" Paul Clones Senate Leader Tom Cotton: Increase Defense Spending!

Libertarian and political Chameleon Rand Paul joins others vying for the GOP nomination via politicking on increasing defense spending.  INCREASE DEFENSE SPENDING!!!!!

Before we show a Huffington Post piece with Rand Paul pulling an obvious Netanyahu, let's do a quick and familiar review of graphics related to US Defense Spending. As you peruse the follow graphics, ask yourself as set of questions.  

First, do we really need increased defense spending? 

Next, whatever happened to fiscally conservative Republicans? Is GOP mantra showing like a dirty skirt undergarment? Is their mantra mere false prophecy to appeal to millions across the nation who seem to long for war?

A tertiary question. We are re-committed to a war in Afghanistan that has run a full 13 years and has span well beyond its bottom line charter "Get bin Laden."  When will Americans grow weary of entities that directly benefit for war?

One last digression before Rand "I believe in misinformation" Paul. How about a quick look at the running cost of George Bush and Dick Cheney's personal crusade? If you follow this link you will also see the extent to which defense contractors plant the seeds of war as if a farmer sowing a corn field.

Where is the sanity among Republicans clamoring for increased defense spending? I ask for your patience and full consideration of the following graphics. 

Whenever I hear or read a Republican speak of increasing defense spending, I reflect on two sets of data that we should recall and hold at the forefront of our cognitive processes.

military spending

Now, lets see how our tax dollars are spent.

2013 Defense Spending

Obama's 2016 proposed budget and the GOP  proposed  Budget

Now for Paul. 

Rand Paul Channels His Inner Tom Cotton, Calls For Defense Spending Hike

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WASHINGTON -- The Most Interesting Man in American politics is quickly becoming anything but.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who is expected to announce his campaign for president next month, on Wednesday quietly introduced an amendment that would drastically boost defense spending over the next two years. The measure, first spotted by Time, would allocate an additional $190 billion to the Pentagon -- amounting to an approximately 16 percent increase to its budget. To offset the increase in spending, Paul calls for substantial cuts to U.S. foreign aid, the Environmental Protection Agency, and departments of Education, Commerce, and Housing and Urban Development.

"It is done in response to others in both chambers who are attempting to add to defense spending -- some way more than Senator Paul's amendment -- without paying for it," Doug Stafford, Paul's senior adviser, explained in a statement. "This amendment is to lay down a marker that if you believe we need more funding for national defense, you should show how you would pay for it. No one should be seeking increased funding for anything by increasing our debt."

The proposal marks a notable reversal for Paul, a libertarian-leaning senator with Tea Party cred who swept into office with promises to slash defense spending. In his first five-year budget, introduced in 2011, Paul called for a draw-down and restructuring of the Department of Defense that would have reduced its budget to $548 billion by fiscal year 2016. "Military funding has often far outpaced not only our most likely enemies, but has often outpaced the entire world’s military spending combined," he wrote at the time. By comparison, his new stance would boost spending to approximately $697 billion in the same year.

The amendment gives Paul a line of defense against potential rivals for the Republican presidential nomination -- Sens. Marco Rubio of Florida, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, and Ted Cruz of Texas -- all defense hawks who have accused the Kentucky Republican of advocating for a less muscular foreign policy. But in so doing, Paul dropped any pretense of being a new brand of Republican, one dedicated to reforming the bloated defense establishment, as he presented himself early on. It puts him more in line with some of the more hawkish members of his party, like freshman Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), who suggested spending upwards of $900 billion on defense annually.
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How pathetic are the GOP fiscal conservatives? Each GOP wanna be president is aware of the spending data.The end-of-day question is, why lobby for fiscal expenditures that so hurt the US economy when increased defense spending beyond current ratios will not make the United States more safe? If you need assistance in answering the question you are probably a strong candidate for a GOP vote in 2016.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tom Cotton Goes "Hitler" In First Senate Speech; Cruz

Ted Cruz and the nascent Tom Cotton continue their preaching to conservatives about issues that are so far and away "non-issues." Both Cruz and Cotton should be ashamed to climb up on a stage with an oral cavities full of lies. They remind of Cruz's father who all too often prancing around a stage spewing rhetoric like a Nazi Minister of Communications. Cotton recently invoked The Third Reich during a speech on the senate floor. He and Cruz continue to assuage the high cost of unnecessary defense spending while spewing fear: Cruz, "Your world is on fire."  The junior Senators espouse such spending to garner favor from the defense industry without concern for the dangers inherent in "war by spending."

Embedded image permalink

During his first speech on the Senate floor the "defense contractor's dream" and Israel Emergency Committee donation recipient fulfilled his role with ever-present fear politics from the Right

This 1:42 minute segment from Huffington Post shows what we can expect from Tom Cotton. He has filled a Senate seat for far less than six months and he saber rattles as blatantly as any Senator in recent US history. I believe the de facto Senate leader mentioned Adolf Hitler within the first few seconds of his speech. 
"The world is growing ever more dangerous, and our defense spending is wholly inadequate to confront the danger," Cotton said.
Let's take a look. Even considering Putin's alleged increased defense spending, the following chart depicts a problem for Cotton.

The "Big Spenders" for 2012/2013.

If the horizontal chart doesn't work for you, try this one from 2014:

Is this an example of why elected official like Cotton can snuggle up to defense contractors without reprisal from voters? Fox News delivers:

Pure Poppycock February 12, 2013.....

And, the accompanying video and the linked piece. (Key reading points)
Hemmer explained that, "We just wanted to give viewers at home an idea about what countries are doing over the past four years and the coming four years from here," and that for the current year on defense spending, "China goes up, Russia goes up, and the U.S. remains flat when compared to these other two countries." In the next four years, Hemmer claimed, "on the percentage they will contribute on their defense budget, China is about 300 percent increase, Russia's not too far behind, [and] the United States is not only flat, but it's trailing now as we move toward the year 2015." The graph segued into a discussion with Fox military analyst Major General Robert Scales on how cuts to the U.S. defense budget will harm our military capacity.
 MediaMatters video 
Fox's chart, focused exclusively on growth in defense spending across a specific period of time compared to 2004 budgets, suggests China and Russia are far out-scaling the U.S. on defense spending. But date constraints and percentage change in budgets are meaningless outside the context of actual expenditure. Hemmer conveniently disregarded the actual dollar amount the U.S. spends on defense compared to China and Russia. 
The U.S. spends more on defense than the next 12 top-spending countries combined. PolitiFact examined data by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) and the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), both "considered to be leading authorities on worldwide military spending numbers," and determined that, "In 2011 -- the most recent year available -- the United States led the world in military spending at $711 billion ... The next top 12 spending nations accounted for a combined total of $670.9 billion." IISS data discovered that the U.S spends $252.6 billion more on defense than the next top nine nations
Oh, the fallacy of it all.  While the vast majority of military spending funds Maintenance and Operations, US wars also take a major bite from military spending budgets.

If we factor-in the real prospect of a Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton war with Iran, we are taken to a place he US showed avoid like a Republican in the White House. 

A quick look at one US market indicator from Bush's final years through Obama's first four years, clearly shows why demagogues like Cotton, Cruz et al present a clear and present danger.

Do not fail to recall the Bush economy collapsed based on perpetrating two wars while cutting taxes coupled with an artificial and fraud laced sub-prime bubble.

A Republican in the White House with a Congress as it exist today?


Sunday, March 15, 2015

The GOP Reacts To The Iran Letter Flak; "The Ugly", "The Dumb" and The Recalcitrant!"

McCain "Snowstorm"
And, McCain signs "lots of letters.

Ron Johnson "One Regret"
The nascent (60 days in the Senate) GOP de facto Senate Leader has ho regrets about the letter. Did I read a report he ran off to a Defense Contractor conference mere days after his and the other 46 Senators seditious letter? Did I also read he was awarded $1 million from the  (Bill Kristol's dark money group)? New York Magazine and the Ultra-Conservative touch to the Cotton letter. It should be noted New York Magazine does not make the connection to a political donation from the Emergency Committee For Israel PAC.

Another southern gentleman Senator stands tall in his recalcitrant stupidity.  

Rand Paul goes typical Paul with over-the-top lying about his participation in joining 46 other GOP Senators in traipsing "The Stupid Trail that ends in Dumbsville."

And of course, we know Marco Rubio stated he would issue yet another letter. Rubio will run for the GOP nomination in 2016. It is pathetic when "dumb" wallows in "dumber" while leering down the "Stupid Trail" at the Dumbsville skyline.


Monday, March 9, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: GOP Senate Freshman Leads Charge to War With Iran!

       Image result for GOP war Hawks        Image result for GOP war Hawks        Image result for GOP war Hawks
       Signed Open Letter to Iran.      And these men would be president! 

The GOP continues to disgust and amaze as their actions show signs of utter insanity. Multiple media are reporting a group of 47 Republican Senators have penned an  open letter to Iranian leaders with a warning against a nuclear deal with President Obama. Amazing!  

Who is calling the shots in the GOP, or who is calling the shots for the GOP. As I think of an yet another example of usurpation of authority against the nation's 44th president the act seems to have genesis outside the party and from some unknown hardcore money-broker ideologues.

Josh Rogin national security and foreign affairs columnist for Bloomberg View captured the virtual revolutionary act as well as anyone.  

Bloomberg View 
Republicans Warn Iran -- and Obama -- That Deal Won't Last

A group of 47 Republican senators has written an open letter to Iran's leaders warning them that any nuclear deal they sign with President Barack Obama's administration won’t last after Obama leaves office. 
Organized by freshman Senator Tom Cotton and signed by the chamber's entire party leadership as well as potential 2016 presidential contenders Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, the letter is meant not just to discourage the Iranian regime from signing a deal but also to pressure the White House into giving Congress some authority over the process.
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Cotton is a freshman Senator from Arkansas and sources report to he is an over the top hawk.   Huffington Post is reporting GOP presidential hopefuls also signed the "open letter."  

Huffington Post on Tom Cotton January 2015:

Meet Tom Cotton, The Senate's Newest Unapologetic Hawk

We now have another newly elected Republican leading the party along lines that will prove dangerous to the nation.  How can a party as storied as the GOP follow the mind and psyche of an over-the-top "war hawk" and one who has shown signs of serious social deprivation towards women?

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