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Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: GOP Debate 8

I will admit to avoiding the GOP Debate for obvious reasons. After seven of the finger pointing, name calling, "going after", non-policy charades, I prefer to spend the two plus hours much more productively. Watching the GOP Debates also generates visions of mental horror. Horror regarding the level to which close to half the nation is willing to support, blindly follow and literally vote for members of the GOP. Horror regarding the level of non-issue bantering that hardly meets any definition  of a debate.  Horror regarding the prospect the nation has become consumed with entertainment politics and reality TV Vs. insisting of substantive interactions among people who aspire to lead the nation.  Ultimately, I disdain the horror of the lack of veracity from the debaters collectively and individually: Fact Check dot Org.,  CNN reality Check (must watch), AP Fact Check, Politifact Live Fact Checking.

Time is far too valuable to waste on a debate process that has devolved into increased levels of lies, misrepresentations, and flat-out manipulation.

While I avoided the live circus, I certainly sought highlights of the debate and highlights abound. Snippets and segments were abundant across the internet and to some degree on certain cable news networks.  

Let's visit a few that take top billing.

While some are excusing Ben Carons debate stage entry lapse as the fault of crowd noise, I disagree. Ben Carson is showing more and more he is out of touch with all things rationale. Even if the crowd noise was at a high decibel level, he should have possessed the wherewithal to know he was placed second in entry placement and should have known to proceed to the stage...well before Rubio, Bush and the equally perplexed Donald Trump. As you will see in the following clip, he even ignored the state handlers exhortation to go proceed tot eh stage.  Carson flubs his entry.
Marcio Rubio finished third in the Iowa Caucuses and promptly seemed to declare himself the eventual GOP 2016 candidate.  His third-place-finish speech was not only akin to then-candidate Obama's victory 2008 speech, some suspect he plagiarized Obama's 2008 theme and context.  His Iowa finish set him up for what has been reported copious piling-on and may have contributed to what can be described only as that of a scratched and stuck 1960s LP Album.

Rubio's obsession with President Obama has finally led to what comes next.

Rubio's strategy of constant attacks against a president who has actually won two general elections may bode well with big money donors who attend GOP debates, and his rhetoric will surely tingle the innards of the majority who claim US conservatism, but he barks up a dead tree. It seems his barking was lost in his over the top scripting and his memorized debate responses.

I suspect there isn't a more glaring example of outright political lying and nefarious story-telling than Ted Cruz's continued blaming CNN for his staff's subterfuge.

Ben Carson is not the least bit happy with Ted Cruz's excuses for lying about the state of his campaign in Iowa

Cruz responded to a debate host question as follows:

Politifact ran a piece on Cruz and his continued subterfuge.

New! Ted Cruz falsely says @CNN first said Ben Carson was 'taking a break from campaigning' 

Watch as CNN's Tom Foreman adroitly address the matter. Foreman also reminds of the ridiculous tendency of the GOP to fail to realize we live in a time of electronic archiving. There are Americans who do not rely on Fox News, Breitbart, The Daily Caller, Beck and Coulter, for news.
I remind of Carson response to Cruz's political manipulation: 
BEN CARSON: “The bottom line is, we can see what happened, everybody can see what happened and you can make your own judgment.”
When considering Ted Cruz there is little need for deep contemplative thought on the matter. He via his camp played for Caucuses voters and won in Iowa.