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Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Limbaugh: "I Spoke a Little Negro Dialect." (VIDEO)


Rush Limbaugh has dissolved into an evaporating puddle of hatred and overt racism. Despite  sponsor losses in the thousands for his abuse of Saundra Fluke (thus all women), he continues to excite his viewers with comments most on-air personalities would avoid like a plague.

The Cumulus Corp. racist has flirted with on-air racism for many years. He would work his audience up to a point, give them what they wanted via verbal onslaughts, insults and guttural use of language (all minus one micro-cell of intellect) and then he would sit back an enjoy the post comment ditto heard rambles.

The inimitable one, has used recent attention to a high school kid, Rachel Jeantel, to provide his audience the ultimate orgasmic verbiage he used the word "Nigga" on the air.  When radio host look to find material in the minds and experience of a teenager just barely old enough to vote, the personality validates the intellect of his audience while confirming his melt into an unabashed racist.  Of course, we have long figured he was an unabashed racist.  (the very reason he lasted only a very few shows on ESPN and the very reason professional football wanted no part of his desire to be a part owner of a franchise). What will prove interesting is the extent to which his audience receives his foray into the "N" Word. We actually suspect the worse. His audience will not publicly react just as his political minions (in the House and Senate) will rarely challenge him.

Let's face it, Right-wing ideology leaders are revered by their sycophants, worshiped as idols by their minions, and as frightening as Nero for those who serve in political office while claiming conservatism.

The following short video offers Limbaugh in a montage of racism leading up to his orgasmic on-air use of the "N" Word. Oh, he must be happy this week.

I am not reading about outcry from,his listeners! Surprise, surprise, surprise!


Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Lament for Trayvon of the hundreds ofd thousands

The cleaned up killer w/o 

Cross posted from a Facebook comment.  There are various opinions on this incident. Most commentary indicates white vs. black, but most writers are not referencing the millions who actually believe a miscarriage of justice is being perpetrated.  If fact, I suspect the writer of this Facebook entry is commenting on the side of, why do we tolerate such injustice". I know the writer well enough to know, she has absorbed enough information to know, Zimmerman did profile martin.  Now, the issue becomes less contrasting black and white, until you ask yourself, why the profiling. 

Can you imagine the Rodney King Incident without that one man;'s hand-held video camera. It would never have come to light as it unfolded before our eyes and in the courts.

As the evidence mounts!

Trayvon Martin.........can I say this name enough? I have been watching the news cycles and the conversations have been bordering on absurd. Mr. Zimmerman's family has been out talking about "his side" of the story, however the truth, is NOT a part of their conversation. Right wing media, is somehow deaf to the facts of the case and while we do NOT have all of the facts as yet, it is clear that this was a racially motivated HATE crime! 


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Dismantling of an Opportunist (VIDEO)

Issues that reach into that uncomfortable world of race relations are not well-read on this blog.  I can understand that dynamic as our history of slavery, race relations, and backlash against efforts to discuss or right the wrongs of the past is actually a no-win proposition for those who foray into the 'uncomfort' zone.

No one likes to re-hash, or even, remember a soiled past. Fewer relish the thought of reliving a past which might have included disdain for people unlike one's self, or contempt for people who are "the other". If we need a more overshadowing taboo, how about people who have grown away from taught bias, and prejudice of their parents or guardians? There-in lies factual foundation where all bias emanates and  is nourished.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Anatomy of a Murder: The Legislative Dissection

As a multi-firearm owner and as a one who possess a concealed carry permit, I must say the murder of Trayvon Martin provides a terrible parable of how Right-wing agendas, lobbyist, and powerful right-wing organizations (corporations) cast a dangerous overshadow the United States.  I use the overshadow metaphor to illustrate, the unshakable and non-shedding dynamic of terrors that come with passage of laws like "Stand Your Ground" laws.

First an image that is as telling as the Nine-Millimeter firearm Trayvon Martin's murder wore on his waist.
Yes, another Bush etches his legacy on the United States of America, while joined by major NRA lobbyist. (2005)
If you have followed the story of the murder of Trayvon Martin, you know the following:

* his killer's name
* his killer's self-appointed role in community
* his killer's obvious biases against (As a minimum the young black male who was slain)
* his killer's complete disregard for law enforcement commands to stand-down
* his killer stalking (including following, exiting his vehicle, and approaching) the shooting victim
* and, you know only one person in the tragic killing had possession of a gun.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fox News virtually Ignores Florida killing.


Maybe the killing does not the Fox News business model.

Earlier this week a close friend said she was, again, sacrificing a bit of sanity to see just how Fox News was covering the Trayvon Martin murder in Sanford, Florida.  After a few days of watching specific shows, she told me that Hannity forayed into to the topic but from a weird perspective. The segment was absent most details related to the murder and little to no mention of 911 tapes.  I believe she mentioned something about Bill O'Reilly, but her comments to me came very late in the week, well after all other networks reported on the story in detail.

Earlier this week, we posted an article with a graphic comparing MSNBC, CNN and Fox News coverage.  The article was written and posted such that it placed emphasis where Fox News places its priorities: appealing to a predominantly male audiences (during certain morning and afternoon shows) via what can only be called "sleazy up skirt shots".  As you view the following link, and after you work your way past the opening images, find your way to the central theme of the pieces: the graphic illustration mentioned above.  Fox News for what it is worth.    The ThinkProgress chart is empirical in its bottom-line point.  A national news story that happens to include the murder of a young black kid by a killer who might have (I said might) have been motivated by stereotypical bias, was not worthy of even perfunctory coverage. For those who might feel posting the first two images are less than indicative of a Fox News business model, click this link.
Posted at 11:49 AM ET, 10/05/2011

Fox News’s Roger Ailes: ‘I hired Sarah Palin because she was hot’

On the cusp of Fox News’s 15th birthday, the operation’s boss, Roger Ailes, has given the Associated Press an excellent quote:
“I hired Sarah Palin because she was hot and got ratings.”
 The chief operational manager of Fox News publicly admitted hiring based on matters of his libido.  If that is the case, is it really a leap to envision a business model that would yield the images above (and much more)?

The Daily Beast reports.
Fox News Coverage of the Trayvon Martin Case Criticized    

As an admitted an proud liberal, I do not expect much else from Fox News.  The problem I have is the power the network wields over people who use Fox News as their major news source.

Compliments to ThinkProgress and the daily Beast.