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Friday, October 23, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: The Benghazi (Get Hillary) Committee Stumbles Along Like The Keystone Cops

Mission NOT Accomplished!

Yes, while working on an item I was afforded the opportunity to listen and occasionally peep up at the 11 hour "Get Hillary" Benghazi Select Committee charade. The hours were probably the most embarrassing exercise from the GOP since their 55 attempts to repeal the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act ($90 plus million Budget hit) and it foretold a party without a winning platform for 2016.  

Some writers are keyboarding about the almost universal reaction to the 11-hour charade.  The common sentiment is, The seven GOP hit operatives didn't fluster nor damage Hillary as a candidate: their ultimate goal.

Steve Benen, The Rachel Maddow Blog, published a short read detailed piece inclusive of reaction from a few on the Right.  

Nearly everyone who saw this ignominious display – left, right, and center – agreed that congressional Republicans had an opportunity to advance their cause, but they blew it. Bloomberg Politics reported:

To hear Republicans tell it, a series of unfortunate events culminated in a rough day Thursday for the House Benghazi committee, leaving conservatives to wonder if they’ve lost their most potent political weapon against Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton. […] 
Among House Republicans, there were no high-fives: A half-dozen lawmakers surveyed offered a muted response when asked about the hearing on Thursday afternoon. Many conservative commentators were unimpressed, if not angry with the proceedings. 
At one point, during Rep. Mike Pompeo’s (R-Kan.) attempt to badger Clinton, John Podhoretz, a prominent conservative writer and former Republican speechwriter,said on Twitter, “Why doesn’t Pompeo just go over and swear her in for president now – if he goes on like this he’ll practically get her elected.” 
It was that kind of day for Republicans. 
Podhoretz’s concerns were surprisingly common among conservatives. Erick Erickson lamented the fact that the hearing proved to be a “waste of time.” The Washington Examiner’s Byron York characterized the hearing as “very, very good news for Hillary Clinton.” 
The Daily Caller’s Matt Lewis wrote midday, “Unless something happens, it’s starting to look like Hillary Clinton won’t merely survive this hearing – she will have come out on top.” Hot Air’s Jazz Shaw said, “This hearing is turning into a disaster on wheels,” adding, “Jesus, I spend half my day criticizing Hillary Clinton and even I find this set of questions embarrassing.”
End Benen excerpt
Of course, two GOP 2016 candidates reacted to the day with typical GOP false reality. I won't post their reactions here.  Google will find them for you, but know that Rubio and Bush commented about Hillary's performance in a most typical ad expected manner. Rubio should seek an opportunity to cast a Senate vote to wash away growing scrutiny of his virtual total absence from matters of governance after announcing his intent to run for the GOP nomination. 

Bush continues to show he lives without access to state-of-the-art electronic communication tools and he obviously has advisers who live via The Drudge Report and AM talk radio. He is so out of touch he embarrasses all Americans.

Let's end with a few post from that land of the conservative high-end baby boomer heaven: Mediaite.  It seems even Mediate developers were forced to the reality of GOP strategy that failed.
Many Americans, even Republicans, think the Benghazi hearings are purely political.
Posted by Mediaite on Thursday, October 22, 2015
CNN analyst doesn't understand the GOP's "obsession" with Sidney Blumenthal at Benghazi hearing.
Posted by Mediaite on Thursday, October 22, 2015
Hillary Clinton and Trey Gowdy go at it.
Posted by Mediaite on Thursday, October 22, 2015
The following is a short rant from the Select Committee Ranking Member, Elijah Cummings (D-MD). I have posted the rant, not for bias (homer) lauding of a progressive reaction to the 11-hour charade, I post if for far less flattering reasons. Cummings vilified the state of US politics with implications of shameful acts from the Right. He often states, "This is not what we are about", or "This is not what America is about." Well, it has come to me, this is what America the GOP is about.  We no longer live in ties of political cooperative opposition. We have entered an era of irrational political opposition and regressive national molding from the Right. 

I admire the Senior Congressman from Maryland, but his often spoke refrain needs a tweak to the reality of America Circa 2015.

How about a reaction from the Select Committee Chair.

As I think of the latest example of GOP politics at our expense ($5 million Select Committee cost) I think of this 28-second clip


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

GOP "Get Hillary" Committee: Trey Gowdy's Worst Week In His LIfe

Trey Gowdy, US Congressman R0SC, Chair of the "GOP: Benghazi Get Hillary Committee

Speaking of the Benghazi Committee, why has the witch hunt become the story? The problem started with the committee;\/s inception and strategy to go after Hillary as a 2016 presidential candidate via the Benghazi tragedy.

Gowdy within the past 48 hours in an interview with Politico.
“I would say in some ways these have been among the worst weeks of my life,” Gowdy said this weekend during a lengthy interview with POLITICO. “Attacks on your character, attacks on your motives, are 1,000-times worse than anything you can do to anybody physically — at least it is for me.”
The rational person should wonder about the psyche of the former prosecutor.  Did he actually believe his skills as a prosecutorial was the impetus and basis for the appointment to chair the committee? Gowdy is a relatively new member of the US Congress. The appointment to head the "witch hunt" of the Get Hillary Benghazi Committee should have generated some level of contemplation as to his motive behind the committee. Surely, Gowdy experienced a minuscule flash of regarding political strategy in the appointment. No honest human being with average or above intelligence can state they did not for one second consider the political implications of the Committee and dragging the committee into the 2016 election year. When Gowdy tells us Hillary's name never came up as he talked with John Boehner demeans the credibility of the South Carolinian and smacks up against any form of logic. Of Course, Boehner wouldn't mention her name and if he did mention the name, Gowdy wouldn't honestly share such.

After a week or two of suffering through frank comments from three fellow Republicans about the mission of the Benghazi Committee, Gowdy poured salt on his wounds in a most political manner.

Late last week Huma Abedin, longtime Clinton aide and former deputy chief of staff, sat for behind closed doors fielding questions from Gowdy's Committee. Gowdy wasn't even present for the grilling. He is reported to have flown off to Utah for a fundraiser. UTAH fundraiser?

The Politico piece delves into the whys of calling Abedin to testify before a select panel from the committee. Let's move to another realm of the get Hillary committee: committee members working to put a more positive face on the failing strategy. Andrea Mitchell, MSNBC, joined a panel with a member of the committee and abruptly challenged the member as he went about 'lock-step" rambling about the "real" purpose of the investigate body.
But, there is yet another episode that may have contributed to the Gowdy's "worst week ever." Gowdy has also stumbled into the crosshairs of the CIA.

Occupy Democrats
Gowdy accused Hillary Clinton of releasing the name of a classified CIA informant in her email, saying that her email server contained “some of the most protected information in our intelligence community, the release of which could jeopardize not only national security but human lives.” 
This has been found to be patently false. Gowdy has been exposed for altering documents and distorting information in order to make Clinton look culpable – except none of that information was classified, as stated in this sharp letter issued by Cummings:
The problem with your accusation—as with so many others during this investigation—is that you failed to check your facts before you made it, and the CIA has now informed the Select Committee that you were wrong. I believe your accusations were irresponsible, and I believe you owe the Secretary an immediate apology.    
Contrary to your claims, the CIA yesterday informed both the Republican and Democratic staffs of the Select Committee that they do not consider the information you highlighted in your letter to be classified.  Specifically, the CIA confirmed that “the State Department consulted with the CIA on this production, the CIA reviewed these documents, and the CIA made no redactions to protect classified information.”  
To further inflate your claim, you placed your own redactions over the name of the individual with the words, “redacted due to sources and methods.” To be clear, these redactions were not made, and these words were not added, by any agency of the federal government responsible for enforcing classification guidelines.

Unfortunately, you sent your letter on October 7 without checking first with the CIA. Now that we have done so, we have learned that your accusations were incorrect.
Not only has Gowdy been found leading his committee on a partisan crusade, he’s been fabricating evidence and openly lying about the contents of Clinton’s email server.
For more on Gowdy nascent committee problems, Yahoo News published a great quick-read piece on the issue.

It seems Gowdy's committee is stumbling and fumbling, creaking and leaking, politicking and misrepresenting through the most wasteful congressional investigatory activity in US History. As we watch the miscarriage of Justice and waste of our tax dollars, I am reminded of a group of people who perform similarly (without sound). 


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Benghazi Committee Subterfuge Is Oozing From The House Chambers (Video)

In January 2011, a former South Carolina prosecutor and Republican politician, Trey Gowdy, was sworn in the US Congress. How can it be in Gowdy's third term in the US Congress the ambitious former prosecutor could have allowed himself to be drawn into the inner core of a political party that practices deceit and dirty tricks politics comparable to no other time in US History? 

Embedded image permalink

In 2014, Gowdy was appointed as the chair of the GOP Benghazi Committee. Does the following Open Congress information qualify as competent to chair such a critical congressional committee?

Since he took office in 2011:
1 Sponsored Bills (Ranks 428 of 440) 0 Made Into Law (Ranks 41 of 440)
77 Co-Sponsored Bills (Ranks 392 of 441) 4 Made Into Law (Ranks 69 of 441)
Or, did his background as a prosecutor so enamor GOP leadership, it established the nascent congressman as imminently qualified. Better yet, was there behind the scenes maneuvering with Gowdy showing a willingness to play the "hunt Hillary Game?" 

It seems Gowdy has performed well in working towards sabotaging the nomination aspirations of Hillary Clinton. The linked fact sheet speaks to the level and scope of Gowdy as the good GOP more solid vs. Gowdy as the honest fact seeking Benghazi Committee Chair (as promised).  Reports of incessant leaks from the Committee ay have genesis from Gowdy's leadership. The fact sheet and incessant links actually pale when factored against recent comments from House speaker aspirant Kevin McCarthy and this Democrat video.

There seems to exist a committee investigator who for whatever reason is coming clean on what he reports as "get Hillary" responsibilities that failed and led to termination from his investigators role. The US Army Reserve Major delivered a bombshell admission that adds validity to McCarthy's statements and confirmation what we on the Left have known since the first mention of a Benghazi Select Committee.  

From an October 10 New York Times report:

A former investigator for the Republicans on the House Select Committee on Benghazi plans to file a complaint in federal court next month alleging that he was fired unlawfully in part because his superiors opposed his efforts to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the 2012 attack on the American diplomatic mission in the Libyan city. Instead, they focused primarily on the role of the State Department and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, he said.

The former investigator, Bradley F. Podliska, a major in the Air Force Reserve who is on active duty in Germany, also claims that the committee's majority staff retaliated against him for taking leave for several weeks to go on active duty. If true, the retaliation would violate the federal Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994, which Major Podliska plans to invoke in his complaint, according to a draft that was made available to The New York Times.

Podliska was also interviewed by CNN's Jake Tapper. In the October 11 interview on State of the Union, Podliska claimed the "partisan investigation" shifted focus to almost exclusively focus on Clinton after it was reported that she utilized a private email server. Podliska told Tapper, "The victims' families are not going to get the truth and that's the most unfortunate thing about this."
Reservist Major hired by Benghazi Committee was fired!
Media Matters has extensively documented that Fox News and the conservative media have been one of the driving forces behind the creation of the House Benghazi Committee, particularly its focus on Clinton.
After McCarthy's remarks, Gowdy has been all too willing to appear on CNN and Fox News to refute McCarthy's revelation.  He like John Boehner has railed about McCarthy statements as the wrong equal to the level of noise and silliness emanating from Donald Trumps GOP 2015 campaign.

Why then has Gowdy refused to go on CNN to address the terminated investigator? 

“Used with permission from the TPM websites, a service of TPM Media LLC.”


Benghazi Committee Chair Declines CNN Interview To Discuss Ex-Staffer's Allegations

Original TPM image replaced by The Pardu

Trey Gowdy (R-SC), the chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, reportedly declined to appear on CNN's "State of the Union" program Sunday to address allegations made by an ex-staffer of the committee. 
The staffer, Bradley Podliska, who was an investigator on the committee for 10 months, told news outlets Saturday that he planned to file a federal lawsuit against the committee for wrongful termination. 
Podliska said that he was terminated, in part, for refusing to focus his investigation on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. 
The committee responded to The New York Times' request for comment on Saturday in a letter.
Read more 

It seems nothing good emanates for Americ Republicanism. Gowdy has started a career in the US Congress which seems to have fallen to typical GOP politics. 

How about a bit more perspective from Media Matters David Brock?

This chicanery was years in the making.
Posted by Media Matters for America on Sunday, October 11, 2015

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Conservative Media Channels Benghazi Committee Lies To Conservative Gen X and Boby Boomer Viewers

Earlier today GOP Benghazi Committee Chair (and GOP congressional anti-Hillary) operative, Trey Gowdy, joined the crew of Morning Joe for a bit of "foot-in-mouth" clean-up. "Foot-in-Mouth?" Yes, Kevin McCarthy's frank and uncensored remarks about GOP strategy against Democrat Party presidential Hillary Clinton.

As you can image Scarborough and Gowdy's mission was another version of facilitation commonly deployed via Fox News.  In fact, McCarthy has also appeared on Fox News with a similar story. Let's visit a moment with Scarborough and Gowdy's "Mr. Clean" attempt to GOP-plain his party's strategy.


“You and I both like Kevin very much, he’s a great guy,” host Joe Scarborough said. “I can’t imagine how angry I would be if I were in your position, working nonstop to bring credibility to what I consider to be a very important investigation, and then a guy who I consider a friend and ally undercut you this way.”

“Well, he is a friend, but my first reaction is, ‘Kevin, you’re wrong,’” Gowdy said. “When Speaker [John Boehner] called me, he never mentioned Secretary Clinton’s name. In fact, we’ve had three public hearings, Joe. I never mentioned her name.”
Wait a minute, is right-wing dogma so critical MSNBC facilitates Gowdy's comments? Of course, Boehner would never mention Hillary's name. Gowdy is a former prosecutor and a learned attorney, surely he knows educated readers can see through the early morning "plaining."  Moreover, if Boehner had mentioned Clinton, are we to believe Gowdy would speak honestly on camera.  

Therein lies the problem with what six media conglomerates serve up as news. During the initial comment with Hannity, McCarthy mentioned "trust." How much gall does it take to stand on camera with Fox News's number three demagogue and spew comments that clearly denotes mistrust of the GOP. How much trust should we place in Scarborough's mission in helping to "GOP-plains" McCarthy's words? 

Scarborough's mission message when coupled with a constant drum of similar McCarthy GOP-plaining reaches their intended audience: Gen X (ers) and Baby Boomers. Millennials exist with news viewing habits opposite that of the Boomer. Pew Research published a piece in June 2015, that delineated the media viewing habits of Millennials from the habits of Gen X (ers) and Baby Boomers.

Generational definitions (March 2014)
The Generations Defined

JUNE 1, 2015

How Millennials’ political news habits differ from those of Gen Xers and Baby Boomers

Here are five key takeaways from the report:
1. Millennials rely on Facebook for their news far more than any other source. About six-in-ten online Millennials (61%) report getting political news on Facebook in a given week. Baby Boomers’ political media habits, on the other hand, are strongly rooted in local TV: A majority of them (60%) say they turn there for political news. Millennials’ relatively low reliance on local TV (37% watch political news there in a given week) almost mirrors Baby Boomers’ low reliance on Facebook (39%). Gen Xers bridge the gap, with about equal portions of online adults in this generation getting political news from Facebook (51%) and local TV (46%).
Pews four additional points are linked below, but let's take a look at graphics from the June piece. It is a critical read if you value the significance of how a population (millennials) that votes less in years past isn't a target of our increasingly conservative news networks.  

News Sources, Millennials, Baby Boomers  Trust and Distrust of News Sources

Millennials, Awareness of News Sources 

Pew linked here

Conglomerate preferences for a conservative news slant drives short-term revenue gains while, ignoring growing changes in the significance of the Millennial vote.

The Gen X and Boomer vote is as reliable as the 24-hour clock.  Fox News delivers minds in the millions to Ruppert Murdoch's socially regressive empire via energizing people who literally view supposed news as a matter of learned behavior and preference.  Millennials do not appear to share new viewing habits with Gen X (ers) through the Silent Generation.

N Niche illustrates our point. While Millenials are more apt to participate in the coming general election, they tend to grab what news they absorb via social media. 

Scarborough and other media broadcast of Gowdy's efforts to "plain" Mcarthy's words are delivered with an expectation of "trust" in the minds of network or show viewers.  An easy preach for a congregation of viewer sycophants. It doesn't take much effort to find "trust" regarding McCarthy, Gowdy and the GOP et al is a convenient facade among those inclined to believe.  Gowdy's record while chairing the Benghazi Committee is laden with mistrust and subterfuge. The Daily Kos has published a Fact Sheet authored by Democrats on the Benghazi Committee. The Fact sheet is a bit of a read, but as we consistently state, information wards-off the dangers of Republicanism.


Friday, July 31, 2015

The New York Times Scandal, US Congressman, And An Email Scandal

When the false prophet performs a case of clairvoyance new professionals should pay attention.

O'Reilly laments that the standards of journalism

Deprecation without self-reflection and who would have thought prophetic regarding the New York Times. ''

Hillary Clinton Was Asked About Email 2 Years Ago - The ... 14, 2015  The New York Times 
Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email Account at State Dept 2, 2105 The New York Times
Inquiry Sought in Hillary Clinton's Use of Email - The July 23, 2015 The New York Times

Embed in the July 23rd piece we find a clip of Clinton's position of email requests with reference committee Co-chair, Cummings, comments of reporting inaccuracies regarding what the GOP hopes is a nomination killing scandal.

Hillary Rodham Clinton responded to new accusations involving the private email account she used when she was secretary of state. Watch in Times Video »
Days later and on consecutive days, the Times posted corrections to the July 23 article. The corrections clearly point to the Time's failure in verifying information it received from what is being referred to as anonymous sources.   (Linked: to comply with NYT copyright notices, also linked : July 23, 2015 above)
Now let's go back to March 2015 and watch MSNBC's morning conservative crew attempt to corner David Brock, Media Matters founder, regarding the New York Times "story." Arch conservative Bob Woodward, even attempted to label the story "a good story."

After Brzezinski stated. "I am not sure what planet I am one," the interview came to a fairly non-productive end. But the segment was not broadcast for issues resolution talk. It was broadcast to do exactly what it accomplished, feeding the minds and psyches of MSNBC morning conservative viewers.

Brzezinski should probably seek more often to determine what planet "she is on."

The Independent Journal finished their online report as follows.
Brock said The New York Times was hoodwinked by the ‘dying’ Benghazi scandal, and that Congress wanted a ‘fishing expedition’ into Mrs. Clinton’s email:
“The New York Times got snookered by the Benghazi folks.”
Now jump forward to July 23rd and the current revelations of New York Times reporting as flawed and inaccurate. Why would an alleged storied print publication fail in its chartered mission to provide news and related information tot he public?  

Media Matters

Vox's Jonathan Allen Implicates Trey Gowdy In The NY Times Botched Clinton Emails Story

Vox's Jonathan Allen suggested that House Benghazi Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy knew about the request to the Justice Department regarding Hillary Clinton's email practices "at least a day" before The New York Times published its botched story relying on anonymous sources that "had it wrong" according to "a top-ranking editor directly involved" with the report.
On July 23, the Times published a report headlined "Criminal Inquiry Sought In Clinton's Use Of Email" which stated that "[t]wo inspectors general have asked the Justice Department to open a criminal investigation into whether Hillary Rodham Clinton mishandled sensitive government information on a private email account she used as secretary of state." The Times has since issued two corrections, acknowledging that the referral in question was not criminal and did not specifically request an investigation into Clinton herself. They have yet to correct the piece's remaining error to indicate that the referral was actually made by only one inspector general.
Read more 

While March Morning Joe segment and the eventually revelations about the New York Times being "snookered", appears as very different issues, we do not feel as such and we find the continuing efforts to derail Hillary Clinton's candidacy a typical GOP operative issues replete with potential leaks from "high government" officials who happen to be Republican.

Two final points. The issue of Clinton's use of a private emails server isn't an issue we will stand tall and argue in defense, as we feel she should not have maintained the serve at her home. We admit to reticence regarding Clinton's decision to store information outside of government computer systems. However, we note White House systems have recently suffered Russian hacks as well as a year long Chinese intrusion via the  into  OPM computer systems. Are US government computers systems actually more secure the the serve Clinton used?  We have no evidence it was hacked or violated via international adversaries. 

The last point. We hope someone will offer Mika Brzezinski an opportunity to "phone home" from that planet on which see seems to inhabit.


Monday, May 12, 2014

News Corpse Nails Boehner (fundraising) Select House Committee

We haven't reported from News Corpse very much. The following piece is a 'cannot resist' with linkage back to the original piece.

Benghazi-Palooza: The New York Times Nails The Republican Circus

Posted by  on May 10, 2014 at 11:50 am. 

Gowdy Doody
Something has gotten into the water at the New York Times. This week they published an editorial that is not only rich in facts and substance, it is entertaining and persuasive. The headline announced an excursion into the “Center Ring at the Republican Circus.” And the opening paragraph may be the best introduction to a Times editorial ever:
“The hottest competition in Washington this week is among House Republicans vying for a seat on the Benghazi kangaroo court, also known as the Select House Committee to Inflate a Tragedy Into a Scandal. Half the House has asked to ‘serve’ on the committee, which is understandable since it’s the perfect opportunity to avoid any real work while waving frantically to right-wing voters stomping their feet in the grandstand.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. The Times’ editorial board appears to have hired some writers with both insight and humor. They correctly note that the committee is an unambiguous fraud whose members are only concerned with promoting a manufactured scandal and, of course, themselves. The article goes on to say that the GOP Congress…

“…won’t pass a serious jobs bill, or raise the minimum wage, or reform immigration, but House Republicans think they can earn their pay for the rest of the year by exposing nonexistent malfeasance on the part of the Obama administration.”

The newly appointed chair of the committee, Trey Gowdy, recently proved that he is unfit to lead a fair hearing when he admitted that his party runs the House in a brazenly biased manner. Discussing whether another committee should call expert witnesses to determine whether Lois Lerner waived her 5th Amendment rights, Gowdy said “Let me take out all of the drama. We would pick three that said she waived, and they would pick one that said she didn’t. I hate to do a spoiler, but that’s the way that hearing would go.”

In other words, he is admitting that the GOP-run House would stack the deck in their own favor. So why bother discussing it with experts. That’s a preview of how he can be expected to run the Benghazi committee. And with regard to that IRS pseudo-scandal, the Times continued to needle the scandal mongering of the GOP, saying that Lerner is the person that…

“…they would love to blame for the administration’s crackdown on conservative groups, if only they could prove there was a crackdown, which they can’t, because there wasn’t.”
In addition, the Times couldn’t let the right-wing’s previous obsession with ObamaCare go unmentioned just because it didn’t happen to mark the commencement of Armageddon like they predicted/hoped. So the article noted the GOP’s…
“…need to rouse the most fervent anti-Obama wing of the party and keep it angry enough to deliver its donations and votes to Republicans in the November elections. For a while it seemed as if the Affordable Care Act would perform that role, but Republicans ran into a problem when the country began to realize that it was not destroying American civilization but in fact helping millions of people.”
Finally, the editorial concluded with the correct advice for wavering Democrats:

Read more at NewsCorpse...


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi

Yes, you have seen those memes before, correct? Do they have any impact on your perception of the GOP and (some in) conservative America's dogmatic pursuit of an American tragedy: the September 11, 2012 attacks on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya. The attack and its aftermath have become a literal "rebel yell" for the GOP, right-wing media and people who visit webpages and leave "troll poop."

The recent release of a White House email from White House staffer, Ben Rhodes, has provided a life-line for the GOP and their hopes to dissuade Hillary Clinton from seeking the democratic nomination in 2016.  The GOP has lost its $86 million dollar Boehner, Cantor, Tea Party, Koch brothers, campaign to repeal that Affordable Care Act. The so-called IRS scandal is not yielding election winning dynamics or impetus for the GOP. Leave it to the White House to blunder in releasing communication regarding efforts to manage Susan Rice's appearances on a serious of Sunday Morning news shows. A White House mistake, granted; a serious abuse of power cover-up, not at all.

"Benghazi" has the GOP as excited about the prospect of harming the Obama Administration and the leveling a mortal political wound to the former Secretary of State. A few days ago we also found some in the GOP have even less scruples than, we previously thought. The NRCC has offered a side of the GOP one can only compare to the well know fabled, "The Scorpion and the Frog."  The NRCC is using the Boehner Benghzai hearings for fundraising. 

If you are one who follows the GOP and its various surreptitious strategies for campaign solicitation and campaigns strategy, you may have run across this earlier in the week.

“You Can Become a Benghazi Watchdog Right Now.”

After you complete the form and hit submit, you are taken here.

Intriguing and as we think of the former Ambassador Stevens and three CIA employees, beyond shame even for the GOP.

When asked to comment on the NRCC fundraising off the spirits of people who gave their lives for the United States, Boehner effectively "took the fifth." Boehner not only evaded the question, he used the families of those lost in Benghazi as cloaking cover for his "lock-step," support the NRCC's crass recruiting efforts. Boehner is third in ascendancy to the US Presidency!

Former campaign manger and White House staffer, David Plouffe, tweeted. 
ACA working. Benghazi! Running a surplus. Benghazi! Unemp down to 6.3. Benghazi! Planet threatened. Benghazi! NFL Draft. Benghazi!
Plouffe's tweet sums-up the 2014 - 2016 GOP in a fish bowl. Boehner's choice to serve as chair of the GOP "Benghazi" Committee is South Carolina Republican Representative Trey Godwy, former prosecutor and tea party member of the House. As the congressman stood for an early morning interview with Joe Scarborough and crew, he released a Freudian Slip that sets the stage for the Boehner committee.

We have embed the end portion of the segment. Watch and listen as the imminent committee chair uses the word "trial."

If you are interested in the full interview, it is linked here.  Over the course of the week, Media matters has continues its closely monitoring of Fox News as the GOP "communications department" goes about is feeding derangement to its viewers.

Steve Benen of the Rachel Maddow Blog published a quick read piece regarding the NRCC and the GOP's Benghazi attacks fundraising.

As I contemplate becoming a $250.00 or a $500.00 "Benghazi Watchdog," I also wonder if the higher figure garners a heightened quality of "watchdog" equipment." As is often the case, we sprinkle a bit of validation with our pieces. If you really believe Gowdy will deliver fair and balanced hearing regarding Benghazi, check this out.

We have linked a few pieces.