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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

As Trump's World Turns: Secrets And Lies (The Security Clearance Scandal)

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Top Secret is a more stringent clearance. A Top Secret, or "TS", clearance, is often given as the result of a Single Scope Background Investigation, or SSBI. Top Secret clearances, in general, afford one access to data that affects national security, counterterrorism/counterintelligence, or other highly sensitive data.
In brief, why would a security clearance be denied?

According to Dennis Copeland for Quora:
...... essentially any serious contact with law enforcement (beyond routine traffic offenses); any observed problems with alcohol or drugs (discovered through interviews with friends, neighbors, others); erratic behavior; untrustworthy behavior; ties to, or close family in foreign lands; and debt/money problems are among the most frequent reasons for disqualifying someone.
If there is any doubt as to why such criteria exist, think in terms of blackmail and proven untrustworthiness. Think about the person whose life is consumed with issues of money. Think about the person who would sell her/his soul for a few thousand dollars. Or, in days of old think about being LGBTQ and hiding your life from general knowledge.

The following WIKI list of l convicted spies without a doubt includes people who operated as spies for money or were coerced into spying based factors of their lives.
NameNationalitySummaryConviction DatePenalty
Aldrich AmesAmericanConvicted of spying for 
the Soviet Union and Russia
1994Life sentence (without parole)
David Sheldon BooneAmericanSold secret documents 
to the Soviet Union and 
is estimated to have 
received $60,000 from
 the KGB
February 26, 199924 Years and 4 Months
Marthe CnockaertBelgianConvicted for spying 
for the United Kingdom 
and its allies during the
 First World War
November 1916Life sentence (released 2 years later)
James Hall IIIAmericanSignals analyst 
sold eavesdropping and code secrets 
to East Germany 
and the Soviet Union from 1983 to 1988
July 20, 198940-year sentence
Robert HanssenAmericanSpied for Soviet 
Russian intelligence 
services against 
 United States from 
1979 to 2001
July 6, 2001Life sentence (without parole)
Ana MontesAmericanConvicted for conspiracy 
to commit espionage for
 the government of Cuba
October 200225-year prison term followed by five years probation
Harold James NicholsonAmericantwice-convicted spy for Russia's Foreign 
Intelligence Service
June 5, 199723 years 7-month sentence
Stewart NozetteAmericanAttempted espionage 
and fraud against the
 United States
200913-year sentence
Ronald PeltonAmericanSpied for and sold 
secret documents to 
the Soviet Union. Was 
known to have a 
photographic memory 
and as such never
 passed any physical documents on.
1983Life sentence (Released November 24, 2015)
Earl Edwin PittsAmericanAccused of spying for 
the Soviet Union and 
Russia, and pleaded 
guilty to conspiring and attempting to commit espionage
199727-year sentence
Jonathan PollardAmericanPassed classified
 information to Israel 
while working as an American civilian 
intelligence analyst
1987Life sentence
George TrofimoffAmericanConvicted for spying 
for the Soviet Union
 during the 1970s and 
September 27, 2001Life sentence
John Anthony WalkerAmericanConvicted of spying 
for the Soviet Union 
from 1968 to 1985
1985Life sentence
Ugly eh?  John Anthony walker actually recruited his son into the trade. 
John Anthony Walker
John Anthony Walker.jpg
Michael Walker Image result for michael walker us spy
...John Anthony Walker Jr. (July 28, 1937 – August 28, 2014) was a United States Navychief warrant officer and communications specialist convicted of spying for the Soviet Union from 1968 to 1985.[2]
...In the June 2010 issue of Naval History Magazine, John Prados, a senior fellow with the National Security Archive in Washington, D.C., pointed out that after Walker introduced himself to Soviet officials, North Korean forces seized USS Pueblo in order to make better use of Walker's spying. Prados added that North Korea subsequently shared information gleaned from the spy ship with the Soviets, enabling them to build replicas and gain access to the U.S. naval communications system, which continued until the system was completely revamped in the late 1980s.[6]
John Walker was turned into authorities via his wife.

If you have a few extra mintues checkout this link with Americans who spied for other naitons. 

If the importance of security clearances and the risk to the nation isn't clear to you, you also may not realize as Donald Trump's hairdo is a comb-over.  Well, I could have used other analogies but some would require far too much linking and verbiage (e.g, Trump: bigotry, lying, indecency, Putin stooge).

Why would the election of Donald Trump take the nation to what follows?  Meet Tricia Newbold, an 18-year government employee.

Image: Tricia Newbold
Tricia Newbold
This past January Ms. Newbold was suspended from her White House position for defying orders to issue a security clearance to a few Trump officials despite FBI background security concerns. Jared Kushner is reported to have received clearances without regard for cautions from the FBI.

Celeb Daily News posted a video segment on Youtube which captures the released of Ms. Newbold while clearly stating issues related to Kushner's clearance. 

The full scope of the lax security process from Trump's White House is delineated via this NBC News report.

White House whistleblower says Trump administration overturned 25 ..

When will the nation come to its senses and act as if it has had enough?  

The obvious is obvious.