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Friday, May 18, 2018

Texas Shooting And More Perfunctory Remarks

At least ten killed in a Texas school shooting. 

As we move through our quarterly school shooting killings it is tragic to watch a party which so supports unfettered guns in the hands of darn near anyone seek to cover their ideology. Trump has spent this morning with a clear effort to share the horror of the killings by reflecting on administrations  ("decades now")well before his time in the Oval Office. How crass, how cheap and how superficial?
Trump called the shooting “a horrific attack.” 
“This has been going on too long. Too many years and decades now,” “We will be with you forever.”
As they is always the case before the days is over Republicans will be on television responding to questions with: "Now is not the time to talk about guns (control)."

Now a few perfunctory Twitter remarks from Trump and company.

 Donald J. Trump 
School shooting in Texas. Early reports not looking good. God bless all!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Trump Deplorable?

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Watch the prime example of a Trump "deplorable" harass a family at the beach. A beach in the state of Texas. Yet, know this species of deplorable exist in every corner of the nation, every city of the nation, and he is probably an all too available specimen in many communities in the United States.

If you watched the video, you witnessed the essence of Clinton's charge of Trump supporters who happened to also live as deplorable human being. While the racist/bigot in the video focused his wrath on a family of people of Arabic ancestry, make no mistake the racist exemplifies the essence of an inner core of far to many Trump lovers.

The following is a rant and it is laced with both over use of the first person "I" and it is absent proper transitoanal phases: all acknowledged.

If I may relay a story which so disturbed me, I now refuse to offer or accept any opportunity to interact with a set of people I grew to know via my residence. The family is a purchase addition to the residential subdivision by a couple from the Great State of New York.   While I cannot imagine why I didn't realize the people were card carrying Republicans, I have raised my periscope and all defenses against repeating the naivety.  If we don't learn from our mistakes, we most assuredly repeat the mistake. 

As we joined the couple for an evening at an international art exhibit followed by dinner reservations, I noticed a comment about Donald Trump's first major speech after inauguration day. The woman said I listen to the speech today he needs to change the speech? Interesting, first indication. I didn't watch the speech as I never watch Trump's talks or speeches. (I don't like being lied to and he is  the nascent king of the lie).  

As we sat for dinner, I mentioned another recent dinner reservation that turned into a great anniversary evening. I mistakenly stated the restaurant was a "Middle Eastern" restaurant. I noticed the woman bristled like an alley cat watching a liberal talk on Fox News.  As I recall making misstatement mistake, I immediately said: "No, it was actually a Mediterranean restaurant." The restaurant served cuisine from Turkey, "Persian" dishes"... as well as Greek, Italian and French entrees. Correction established and delivered.    

The inquisitive tin-head (antennae active and circling around) conservative woman continued to probe a bit. She mentioned at two intervals during the meal, she stays up late to "watch the news."  While I didn't bite on the hook, My wife bit with all degrees of naivety. Once, the probing couple realized were not Fox News viewers, the focus became..." You didn't; vote for Hillary!"  Voila!  Sitting across from a Fox News Toilet Head and a domineering Republican male! 

I Digress: I should have known of his ilk as he would frequently work on the exterior of his home while chomping on a fat cigar in a tank top tee shirt, in shorts and flip-flops. During a conversation with his wife about the smell of cigars permeating around the outside of the two homes, she said. "Yeah, I sometimes have one also."  OOOOOOK. End Digression.

Once the establishment and revelation of a diverse voting and political interest, the male Republican went demonstrative (with arms raised in the air as ifenacting the baseball stadium wave): "We won, we won, we won!  His Fox News mate took her ire a bit further.  When I indicated, we probably should not discuss politics at dinner (The noble thing to do despite the induced state of nausea about the evening), the woman said. OK.....(name omitted) we shouldn't talk about politics, but I have one thing to say.  Excuse my rare use of profanity here on the blog; The bitch leaned towards me across the table and said: "I love my country." Wham, Fox News to the max.  

Image result for Fox News toilet heads

Now a point, in fact, a few points which instantly flew through my gray matter. Did the comment aim at relegating me and the wife to the status of not loving the US or A?  Of course, a Fox News (Sean Hannity like) differentiation was the intent. While I avoided that natural retort which surely would have exposed her psyche as Sally Yates leveled both Texas Cruz and Texas Cornyn in the Senate hearings this week. So, I stifled my natural inclination to kill the debate with that basic point: "Are you saying my Clinton vote, means I did not love the nation?"  She would have no rational response, but at dinner, I chose to avoid the prospect of more Sean Hannity like comments because we were forced to ride home in their BMW. 

The bristled woman manifest behavior from the mindset imbued by Right-wing media and desired behavior political conservatism feeds its minions. My personal history includes volunteering for the US Air Force during a period when a moderately older Donald Trump avoided the draft via fake feet medical deferments. I served during a time Cheney enacted five military deferments.  I watch people rolling around with two US flags flying from car windows, golf carts and with permanent displays of the US flag near their garage entrances. I will wager not one of those conspicuous flag patriots served one day in our military. They are false patriots filled with conservative false bravado. In many ways, though much less animated, they remind of the deplorable in the opening video.

US conservatism is a virtual social paradigm without regard for the historic poor economic performance of their politicians.  I also know enough about republicans and the social paradigm to know that very aversion to all things "Arabic" also extrapolates to other minorities, cultures, religions  et al. 

While the majority of conservatives are far less open and visible about their hatred of all things non-white (or non Christian), they really must be brushed with the same brush.