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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

American Ugly: The Neo-American Circa Trump

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Good to see patrons stand tall and the coffee shop supervisor deny service in the following video. 

I take no position on the woman’s garb except the reality of her existence and the disgust of the self-anointed racist. 

American ugly.... with true Americans yelling at the conservative puke. If you listen carefully you will notice some of the patrons joined-in at letting the racist know he was not welcomed nor correct in practicing his racism and bigotry. 

Quiet is enabling; enabling is facilitating..... AGITATE, AGITATE, AGITATE.....

How about the man in New York?  It should be noted we are seeing a deeper inner core of anti-woman among some who affiliated with the alt-Right (and it is a Trump Era phenomenon).  The man in the video seems rotten with anger and should be closely watched at work. 

One should wonder if either of these racists would have accosted a man as such. Moreover, note the location of each incident is far from the US Southlands.

Why would I title the piece as such?

Charlottesville Virginia

And a president responded .......and could not find any more than what he refers to as equal fault. I remind you one innocent protester was killed by a car wielding racist and two state police officers were killed via helicopter crash during the weekend of protests.


While addressing the current DOJ policy towards southern border immigrant parents (in a context of "gang members"), Trump went here:


American Ugly. The new America.