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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Trump Jr. Meets With Russians And Trump's Cabal Slides Deeper Into The Muck

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Small man as political operative

Now that Trump Jr. has been outed for meeting with a person who he felt had the goods on Hillary Clinton, let's do a quick reminder of how Trump Jr. has issues with the truth (as does his father).

Trump Junior releases email regarding his meeting with a person who could have served as a Russian operative.

I thought Trump Jr. previously disavowed contact with any Russians.
It seems Trump Jr. has a problem.

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Monday, July 10, 2017

Junior's Landmine Meeting and Security Issues

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Junior's Turn

Well, your weekly Trump reality show issue from the trump camp: Junior Colludes!

The Washington Post has published a detailed review of all things related to "juniors" past claims of never meeting with Russians (regarding the 2016 campaign as well as other matters common to Trump's presstitute corp. Link.

No matter the level of malarkey Trump and his presstitutes lay-on Junior's potential collusion, the meeting with a known Russian operative led to Junior lawyering-up.  Is there anyone in the Trump world who hasn't lawyered up.  

Let's walk through a few comments from people who are obviously not Trump supporters while seemingly people who are bullish on the United States.

Former Bush Administration Ethics official.

Former US Attorney

Trump surrounds himself with Russia lovers who tend to deny their affinity for Putin's world.
Noted conservative pundit Mark Halperin also feels Junior stepped on a landmine.

It is Monday. I am wondering what Trump will do over the course of the week to move Junior's meeting off the print headlines and off cable news.

Now for a look at how Trump's most busy presstitute is handing her job and what happens when challenged about her past meetings with Russians  

And, the ultimate question for CNN's Jake Tapper: "Why so many lies?"