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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: Black Monthly Jobs Numbers ("Fake News")

Defending Against Alleged Use Of "N" World Leads To Press Sec'y SNAFU

Watch and listen as the White House Communications department either shows its level of utter incompetence, or the communications operatives sought to pepper its supporters and uninformed independents with false jobs numbers. The numbers feed to the Press Corp via Press Secretary Sanders were on first hearing farcically inaccurate while defying logic.

The numbers Sanders spewed were offered to offset allegations Trump is on tape using the "N" Word. Why would a denial of use of a guttural disparaging word require staking the platform with comments to assuage (allay or palliate) the psyches of listeners? The effort failed miserably and in accordance with other serious Trump Administration communications SNAFU.

We offer the full segment (question and response) from the CNN reporter, as well as a shortened version for additional clarity.  What follows adds to the reality of Trump's talking heads reaching back to the previous administration for punching bag comparisons.

Within mere hours Sanders appeared on Twitter to apologize for issuing "fake news."

Correction from today’s briefing: Jobs numbers for Pres Trump and Pres Obama were correct, but the time frame for Pres Obama wasn’t. I’m sorry for the mistake, but no apologies for the 700,000 jobs for African Americans created under President Trump

As we fold yet another episode of Trump "fake news" into US History it is important to recall and remember a key point. Trump recently hired a former Fox News executive, Bill Shine, to run his communications Department and serve as an adviser. As a Fox News top executive, we posit information from the White House will take on edges which fuzzy reality so much, we can expect more such apologies. While the Trump team disdains the apology, the words are unavoidable when issued to address failures in Communications 101 (check and recheck reportable data when possible). If the data is unverifiable, do not use the data.

But, in the Fox News world, it is much more easy and effective to as for forgiveness then pass on an opportunity to pepper viewers with false reports.

Market Watch published a piece this past April which effectively shows Shine's former network has issues with bias and reliable reporting.  Excellent read but includes one chart which requires a bit of discernment (the word use triangle).

Fox News is less trusted than CNN and MSNBC, Fox News graphic shows

Shouldn't the nation expect better from the White House?


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

"I like conflict, I like to watch it. (Video)

Wonder how he likes turnover?

Image result for trump
Small pic of a small man
Everyone on Earth who has access to a television or radio and use the communication vehicles for staying abreast of news and current events, know Donald Trump's 3Bs (bluster, bullcrap & bombast). His personal paradigm and behavior aren't new to the world, however, it is manifestly obnoxious in its current state as a leader of a once great nation. 

Yesterday during a press appears with the leader of Sweden, Trump responded to a question about his dissolving administration. Of course, he claimed to like conflict, (watching, seeing it) and he went on to issues an insane claim that "everybody wants to work in the White House", "everybody wants into the administration"; alas the insanity.

No, Trump's Administration is not running smoothly.  Watch his 3Bs in embarrassing reality TV.
MSNBC'S Rachel Maddow and her production team do not agree with Trump. As is always the case with Maddow "A" Block segments, it is long, but we again offer, not one word is without merit and relevance.

I like conflict, I like to watch people with different voices, I like watching it..... Wonder if he really deeply "Likes" the turnover from his administration? Many years of Human Resources service to Fortune 250 corporations have taught me turnover at the 40% level s a sign of a sick organization; certainly an indication of very poor leadership. It is not normal nor is it healthy for the United States.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Maddow, Trump Administration Resignations And The Blob (Caution: Video Age Alert)

Image result for the blob

Video quick hit which requires no additional verbiage.


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: In The Absence of Truisms Some Combat Trumpism

The Lie As National Policy Begets Failure

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” Joseph Goebbels Third Reich Ministry of Information and Propaganda                           Image result for joseph goebbels

Is there anything about the Trump Administration which is sacred while touching into high character realm of the truth? Trump's continued snipping at the Gold Star widower of Army Sgt. La David Johnson is not only inexcusable, it is indicative of a person with a mind which no longer contains his subconscious. 

How can rational Americans resist the onslaught of Goebbels like propaganda and lies from Trump's information forces?  We can seek credible news sources and credible reporters of current events. But, there is one very critical component to combating the daily barrages to Trumpism: challenging the liars and countering with the truth. 

If we fail to recognize the signs of a out-of-control leader, we fail to accept the first steps towards righting a wrong. The truth is the first line of defense.

Yesterday CNN ran a segment with a one-minute diatribe from a former US INTEL operative, Philip Mudd.  Give the segment a look and listen.
Philip Mudd as a truthsayer and soothsayer is hard to ignore.

Trump's messaging is also offer to those who watch cable news via dedicated demagogues who are paid by the cable networks while defending Trump even if 45 was caught with his pants around his ankles completely compromised.

CNN panel dismantles Trump surrogate, Jack Kingston, as he works to defend all things, Trump.

And it goes on and on.

Crooks & Liars published a piece with the perfect exhibition of how to shut down the political talking head who spews talking points obviously crafted in the White House. The Republican congressman didn't hesitate to throw-out a common lie about GDP growth (3%). When challenged he simply ignored the correction and went about working to occupy segment time with over-talking data and common talking points.

Let's visit with a segment from last night's, If we are failing in reporting on mind-shaping lies from the Administration comparable to Joseph Goebbels' paving a path for Adolf Hitler,  The Rachel Maddow Show. The State Department attempted to offer the world a lie to about the safety of Rex Tillerson's surprise visit to "Kabul." Well, the visit wasn't in Kabul. 

How is it the White House has turned into a carnival-barking cabal of lies to cover what is becoming an obvious Keystone Cop administration? A better question is how so many on the Right actually constitute to fail to see Trump's metaphorical "trees" are hiding a forest of lies, deceit, and misinformation? 

Ad, yes media has a role. Media Matters just published a piece about the extent to which CNN has facilitated its ratings via paying Trump surrogates to go on-camera either with lies or to defend lies.

Trump's world is that of the carnival barker advancing his agenda by hiding the truth while selling the unsuspecting a false reality in his carnival tent. 


Friday, July 21, 2017

Sean Spicer Resigns As White House Press Secretary


Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text
Six months to the day into the Trump Administration, we find increasing evidence of an administration totally unprepared and unqualified to lead a nation.  Not only are multiple investigations growing closer to an exposed Trump, we are finding more and more forced resignations or actual resignations.

Apparently, Sean Spicer, I Lie for Money Spicer, resignation as White House Press Secretary. Spicer will be leaving his job as a former member of the Trump transition team, Wall Street financier Anthony Scaramucci, comes on as Director of White House Communications.

Anthony Scaramucci Tweeted over the last few days about his love of Trump.

Praise of Trump as the announcement neared. Is it possible this guy knew what was possible and cycled up his suckling?  The Tweet on the 9th was major superseded by more personal suckling on the 11th.

.@DonaldJTrumpJr is a virtuous and honorable man. Virtue means the courage to act with integrity. Don does that everyday. 
Twitter Ads info and privacy

Proud to call him a friend. @DonaldJTrumpJr The truth is crystal clear. Will have your back always. 
In 2015, Scaramucci spoke very differently about pending candidate Trump What follows reminds of how Kelly Anne Conway slammed and disparaged Trump in her role on the Ted Cruz campaign. 
Scaramucci on Fox News (2015)

If Scaramucci actually feels he can exist in the Trump White House and survive and staying afloat of the level of expectations of lies and requisite lying, it speaks volumes about Scaramucci. 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Trump Jr. Meets With Russians And Trump's Cabal Slides Deeper Into The Muck

Image result for trump jr comrade
Small man as political operative

Now that Trump Jr. has been outed for meeting with a person who he felt had the goods on Hillary Clinton, let's do a quick reminder of how Trump Jr. has issues with the truth (as does his father).

Trump Junior releases email regarding his meeting with a person who could have served as a Russian operative.

I thought Trump Jr. previously disavowed contact with any Russians.
It seems Trump Jr. has a problem.

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Friday, June 2, 2017

Trumponomics Demagogue Called Out: "You Are On The Take."

GRAYMATTER ALERT (News for Sane Americans and a Warning)

Stephen Moore

Image result for Stephen moore caught lying

When you see this man on your television monitor, know two things.

First, you are going to hear as focused a right wing perspective on all economic commentary, equal to the left wing social commentary you will hear and see if you watch MSNBC's evening news and commentary shows. 

Second, Moore is a rightwing economic hitman who has a wide history of hiring himself out to deliver demagoguery without caring of outcomes. Outcomes which will always come from his apparent devotion to Supply-side (Trickle-down) econ theory as well as his longing for affiliation with the Koch bros and their deep deep wallets.

We have recent history of Moore deliberately distorting facts well before the Trump Administration's newly coined "alternative facts."  It is amazing how conservatives so pollute language. Alternative facts is nothing more than what used to be called the "lie." 

Media Matters Conservative Media's Favorite Economist Caught Distorting Facts
Media Matter also reported last month on Moore stumble into what seems an admission regarding Trumponomcs.  

CNN's Stephen Moore Accidentally Confirms Trump Was Lying About

CNN today. The network hoased a panel with Moore as a call-in on camera guest.  Well, it seems one noted economist and  educator has grown frustrated with Moore's incessant hitman messages. Yes the CNN's employment of the rightwing economic demagogue is duly noted. While Moore no longer works for the Trump campaign, we feel it acceptable to anoint Moore with that honored Trump Administration title: "presstitute." 
Economist Jeff Sachs absolutely went off against President Donald Trump and the White House at large for the decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord on CNN Friday. 
“It’s just unbelievable,” Sachs said. “Every word has been a lie for the last two days.”

‘You’re On the Take!’ CNN Guest Angrily Accuses Fellow Panelist of Shilling for Koch Brothers

Read more linked via the title above


Monday, April 24, 2017

AC 360 And Trump Lies; New State Department "Legcaster"

Image result for pants on fire memeWe have archived a number of posts with comment about Trump's lying.  OK, so nothing new there. Our previous posts included what is becoming a weekly tally of Trump lies via the Tampa Bay Times fact checker division, Politifact: (Notice the growing bulge towards the lower portions of the graphic scale below)

While Fox News is carrying the freight on Trump with stories noticeably absent of critical commentary (except for Shepard Smith), MSNBC and CNN (outside of their panel Trump surrogates) aren't buying the Trump Carnival show. Since, we consistently post segments from MSNBC regarding the nation's' Liar-in-Chief posted on MSNBC, we thought a segment form tonight's Anderson Cooper's AC 360 was a good change of pace.

The 360 segment  was developed with regard to a set of Trump weekend tweets.  As we posted a few days back, Trump apparently saw one too many reports of his sinking poll numbers on one too many networks. What does a serial Tweeter do when they want to offer sustenance to their base? They sign-on to their Twitter account, and fire off inane babble to people who soak it up like a sponge in the Sahara Desert at midday.  

Trump's weekend mistake? He again reached into his dwindling bag of tricks and pulled out 2016 Clinton (popular vote) feed from his minions.  Problem!  How can Trump not realize he failed to win that popular vote by 2.8 million votes?  Of course, we state a problem which his minions either do not know (he lost the popular vote BIGLY) or his minions do not care about his lying.  

The carnival barker fed his supporters:

New polls out today are very good considering that much of the media is FAKE and almost always negative. Would still beat Hillary in .....

...popular vote. ABC News/Washington Post Poll (wrong big on election) said almost all stand by their vote on me & 53% said strong leader.
Anderson Cooper took the "popular vote" tweets as a component of a great piece regarding media responsibility to call out Trump as he meanders down the Conservative Wizard of OZ path to LA-LA-Land.

While unrelated to Trump's daily deluge of lies and misinformation (couple with fumbling administration ineptitude) we thought we would end on a very digressive note.

Take a look and listen to the newest member of the Trump Administration.  Apparently, a Fox News "Legcaster" is joining the State Department as a spokesperson. Now this is an intriguing dynamic. Is it possible the White House will order interior designers to develop a Fox News-like couch or chair platform from which the newly hired spokesperson will speak?

Yes, of course...... Is there a person who reads here who actually believes Tillerson recruited the "legcaster" into Trump's herd of presstitutes?

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Management Acumen: Trump Is Management Acumen Deficient

Stephen R. Covey
“Start with the end in mind. ” 
― Stephen R. CoveyThe 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Marcus Buckingham
“In the minds of great managers, consistent poor performance is not primarily a matter of weakness, stupidity, disobedience, or disrespect. It is a matter of miscasting.” 
― Marcus Buckingham


The quote from the noted speaker on management provides discernible verbiage to support Donald Trump is no manager. If you can twist your brain to accept Trump s a manager Vs. a Tweeter freak, then I will assert he is the weakest of managers.

That said, let move into Trump and Trumpism.

The Guardian
"Beyond the scandalous behavior of Puzde and Flynn, there’s the simple fact that Trump’s picks to fill top slots in his administration seem to have little or no relevant experience for the titles he expects them to fill. That’s bad management, pure and simple."
 Background on Flynn and Puzder 
Michael Flynn, whose resignation as national security adviser so early in a presidential tenure was unprecedented. With just 24 days in office, Flynn is the shortest-serving national security adviser in history, the average tenure being 2.6 years. was reaffirmed two days later, when Andrew Puzder, his pick to lead the department of labor, was forced to withdraw, making him only the 12th cabinet nominee ever to do so.
We shouldn't forget Paul Manafort and Monica Crowley...

Since, we have not reportable cases of major flubs from the likes of Rick Perry, Ben Carson we will reserve comment there. We will, however, not hesitate to identify Reince Priebus and Stave Bannon as complete administration wrecks. We also remind Trump placed Bannon on the National Security Council (along with Russia's Mike Flynn).

It serves no rational purpose to comment on Trump's Wall street appointees, but we reserve the right to go there with the first opportunity. That opportunity will arrive.

We offer the most glaring example of Trump's total ineptness in selecting and hiring competent staff: We offer Sean Spicer, Press Secretary.

Rachel Maddow on the bumbling and misplaced Spicer.

We will not pile on.