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Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Life And Times Of The Trump "Presstitute"

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This morning Trump's nascent communication operative visited the Sunday News shows. His appearance on CNN was particularly noteworthy.

Listen very carefully as Scaramucci stumbles through a response about Russian hacking via Politicususa.

How about a trump like a dose of sexism?

If you didn't get the meaning on my point regarding Trump's nascent master "presstitute", sit through the full interview. 

As is the case with each Sunday, Trump's presstitutes are invited to cable news networks for spewing of (rating garnering) lies which has two audiences: Trump and his hordes of supporters. 

It is, however, refreshing to see certain cable news hosts are standing up to that tired and proven effective talking head tactic of over talking the host while occupying all segment minutes. Cable news segments are time influenced like no others time restricted fact of life. Professional talking heads (AKA presstitutes) are fully aware of the segment dynamics. If they are allowed to rattle off barrages of lies in an environment of machine gun like rambling, the segment successfully feeds the hordes. CNN's Brian Stelter took charge of his (show) minutes thus foiling Kelly Anne Conway's normally successful use of the tactic. 


I'll shorten this piece with a reminder of the cellular composition of the "presstitute." 

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