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Sunday, July 21, 2019

As Trump's World Turns: Rally Chant (Abhorrent and Shameful)

Donald Trump choke
That Presidential Look?
The chief purveyor of Trump's racism and white nationalism, Steve Miller visited the Trump media outlet, Fox News, and spent 10:00 minutes spewing and responding to questions about nascent Trumpism. When Chris Wallace asked Miller about Trump's past criticism of the US government, the Trump operative went here:

"......upholding the “principles of Western civilization.”

Allow a quick back reach regarding the common white nationalism vernacular for Right-wing politicals. 

"Western civilization"

A definition:

Western culture, sometimes equated with Western civilizationWestern lifestyle or European civilization, is a term used very broadly to refer to a heritage of social norms, ethical values, traditional customs, belief systems, political systems, and specific artifacts and technologies that have some origin or ... 
Western culture - ScienceDaily
Well, that definition is a bIt white, to state it mildly. It is, the exact, sentiment and message communication operatives like Miller would deploy to advance GOP racism and right-wing white supremacy.

The 2016 night of the Republican National Convention; noted International racists Iowa's Steve King.

A startling yet unsurprising comment for the kin (excuse the pun) of white nationalism among many in conservative America. While seeking a definition of white nationalism, the phrase "white supremacist" also sat clearly on my monitor. As I followed the definition of white supremacy, guess what popped-up. The link: Merriam-Webster.

And the matter of white nationalism and Trump's attack on four non-white rookie members of the US House of representatives who happened to be women, Miller was unable to shake the ugliness his boss has put upon the world. 

While in a very diverse district in North Carolina, Trump's virtually all-white audience erupted into Trump's new slogan of "Send her back" ( a derivative of ...go back to where they came from).   

As you view what follows, know one of Trump's lies this week was his lack of fondness for this chant. He also, in another forum, called the chanters patriots. 

Another perspective on rally chants which represents the reality of Trump's choreographed ooziest chants.

No matter the spin from Miller, Trump's racist politicizing is abhorrent and shameful. 

Post-Script (considering I used the word shameful above).


Friday, January 12, 2018

Shithole Countries Part III: "Why Not More Immigrants From Norway?" (VIDEO)

Let's start with a CNN Segment including one of Trump's top "Negro" rationalizers.

Erin Burnett slows the trump talking point: "Oh, it was an economic comment." I am not espousing watching the full segment, though I found it most interesting (and in a couple of corners shameful).

The Raw Story published a CNN Segment with a remote camera panel member who formally worked in US INTEL. Phil Mudd was over the top upset with Trump's remarks. (Watch at the 4: 57-minute mark)

Speaking of immigrants from black nations. Do you recall the major apartment fire in New York City which claimed the lives of 12 people? One of the dead was a 28-year-old US soldier who entered the building and re-entered the building all the while saving lives. He eventually succumbed to the flames and lost his life. A life which had roots in Ghana.

Watch a CNN Host come to tears as the segment come to closure.

"Immigrants from countries other than Norway? "Put me down for more immigrants for Europe." From a President of the United States.

How about the general theme over on Fox News?

Jesse Waters entertained the Fox News bigots like this:

Tucker Carlson's Fox Newsism.

Oh there is ore form Fox News (48 seconds)

Monday, November 27, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Code Talkers Met With Trump Racism

Image result for trump racism with code talkers
Utter racist

During World War II, The US Military (Department of Defense) deployed teams of Navajo Native Original Americans for radio communications.  It doesn't take even an average brain to know why the US forces would use native speaking Americans against the Japanese in the Pacific.

If you cannot fathom why US Forces would deploy the "code talkers", think in terms of Japanese mastery of American English. Now, think in terms of Japanese listening posts performing INTEL as the US and England successfully deployed in both World War II combat theaters.  The Japanese had no native language specialist to eavesdrop on the code talkers.  An effective war strategy and weapon based squarely in the realm of American diversity?

Well, a few minutes ago the nation's ill-prepared and insensitively bigoted president could not resist lowering his meeting with the code talkers to the level of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and all things racist in conservative America.

Take a look and listen to a couple of minutes from Trump's statements to the world in front of the visiting code talkers.

One day back for his 100th (vacation) day away from the Oval Office and Trump offers a super dose of racism.

How ironic the totally undereducated and ignorant Trump would continue to use a racial slur when the person called "Pocahontas" (resulting from tribal leadership fear of reprisals against the tribal princess) did so much to assist English colonists in the New World.

Lawrence O'Donnell via MSNBC's The Last Word offers a history lesson conservatives and racist should consider.

Racism is so very ugly. And, it took place on Trump's very first day back from the Thanksgiving Day holiday.


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: The Ugly GOP (Video)

The best way to assess character is to secure insight into the company a person keeps. 

An illustration of the point comes clear when an informed person compares the Democratic National Convention to the cesspool fear circus of the Republican National convention. 

We offer an image of our last point.

If you felt the GOP convention was a wholesome and worthwhile set of events, you must know by now you stand alone and opposite the vast majority of media experts and political pundits (even many conservative pundits).

We encourage you to witness the level to which your GOP vote will place a stamp on our nation, we encourage you to spend three minutes watching your run-of-the-mill Trump supporter. The video is ugly through and through. It depicts the very reason Donald Trump won the GOP nomination and transparentit exemplifies the roots of why each and every whtie supremacists and anti-Islamic bigot clings to the GOP.

If you can watch what follows and can not associate the behavior to what life was for milllions who quietly wathced and acquiesced as Adolf Hitler tookover Germany in the mid to late 1920s.

The New York Times deserves credit for the video and three of its reporters should receive a high-order of recognition for the work they accomplished.
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Unfiltered Voices From Donald Trump's Crowds

New York Times reporters have covered Donald J. Trump's rallies for more than a year. His supporters at these events often express their views in angry and provocative ways. Here are some examples.

It seems the plug is coming unglued on the Trump campaigning and possible coming unglued on his retail empire.  One should consider if the Macy's announcement and the New York Times video published was coincidental to the same day.


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

TPI Quick Hit: Trump's Goons Escort Black Students From The Arena

How shameful! 

And, to think these kids (students) may have planned a gotcha against Trump and his (Secret Service) goons. By kicking them out without cause, the act adds credence to the perception of Trump and company comparable to Hitler and company in the mid-1930s. 
From this point, the world changed.

The mass escort of 30 black students without question speaks to Trump's bigotry and manifest racism.

Aren't Secret Service agents paid via US tax dollars? If so, how can any candidate order such agents to selectively practice deprivation of potential free speech and rights to gather? 

 The New York Post

30 black students were kicked out of a Trump rally at Valdosta State University for standing silently on the bleachers before Donald Trump even made an appearance.

More from Mediaite

Brown Shirt Gestapoism

Video from a previous Trump event the perpetrator Secret Service agent should have been disciplined.
Why don't we see such acts at Democrat events?