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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Trump: North Korean Hotels And Condos? Really?

We are opting to avoid posting about Trump's visit to the worlds most totalitarian state.  Thus sparing you verbiage which cannot help but touch into the ridiculousness and futility of the agreement so visibly signed by Trump and Kim.  
Image result for trump carnival cartoonsTrump is all about the carnival and "the show. " the Singapore visit was yet another example of Trumpism and its deleterious effect on the US and the world.

We are opting to post an early morning segment from an NBC affiliate network.  The clip has Trump actually fantasizing about condos or hotels on North Korean beaches. If you are any doubt about Trump and his future, know that all he does and will do while serving as your GOP president will work to advance the wealthy of himself and his family.
If you have any doubt about the methodology of the White House watch what follows and think of Joseph Goebbels, German 1926-1945.

White House production? Seriously?