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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Shame of 45 (Media, North Korea et al)


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Trump's survival strategy and methodology are wearing thin. Earlier today the whining fool spoiled a Coast Guard Academy graduation while whining like a stuck pig in a heat wave. Better even, whining like a toddler minus his/her pacifier.
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As the Russia scandal looms large against Trump and his continued service in the Oval Office, Trump's countermeasures are growing feeble and childlike.  And, what better victim of the strategy than blaming the media. Do yo recall during the heat of another scandalous administration the media became a culprit until Nixon's tapes came to the public's ear?

The following CNN segment relates to Trump's latest child's play. I ask that you excuse the CNN host Brooke Baldwin. While watching the day of Trump's fireworks display for Syria's Assad, I witnessed the CNN entertainer speak what can only be described as pure viewer entertainment with a heavy dose of Trumpism. She asked a Congresswoman Barbara Boxer what she thought of the Trump missile attack considering "....Obama didn't have the Guts?" The on camera utterances of the conservative host. No, progressive/liberal (nor true Independent) would have gone there and I actually think she may have given herself up as a Trumpite. 
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As Trump goes about his reality TV show, take a look at how North Korean operatives are depicting 45 across social media.

As you consider the GOP side show with Trump at the helm and if you are not of the 82% of Republicans who continue to favor Trump, you should read the following piece from Samuel Warde's Liberal's Unite.

The Shame of 45!