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Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Video Journey Through A Day of Trumpism

During his online radio show, Duke endorsed Trump ... saying he's "the best of the lot" out of the many, many Republican hopefuls. 
Duke -- who's called himself a "racial realist" -- said he likes Trump's views on immigration, and thinks he "understands the real sentiment of America." While further discussing immigration he added, "The Africans, the Asians, and the Mexicans in America ... they suffer from the Jewish domination."
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"The Africans, the Asians, the Mexicans and the Jews" 

Davis Duke is firmly in Trump's corner. According to a recent article in the New York Daily News, Trump needs reach no further for the racist vote; he has it. What better endorsement would a candidate want, if a candidate is reaching to tap into the longstanding GOP southern strategy and underlining bigotry and racism among the GOP's 92% white membership.  How does a candidate garner the key endorsement of the millions who would follow the past flock of Ron Paul supporters to the polling places? 

It is simple and it is working (on the Right.)

"White Power" in the heart of Alabama after renditions of the Rolling Stones "You Can't Always Get Whet You Want" and Lynard Skynyrd's "Southern Man."

Donald Trump is without question offering conservative American a
"psyche charge" unparalleled in US politics and cloned only during the most of xenophobic/nationalistic periods in US History. We are seeing reminders of times when Manifest Destiny guided the wanton slaughter and genocide of hundreds of thousands of Native Original North Americans. I actually see reminders of Jim Crow with each Trump appearance since he first proclaimed against "Mexicans invading our borders."

Let's end with the classic example of white nationalism from an unnamed Trump supporter. These are the sorts of people who are the ultimate danger. The person who accosted Ramos felt very comfortable in approaching the journalist with nothing shy of unabashed racism and xenophobia.
This is what happened after Jorge Ramos got booted from Trump's press conference...Posted by Mediaite on Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Thursday, August 20, 2015

The TPI Morning Gazette: Trump, Carson, Palin, "Anchor Babies",

Non-Progressive News...

We understand how GOP politicians are modeling their quest for the White House in 2016: clone Donald Trump. "Out show the showman" and maybe, just maybe, enough conservatives will primary vote to keep the candidate in the running. But, the strategy is not a solid strategy and may be an existential hope. A problem with the strategy is the deep guttural level to which Trump forces his opponents. Ben Carson, who I am convinced has mental issues.
OH OH OH LOOK Ben Carson Open To Using Drone Strikes At The Border … #UniteBluePosted by Steven Garnett Dimitriyadi on Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Sarah Palin has become yet again a fixture on Fox News. I believe 
Roger Ailes has twice dispatched the staccato speaking Palin away from his network. However, in the Season of Trump what better nut case to reacquaint with its viewers than to reintroduce Palin to spew insanity towards Trump insanity.  

Liberalamerica Sarah Palin on Donald Trump Eliminate the 14th Amendment-you betcha
“He’s talking big picture, of course, plus specifics, thankfully — more specifics than any other candidate, by the way.” 
“If their parents broke the law and they’re here illegally, then they need to get back in line and because family is a unit. Greta, the family sticks together, and the kids have to get in line with their mom and dad.” 
“Donald Trump, he’s got these Joe Six-Pack issues on his mind, and he’s got these Joe Six-Pack common sense solutions — he just happens to be an extremely successful and charismatic, with a very large platform, Joe Six-Pack.”
When the Trump campaigns secures an endorsement from Sarah Palin, we must know things are going well in the Trump Circus tent.

It is important to remember a chorus from Fleetwood Mac's Dreams. 
Thunder only happens when it's raining
Players only love you when they're playing 
Say women they will come and they will go 
When the rain washes you clean, you'll know, you'll know
Trump says he loves you.......when he is playing. I can recall when he wouldn't shake-hands with us ordinary citizens (I suppose more a germa-phobe than elitist).  

If you cannot recall Donald Trump as the consummate showman, you run the risk of "being "played."  You are buying a ticket for entry into a tent that will leave you wondering "why" and where the hell is the carnival barker who was here as we entered the tent. 

Watch as the US flag becomes a come-on prop.
Now, watch as the carnival exhibit was at its peak.

Alas,  when used as an object of humor by the Left, Trump resorts to what comes off as thin skinned and angry. How many people have you heard or read Trump slur over the past two weeks. From "blood" through "fat" and "stupid", the adjectives flow like wind blown hair. I am reading He has unleashed a legal barrage at Bill Maher. 

For some reason US politics took on a "hair" circus over the past week.
Bill Maher:
Trump dishes out his hate on a daily basis...but when he gets parodied by Maher...he flings out another lawsuit. I nearly died laughing..watching this to the end.
Posted by Barbara J. Rosel on Wednesday, August 19, 2015
Enough said!

Bill O'Reilly question the "tent barker", to no real avail. Trumps comments seem to indicate a desire to wipe the 14th Amendment from the US Constitution...and other GOP candidates are following suit. Whatever happened to past mantra of "strict interpretation of the Constitution?" 

The following is reported to have garnered a legal action from Trump. I suspect the reports are not accurate and are factually based in satire (or something of the kind).

Why are we just now coming around to the fact "anchor babies" is offensive?  
Is it OK to use the term "anchor babies?"Posted by Mediaite on Thursday, August 20, 2015
 “Look it up in the dictionary, it’s offensive!”Posted by Mediaite on Thursday, August 20, 2015

Carson took his turn at the Iowa State "talk-fest." on yesterday.

The following is a bit long (18:30 minutes), but it is relevant regarding the real prospect of Carson as a viable candidate for the Us Presidency. If you listen to the clip, or skip through the clip, it will not take you long to find my point. Carson has no message, he has no identifiable traits that should lead to the perception he can serve in public office. He also, and I am committed to this, showing signs he is delusional in perceiving the world around him.  If there is a GOP presidential candidate who is way out in left field regarding his oratory (both focus and delivery) he is the man.

Ben Carson Iowa State Fair
Ben Carson says he won't rule out military drone strikes at US-Mexico border: (Reuters)— MSNBC (@MSNBC) August 19, 2015

Of course, we would love to devote our time and web space to reporting and opine on issues that are critical to the nation. We are, however, bound to cover that which emanates from the political parties. Unfortunately, we are not seeing, reading nor hearing anything for the Right beyond Donald Trump and the asininity that follows him around like a soiled blanket.

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Monday, August 10, 2015

TRUMP'D: Liberal? Democrat? Trojan Horse?

After last weeks debate and subsequent trash from the  2016 GOP Party leader it appears Donald Trump is continuing to pull away from the field.   

Over the weekend NBC released poll result from the NBC News/Survey Monkey Poll that has to confound regarding the scope of the surveys unbelievable results. 

The survey has come under scrutiny be some who may be far more qualified to posit than you or me. One writer published a piece in Talking Points Memo in which he highlights concern with the poll results. John Marshall wrote for TPM Editor's Blog.

The state of American conservatism and party politics has taken a decade long turn to utter chaos.

We find it totally amazing the party on the Right is moving towards leadership from a multi-billionaire who brags about the extent of his wealth, offends racial minorities, offends women and who attacks anyone who dares speak an iota of personal criticism. Yet, there is a much deep surprise as we watch Trump takeover the GP.

He not long ago spoke to Wolf Blitzer about his affinity for the Democratic Party and he spoke the reality of the US Economy under Democrats vs. the GOP.

Trump spoke the truth about the US Economy. Can we assume he is hiding a deeper liberal paradigm than he is barking to those who visit the GOP carnival.


Is Trump an ego driven Trojan Horse?

Interesting color for the Trojan, eh? A king who simply wants the throne without regarding for consistency in thought or policy.

Editor's Note: Trump visited with CNN's Jake Tapper regarding his comments about Megyn Kelly and clear innuendo of a state of mind driven by the female monthly cycle.

Tapper and Trump a few days later.

The Trump roadshow is making the GOP Todd Akin cancer look like a cream puff issue. Akin in 202 did irreparable damage to the GOP's quest for the White House and the former Congressman from Missouri Todd Akin's remarks ranked along side Mitt Romney's 47% remarks as political hari-kari. 

Trump asked the question "Do you think I am stupid" and fired-off a 15 second diatribe about his education background and his successful management of his real estate empire. I didn't hear any associated relevance e of his resume refrain. "Only a sick person would say that!" Well, yes. Most who heard the Lemon CNN interview most assuredly felt Trump was making a misogynist remarks towards Megyn Kelly.

Conservative America has a problem. The GOP has a major problem. But, it is a problem of its own making.  


Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: TRUMP'D

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Donald Trump consumed over eleven minutes of speaking time between Fox News's GOP Debate commercial breaks. His eleven minutes included the following cps of Trump unhinged and totally unpresidential (as some call it).

Some conservatives lauded Trump's circus performance while others clear believe his antic and his temperament is and will cause issues for 2016. While the entertainer business man leads all conservative polling his star-worshipping.

Let's take a moment on his obvious misogynist inner core.

We actually thought Trump had blow his (Revolutionary War Musket load) with his comments about immigrants and the county of Mexico.  Yet, we are not complete surprised Trumps inner core is oozing out like an autocratic 'king'.  If you do not acquiesce and tee-toddle, you draw scorn from the "I would be Nero" like business mogul.  Scorn that in the history of humankind probably lead to execution or summary killings of those who spoke up or refused to tee-toddle. 
Trump as a modern-day GOP king uses his vile over the top oral batteries to punish those who do not obediently acquiesce.  After straight forward and proper questions to the misogynist candidate, all three Fox News moderators drew criticism from Trump; Kelly drew all out misogynist war form Trump. Take a read of the manner in which Trump spent hours after the first GOP debate.  As you read the following tweets, think about Trump attacking adversaries for the White House on Twitter.

Wow, @megynkelly really bombed tonight. People are going wild on twitter! Funny to watch.

"@FrankLuntz: I'm getting a lot of @MegynKelly hatemail tonight. " She is totally overrated and angry. She really bombed tonite
"@RubenMMoreno: @realDonaldTrump The biggest loser in the debate was @megynkelly. You can't out trump Donald Trump. You will lose!

The sane person would think not so kindly a wanna be president who feels he must sped hours of his first presidential debate profound a literal summary execution of the Fox News host.  I wonder if Reince Priebus still feels his first debate show would be first class and relevant; and if he feels his group of candidates was comprehensively representative of the GOP.

Apparently, Trump accepted a invitation from a CNN host who manages to garner anytime interviews with Trump.  Do Lemon's brief phone interview drew even more horrific misogynist remarks.

Of course, Trump, the Trump camp and Trump paid surrogates are busy working to clean the vile from Trumps comments.
 3 hours ago3 hours agoNew Jersey, USARe Megyn Kelly quote: "you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever" (NOSE). Just got on w/thought

Other conservatives are not so willing to tee-toddle to such sickening remarks. Trump has been disinitived from a Republican event solely due to his comets of last night.